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Chapter 1193 - Golden Blood

Under the night sky, that creature walked over step by step, its figure tall and slender. However, its true appearance couldn’t be seen, everything around its body covered by black jadelike black gold armor.

The ice-cold metal armor flickered with luster, the dark light sparkling, giving one a type of malevolent feeling.

This figure was mysterious because its true appearance couldn’t be seen, and it also came from a different place, so it couldn’t avoid being the center of attention even if it didn’t want to. As it approached Heavenly Deity Institution, all eyes were cast over.

During this process, the Darkness Immortal Gold Armor on its body shone, great dao symbols continuously flickering about, inspecting this world’s various natural laws.

“Are you trying to provoke us? Trying to understand the circumstances here, and then bring back information so it will be easier for you all to unleash war against us?!” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution said.

“It is an emissary, merely here to send a message, you all are overthinking things.”

That enormous Three-Headed King above the massive altar spoke. Its body really was giant, covering the moon and stars, too large.

This was its voice, rumbling like thunder, frightening everyone.

“Hand over the letter!” An elder spoke.

After learning that the Three-Headed King was only a void projection and not the true body, the elders released a sigh. Otherwise, who knew how many people would die today.

The Darkness Immortal Gold Armor flickered with brilliance. This person walked up silently, and the with a qiang sound, a jade book flew out from its armor, entering an elder’s hands.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders all huddled together to read the letter together. They immediately frowned, all of them revealing angry expressions.

“Advising us to surrender, why not just directly tell us to kill ourselves instead?” Fourth Elder laughed coldly.

“It has been written in the letter that you all can be granted the undying!” In the distance, golden light swirled about. The enormous spider body moved, incomparably sinister and frightening.

The Golden Three-Headed King was too terrifying. Even though it was just a void figure, it was still not something an ordinary person could deal with.

“What a joke, grant us the undying? How many creatures are there in this world who can truly not die? There are a still a few ancestors who crossed over back then that are still live, but can they stop time?!” The academy’s Fifth Elder directly criticized.

“They are all alive. The heroic ancestors who came to this world to fight have not aged, how could time harm them? It’s already been said that they are undying!” The Golden Three-Headed King corrected sternly.

When they heard these worlds, those present all gasped, feeling a deep wave of powerlessness. Perhaps there is no need to even resist, the conclusion had long been set in stone.

“There is no need to feel discouraged. If they were powerful enough, they would have arrived a long time ago, why would there be a need to scheme and do things in such a roundabout manner?” Second Elder who hadn’t appeared for a long time spoke, encouraging the academy’s disciples.

“That makes sense as well. Telling us those few individuals are still alive is nothing more than intimidation.” Cao Yusheng said. A group of people spoke up in agreement.

“We are willing to establish a divine country, allowing everyone to transcend, all become undying, help everyone in this world!” The Three-Headed King said.

“Really speaking words that sound better than singing!” Second Elder mocked.

“What needs to be said we already wrote down in that letter, the project to help everyone pursue the undying is also included, you all should carefully read it.” The Three-Headed King said.

“The entire world undying, are you delirious?” An elder couldn’t help but laugh coldly. This was too ridiculous.

“Perhaps there are some in this world who have spread falsehoods about us, saying we are endlessly vicious, our evil crimes overflowing into the heavens, but these things are not true.” The Three-Headed King said.

Everyone was stunned. Just what kind of letter did he give the academy’s elders? Was it saying that the foreign creatures were extremely gentle and kind? This was too absurd.

In everyone’s memories, the foreign creatures were always wicked beyond redemption in the bone books.

Now, the foreign Three-Headed King actually did this type of thing.

“Cease your nonsense. You all only wish to see how the world is now, what is the point of bringing up all of this nonsensical talk?!”

Third Elder was extremely severe. He stared straight at the emissary before him, but no matter how he tried, he couldn’t see through this individual, unable to see its age, sex, or other things.


Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fifth Elder took action, reaching a hand over towards the creature in the dark armor, wishing to imprison its primordial spirit and prevent it from committing suicide.

He didn’t hold back at all. If not for the Darkness Immortal Gold Armor previously being refined by an exceptional individual, engraving mysterious patterns, it would have definitely been difficult for this person to escape disaster.


Despite this being the case, there was no way this creature wouldn’t be injured!

Fifth Elder’s hand made contact with that black armor. It was as if he was striking against metal, the noise loud and clear. That was the sound of Immortal Gold, providing some cushioning, stopping the divine force. It made one’s mind tremble greatly.

