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Chapter 1187 - Meeting Together

Huang came! The news immediately swept through this entire mountain range!

All those who weren’t cultivating in seclusion heard the news. Those who cultivated present world methods really weren’t in the minority, a great commotion erupting in this place.

Pine trees towered about, many people coming to Feng Wu’s residence, wishing to see what Huang looked like. As for the people who were here before, they were even more so surrounded, everyone asking them what just happened.

However, right now, Shi Hao already disappeared from this place, definitely didn’t want to be watched by others like a monkey. He followed Qing Yi and Feng Wu to meet some old friends.

“Wahaha! You didn’t die as expected!” This was the little rabbit’s brash and unrestrained laughter after coming out of seclusion. She carried that snow-white little Qilin beast, jumping and hopping as she ran out of an ancient cave.

She was still like before, a happy-go-lucky person. Her silver hair hung down to her waist, so shiny it could be used as a mirror, her face delicate and fine, large eyes like rubies. Right now, she was cheerful and lighthearted like a little bird.

The little Qilin beast in her arms released wuwu sounds, protesting out of dissatisfaction, the pitiful little immortal beast really was completely mistreated right now.

Towards this matter, Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders really felt quite upset and distressed. They had previously called over the Lunar Jade Rabbit several times to talk about this, but she treated this completely like empty air.

If not for this little Qilin being extremely clingy, deciding to only follow her, the academy’s elders would have long directly seized it with darkened faces, moreover properly punishing her.

This was precisely the reason why the little rabbit’s status was somewhat unique, a bit special, no one willing to provoke her. Even after Jin Yi and the others knew she went into seclusion, none of them came to disturb her.

“What? Older sis Feng Wu was bullied? Why didn’t you come looking for me? I’ll directly smash them to death!” The little rabbit glared with her large red eyes, shouting fiercely.

This naturally frightened the little Qilin, making it shrink its neck. If she really decided to smack someone, it would definitely be used like a brick again, thrown out, it was like this every time.

“I just knew that that person was definitely you!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit said, staring at Shi Hao, long suspecting that that person by Wang Xi’s side was him, now receiving confirmation.

Soon afterwards, the other cultivators from the three thousand provinces all came out of seclusion, hurrying here, for example, Spirit Clan’s Zhen Gu, Firegold Clan’s Teng Yi, and others.

Unfortunately, Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan and the others didn’t immediately appear, because they entered long term seclusion. That area was quite safe, however, with elders watching over it.

If those who entered that area didn’t come out themselves, then outsiders couldn’t disturb them.

In the end, Shi Hao headed there to see that elder. Only after discussing with him for a long time were Cao Yusheng and Chang Gongyan called out.

“Haha… really never thought it would be like this. Even though you were targeted by that old thing Yuan Qing, you still managed to swagger your way over, moreover stir up such a great disturbance!” The little fatty Cao Yusheng laughed loudly and said.

Even though he had always believed that Shi Hao was still alive and not dead, when he heard the real details, it was still a bit shocking.

The group of people surrounded a bonfire, enjoying wine while chatting, talking about the things that happened during this time. Many of them felt discontent and resentful.

It was because there were some cultivators in the Nine Heavens above who were acting against them, quite a few people injured because of this, these events truly upsetting.

Cao Yusheng shouted with ao ao sounds, expressing that he was going to get revenge. Others who had just came out from seclusion like Chang Gongyan and Dragon Girl were also resentful, wishing to take action and fight back.

“There’s no need, Shi Hao already took action just now, instantly subduing four great experts. No one else will come looking for trouble.” Feng Wu laughed and said.

She was the real victim, but she already fully vented her resentment. She didn’t want to make things any bigger to avoid the two sides truly opposing each other.

“The world is about to change greatly, the foreign experts might come slaughtering over at any time. Persisting on the small grudges in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths truly is a bit unnecessary.” Dragon Girl said.

Everyone became silent, all of them knowing that the future was terrifying, not many people able to survive through the impending crisis. This topic was just too heavy.

“Big brother, what happened after you went inside Origin Ancient Mine? How did you break free?” Qin Hao also came, a silver armor covering his body. Now, he had grown taller, already matured.

Even though he was still preoccupied with some matters, using Shi Hao as his goal, frantically chasing after him, it already wasn’t like before where he was full of prejudice.

Of course, at the bottom of his heart, there were still some different emotions.

Origin Ancient Mine, that was a mysterious land. It was too ancient, existing even before Immortal Ancient Great Era.

Last time, even though Shi Hao went inside, he didn’t reach its end. That place was too mysterious, full of dangers. There was no way he could completely explore it.

His greatest gain during that experience was the Six Dao Reincarnations Ancient Heavenly Art inheritance.

Shi Hao selectively explained things, everyone’s eyes flickering with radiance when they heard this.

“Haha… there were quite a few people from the academy who went last time, but several dozen of them were captured by someone in the ancient mine, and then forgotten about, turns out it was all done by you!” Many people roared with laughter.

