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Chapter 1196 - Destruction

“What do you all think happened? There hasn’t been any information for such a long time on the mountain. Is that person really the protectors’ descendant?”

There were many students at the bottom of the divine mountain, all of them waiting for the result. It was because their statuses weren’t great enough to enter the main hall where the elders were discussing things.

“I believe it is most likely the foreign land’s conspiracy. Otherwise, how could they let this type of person return?!”

This was something that everyone realized. The foreign cultivators wouldn’t help the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, so they definitely had a motive behind their actions. Everyone had their own suspicions.

On the top of the mountain, inside the bronze building complex, the atmosphere was extremely heavy. The elders’ many tries of convincing failed, Dugu Yun insisting on getting revenge for his ancestors.

“After all these years passed, forget about those people back then, even their families and descendents have pretty much scattered. Should just let it go.” Second Elder said.

It was because through their discussions just now, he learned that the few clans Dugu Yun mentioned shouldn’t belong to the present world’s long life families.

Since there weren’t that many targets for revenge, the elders didn’t have much to worry about either.

“Only, why does his blood turn black?” They bore suspicions. The elders in the rear palace carried out several tests, discovering that it was as the Three-Headed King said.

They frowned, unable to provide any explanations for this. As for Dugu Yun, he remained completely silent, unwilling to reply.

“They are descending the mountain, came out!” The individuals at the bottom of the mountain were all experts, among them no lack of individuals with Heavenly Eyes.

They all saw the individual in Darkness Immortal Gold Armor walk out from the ancient bronze building complex. He didn’t wear a helmet, his black hair scattering down. Under the morning multicolored light, his entire being seemed to be bathed under a layer of divine splendor.

“Yi, an exceptional beauty!” Someone cried out with shock.

It was because Dugu Yun was too pretty, his beauty otherworldly, style exceptional, far greater than normal so-called beautiful people.

This produced an uproar, drawing everyone’s attention. At the same time, everyone were incredibly shocked. Why did he descend the mountain just like that, no one stopping his movements?

“Wait, he’s male, not female!” Someone realized something, crying out involuntarily.

“Ah, he really is male! He’s too handsome!” A few young ladies cried out in alarm. This made even them feel ashamed of their inferiority, feeling envious and annoyed.

There were some who sighed, saying, “He has to be the descendant of the protectors, or else how can he have such freedom? Those who have golden blood are destined to be unmatched!”

This triggered a huge discussion, many people’s eyes shining as they looked at Dugu Yun, finding it difficult to calm down.

Of course, there were quite a few people who remained clear-headed. There was no way the elders in the academy could truly let him act freely, there were definitely eyes watching from the dark, or else if something major happened, no one would be able to take responsibility.

“Heaven knows if he really is the descendant of the protectors, it might just be the foreign experts taking risks!” There were others who said with a low voice, a bit bitter.

“Does anyone dare exchange pointers with him? See just how powerful the so-called unmatched golden blood is!”

“Correct, this is a good idea. At the very least, we can learn a bit about the creatures on the other side through him, find out how strong they are.”

At the foot of the mountain, some people began to discuss among themselves, their eyes flickering with radiance. There were some who were unwilling to accept this, wanting to take action.

However, the way things developed completely exceeded their imaginations. After Dugu Yun descended the mountain, he coldly swept his eyes out, taking the initiative to challenge everyone.

“Even this mess of a group wants to fight against the creatures of the other side, simply delusional.”

His voice wasn't loud, but it was extremely clear. It transmitted to the bottom of the mountain, many people hearing him.

A few individuals’ expressions suddenly changed, their eyes unkind.

There were even some who directly walked up, using actions to declare their position, blocking his path forward, about to take action against him here.

On the divine mountain, that bronze structure was extremely peaceful, no elders coming out, not stopping anyone, clearly ignoring what was happening here.

“You all don’t want to hear it, and aren’t convinced right? However, this is the reality. Just a group of people with feeble strength! The foreign ancient Emperor Clans’ disciples, just a single person could sweep through all of you!” Dugu Yun became more and more impolite, his voice carrying contempt.

“Boasting shamelessly, let us see what kind of skills you have exactly!” There was someone who couldn’t hold it in, rushing forward.

“Too weak, you all can come at me together!” Dugu Yun said.

When he spoke, he already raised his palm. His movements weren’t too fast, slowly pushing forward, immediately releasing a muffled sound that was like thunder.

Golden blood energy roiled there, his entire aura became as powerful as a giant peak, grand and imposing, unshakeable. However, his palm still crushed down like a heavenly dome.


The one who rushed up coughed out large amounts of blood. He used all of his strength, yet after just the first blow, he was already sent flying outwards.


In the rear, a few people shouted, moreover taking action to lend assistance, helping him neutralize that wave of power, preventing him from receiving serious injuries.

However, Dugu Yun was just too strong, not stopping, still pushing forward slowly. Strong winds swept about, golden blood energy overflowing, pouring down like a mountain torrent.


Those people all cried out loudly. There were at least twenty experts who took action in total, yet in the end, they all cried out miserably, even more people releasing muffled groans, blood coughed out from their mouths, bodies suffering great damage.

The golden blood energy crushed down on them until they felt like they were suffocating. This terrifying youngster was ridiculously powerful, far above them. They weren’t his opponent at all.

Dugu Yun only released a single palm, passing judgment from above, defeating and injuring more than ten people. This place immediately became absolutely silent, everyone feeling greatly shocked.

