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Chapter 1195 - Protectors’ Bloodline

The two elders personally took action, using great magical force to suppress this creature, using an incredibly precious divine chain to lock up its body, firmly shackling it up.

No one dared to act carelessly, because this was a creature from a foreign land. Even though the Three-Headed King said that it was the descendant of the protectors, a young individual, heaven knew what exactly was going on.

“Bring this person back to the academy!” Second Elder waved his hand, and then a few people brought this person back.

Everyone was greatly shaken up by the developments!

All of them saw this scene. News traveled quickly, Heavenly Deity Institution becoming greatly shocked, a great commotion immediately produced!

The appearance of the Three-Headed King shocked everyone. Now, even some of those who were cultivating in seclusion emerged. When they learned that a mysterious creature was captured, all of them became stupefied.

After endless years had passed, just how many foreign creatures could they see?

Heavenly Deity Institution became full of commotion, everyone swarming over to a majestic and imposing giant mountain. A vast and grand copper building complex rested on it.

Many of them wanted to ascend the mountain and accompany the elders in questioning that creature.

However, there weren’t too many chances. There was no way all of them could go up, so the students paced about restlessly at the foot of the mountain.

The news were just too shocking. The golden blood of the descendant of Immortal Ancient Great Era protectors could turn black, divine and horror coexisting, all of this was previously unknown.

It was easy to see that Three-Headed King’s words left a deep impression in everyone’s minds, all of them wishing to find out what exactly happened.

Shi Hao had the fortune of ascending this imposing divine mountain. Purple energy rose into the air, medicinal herbs covering this place, as well as dwellings built from spiritual caves.

On the mountaintop, the bronze structure carried rust stains, mottled by time. It looked like a relic of time, recording the changes of history, recounting the events of the past.

Apart from Shi Hao, there was also his servant -- Mo Dao!

In reality, the reason why Shi Hao could come was also because he borrowed Mo Dao’s limelight. It was because he came from the other side, so many elders hoped that he could come and identify the captive.

Inside the grand palace, immortal energy was everywhere. Even though it was thin, it fully displayed how holy and extraordinary this place was. Only the most exceptional individuals could sit here.

There were more than ten praying mats, figures seated on them one after another, all of them indistinct, as if they were ancient figures that were being consecrated within a temple.

These were Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders. Normally, there was no way so many of them would appear at the same time!

There weren’t this many even when Mo Dao was brought back.

The main reason was because the events this time concerned too much. The descendant of the protectors appeared, preventing these people from remaining calm. All of them wanted to know what exactly was going on.

“Mo Dao, have you seen this person before?” An elder said, mists curling about him, figure dignified. Even though his true body couldn't be seen, extremely blurry, one could still sense how serious he was.

“Dressed in Immortal Gold armor, even the true unmatched Emperor Clans are nothing more than this, to the extent where they might not even be this extravagant. I have never met this person before.” Mo Dao was rather cooperative, replying like this.

In the palace, that individual stood up. Its body was wrapped tightly in divine chains, but it didn’t suffer any punishment, not being treated harshly.

In reality, if not for the misgivings the elders felt, it would have definitely been treated with the greatest courtesy. In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, the protectors’ bloodline was worthy of respect.

“Remove the Immortal Gold battle armor!” Second Elder spoke. He had great authority here.

The divine chains were loosened. The Darkness Immortal Gold Armor released dark light, right now extremely mysterious, could be considered immortal dao weapons, this world’s most precious heavenly material.


Pieces of armor were released one after another. That creature didn’t resist, remaining calm and tranquil, silently standing in the palace.

“Truly a rare precious artifact!” Shi Hao sighed inwardly with praise. The black Immortal Gold armor came off piece by piece, too beautiful. Even though it was pitch black in color, they were covered in the most mysterious patterns. As divine force was imbued, it became sparkling and translucent, becoming even more brilliant than fine jade.

“En?” Shi Hao was shocked. Was this a woman? This person was extremely beautiful, body long and slender, face exquisite, long golden hair hanging down.

As the Darkness Immortal Gold Armor was removed piece by piece, this person’s true appearance was revealed.

“No, there’s an adam’s apple!” Shi Hao was shocked. It really was rare for a man to be this beautiful, making even many females feel ashamed of their inferiority.

From the people he had met in his life, only the white-clothed Ning Chuan could compare, both of them ridiculously handsome, exceeding many of the so-called beautiful young ladies.

This creature’s body had a golden divine flame jumping around it as if in anger. He didn’t feel any good intentions towards the experts of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

However, soon after, he became calm again. During this process, the divine flames disappeared. Then, his long hair also changed from golden to pitch black in color.

“It is like the legends, when the golden blood surges, divine light would rise up in protection, the body and hair all becoming resplendent as if cast from gold. It matches what is recorded about the protectors.” An elder said.

“Do you recognize him?” At this time, the people in the palace asked Mo Dao again, because they both came from the other side.

“I do not, never seen him before!” Mo Dao replied like this.

