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Chapter 1191 - There Is One?

Chaos, mysteries, danger, these were the most realistic incarnations of the Realm Tomb.

No one could say for sure what there was exactly in the very depths, just like how there were other ancient lands that had never been fully explored since the ancient times.

Like Origin Ancient Mine, what exactly was there buried within its innermost depths?

Or Skyland, what kind of creatures were slumbering there?

They discussed this topic tonight, chatting with each other. In the end, they the encouraged each other, because this upcoming journey might affect their entire life’s accomplishments.

“If one wants to cultivate ancient methods, then one must have a seed, but finding an unmatched immortal seed is truly too difficult. Right now, there is only the World Tree sapling, nascent cosmos, and a few other types, but there’s no way these can be seen again, can only be stumbled upon, not sought after.” Qing Yi said with a light sigh.

As for the others, like Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan, Dragon Girl, Feng Wu, and the others, even though they were cultivating present world methods, it was still crucial to their cultivation.

It was because not long ago, the elders had told them that they were going to be brought into a an ‘ancestral cave’, a wondrous ancient land that might contain divine cores.

If there was a chance, then they could carry out a great rebirth there, experience a comprehensive transformation from the flesh to the primordial spirit. This could be said to be equivalent to changing one’s fate.

If the rebirth was successful and thorough, their cultivation path might become wider, their prospects brighter, putting them on a fast track!

“It is rumored that this ancestral cave has produced immortal dao creatures before who became immortals upon birth!” Cao Yusheng said with a sigh. That was something that happened in the last great era.

Everyone speculated that that might be a heaven and earth placenta, able to nurture all things, seize natural luck between heaven and earth, able to change a creature’s constitution.

After accumulating for endless years, all of it nourishing a single creature, that creature could naturally become an immortal!

“Of course, if there are no opportunities, we won’t obtain anything even if we enter the ancestral cave.” Chang Gongyan said.

This time, Shi Hao and those cultivating the ancient methods were going to look for immortal seeds, while Chang Gongyan and the others who were cultivating present world techniques were departing to change their own ‘life trajectory’.

For them, even though the paths they were taking were different, this journey was related to too much!

Under the moonlight, a light and graceful figure walked over, body swaying back and forth, walking elegantly like a swaying lotus, extremely moving and beautiful.

Her skin was snow-white, her black muslin dress unable to hide her wonderful body. Her neck was snow-white, jade-like arms spotlessly white like ivory, legs long and slender. A heart moving radiance flickered about her.

It was the witch, her beautiful hair moving about, pupils black like black gemstones, skin like fine jade. She was aloof and pure, like a spirit dancing beneath the moonlight.

There was already a light laughter sound before she even arrived, smiling and greeting everyone here.

“Still came out in the end, I thought you were deliberately avoiding me, not wishing to meet old friends.” Shi Hao said with a smile, pouring out a glass of fine wine for her himself.

“I really was intentionally avoiding you, but if I don’t come, then I really would feel a bit of regret. That little girl next to you is already aiming killing intent at me.” The witch giggled.

She was talking about Qing Yi. She didn’t appear during these last few days, precisely to avoid her, because the two of them had previously been completely opposed to each other, opposing each other harshly. The opposition between the two was just too great.

Of course, the main one the witch was dealing with was still Yue Chan. Qing Yi was a second body, so she just got caught up in the disaster as well.

One had to keep in mind that back then, the reason why Qing Yi was captured and resulted in all types of disputes with Shi Hao was because of the witch. Without her, many things between these two later on might not have happened.

Qing Yi released a light hmph, her clear beautiful eyes releasing two steaks of cold lightning. Even though she didn’t take action, the hostility was still extremely clear.

“Hey, little girl Qing Yi, what kind of attitude is this? I am your matchmaker, don’t abandon your benefactor after reaching your goal now! Without me, would there be your current sweet relationship?” The witch was always rather crafty.


The two women’s eyes met, it was as if sparks flickered about in the air, opposing each other with equal harshness.

“Everyone is friends here, let’s not ruin the friendly atmosphere, there is no need to be like this.” Dragon Girl tried to smooth things over.

The little rabbit giggled mischievously, carrying the snow-white Qilin young beast, wishing for the world to be in chaos as she said, “Two older sisters, why don’t the two of you have a competition?”

Qing Yi immediately widened her eyes. She was so familiar with this little rabbit, previously even facing many trials and tribulations together in Immortal Ancient Remains, yet this little rabbit was actually trying to stir things up.

“We are all friends, we can just chat if there are things to say.” Shi Hao also tried to mediate the situation.

In reality, after the two confronted each other for a bit, they restrained their divine force, no longer opposing each other, because there were so many people they knew here, so they couldn’t just start fighting here.

Everyone sat down again, enjoying the good food and wine, the atmosphere becoming lively again.