“I overestimated you all. No matter how many of these cultivators there are, it is still useless, a single foreign young supreme being already enough to destroy all of you.” Dugu Yun said ruthlessly.


The group of people in the rear were unsatisfied, a few people taking action together, directly spreading a formation to trap him in place.

Unfortunately, this time, they were defeated even faster. Dugu Yun moved, attacking like a ghost, his speed just too fast, only leaving behind a golden afterimage.


The group of people all coughed out blood, beaten up until they carried serious injuries, screaming miserably as they collapsed on the spot.

“What a pity, I haven’t discovered the families of the past!” Dugu Yun said to himself. He was here to get revenge, wishing to find the descendants of the so-called enemies that were recorded.

“Too astonishing, worthy of being the descendant of the protectors, golden blood unmatched, no one can contend against him!”

At the crucial moment, there were a few young ladies who cried out like this, their eyes fiery with pleasant surprise, immediately making everyone speechless.

“What protectors? He was captured and imprisoned for many years, long erasing the glory of the past. It’s difficult to say if he even stands by those from the other side.”

“Exactly, just a prisoner, what protectors’ grandeur is there?!”

A few people retorted, their words stinging.

Dugu Yun’s eyes were cold, disappearing from his original location with a shua sound. Several people’s bodies split apart, almost dying on the spot, their flesh rupturing open.

This left everyone shocked. Those who were discontent all held back, or else they would definitely be suppressed.

“Hurry and invite Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, have them take action!” Someone said quietly. They felt wronged after being injured so easily by this youngster, feeling like they lost face.

“Yi, Huang came down the mountain, he’s here! We can ask him to take action!” Someone saw Shi Hao descend the mountain.

“Brother Shi, we must ask you to take action, suppress this person of unknown origins!” Someone shouted.

“What nonsense, this is the descendant of the protectors, the elders already verified it.” Shi Hao said, his pace unhurried as he descended the mountain, looking extremely relaxed, without any intent to take action.

He sympathized with the protectors’ bloodline, unable to raise any battle intent towards this youngster. His experiences were a bit lamentable, only making one sigh, difficult to comment too much.

“He is going too far, incredibly egotistical, looking down on our Heavenly Deity Institution, his actions vicious. Brother Shi, please take action to establish public justice!” Someone shouted.

Right at this time, Dugu Yun also looked at Shi Hao who was halfway up the mountain, saying, “Are you that strong? Come over and fight!”

Shi Hao gave him a look. He naturally didn’t fear a fight. Right now, he possessed unmatched conviction, not fearing any young opponent.

“Mo Dao, fight against him!” Shi Hao ordered. Right now, he was already in the Heavenly Deity Realm. Even when facing supreme individuals with three strands of immortal energy, he still had the qualifications to remain calm.

Mo Dao descended the mountain. Three great dao flowers appeared above his head, his entire aura surging. He really wanted to size up how strong this individual who had golden blood was.

“Compared to your older sister, you are still lacking. She is a heaven warping figure who even left the Emperor Clans shocked, but you… are not my opponent!” Dugu Yun said.

Mo Dao was immediately stupefied. Producing dual supreme beings was their clan’s greatest glory, rarely seen since ancient times.

In reality, his older sister was even stronger, brought away by the undying beings into an imperishable pure land, cultivating together with an ancient Emperor Clan’s people.

“You’ve met my older sister?” Mo Dao asked. He hadn’t seen her for a long time already.

“I have. All the true heaven warping creatures I have met!” Dugu Yun said.

Right at this time, Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, Xuan Kun and the others appeared. When they received the news, they personally hurried over.

In reality, they had been waiting for news all this time, just that because they were more reserved, they didn’t wait at the foot of the mountain. Now, they all hurried over.

Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, Ten Crown King, and the others were Heavenly Deity Institution’s most powerful geniuses, far more powerful than the ones who took action just now, the auras they released swept out like a bottomless sea.

“Good, I don’t have to personally seek you all out. Who dares fight against me?” Dugu Yun said. This made everyone look at each other in dismay. He really is crazy, is he going to challenge all of the young supreme beings?

“Then let’s just start from you!” Dugu Yun stared at Xuan Kun.


A great battle erupted just too abruptly, not too many words exchanged, nor was there much vocal exchange, directly starting.

Dugu Yun rushed over, forming golden magical imprints that covered the sun and moon, shaking the rivers and mountains, aura too ferocious, simply about to overturn heaven and earth, suppress Xuan Kun with an attitude of being unmatched.

“Good, let’s see just how formidable the supreme individuals of the foreign land are, compare with those so-called Emperor Clans!”

Lu Tuo and the others who were watching behind spoke quietly, believing that Dugu Yun shouldn’t be weaker than the foreign Emperor Clans.

However, soon afterwards, their expressions all changed, because the battle situation was changing greatly. Xuan Kun wasn’t a match, becoming seriously injured, blood flowing out from his mouth and nose, body staggering.

Xuan Kun was defeated!

Dugu Yun displayed unmatched divine might before everyone’s faces, golden blood energy circulating, making even his hair become golden, his entire aura devouring mountains and rivers.

He originally had a beautiful appearance, but now, he looked heroic and intimidating, possessing a type of exceptional style.


Blood continuously sprayed out from Xuan Kun’s mouth. He was blasted back, first suffering a palm, and then a foot kicked against his body, making it crack apart and fly outwards.

This battle result left everyone shocked.

Was this the protectors’ bloodline, someone with golden blood? He possessed unmatched might after all! Was this power going to sweep through all of Heavenly Deity Institution?

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