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Chapter 1192 - Foreign Guests

The moonlight disappeared, a dark cloud drifting over between heaven and earth. An ancient existence rumbled and swayed about, appearing above the academy. This was an Iron Blood Ancient Tree, one of the protectors of the academy.

“There is a situation! There are intruders!” During this peaceful night, under the brilliant night sky, in Heavenly Deity Institution, there was actually this type of warning voice.

Everyone became stupefied, not daring to believe what they were hearing. Someone dared infiltrate Heavenly Deity Institution, who was actually bold enough to do something crazy like this?

The cultivators in all of the caves and spiritual mountains stood up, even those by the small lake, Shi Hao and the others, were shocked, all of them getting up.

The Iron Blood Ancient Tree was incredibly large like a mountain ridge, the roots inserted in the void. Its entire body was scarlet red like blood. It floated in the sky, covering the stars and moon.

This was an ancient tree that had lived for who knew how many years, one that could shelter a tribe, defend an ancient city, possessing unimaginable uses.

It was previously the guardian spirit of a great clan, only now, it became one of the ancient trees that protected Heavenly Deity Institution!

In the night sky, seven or eight elders appeared in succession, soaring into the sky. Every one of them looking like they were facing a great enemy, their expressions serious as they looked into the sky.

Ever since Heavenly Deity Institution was established, they had never encountered such a thing!

Just how many people dared to come and act wildly? One had to understand that this was an academy built by the hidden experts of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, with exceptional individuals overseeing it. Who dared to go against it?

Not even the long life families dared to rashy offend this place, let alone deliberately provoking it like this.

“In that direction!” Shi Hao pointed west. There was an oppressive aura there, sweeping over like a great flood.

That was hostility, the enemy was just this brash and undisguised, feeling no restraining fear.

“What kind of creature?” They were all confused. Just what kind of powerful creature was attacking?

In the horizon, the stellar light became dim, black mists appearing. There was a strange creature that opened its eyes, overlooking Heavenly Deity Institution, those eyes carrying a deep and cold feeling.

It finally appeared. Even though there was still a large distance between them, one could still see a devil mask. It was incredibly sinister, currently gazing in this direction.

This devil face was a light golden color. Even though there was golden light swirling about, there wasn’t the slightest bit of sacred aura, but rather only a dark and gloomy feeling, extremely ominous, wrapped within a black haze.

“A great spider!” The little rabbit cried out in alarm, because that creature was closing in, gradually revealing its original body. It was even larger than a mountain.

An enormous creature towered in the dark mist. It had eight legs, incomparably sinister looking. It was just too big! When it opened its mouth, golden light surged like a volcano.

This was a giant spider, one that was entirely golden in color with three heads, precisely a Three-Headed King, the two heads on its side respectively a human head and a lion head, both of them also golden.

The black haze before was too thick, only a single head moving with the night wind visible. When the mist scattered a bit, its true body could vaguely be made out. 

“Heavens, this is a Three-Headed King!”

Someone cried out in alarm, recognizing what type of background its true body had, his expression immediately changing as a result. It was because this type of creature didn’t belong to this world.

Wasn’t this a foreign creature? Why did it appear here? Moreover, it was too powerful, far exceeding the one Shi Hao had previously killed, its cultivation realm astonishing.

“Golden Three-Headed King, few in number even on the other side, a king race, a peerless expert!” The expression of an elder suddenly changed, becoming extremely serious. A blood-colored war spear instantly appeared in his hands. It was scarlet red like cornelian, carrying a baleful aura, scarlet and shining, incomparably sharp.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders normally rarely used weapons, yet now, after just seeing the opponent, this person immediately produced a weapon. One could imagine how tense the atmosphere was.

An ancient language that was difficult to understand appeared. This enormous creature who was even larger than an archaic demonic peak spoke, its voice resounding, shaking up endless mountains and ravines.

“What is he saying?”

“He is asking who killed its descendant!” 

There was a powerful creature who could sense its intention through divine will, learning why the Golden Three-Headed King came.

Right now, everyone shivered inwardly. How did it cross over? Could it be that the foreign creatures were slaughtering their way into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths?

Last time, in Immortal Battlefield, by borrowing the Heaven and Earth Pouch as a spatial gate, a group of creatures who hadn’t fully matured yet, strength comparatively not that profound yet arrived. However, they could only stay within that area, unable to truly slaughter their way over.

