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Chapter 1186 - Clear

Lan Meng left behind an indistinct shadow in his original location, and like a mirage, directly disappeared, and then suddenly reappeared before Shi Hao’s eyes.


He lifted his right hand that was shining with incomparable brilliance, forming a great golden millstone. This was a pure gold hand, a glorious and well-known precious technique.

The power was so great that the void began to rumble with noise, this entire region starting to tremble violently!

Even though they knew that Lan Meng definitely wasn’t Huang’s opponent, when they saw this scene, they were still a bit shocked. This person’s fist was too domineering.

This type of power was too terrifying. If others went up, they would definitely be beaten up into ashes. That great golden millstone had many bone texts on its surface, complex to the extreme.

Lan Meng sneered. The Pure Gold Hand was extremely mysterious, something he had previously used when exchanging pointers with Jin Yi, at that time blasting her until she coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

He believed that this youth was stronger than Jin Yi, but there was no way he could be that much stronger. After all, he couldn’t be Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and people like these, so he shouldn’t have any heaven-defying methods.

However, he was destined for despair. 

Of course, during this process, he still didn’t realize it, because he only saw Shi Hao indifferently raise his palm to slap him.

“Acting so carefree, yet you still want to defeat me?” He laughed coldly, feeling like Shi Hao was courting death.

Lan Meng released a light shout, his large golden millstone palm becoming even more resplendent, the symbols immediately increasing in number several times. He was going to decide victory and defeat with a single blow, display his prowess here.

As a result, he forcefully increased his strength, not hesitating to activate his potential, using up a bit of innate spiritual essence. 

He was rather careful though, after all, Jin Yi was defeated, so he didn’t think this person was simple, so he showed no mercy with this palm.


A powerful blow sounded, golden light flying in all directions, accompanied by a muffled groan. A figure with blood flowing out from his mouth and nose flew outwards.

Wang Yang who was watching over this place in the rear originally had a calm expression, eyes deep, but now, the corners of his mouth twitched, feeling pain in Lan Meng’s place.

It was because Lan Meng was directly sent flying by a large earthen hand, as if a housefly had been smacked, the great power making one shiver inwardly.


Lan Meng released a loud cry, smashing into a distant mountain peak. Rocks flew into the skies, grass and plants a mess, smoke and dust surging. His entire body was in great pain, his bone framework about to scatter.

He was a bit stupefied. What was going on? He felt as if an archaic barbaric bull charged straight into him, making all of his bones groan, unknown just how many were broken.

Apart from his, his chest caved in, his organs damaged, every inch of his body in pain, blood flowing outwards.

This was just too ridiculous! Even if an archaic barbaric bull smashed into him, it still wouldn’t produce this type of result right? He felt as if he had been trampled on by an archaic demonic elephant!

The others were stupefied as well. It wasn’t that they didn’t know how strong Shi Hao was, but after seeing this scene, they were still greatly alarmed!

That was Lan Meng, an extremely powerful cultivator! He used a powerful precious technique, rushing forward boldly, his entire body vigorous with power, yet he was slapped flying from a single strike just like that!

Forget about Lan Meng being stupefied, everyone else also became speechless when they saw this.

“Ah…” Lan Meng released a loud shout, his body surging with blood energy, flames raging about. He stood up from a pile of rubble, his aura becoming even more powerful.

He wasn’t just a mediocre cultivator after all. Like a phoenix reborn from flames, all of his body’s bones released loud noises, quickly connecting, displaying power at the peak of the heavenly deity level, his flesh being reformed.

At this cultivation realm, one could naturally regenerate broken limbs, let alone his situation that wasn’t even that serious.

“Who are you? I underestimated you, this matter isn’t finished!” Lan Meng’s eyes even became red. In his surroundings, ten great heavenly passages appeared, every single one of them carrying a sleeping nascent spirit that was wrapped in a cocoon, waiting for the time to break out.

This was a combination of the Heavenly Passage Realm and the Spiritual Transformation Realm, what he was doing to transcend above on this path.

Shi Hao was shocked. This individual did have some ideas, making him reveal a surprised expression, starting to become serious.


Lan Meng released a short shout, using his own trump card. Being humiliated like this in front of everyone put him in an extremely embarrassing situation. He didn’t hesitate to use his own vitality to take action.

The ten heavenly passages appeared, those nascent spirits flying out, those cocoons breaking apart, releasing brilliant radiance from within. 

Then, all of the cocoon erupted, ten nascent spirits emerging, opening their eyes, every one of them having dignified and imposing appearances. They were like the divine statues consecrated in ancient temples, divine and majestic.


The instant these divine images opened their eyes, it was as if electricity shot out from their eyes, the radiance incomparably penetrating. At the same time, they formed magical imprints, blasting murderously at Shi Hao.

“Power of sacrifice!” Shi Hao was startled. He could feel a type of sinister power. The ten nascent spirits Lan Meng produced were a bit strange, as if this was a type of summoning method, awakening some ancient existences from heaven and earth, borrowing these nascent spirits to appear in this world.

“You can just go to hell now!” Lan Meng shouted. The immortal energy he cultivated was also activated, winding together with the ten nascent spirits, as if he was giving them an offering, making them more and more solemn and dignified.

The strength was astonishing. The ten great nascent spirits displayed a strange and mysterious power, this force gathered from the void, the spirits arriving from the other end of the world.

It was as if there really were ten great divine sect ancestors, all of them reviving at this moment!

Shi Hao released a cold snort. He stood there, not moving at all. Three great dao flowers appeared above his head, blossoming there, moreover releasing an ancient scripture sound.

