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Chapter 1203 - Dao Seed

The blood-colored ancient ship was in tatters, broken things everywhere. A group of war spirits shrieked about, seizing the various things here.

Under Heavenly Deity Institution elders’ eyes and intimidation, even though they were unwilling, they had no choice but to escape. Otherwise, a single mistake might result in all of them being killed.

Before approaching, many creatures looked at Shi Hao, giving the Soul Force Seed in his single heavenly passage a look, the desire burning in their eyes making one shiver all over.

However, they didn’t dare stay behind or do anything, disappearing into the fog.

Everything within Realm Tomb became extremely quiet, the battles here stopping.

At this moment, all of the academy’s students looked towards Shi Hao, staring at his harvest. Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and the others’ eyes were like lightning, finding this a bit hard to accept.

Only, Second Elder had already spoken, so they couldn’t really fight over it.

Everyone felt incredibly jealous. The blood-colored ancient ship was shattered, the Soul Force Seed that fell out could be said to be the greatest treasure. Its value was impossible to assess.

Shi Hao was also observing it. Inside the single heavenly passage, a seed sparkled and shone, only the size of a fist. It was like a blue-colored heart, carrying sparkling luster.

Shi Hao held it in his hands, feeling a wave of comfortable feeling. His primordial spirit received nourishment, divine will continuously being strengthened.

This was definitely good stuff. Forget about everything else, just the fact that it could nourish the soul already made everyone’s eyes turn red with greed. It was absolutely priceless!

However, if it really was used to nourish the soul, then it was a bit of a waste, because this was a seed rarely seen since ancient times. It could be used to merge with the body, cultivate Immortal Ancient methods.

“We came here precisely to find all different types of dao seeds suitable for oneself. Now, we obtained a Soul Force Seed, this really is quite the great start!” Third Elder encouraged.

Soul Force Seed, it was related to the primordial spirit. This type of thing could definitely be considered an extremely valuable holy object.

“Even though it is inferior to the World Tree Sapling, Nascent Cosmos seeds, but it is still extremely rare, can be considered one of the highest level dao seeds!” Fifth Elder said with a sigh, even he was quite moved.

“This is a grade two immortal seed! We had just entered Realm Tomb, yet it was already obtained by someone!”

“Truly tremendous luck!”

Heavenly Deity Institution’s students were incredibly envious, even more people feeling great jealousy. This type of thing could only be discovered and not sought after, one of the legendary unmatched seeds.

This type of gain was definitely a joyous thing, making them forget the intense battle and dangers from just now, all of them overwhelmed by emotions.

“Alright, we should go on our way!” Fourth Elder reminded.

Everyone snapped back to reality. When they saw the blood and skeletal remains all over the silver warship, they all shivered inwardly. Their companions died previously just like that. They knew how dangerous this journey was. The slightest bit of carelessness might result in their body and dao being erased.

The silver warship continued forward, carrying all of them as it moved through ancient realm ruins one after another.

“If I may ask, Second Elder, how many seeds can a single person merge with?” Along the way, Shi Hao asked Second Elder who was the strongest among the people here for guidance.

When everyone heard this, they all became shocked. Why would he ask this? Could it be that he wanted to enlarge his prospects? Those who walked at the very forefront all knew how to boast.

“The crucial point of cultivating immortal ancient methods is to be single-minded, not allow one’s mind to be distracted. You didn’t even start, yet you already want to merge with other seeds, this is a great taboo!” Second Elder warned.

When Shi Hao heard this, he began to think to himself. He nodded, wishing to put the Soul Force Seed away.

“Dao brother, if you don’t like this seed, I am willing to exchange for it with an ancient heavenly art with you!” Right at this moment, someone walked over, secretly transmitting sound with Shi Hao.

Even though the Soul Force Seed couldn’t compare to the World Tree or Nascent Cosmos seeds, it wasn’t something ordinary people could obtain. It was difficult even for long life families to obtain.

There were some things that needed fate, not something that could be obtained just because your clan is powerful.

A few people looked over, recognizing that person, all of them couldn’t help but reveal strange looks. It was because they knew his identity, he was handling affairs for a long life family.

“This person looks like a loose cultivator from the outside, but he actually has a great relationship with the Feng Clan!” Someone said softly.

“Don’t tell me he wishes to exchange for that dao seed with Huang? His appetite really is too great!”

Even though there was no way to seize the divine will transmitted sound, there were still some who guessed at what he was trying to do.

“Correct, he doesn’t have the qualifications to possess the Soul Force Seed alone at all, nor does he have anything valuable enough to use as exchange, it is clearly an exchange carried out in Feng Clan’s place.” Some people came to this conclusion.

Shi Hao’s face immediately sunk. He loathed the Feng Clan. The reason why Yuan Qing dealt with him, wishing to suppress him for ten years was precisely incited by the Feng Clan, and he even more so killed this clan’s young supreme being Feng Xingtian in Immortal Battlefield.

Now, the Feng Clan already suspected him, might try to get revenge at any time.

Under the current situation, how could he hand the Soul Force Seed to Feng Clan?

“I’m not exchanging it, I am keeping this seed to use myself!” Shi Hao spoke directly and decisively. Not only did he loathe the Feng Clan, he really did want to use it for himself.