Everyone became silent. In reality, they foresaw this result as well. After all, Mo Dao came from the world outside the Desolate Border, not that true undying world.

“What is your name?” Third Elder asked.

The individual at the center of the palace was tall and slender, hair jet black, eyes like two gemstones, carrying divine radiance. His appearance was extraordinary, clearly not some ordinary figure.

“Dugu Yun!” He unexpectedly replied.

“Are you really the protectors’ descendant?” First Elder continued to ask questions.

After hearing this question, Dugu Yun’s eyes looked like they were burning, carrying hatred. His hair completely turned golden in color, releasing cold killing intent.

“I only know that my three ancestors were harmed by the people of this world, harmed to death by the ones they were protecting!”

Everyone’s expressions went rigid, all of their faces freezing, not knowing what to say. 

Based on what he said, back then, the protectors’ bloodline, because of the creatures of this world, died because of betrayal. This truly was a disgrace, even more so an unspeakable humiliation.

In reality, in the bone books that were dug up, as well as some long life family’s jade books, there were vague recordings that spoke of how unfortunate the protectors’ bloodline was, dying tragically in battle all because a few people sold them out.

“Regardless of what era it is, this can’t be avoided. There will always be some without integrity, lacking righteousness, doing things that cannot be forgiven.” An elder said.

“Also, what the creatures from the other side say cannot be fully believed!” Another elder added.

“The deaths of my ancestors, the great hatred… has been passed down in my bones!” Dugu Yun said, eyes deep, as if he could see events of the past.

“There are divine consciousness fragments in the golden blood, imprints of my ancestors. I could see the events that happened in the past!” He added.

When everyone heard this, they were all greatly shocked, all of their expressions changing. The protectors’ bloodline was astonishing after all, too extraordinary, even able to pass down inheritance in the blood, just too freakish.

They finally understood why the golden blood was so powerful. There was a reason behind it after all, the legends not excessive after all.

“Your ancestors are worthy of respect, even after death, they are matchless heroes. Those people who harmed your ancestors have all returned to earth, it is useless even if we continue pursuing this.” An elder advised.

“There are some who aren’t dead, and they have descendants who are still are alive. The reason I have appeared alive is for vengeance!” Dugu Yun was extremely direct, not hiding anything.

Everyone felt a headache. They couldn’t allow anything to happen to this youth no matter what, because this might be the protectors’ bloodline.

However, if this youngster wanted to settle accounts, it might involve long life families. Things would become extremely troublesome then!

Even though those things were disgraceful, extremely ugly, they had been buried under time, unable to uncover anymore. At the very least, those long life families wouldn’t be willing.

It was rumored that the people back then all died, Immortal Ancient’s experts all falling. It was pointless to try and get revenge now.

At this time, an elder walked up, apologized to Dugu Yun, and then produced a divine needle, piercing his skin and obtaining a few drops of golden blood.

The people here were extremely careful. Even if they believed that he was the descendant of the protectors, they still had to verify it, needing direct proof.

There were many records in the bone books, numerous methods to verify if it was this unique bloodline.

That elder withdrew into the rear palace. There were a few others who followed him, wishing to examine the blood together through ancient methods, verify if his identity was real or fake.

Soon after, there was a result. Those elders returned with excited expressions.

“It’s real. Several ancient methods were used, and there was no mistake!”

“Please sit!” At this time, those elders all stood up, their eyes burning hot as they examined the protectors’ descendant, their attitudes becoming completely different.

These individuals all felt great respect for the protectors of the last great era, so they naturally treasured their descendant. Even if Dugu Yun came from the foreign world, he still had to be treated well.

Apart from this, everyone knew that those who had golden blood were known to be unmatched. Once they grew up, their accomplishments would become immeasurable!

Even when it was in the past when experts emerged in great numbers, the Immortal Ancient Era, the protectors’ golden blood was still one of the four most powerful bloodlines!

The elders believed that they had ways to ‘correctively influence’ this person, have his loyalty return to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths and become an important member in the future battlefield.

Even in the worst situation, they had confidence that they could chant a type of ancient scripture together to ‘cleanse’ his mind, wash away the foreign world’s influence and make his true heart move towards a well-disposed state.

“Do you all wish for me to stand on the same side as you all in battle, fight with you?” Dugu Yun asked coldly. Without waiting for their reply, he directly said, “You all have no chance. Compared to that world, the difference is too great, powerless to withstand against them.”

“How will we know without fighting? Do you wish to tell us some of the situation?” Fourth Elder said.

“The creatures of this world are too weak. Forget about the fact that there is no one who can compare to the undying beings, even the younger generation are far inferior to those of the other world.” Dugu Yun said coldly.

“Why do you say this? There are a few formidable geniuses who are not weaker than the people of that world!” An elder shouted loudly, purposely inciting Dugu Yun to have him speak more.

“Formidable geniuses? Is there anyone who can take a few moves from me, able to contend against my golden blood? I don’t think there are many who can! What is the point of these geniuses, what can they do? They can’t compare to the other world’s ancient Emperor Clans’ youngsters at all!”

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