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Chapter 1200 - Inside Realm Tomb

The tree had grass-like leaves, sucking all of the nearby damaged stars over to its surface, releasing a green light as it devoured them.

This scene naturally left one horrified. These were enormous stars, but they were eaten by a strange grass just like that, truly freakish.

It was just this sinister inside Realm Tomb, full of mysteries. Everything they saw or heard made their heartstrings stretch taut.


Sounds of stars shattering were produced, accompanied by dazzling light. There were some stars that directly exploded, but all of the radiance quickly receded, devoured by the grass leaf.

“These are Star Devouring Grass, they specifically use stars as food. Whenever these types of things appear, the results would be extremely terrible!” Second Elder’s knowledge was vast, immediately recognizing what this was.

Star Eating Grass, it grew in the chaos, a type of innate divine existence. However, it didn’t awaken a consciousness, acting completely on instinct.

In this world, there were matchless great experts who could open up a space in the primal chaos, create damaged words and revive all things, turning them into a pure land for life.

Normally speaking, Star Eating Grass only appeared when immortal kings opened up damaged worlds, letting them out. After all, these creatures were rarely seen even in primal chaos.

When the academy’s students understood these things through the elders, they all became stupefied. Apart from their world, worlds could still be opened up like this?

“Too powerful, unbelievable. This is to say that outside of our world, in the primal chaos, there might still be other world earth in existence?” Someone asked.

“Those are only damaged worlds, cannot exist for a long time. Perhaps in a few tens of thousands of years, or hundreds of thousands of years, they would collapse, because they aren’t true great cosmos after all.” Second Elder shook his head.

Even though the areas that were opened could be extended for a bit longer, they would still collapse in the end, leaving nothing behind, to the extent where it would even involve its creator, directly leading to the death of body and dao. 

Everyone couldn’t help but become frightened, all of them revealing contemplative looks as they looked at Realm Tomb. Could it be that this was the result of ancient realms that ultimately collapsed?

An elder directly rejected this notion. This place was definitely not like this. The origin of Realm Tomb was even more mysterious and frightening than what they were imagining, because not even the previous immortal daoists who had constantly been researching it knew the answer.

“That ancient tree is a branch that was removed from the World Tree. An immeasurable amount of heaven and earth essence was used to nurture it and make it produce roots, all done in hopes that it could be nurtured into a supreme treasure.”

Soon afterwards, Second Elder pointed towards a dry and shriveled ancient tree. There were many ‘star fruits’ on it, the scene mystical.

“It was cultivated into a true World Tree?” Princess Yao Yue cried out in alarm.

“No, it was cultivated into a demonic tree. There is no way a World Tree can be nurtured like this, needing to evolve naturally. There was an unmatched devil who wanted to refine this spiritual root into a demonic artifact, grasp the sun, moon, and stellar streams, seize the force of heavenly space.” Second Elder said.

When everyone heard this, they were all stupefied. They couldn’t help but sigh, everything they saw truly unfolded on a great scale, involving celestial bodies at every turn.

Meanwhile, they were as insignificant as ants. When compared to these things, they were like specks of dust, completely negligible.

“Unfortunately, it all failed, the vital energy scattering, only leaving behind remains. The one who nurtured this tree back then was also merged into the tree, long having his body and dao erased.” Second Elder said.

“The Star Devouring Grass is coming!” Lu Tuo shouted. That stalk of grass was too strange, even able to directly devour stars, let alone them. They could only withdraw.

Fortunately, it didn’t have its own will, relying purely on instincts, so it wasn’t a disaster that couldn’t be avoided.

Otherwise, this type of innate divine existence born from primal chaos would definitely be extremely frightening, only peerless experts able to make it yield with magical force.

“We’re leaving!”

They went on their way again. Along the way, there were just too many ancient realms, the mists extremely thick, as if they returned to an immortal battlefield, ruins laying everywhere.

“Heavens, what kind of creature is that? Just too large!” On the silver warship, even Wang Xi who was normally extremely quiet couldn’t help but cry out.

The others were also stupefied, all of them widening their eyes, looking forward.

Along the way, there was a creature floating in an ancient realm, several times larger than even a star. Its body was covered in green armor, flickering with an ice-cold metallic luster.

It looked like a hyena, but had long dragon horns, as well as a pair of vermilion bird wings on its back, something they had never seen before in the outside world.