In his opinion, things related to the primordial spirit were extremely important, so how could he waste this type of seed? He definitely had to make the most of it.

“Dao brother, it is actually a long life family who wishes to exchange with you.” This young man said. He had a head of gray hair, even his eyes gray-colored. He spoke rather calmly.

“Feng Clan?” Shi Hao asked indifferently.

“Precisely!” The gray-haired male nodded. Before he came here, the Feng Clan had previously informed him that regardless of who it was that obtained a rare seed, he had to do his best to acquire it.

Only, there was one thing he didn’t know, which was that Shi Hao killed Feng Xingtian, long becoming like water and fire with the Feng Clan. Meanwhile, there was no way the Feng Clan would tell him these things.

Shi Hao gave him a cold look, killing intent surging. This person broke out into a cold shiver, unable to speak another word. He quickly withdrew, not daring to talk anymore.

The silver warship moved forward, traversing through the damaged ancient earths, crossing damaged worlds one after another. Everyone was shocked, seeing the remains of many prehistoric civilizations.

“What a huge skull!” Someone cried out with shock, seeing a severed head that was as large as a star. Its appearance was sinister, floating in the dusky sky.

It had a head of withered yellow long hair that was like dead grass, its skin also an earthen yellow, dried up and without luster, its vital energy clearly all dried up.

A head this large really left all of the students frightened.

“This is the third ancient ancestor of the Golden Giant Race. According to what was recorded in history books, he had long been able to split heaven and earth, flesh able to move through the stellar space!” An elder said with a sigh.

However, there was nothing that could’ve been done. This venerable Golden Giant Ancient Ancestor still died here, fully displaying the mysteriousness and terror of this place.

Shi Hao sighed with astonishment. He had previously seen Golden Giants, but they were nothing more than a few dozen zhang in height. However, this ancestor’s head was even larger than a star, the difference too great.

“It is even more dangerous ahead. We are approaching the ancient land where seeds are grown, everyone has to act cautiously and carefully!” Fourth Elder warned.

Everyone was waiting. They came here precisely for the sake of collecting so-called immortal seeds, dao seeds, so they had to continue even if there were dangers. Otherwise, they would have given up ahead of time.

“Just a group of insignificant insects, yet still dare to enter this place?” Right at this time, a low roar that shook heaven and earth sounded, shaking up the silver warship. Everyone’s minds began to shake, almost collapsing here.

This voice was too domineering, full of disdain, no Heavenly Deity Institution people in sight.

Everyone’s minds trembled. There were actually living creatures here, were they going to meet them? Only, there was a clear hostility. They didn’t know if the elders could win.

“There is no need to pay him any attention!” Second Elder said with a resolute tone.

“When faced with a divine existence, you all aren’t going to kneel down and bow?” That voice carried mockery, saying coldly.

When everyone heard this, they all became angry. Who was this person?

“Nothing more than a prisoner!” Second Elder said coldly, not wishing to say any more.

The silver warship continued forward, quickly moving through this place.

Right at this time, a black shadow appeared, towering between heaven and earth. Even though it was a bit indistinct, that type of aura was too abnormal, astonishing and frightening.

One could vaguely make out that it wore a five-colored crown made from Immortal Gold that flowed with brilliant colors. Only, its body was dried up and withered, too indistinct, unable to see clearly.

Meanwhile, in its hands, there was a wooden staff that carried mysterious demonic power, as if an ancient emperor was reappearing.

“Foreign… Emperor Clan!” Dugu Yun suddenly spoke, his expression changing greatly. When he heard that ancient divine sound, his mind began to tremble.

“Emperor Clan? Regardless of what kind of status he has, there is no need to worry. He has been imprisoned for many years, cut off from the rest of the world, almost unable to even preserve his own life.” An elder said.

This was a projection. There was a mysterious terrifying individual trapped in a certain place. After endless time had passed, he still didn’t die, waiting for a chance to break free.

“Fools who don’t know the difference between life and death, even daring to contradict me? Your ancestors had previously prostrated at my feet, bowing and worshipping me!” This creature was quite aggressive.

Second Elder didn’t say anything, directly activating the Nine Phoenix Furnace to protect the silver warship, moreover blasting that head.

“Actually this thing!” That person said coldly. He withdrew, the projection disappearing.

It was because the Nine Phoenix Furnace previously had more materials, storing immortal dao magical artifacts, unmatched treasures.

However, there was a bit of a haze covering their minds. When they saw a living foreign Emperor Clan ancestor sealed in this Realm Tomb, everyone’s minds were heavy. If they managed to escape, that would definitely be a huge disaster.

They continued forward, witnessing many tattered worlds along the way. There were even more great cracks, unknown as to where they lead to.

There was one time when they actually discovered a bloody ghost city drifting in the void, leaving many elders horrified.

“Yi, what is that?”

Suddenly, after experiencing a moment of chaotic time and space, many people cried out in alarm. It was because they saw resplendent golden light, as well as surging chaotic energy.

Then, they saw a tree that was entirely golden in color. It towered in heavenly space, leaves propping up stars, just like the legends.

“Heavens, is that a World Tree?”

“What am I looking at? There is a piece of World Stone, an enormous treasure! It is together with that golden ancient tree!”

Everyone cried out in alarm, becoming incomparably excited, feeling fired up.

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