Now, this Three-Headed King appeared, clearly ridiculously powerful, so how did it appear here? What kind of special methods did it have?

“Heavens, a mature Golden Three-Headed King, who can match him in strength? Is this world really going to fall into chaos? The foreign creature are slaughtering their way over!” Someone said while trembling. This was an absolute disaster no one was prepared for yet.

“Why is it like this? Are the two realms going to fight, is the world going to be enveloped in flames, blood flow like rivers?!”

Some people’s voices began to tremble. There was nothing worse than this.

This language that was difficult to understand, powerful and forceful syllables sounded from the Three-Headed King’s direction. Many people couldn’t understand it, but they could see its coldness and contempt.

It was because in its eyes, the reactions of the people here were just too lacking in battle intent, lacking a courageous spirit.

“Its true body didn’t come, only using a sacrificial platform to transmit over a void image. Otherwise, its magical body’s strength will likely crush the void.” An elder said, seeing the real situation.

An indistinct altar appeared in the black mist. It was extremely large, at the same time extremely tattered. This was something from Immortal Ancient, buried a long time ago, only appearing now.

The altar shone, many symbols appearing on its surface, extremely complex, but also carrying a type of beauty. Everyone felt as if their minds were drawn to it.

It was shining, producing a giant spider projection, allowing it to appear here.

“This is an altar from Immortal Ancient Great Era that the foreign creatures used to retreat. Even though it can’t transport them over, casting some projections over isn’t a problem.”

“Back then, after the calamity passed, those who survived from long life families all moved, searching about in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths and destroying these altars, but there were still a few that were overlooked.”

The two elders spoke, helping everyone understand what was going on.

“What exactly does it want?” Everyone was confused, not knowing why it suddenly appeared here.

Not everyone could sense the Three-Headed King’s spiritual fluctuations. Even though it was a void figure, it was still extremely frightening, normal people’s divine will directly scattering when it reached out.

“It is going to send an emissary over to deliver a letter.”

“What? An emissary is going to come? They can move between the two worlds?”

The altar was hazy. Countless symbols were released, and then in the end, they condensed into a door, opening in the void, forcefully linking up the two worlds, merging them together.

In that instant, many people heard roaring sounds, leaving them terrified. Many gods and devils from the other shore roared and struggled, all of them wishing to make their way over.

There were undying beings in that world, the most powerful group of ancient creatures, perhaps some who were alive even during the last great era’s battle!

Clatter, whoosh...

Noises sounded. Someone was walking over, moving through that gate, not too rushed or too slow as it arrived in this world.

This creature’s body was covered in armor, unknown if it was male or female. It wrapped tightly around it, even the head covered by a helmet, only revealing a pair of eyes.

Everyone couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air, because this armor was made of Immortal Gold, dark light flickering about. Even though that type of black Immortal Gold was rumored to be inauspicious, extremely strange, it was still extremely eye-grabbing.

Darkness Immortal Gold Armor!

This emissary’s body was actually covered in such a world-shocking armor, truly a bit shocking. That was but Darkness Immortal Gold, one of the most rare and innately precious treasures!

Darkness Immortal Gold, black light flickered about, but it was also sparkling and brilliant, like black jade. It gave the wearer a type of poised and grand appearance.

“It seems to be a woman, or else why would the face be hidden, covered by armor, not letting others see?!” Someone said softly.

After this human shaped creature appeared, it raised its two hands towards the starry sky, and then took a deep breath, as if it was experiencing something.

Right at this time, the armor on its body flickered about, many great dao symbols shining in response as well, as if they were examining something.

“It is clearly probing this world’s natural laws and strength, making preparations for the all out attack on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.” An elder said.

Soon after, its armor began to shake, releasing dark light, protecting its entire body.

“Still rejected by this world. When will this be changed?” On that altar, the Three-Headed King said quietly, already impatient.

“You are a foreign emissary, if you have something to say, please say it.” An elder said.

The creature surrounded by Darkness Immortal Gold was tall and slender, not all that domineering, because everything was isolated by the Darkness Immortal Gold. Right now, it jumped off the altar and walked in the void, heading towards Heavenly Deity Institution.

Everyone’s expressions changed. This was not a void figure, but a real body, a living expert. It came over just like that!

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