“This is an innate divine existence, something born from primal chaos, extremely powerful, not even the Great Elder might be able to reliably make it submit!” Fourth Elder said.

Everyone was horrified. This creature was actually this powerful?

The only fortunate thing was that it was already dead, long becoming a corpse. Otherwise, who dared to stay here? They would have long ran.

“Everything on it are precious materials. Can we go and gather them?” A young man who cultivated two strands of immortal energy said, not wishing to let this mountain of treasure pass by.

“If there really is anything of value, it wouldn’t be left for you to gather. After all these years, group after group of people came, so what else could there be left?” An elder shook his head.

Sure enough, when the silver warship got closer, everyone saw an enormous injury on the other end of this creature, tore open from the back.

The flesh, bones, and other things had long disappeared, only leaving behind a layer of skin.

Moreover, the scaled skin’s brilliance had all vanished, only leaving behind an empty shell, nothing else remaining. As for the vermillion bird wings and dragon horns, it was the same, the dragon marrow and divine wing essence blood inside had all completely flowed out, weak to the point where it could be broken if this warship rammed into it.

“What a pity!”

They left this place. While moving through the Realm Tomb, they had to admit that this place really was too vast, with no end in sight, no limit.

“Not good, prepare for battle!” Suddenly, Fourth Elder shouted, warning everyone.


“Are there enemies here? Where? Why don’t I see anything?!” 

The students on the warship were alarmed. They didn’t see any creatures, all of them incredibly confused. However, the elders’ expressions all became serious, becoming vigilant.

“The gray fog of war spirits has appeared, so battle is not far. All of you, produce your precious artifacts, prepare for battle!” Fifth Elder added, warning seriously.

In reality, even if they didn’t see any creatures, all of the students had long made battle preparations. Since the elders were warning them, who dared to act carelessly?

Along the way, gray mist scattered, not all that dense, only wisps and strands flowing over from the distant ruined stellar bodies.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao felt a bit uneasy. His entire body went cold, skin going taut, feeling a bit frightened, as if there were steel needles pressed against his skin, about to penetrate in.

“What is this?” Soon afterwards, the others also sensed something, all of them holding weapons and facing this situation seriously.

It was clear that there was an unknown danger approaching, moreover extremely vicious and frightening. Otherwise, how could that aura penetrate the silver warship’s defense symbols, pressing over?

There were large amounts of damaged stars up ahead, all of them still and unmoving. There were meteorites that appeared one after another, silent throughout endless time. There was even more cosmos dust covering them.

A blood-colored ancient ship quietly appeared, drifting over from the stellar ruins, slow but extremely steady, heading straight in this direction.

“War spirits!”

“It is them after all, they really did appear! I hope there are no ancestral level war spirits, or else it will be much more troublesome!”

“Truly never expected for us to encounter these things on this journey!”

The elders all spoke. This was also a type of warning for the academy’s disciples.

The ship was in bad shape, extremely archaic in appearance, truly unknown when it was built, experiencing endless years, carrying traces of mottled time. However, it still didn’t decay, remaining imperishable.

The ship wasn’t that large, at the very least, when compared to the silver warship, it was many times smaller. However, it possessed a type of mysterious power, as if it could intimidate the silver warship.

It didn’t release any sound, slowly moving over, as if an entire heaven and earth would be frightened under its presence, all creatures trembling before its existence.

Gray wisps of mist seeped out from the ship strand after strand, nibbling away at divine force, corroding the silver warship Shi Hao and the others were on.

“Is the situation really bad? If it is, then we should temporarily avoid it.” Princess Yao Yue said.

“It’s useless, the war spirits are extremely frightening. This type of lost ancient ship, once it locks onto us, it wouldn’t stop unless it leaves on its own. Otherwise, it will continue to chase after us. It looks slow right now, but that is because it still hasn’t truly set sail, or else few warships could compare to it in speed!” Third Elder said.


Suddenly, that blood-colored ancient ship released a great cry, the hairs of many students from the academy immediately standing on end, goosebumps covering their skin, cold chills running down their backs.

This sound was too frightening, actually directly affecting their souls!

“They’re coming, prepare for battle!” Sixth Elder shouted.

“This is an important test for you all, those who can’t make it through might die!” Second Elder warned seriously.

On the blood-colored ancient ship, figures appeared one after another, throwing themselves over from the distance, incomparably terrifying.

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