“Now that you revealed your identity, those people will know what happened soon, because you were previously sent into the ancient mine by Yuan Qing.”

A few people revealed smiles. In reality, a great commotion was raised last time. A group of people were turned into captives, and in the end, even though they were lucky enough to break free, it still produced quite the disturbance.

In fact, just now, the others here had already mentioned this matter, all realizing who it was that took action back then in Origin Ancient Mine.

“Yuan Qing, this person is a big problem. Brother Shi, you need to be careful!” Chang Gongyan reminded.

Everyone knew this even if he didn’t mention it. If this person didn’t die, he would definitely be a huge threat for Shi Hao. Back then, he already dared to target Shi Hao, so once he found out he was still alive, he would likely start plotting things.

“His descendant Yuan Feng died in Immortal Battlefield, don’t tell me that was done by you too?” The little fatty Cao Yusheng said with suspicion.

When they heard him say this, the others were all shocked. If this really was the case, then things were much more troublesome.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything. Yuan Feng was naturally personally killed by him. Even though he took action with a face others didn’t recognize, if one carefully thought about it, the truth couldn’t be hidden.

It was because he was Huang. If he came out alive, and he previously visited Immortal Battlefield, just this bit of information was already enough!

Everyone knew that there was great enmity between him and Yuan Qing. A young supreme being like him had even killed the Three-Headed King, so how could he let Yuan Feng go?

“Not good, Yuan Qing wouldn’t take things lying down. I heard that he cared greatly about that descendant. Now that he was killed like this, he will definitely be furious!” Feng Wu said with a sigh.

“He wouldn’t dare take action rashly.” Shi Hao said. With the great elder protecting him, he believed that Yuan Qing wouldn’t dare act recklessly in the academy.

However, he was frowning, feeling a type of worry, because it wasn’t as simple as just killing Yuan Feng. He had also killed Feng Xingtian, the Wind Clan’s young supreme being.

It was to the extent where Feng Xingtian’s sixth uncle, a powerful great figure, Feng Zhao, also died because of the Emperor Butterfly in Immortal Battlefield. These were all great karma.

If the Wind Clan learned of this, they would definitely go crazy!

One could well imagine that Wind Clan was already furious. Once they found out Shi Hao appeared in Heavenly Deity Institution, their eyes would likely become red.

Shi Hao didn’t regret his actions, he acted the way he did precisely to make the Wind Clan feel distress, intentionally killing Feng Xingtian. It was because the reason why Yuan Qing suppressed him, sending him to Origin Ancient Mind, was due to Wind Clan’s inciting.

Wind Clan, this was a huge power, the third most ancient long life family. Not many people dared opposed them.

“With the great chaos about to begin, how can there be any internal strife? I believe if those people do not act properly, the great elder and others will definitely take action powerfully, wiping them out in one go!” Qing Yi said.

Shi Hao laughed, not continuing this topic, instead turning towards the Lunar Jade Rabbit and asking, “What is the deal with the little Qilin?”

He had many questions. He had previously heard that this Qilin seemed to have some intimacy with Ning Chuan as well. The most important thing was that when Shi Hao experienced that dream back to Immortal Ancient, he had previously met this little snow-white Qilin.

“This fella almost betrayed me, but I was still the one with the most charisma, not paying that stupid Ning Chuan who is prettier than a girl any more attention.” The little rabbit said with some complaint.

There were some who said that Ning Chuan had Qilin blood in him, the bloodline almost tracing back to its ancestors, which was why the little Qilin’s attention was captured. There were others who said that Ning Chuan might be a reincarnated White Qilin.

However, there was one thing that they were sure of, and that was that Ning Chuan grasped one of the vicious ten, the Qilin’s precious technique!

“Do you recognize me?” After releasing a sigh, Shi Hao looked at the snow-white Qilin young beast. He began to think back to the scenes when he went on a mental journey back to Immortal Ancient’s final days.

Those geniuses who were at the prime of their lives withered away prematurely, dying one after another before his eyes. It was just too much of a pity, making his heart feel sore even when he thought about it now.

“A bit familiar. I seem to have seen you before in a dream. Back then, there was another pure little older sister who carried me…” The young Qilin beast transmitted sound.

Shi Hao’s nose felt sour, his heart shaken.

This little Qilin was the one from back then after all. It didn’t reincarnate, but was lucky enough to survive from the past, sealed until now.

He still recalled the scene of its past owner smiling helplessly while carrying it, collapsing into a pool of blood, the scene extremely sad and bleak.

Shi Hao’s eyes felt sore, saying bitterly, “Who else do you still remember?”

“There was Phoenix Girl, that young man with the Immortal Gold sword on his back, and many others, only, my memory is becoming a bit blurry, I… really want to cry!” The snow-white little Qilin began to weep in grief, the wu wu sounds extremely emotional. It was extremely sad.

Shi Hao gently caressed it. He wanted to learn about Immortal Ancient’s events through it.

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