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Chapter 1194 - Black Blood

The golden blood was extremely brilliant and dazzling as it landed on the ground, drawing everyone’s attention, the words spoken even more shocking.

The Three-Headed King injured someone here, displaying this person’s blood, what was the purpose behind this?

The black gold armor shone, covering that person again. That injury wasn’t serious, just a bit of superficial injury. Several dozen drops of golden blood trickled out, but it didn’t affect this person too much.

“What is your true intention?” Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fifth Elder asked.

Was the Three-Headed King trying to blackmail them, knowing that they couldn’t allow the protectors’ descendents to die, using this to make unreasonable demands? Otherwise, why would he bring this person here.

“Wu, look, the blood is becoming a black color.” The Three-Headed King said, the enormous spider body even more majestic and imposing than a great mountain as it rested above the altar.

It activated divine force, releasing a dazzling light that continuously pressed forward, an intangible force surrounded the golden blood that scattered in the void, crushing it!

As it took action, the golden blood exploded, turning into mist. It was still golden, brilliant and resplendent, as if flowing light streaked across the sky.

Then, the Three-Headed King’s domineering power suppressed and refined it. The golden blood mist changed, now possessing a bit of malevolent energy, a mysterious fluctuation rippling through it.

Everyone became stupefied. This was just a portion of blood, so the most powerful individuals could directly refine it, but why was it continuously changing, not being destroyed?

The golden blood possessed a type of spirituality, even more so a type of tenacious vitality. The more it was suppressed, the clearer the great changes became.

Eventually, even the Three-Headed King used all of his strength, severing the void, producing a heaven and earth furnace, truly forming a simple and unadorned stove, refining the blood there.

Forget about the academy’s students, even the heads of the elders here shivered inwardly. What kind of expert was the Three-Headed King? Even if his true body couldn’t cross over, it was still unimaginable.

Right now, he actually used its greatest strength, but couldn’t truly erase the golden liquid.

Some of the golden blood became dim. It first evaporated, leaving behind a golden substance, and then became ashes. However, there was a bit of golden blood that didn’t go out the entire time, still struggling and moving about.

This was extremely strange. It was just a type of blood, so how could it do this?

“En?” Suddenly, many people became shocked. Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders’ expressions even more so changed, their pupils quickly contracting.

That strand of bloody wisp became black, no longer golden, but instead dark like ink. The changes were just too great, the contrast between the former and latter too great!

What was the reason behind this? What was going on? It left all of them greatly puzzled.

In the beginning, the golden liquid was sparkling and brilliant, having a type of sacred aura, calling it holy blood wasn’t too far-fetched. It truly was strange, pure and possessing divine power.

Yet now, it was terrifyingly black, incredibly strange, lacking divinity. This was a type of power that made one shiver inwardly, simply like the blood of devils.

Why was there this type of transformation? Everyone was confused.

The Three-Headed King said with a profound voice, “Do you all see? Your so-called protectors are known to have the most divine blood, unmatched bodies, but what are they truly like? If they are continuously suppressed, in the end, a shocking truth will be restored. The blood isn’t divine at all, the so-called gold is merely a front, its true nature is dangerous, frightening, the blood possessing some terrifying secrets!”

“You definitely did something!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fourth Elder said, not believing the truth he was talking about.

“I am nothing more than a void figure right now, only using some pure force, what methods are there? All I did was suppress the blood, but the truth was fully displayed.” The Three-Headed King said.

“What are you trying to say?” An elder said angrily.

“What I want to say is that even though you all are born in this world, what you understand might not be as much as us, even your protectors having secrets, hiding many strange things, so one can see just how complex and dangerous this world is.” The Three-Headed King said.

“So what? What can the color of blood represent?” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders remained unmoved.

“How can it be meaningless? When the golden blood completely flows, it is extremely auspicious, the power incredibly divine. However, when the blood becomes black, only a type of violent, vicious energy is left, addicted to killing, could be said to be completely opposite. Do you all feel that a creature having two types of blood is normal? It is nothing more than a facade. The so-called protectors, their origins are extremely great, likely surpassing your imaginations!”