“You want to kill it?” The Golden Three-Headed King’s voice sounded.

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you all are waiting for, isn’t it nothing more than to use this person to probe the world’s natural laws and restrictions? You should cease your delusions!” Fifth Elder shouted.

At the same time, this time, he used his true cultivation, operating divine force, preparing to capture that creature covered in Darkness Immortal Gold Armor.

“If we discuss the undying, you all do not believe. Right now, there is an extremely unordinary person standing before your eyes, yet you all do not recognize them, or perhaps you all have long forgotten.” The Three-Headed King said.

Everyone was shocked. What was he implying? These words could easy produce misunderstandings.

Moreover, at this moment, Three-Headed King took action.


Spider silk poured down like a waterfall, descending from the starry sky, sparkling and brilliant, making those who saw it feel alarmed. That was clearly a large mutated spider, right now spewing out silk to form a web.

Even though it had three heads, this was still how it attacked.

The spider silk wrapped around that emissary, moreover stopping Heavenly Deity Academy’s Fifth Elder. The Three-Headed King was merely a void figure, yet it could take action itself, a streak of divine light rushing over.

Under keng qiang sounds, the Three-Headed King chanted an incantation. Some areas of the armor made from Darkness Immortal Gold shone, opening up. Then, with a light pu sound, the emissary was injured.

“Why is he injuring someone from his own side, a madman!” Someone cried out.

“Yi, why is there golden liquid dispersing into that emissary’s surroundings?”

Some strange events that were strange and sinister looking happened, drawing many people’s attention.

“That’s blood, golden blood! Heavens, what kind of creature is this?!” A few people cried out in alarm.

The blood was too pure and holy, extremely beautiful, not carrying any bloody odor, but instead an indescribable aura.

This place erupted. There might be some species whose blood carried golden light, but it was definitely different from what they were seeing. It was just too divine and beautiful.

It was clearly a type of blood, but it still drew everyone’s attention, truly not simple.

“Why is there golden divine blood flowing? What kind of origin does it have? The Three-Headed King is clearly implying something, what exactly is going on?!”

The disciples from the academy didn’t understand, all of them revealing expressions of doubt.

However, the expressions of the most powerful elders in the academy all changed, including Fifth Elder’s. He immediately stopped, no longer rashly provoking he other side.

“It is that type of blood, there is no mistake!”

“I never expected this type of blood can still reappear in this world after endless time has passed, not being severed. It truly is good news that makes one excited and moved!”

Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders were speaking, their fingers shaking slightly, feeling extremely shocked, all of their extremely moved.

“Ha ha, there was someone still seems to remember that this type of blood exists in this world.” The Three-Headed King laughed loudly.

“Can seniors tell us what is going on?” Someone from the academy asked.

“He is a descendant of a protector, only the blood of  the people of this bloodline is this sacred, a golden color!” Second Elder replied.

Everyone gasped, this person was a protector’s descendant?

“What era was that person from?” Even though they had long guessed, they still wanted to obtain verification.

“Immortal Ancient Great Era. They did too many things, protecting this world, Even though their family is small in number, they continuously fought, stopping the foreign enemies, only, this clan’s people all died in battle, all light fading.”

This family defended this world, establishing endless great service, this clan becoming known as protectors. Even though their members were few, the number countable on a single hand, they possessed distinctive traits. When they were injured, what flowed out would be golden blood, holy and untainted.

This clan was ancient to the point where it could be traced back to the most ancient era!

Everyone had thought that this clan had been completely wiped out, the few that were left also dying in battle, not leaving behind any descendents. They never expected the Three-Headed King to bring back someone who had golden blood flowing through its body.

It was rumored that the reason why this race was so powerful was precisely because the golden blood within them provided them with unmatched strength!

“This is a descendant of the protectors, how can this person be in your world?!” At this moment, even the great elder was shaken up, unable to sit still any longer.

They couldn’t let the protectors go extinct, because they established unmatched merit in the past, so they couldn’t allow their descendents to be wiped out, or else that would be too cruel.

“What is your intention?” Fourth Elder shouted, not understanding why the Three-Headed King would bring this kind of important individual. Now that the protectors hadn’t completely died out, they had to shelter this person.

For this world, the protectors had previously paid too much!

“Wu, we researched for a long time. The so-called unmatched bloodline, most powerful blood, the color can also change. We brought it back this time to let you all have a look.”

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