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Chapter 1197 - Sacred Envoy

Xuan Kun was defeated, struck until he was seriously injured, blood dripping onto the ground, making everyone turn pale with fright. This type of young supreme being was defeated just like that.

What kind of person was Xuan Kun? He was a heaven warping figure who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, his strength powerful, just how many people from Heavenly Deity Institution could match him?

It could be said that winning against him was too difficult. Once three strands of immortal energy emerged, they were invincible, crushing all enemies.

This place was still quiet even after a long time, not the slightest sound could be heard. This type of result left everyone stupefied. Xuan Kun suffered a great defeat here, making many people look at each other, completely speechless.

After a bit of time had passed, only then did everyone snap back to reality, a great uproar erupting.

“Xuan Kun was defeated, not a match for the protectors’ descendant! Is the golden blood truly enough to make one unmatched?”

“A young supreme being who cultivated three strands of immortal energy was suppressed here today, suffering the first defeat of his life!”

Even though this battle didn’t continue for that long, it was incredibly dangerous, both sides using extraordinary methods, all great divine abilities, but the results could be said to leave long-lasting effects!

Everyone couldn’t help but start to question themselves. Were the foreign creatures really that frightening?

It as because Dugu Yun had previously said that there were ancient Emperor Clans there, young disciples who were ridiculously powerful, able to sweep through all of the geniuses here.

Xuan Kun suffered a great defeat, proving this saying.

This dealt a great blow to everyone’s confidence. They were all heaven warping disciples, but they suffered a great setback here, feeling helpless under his contempt.

It was because Xuan Kun was one of their most powerful individuals, yet he was still defeated, so how were the others supposed to face him?

“Next, is there anyone else who is going to take action?” There was a layer of gold around his body, making him look like he was cast from divine gold, his body shining resplendently.

Right now, forget about the others, just Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and the others didn’t act rashly, because this person was extremely powerful, a true formidable opponent.

No one was willing to fight under this type of situation. If they were defeated, having the same result as Xuan Kun, what face would they have left?

“No one?”

This place was quiet, everyone looking at each other in dismay, discovering that none of the academy’s powerful individuals were willing to fight with him, all of them feeling shocked.

They all sensed that the things that took place today were strange. This was the descendant of the protectors, and with just today’s battle, he already rose, up, establishing an unmatched reputation!

In the distance, there was a great disturbance, as if some things happened.

At the mountain gate of Heavenly Deity Institution, there was someone who came to visit, raising quite the commotion.

“Sacred Academy’s envoy has arrived!”

In the distance, this type of voice sounded, these news naturally producing quite the disturbance. There had long been rumors that Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy’s people were going to come, but none of them thought that it would be today.

The clamoring sounds got louder and louder. There was clearly a group of people who were hurrying over to this place.

Soon afterwards, they saw a youth who was extremely valiant looking. A violet-gold helmet rested on his head, his body covered in Flood Dragon robes, on his back a bronze heavenly spear. Purple hair fluttered about, eyes like divine lamps, bearing extraordinary!

This was an extremely frightening youngster, all those who saw him would feel startled by his intimidating presence, that naturally exuded aura was too astonishing.

When one stood with him, it would feel as if they were accompanying a prehistoric giant beast!

“Who is Huang, who is Shi Hao?” This young man asked.

He wasn’t all that friendly, his face carrying indifference. His eyes swept over everyone, incredibly intimidating, carrying a type of arrogance and conceit as he coldly overlooked everyone.

Who was he?

Everyone began to feel a bit doubtful inside. This person was actually this rude. From his proud appearance, it didn’t look like he was here to pay Shi Hao a friendly visit, but rather to look for trouble.

“Where is Huang?” Another person’s voice sounded.

Many people were stunned, because the voice they heard was familiar, as if they had heard it before somewhere.

Everyone searched about, looking in the direction where the sound came from.

“Yuan Hong!” There were some people who were stupefied. Why did he return? However, soon afterwards, they had their guesses.

Yuan Hong came to Heavenly Deity Institution not long ago, behaving extremely arrogantly, demanding for Shi Hao, wanting to criticize him violently, but was beaten up until his bones broke and muscles snapped, receiving serious injuries.

None of them expected him to come back so quickly!

“Where is Huang? Get your ass out here!” Yuan Hong shouted.

He was Yuan Qing’s son, his status extraordinary, but not long ago, he suffered such a great humiliation in Heavenly Deity Institution, beaten up by a youngster until all of his bones snapped and was then thrown out.

He came because of Yuan Feng’s death, but in the end, he himself was also humiliated, unable to swallow down this shame. When he left, he directly met up with Sacred Academy’s envoy, thus returning again.

It was because he already knew that those two academies were going to send people over, knowing their itinerary.

“Isn’t this the Yuan Clan’s expert who had his teeth smashed all over the ground? The academy’s elder had someone throw you out, yet you dare return?” Someone mocked.

It was naturally Cao Yusheng, Feng Wu, and the others who were hiding in the dark and transmitting sound, allowing many people to clearly hear them.

Yuan Hong’s face was unpleasant, turning from red to purple, fists clenching tightly. This was naturally a type of mockery and humiliation directed at him, but he had to explain himself. Otherwise, the academy’s elders really might come to chase him out, and that would make him look even worse.

“I came with Sacred Academy’s envoy!” Yuan Hong said.

“Haha… truly laughable, an old man was beaten until he was looking for his teeth all over the ground, yet his reinforcements was just a brat, truly shameful!”

“You should have asked your father Yuan Qing. Did you invite a youngster to rely on? Haha…”

Cao Yusheng, little rabbit, and the others were tormenting him, secretly mocking.

“All of you better shut up!”