However, it was also during this process that the witch said something, making everyone spray out the wine from their mouths, Qing Yi becoming incredibly ashamed, almost risking it all against her.

“Don’t you have one in there? Why can’t I see it anything?” The witch asked.

Qing Yi was momentarily stunned, while the little rabbit widened her large eyes, directly asking, “Have what?”

“I am saying that in the lower realm, I heard that Qing Yi had one in Immortal Ancient Remains. Already gave birth?” The witch asked with a smile.


Alcohol immediately sprayed in all directions, everyone shocked. The ones who were currently enjoying good food were also like this, the food in their mouths all dropping to the ground.

Some of the wine and food dropped in the lake, attracting multicolored divine fish. Multicolored light flickered about, these fish swimming back and forth.

“You…” Qing Yi’s expression was red, embarrassment and anger mixing together. She was originally graceful, but now, she was immediately flustered, almost flipping the table in front of her.

“I’m guessing you already secretly gave birth? Is it a boy or girl?” The witch said, extremely gossipy.

“Wowowow, is this real or fake? Older sis Qing Yi, you really aren’t sincere, how can you hide these types of things, actually not telling me!” The little rabbit cried out strangely.

Everyone was a bit stupefied, some of them knew that something ambiguous had happened between Shi Hao and Qing Yi in the three thousand provinces’ Immortal Ancient Remains. Right now, they really were shocked.

It had to be said that right now, Qin Hao was a bit stunned, saying, “Big brother, you two have a child, why didn’t you leave that child in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces? Father and mother really do miss us, if you leave that child with them to take care of, this isn’t a bad idea either!”


Qing Yi almost coughed out blood, standing up, unable to sit still anymore.

This was especially because Shi Hao was also lacking in confidence, acting a bit stunned, looking at her blankly, stammering as he said, “Really… have one? Where is the child?”

These two brothers both had this expression, really were from the same mother after all, their faces extremely similar.

At this moment, forget about those who had heard the secrets, even those who weren’t familiar with things understood. A few things had happened between the two before, extremely shocking and complex matters occurring between them.

“This is a happy occasion, worth congratulating!” Cao Yusheng slapped the table.

“Congratulations, congratulations!” Even Chang Gongyan who was of few words began to congratulate them, moveover reaching into his bosom to find some gifts.

At this moment, Qing Yi already completely woke up, freeing herself from the anger that made her shake all over, face completely red.

The first thing she did when she snapped back wasn’t to stake it all against the witch, but rather to viciously attack Shi Hao who was almost within reach, truly wishing to tear him apart.

She had never met such a slow man, truly leaving her beyond angry. This fella was normally extremely smart, yet just now, he put on a dumb expression!

There was also his little brother Qin Hao, having that stupefied look. That type of expression, those words made Qing Yi want to give him a beating too!

Shi Hao was normally incredibly sharp, but right now, he really was acting stupid, the main reason was because some things really did happen back then, and now that he saw Qing Yi become so embarrassed and dumbstruck, he really was stunned, thinking that he really did have a child.

One had to understand that a few years ago, he was still wandering around the world, catching vicious beasts and cooking them. He was still a naughty and mischievous youth himself! Now, he actually heard this, that he suddenly had a child, it really frightened him badly.

“Stop hitting me!” Shi Hao backed up. If not for his his body being sturdy and unbreaking, comparable to a body cultivator, he would have definitely been beaten badly by Qing Yi, that refined fist extremely strong.

“What is going on? I only mentioned it, did I end up hitting the nail on the head?” The witch looked immensely proud of herself, pouring wine for herself, her large eyes blinking about, looking like a crafty little fox.

“Witch, you are slandering my pure reputation, I want a decisive battle!” After Qing Yi vented a bit of anger onto Shi Hao, she directly rushed murderously at the witch.

She was as light as a feather, white clothes fluttered about under the moonlight, as if the lunar goddess had descended into this world, incredibly pure and aloof, holy and untainted.

“You think I’ll be scared of you? Just come then!” The witch raised a small jar, pouring wine into her mouth, releasing a small hiccup. Her large eyes drifted over, not appearing bothered at all.

She wore black clothes, beautiful and crafty like a fairy, going tit for tat with Qing Yi.


A black and a white figure charged at each other, an intense battle quickly starting. Their clothes fluttered about, extremely graceful, possessing an indescribable type of beauty.

This feast could be considered to have come to an end. However, everyone didn’t feel disappointed, instead rather happy, in high spirits as they watched the battle here.

Shi Hao was the only one with a bitter expression, speechless as he watched. Then, he turned around to give Qin Hao a look, discovering that he still had a shocked, slightly confused expression, immediately pissed off as a result.

“Peng!” He directly slapped his little brother’s head.

“Brother, why are you hitting me?” Qin Hao became angry.

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