Dao to one, one to two, two to three… this was one of the most simple and and ancient true meanings, and right now, it was fully displayed. Three great dao flowers moved about, shining brilliantly, three to all things, natural laws gushing out, divine chains of order interweaving.

In that instant, divine light seemed to flood this place, immortal mists sweeping about, dazzling multicolored light pouring down, immediately sweeping through the ten nascent spirits.


Lan Meng released a miserable scream. This time, it was just too disastrous. He used the most powerful methods, believing he could suppress that youth, never expecting that his ten great nascent spirits would be completely destroyed, his ten heavenly passages also starting to crack, almost exploding!


Lan Meng flew outwards, and during this process, three heavenly passages exploded one after the other, divine multicolored light soaring. The scene was horrifying.

His complexion was pale, unable to stand again. These injuries were just too serious. If he wanted to reconstruct the heavenly passages, the difficulty was too great. Right now, he almost felt like he would rather be dead than alive.

“It seems like you won’t be able to bring the Immortal Gold arrow away.” Jin Yi said, somewhat taking joy in his disaster. She naturally knew that the other party took action precisely out of greed over the great treasure, not to help her at all.

Lan Meng long spat out who knew how much blood, but now, another wa sounded, continuously coughing out several mouthfuls, completely infuriated by Jin Yi. This woman was too vicious, actually daring to trap him!

Three great dao flowers appeared above the youth’s head. This was a young supreme being! How could Lan Meng be his opponent? There was no way unless he entered Sacred Academy and transcended above.

Meanwhile, Jin Yi actually didn’t tell him, instead inciting and encouraging him to seize the Immortal Gold arrow. Lan Meng felt like he was a clown, actually challenging a supreme being with three strands of immortal energy.

“You vile woman!” Lan Meng berated Jin Yi.

“It was you yourself who was too greedy!” Jin Yi laughed coldly.

“Also you, what do you want to do?” Shi Hao spoke, walking forward, blocking Wang Yang’s path.

“I… am not your opponent!” Wang Yang said with a low voice. His upper body was exposed, his muscles winding about his body like small snakes, skin a bronze color, full of strength. This was a somewhat wild looking man.

However now, his head was completely lowered. When facing Shi Hao, all of his insolent and conceited behavior was restrained, not daring to say much at all anymore.

“How will we know unless you have a try against me? Didn’t you say that this Immortal Gold arrow has to be left in the Nine Heavens? However, the day will come when I will bring it back to the lower realm.” Shi Hao said with a flat tone.

Wang Yang’s face was extremely ugly. He now truly hated the surrounding crowd a bit, there was actually no one who warned them before, leaving him in this type of extremely bad situation.

“If you don’t use immortal energy, I am willing to fight against you!” Finally, Wang Yang said it like this, because he was already forced to this extent. If he didn’t take action, what kind of face did he have left?

“As you please!” Shi Hao directly restrained the three strands of immortal energy, and then walked forward with large steps.

When Wang Yang saw this, his eyes erupted with cold lightning, carrying a type of unruliness, as well as a type of madness. His body surged with an aura, as if floodgates were crashed through, as if a True Dragon was emerging from the abyss.

In that instant, the utmost yang aura covered heaven and earth, the void about to be melted, the surrounding mountain rocks long turned into magma, the aura just too frightening.

Even Shi Hao was as bit shocked. This person’s blood energy was vigorous after all, ridiculously powerful. Even though it couldn’t compare to him, it was still extremely astonishing.

This was completely produced by Wang Yang’s blood energy. He brandished his arms, forming magical imprints, rushing murderously at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao stood there without moving. A screen of light appeared around his body. That was the single heavenly passage, silent and still. He stood there, allowing Wang Yang to charge at him like a mad beast.


The heavens shook and earth moved, the endless magical imprints, precious techniques, and countless bone texts interweaved, smashing down towards Shi Hao, but he was perfectly unharmed.

It truly was innately invincible, protection against all methods!

The single heavenly passage couldn’t be broken through, difficult to penetrate.

The corners of Wang Yang’s mouth twitched. He opened his mouth, his face full of bitterness. Then, with a hong sound, he was blasted flying. The single heavenly passage shone, bright and resplendent.

He received serious injuries, that single heavenly passage breaking many of his bones.

In that instant, regardless of whether it was Wang Yang of Lan Meng, they both knew who this was, feeling great bitterness inside. They were trapped truly miserably this time, truly wishing they could kill Jin Yi.

The two of them were just too sullen. Everything they did just now was like a huge joke. How could they challenge this person? This was just seeking death!

This person who was even banished by supreme being Yuan Qing to Origin Ancient Mine didn’t die, how could they then defeat him?

Only, who would have expected him to come alive, moreover right here? The two of them were full of resentment.

“I want to know, that person from Immortal Battlefield, was that you?” Wang Yang was unwilling to accept this situation, asking this.

He possessed a beast-like keenness, noticing something.

“Correct!” Shi Hao nodded, acknowledging his words here.

“The one at Wang Xi's side was you?” Wang Yang couldn’t help but cry out.

“Correct!” Shi Hao gave a conclusive reply.

At this moment, forget about Wang Yang, even Lan Meng, Yuan Teng, Jin Yi, and the others were stupefied. They immediately woke up, fully understanding.

If he wasn’t Huang, then who else could he be?

“Killing the Three-Headed King, cutting down the Void Beast, these were all true, all done by Huang!” Someone shouted.

Previously, many people had their doubts, not really believing that it was Wang Xi’s follower who did this, but now, they all understood.

This person was Huang, he had that type of strength!

Moreover, in the end, he even had a falling out with the Wang Family, not fearing them at all.

Many people were shocked, fully understanding now. They couldn’t help but be shocked, this freakishly powerful fella had entered the academy a long time ago.

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