The Sacred Academy envoy with the violet-gold helmet berated. His pupils that were like golden lamps released two streaks of electricity, overlooking everyone, extremely domineering in nature.

“Where is Huang? Come out to meet me!” He shouted.

Halfway up the mountain, Shi Hao’s figure was walking down leisurely, extremely relaxed. When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he said, “What is all this noise? If there’s something, then just say it.”

He naturally knew that the other party came with bad intentions, carrying great hostility against him. He could sense it.

They all said that Yuan Qing had connections with the two academies, and now, it seemed like those connections were displaying some use. Now, his child Yuan Hong actually came while accompanied by Sacred Academy’s envoy.

“Huang!” Yuan Hong said loudly.

“Come over and talk.” The envoy who wore the violet-gold helmet beckoned over, speaking like this to Shi Hao.

This type of casualness seemed like he was summoning someone, as if an elder was instructing a descendant, incredibly piercing and oppressive, not caring about Shi Hao’s present status at all.

“Who are you? If you have something to say, then just directly say it. If you want me to come over, you still don’t have enough qualifications. If you want to meet me, then come over yourself.” Shi Hao said.

“Do you think your bit of accomplishments are enough to look down on us? I heard that you are a genius, so I wanted to properly lecture you, but in the end, you actually refused, bringing upon yourself an even worse situation, so I’ll give you a bit of a lesson!”

While speaking, that person directly rushed up, decisively taking action against Shi Hao.

Everyone rose up in commotion. Sacred Academy’s envoy was actually going to fight against the present Shi Hao!

Shi Hao’s face naturally sunk, this person actually treated him with rudeness again and again, acting like he was an older generation individual, as if he really was all that.

“Move, all of you get lost!” While speaking, Sacred Academy’s envoy already rushed over, not waiting.

Along the way, he couldn’t help but see Dugu Yun standing by the mountain, not knowing that he was the descendant of the protectors, unaware of what had just happened.

He rushed over just like that, even lashing out towards Dugu Yun in the way, reaching out his hand and fiercely striking out, about to send that ridiculously handsome male flying.


Dugu Yun moved, grabbing his fist with a single motion, leaving behind a string of afterimages, his movements as fast as lightning.

“Courting death!” Sacred Academy’s envoy cried out, activating divine force to suppress the other party.

The one standing before him was completely different from what he had imagined. He wasn’t just a bystander, but a frightening expert who cultivated year in, year out in the other world.

The emissary coughed out large amounts of blood just from the first exchange, his entire body flung out.

It was because he underestimated the other party too much, facing someone who had unmatched golden blood energy. Right now, he could only dodge.

“Sacred envoy!” Yuan Hong shouted from behind.

At the same time, Shi Hao also took action, because he saw that Sacred Academy’s envoy just happened to be heading in his direction.


Sacred envoy released an angry shout, because he also saw Shi Hao. He was flung out, perfectly heading in that direction.

He began to display a great divine ability!

From his body, streak after streak of symbols lit up, his fingers becoming brilliantly colored, bone texts covering them densely, attacking at Shi Hao viciously.


At this time, something similar happened. Shi Hao had long gathered enough power, Reincarnation Divine Ability blasting out, brilliant symbols burning brilliantly.


Sacred Academy’s envoy flew out. This time, he underestimated his opponent again, actually fighting him head-on. It was because after he was struck by Reincarnation, he immediately became older, becoming incredibly weak.

Shi Hao chased after him, moving as fast as lightning, a foot immediately kicking out.


This envoy was actually extremely powerful, an outstanding individual even among the younger generation, but now, he suffered from the Reincarnation symbols, quickly declining. Then, a foot smashed into his body, making him cough out large amounts of blood, dying his white hair red.

Sacred envoy was sent flying, his body dropping forward. Meanwhile, Dugu Yun was perfectly there. Without even thinking further, he added another palm.


The envoy’s body cracked apart. After suffering from such a serious strike, and then being smashed flying, blood began to flow from his seven apertures, a lot of it produced from anger.

This was just too tragic. He was about to act domineeringly, yet in the blink of an eye, he was seriously injured.

“Why did you come again?” This was Shi Hao’s voice, because the sacred envoy was slapped back.

Without saying another word, Shi Hao directly lifted his feet, forcefully kicking out. Sacred envoy roared out, but was sent flying forward by another kick.

“You actually dare to do this! He is someone Sacred Academy sent out, a sacred envoy!” Yuan Hong shouted.

“Why do you care what I do?” Shi Hao laughed coldly. He had long descended from the mountain, rushing over.

The pitiful sacred envoy was in front of Dugu Yun and Shi Hao, beaten until he flew back and forth. It was because the two of them indirectly exchanged moves, weighing each other’s strength. He was extremely unlucky, rashly breaking in, now becoming a dummy for the two to share.


Eventually, the sacred envoy who came extremely arrogantly and domineeringly completely fainted. This could also be considered a type of freedom.


In the end, after the sacred envoy was thrown onto the ground, a great clash erupted between Shi Hao and Dugu Yun, the two of them continuously trading several blows, each time making the heavens collapse and the earth rupture.

“You are quite strong!” After trading several palms, Dugu Yun’s golden blood energy surged, saying like this to Shi Hao, the first time he spoke these types of words.

“You are passable as well.” Shi Hao replied.

The pitiful sacred envoy quickly woke up, just in time to hear their conversation, angered beyond belief as a result. The two of them were exchanging blows, so just now, he was just treated like a beanbag?


Dugu Yun raised his foot, smashing it down, the sacred envoy directly fainting again.

“With this type of skill, do you dare fight against the members of the Emperor Clan?” Dugu Yun asked.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? If they are brought before me, I’ll suppress them all!” Shi Hao replied.

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