“Absolute nonsense!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s people obviously rejected this.

“This is the truth. The so-called protectors’ blood is originally black, merely hiding their true selves. It is just like your world, far more complex than what you all see. There is a hand guiding, leading you all. Perhaps it can be said that the so-called protectors, the creatures with golden blood, are the ones who are most dangerous for you all.” The Three-Headed King spoke these words.

In the crowd, Shi Hao thought to himself, finding it difficult to calm down. He understood well that after the foreign creatures won, they didn’t stay too long on this side of the world, ultimately withdrawing.

This was a mystery. At the very least, for his current self and a lot of others, they still didn’t know the truth.

Could it be that it was related to what the Three-Headed King was saying? There were definitely some hidden secrets.

“You should cease trying to sow dissension between us!” An elder said angrily.

“Heh, if you all don’t believe, then that’s that. You all will understand sooner or later. Wu, since we are on this topic, you all can go and seek verification. We have previously dug up some burial earth in Origin Ancient Mine, and there was black blood that flowed out.” The Three-Headed King spoke in a voice that wasn’t rushed or too slow.

“This world of yours is extremely complex. We aren’t scared, but you all however… heh heh!” The Three-Headed King laughed coldly. It went without saying that he looked down on the creatures of this world.

“If you have something to say, then say it all!” Third Elder lashed out.

“Just wait for us to descend, that day isn’t too far off. This time, we will sweep through all obstacles. What ancient mine, what immortal abyss, what skyland? They will all be flattened, as well as the ones behind them…” When he spoke up to here, he stopped, no longer continuing.

“All bluffs, purposely speaking randomly!” Second Elder said, denouncing him for speaking nonsense.

It was because regardless of whether this was real or fake, he had to reject it, or else the effects would be too great, easily shattering the confidence of the academy’s disciples.

Right now, these elders felt a bit of regret. They shouldn’t have spoken to the Three-Headed King straight on like this, better to privately discuss things, because this public conversation could easily affect some people’s convictions.

“The so-called undying also have a time limit. Your ancient ancestors and others will fall in the end. If you all dare appear in our world again, it’ll be difficult for you all to escape death!” A newly promoted elder said.

These words made the Three-Headed King laugh loudly. “Truly childish and hilarious. Why would they be called undying? It is because they are creatures that remain imperishable throughout eternity, able to kill even immortals, winning against all enemies in Immortal Ancient Great Era. You think their dao foundation can be shaken with just your few words?”

When he spoke up to here, the Three-Headed King transmitted sound to everyone, saying, “The great chaos is about to arrive. Those who do not wish to die and want to enjoy the undying, you may choose to bow down to my world’s great ones. Soon afterwards, our divine projections will appear in this world, so you all may build temples to consecrate them!”


The academy’s elders took action together, activating the Ten Realms Diagram, suppressing towards the altar, not allowing him to continue speaking.

At the same time, the Nine Phoenix Furnace was also activated, fiery red like blood diamond, producing heaven overflowing flames as it blasted forward.

“Wu, sending me off like this? There is no need to be so polite. I believe we will truly meet soon, and not while separated by two realms.”

The Three-Headed King wasn’t angered. His figure grew dim, gradually fading away. As a result, that altar collapsed to pieces, unable to maintain its stability anymore.

At the same time, everyone’s eyes released divine light, because that individual in the Darkness Immortal Gold Armor didn’t leave, left over there.

Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder personally walked up, stopping this individual here, now allowing this person to leave.

“This is my gift for you all, unmatched blood, powerful body, the so-called protectors’ great secrets. I hope you all can understand through his descendant, figure out the truth, what the black blood really represents.” The Three-Headed King’s final words sounded, and then he completely disappeared.

“We need to be careful, the foreign creatures are the most vicious. There is no way he is helping us with good intentions!” Third Elder reminded.

Heaven and earth became calm, everyone staring at that tall and slender figure in Immortal Gold armor. The Three-Headed King left, leaving it here, everyone believed that this person definitely possessed great secrets.”

“Capture and bring this person back to the academy!” Second Elder ordered. Even if this was the descendant of their protectors, they still definitely wouldn’t act too politely right now.

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