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Chapter 1188 - Trouble Appears

“I still remember what Without End great one looks like, vaguely able to recall Six Dao Reincarnations King’s appearance, there’s also Great Scarlet Sky Lord, but i was still small back then. After all this time, many things have become blurry.” The young White Qilin beast whimpered, recounting in a quiet voice, sparkling teardrops continuously falling from its large eyes, feeling extremely sad and brokenhearted.

Those were all people from endless years ago. Now, there was a veil of mystery around them, all of them previously paramount beings in Immoral Ancient Great Era.

However, this young beast had the fortune of meeting them before, only, at that time, it had just been born, so there was no way it could understand that many inner details, and there was no way those people would tell tell it these secrets.

“There were many others too, all of them heavenly talents from different clans. I’ve almost forgotten what they looked like.”

Shi Hao always felt that things were a bit strange. Since the foreign creatures already defeated all of the creatures in this world, killing countless people, why did they ultimately withdraw?

After endless time passed, everything was going to come full circle, why was this? What had been hidden? Was it that this ancient land was inauspicious, hiding some type of disaster so they couldn’t stay here for long term, or was it due to other reasons?

This was a question that he really wanted an answer to.

“Back then, the things I knew were limited, not knowing about the details. There seemed to be some reason, but those great ones always kept it a secret, not willing to talk about it no matter how much they were asked.” The White Qilin youth said.

“There is no point in looking into old matters. Those people have all returned to the earth, we can only look forward.”

This place was quite busy, everyone discussing things freely, comparing dao methods, speculating when the great changes to this world were going to arrive. At the same time, their conversations also touched upon Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy.

Ning Chuan was in this mountain range as well, but he didn’t come out this entire time, regardless of whether it was when the Nine Heavens’ cultivators and those from the three thousand provinces were fighting or even before, he had never made an appearance.

“He actually chose the present world methods.” Shi Hao revealed a look of shock.

“Shi Yi is also like this. After he went into seclusion, he never made an appearance again.” Cao Yusheng said.

A while back, there were people who had previously asked Shi Yi about this. At that time, he said that present world methods were the foundation, the source, where the foundation of his dao was. Since he was born in the present world, how could he not cultivate present world methods?

“Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy’s people will arrive soon. When that time comes, outstanding heroes will be selected to join the two academies.”

Someone brought up this topic, all of them looking forward to it. 

It was because regardless of whether it was Jin Yi, Lan Meng, Wang Yang, or the others, even though they looked powerful, compared to the people from those two academies, they weren’t anything at all.

For example, at the peak of the present world methods, those were merely imperfect personal letters passed around in sacred academy. The people here were merely following a path those people had already walked.

In short, the difference was just too great. The imperfect writings of another, just a portion of the insights and experiences was already like this, so one could see how frightening the true Sacred Academy was.

Everyone who cultivated there were individuals who broke through the limits of the great cultivation realms!

“If brother Shi heads for the two academies, you might encounter some troubles. Yuan Qing came from there, knowing quite some people.” Chang Gongyan said.

News of this had long been released. Yuan Qing was originally quite the astonishing individual in the past, but his performance wasn’t enough and he was ultimately abandoned.

Every since everyone learned of this matter, the two academies’ reputation was like thunder that crashed down from the sky, leaving everyone shaken up.

The glorious Yuan Qing possessed frightening strength, could now also be considered a great figure. It was rumored that he already had one foot in the Supreme Being Realm, incomparably terrifying.

However, this type of powerful person was abandoned by the two academies! They just couldn’t imagine how frightening the people there were.

“Indeed, I have also heard that even though Yuan Qing separated from there, he knows quite a few people there. If I head there, there will likely be many unpredictable variables.” Shi Hao frowned.

“However, if one doesn’t enter the two academies, it will be difficult to comprehend the paths they have taken. One’s own intelligence and strength will always be limited. Those places have people who researched methods generation after generation, all the most optimal paths for breaking through the limits of the dao, worth heading to!” Cao Yusheng said.

Towards Immortal Ancient methods, Shi Hao was actually not all that interested, because he had jade scriptures on him, something he acquired from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces’ Immortal Ancient Remains.

Only, the present world methods left him feeling a bit helpless. Aside from those two academies, the outside world likely didn’t have many scriptures to use as reference, as they were created by those from the present world.

“Yuan Qing is nothing more than an abandoned disciple, so how much power can he have? Will he be able to affect the cultivators of the two academies? Also, did he come from Sacred Academy or Immortal Academy?” Feng Wu asked.

“There was a rumor that he was originally a disciple of Sacred Academy, but because he wasn’t good enough, he was given up on. However, one of his teachers sent him to Immortal Academy, wishing for him to walk another path to try and make up for this. In the end, he still left Immortal Academy.” Right at this time, an elder walked over, the information he spoke of left everyone shocked. This Yuan Qing was not simple after all, actually coming from two academies. The number of people he knew was definitely not few.

“This is especially the case with Sacred Academy. Forget about that teacher of his, he has a senior brother who already became a great figure, having a respected status in Sacred Academy, at the level of an elder.” The elder who arrived said.

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but gasp. This was not some good news.

Shi Hao’s gaze was deep. He asked this elder for guidance, saying, “Are there people from the Wind Clan in these two academies?”

“Of course. After endless time had passed, many heaven warping figures appeared in this world. However, regardless of how the eras changed, how people come and go, long life families have remained powerful. A few stunning individuals naturally appeared within them, a few old freaks secretly bringing them into the two academies.” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder said.

Shi Hao’s mind sunk. This was not some good news. He felt like the reason why the Wind Clan dared to rashly ask Yuan Qing to take action was likely because there were people in the two academies who knew Yuan Qing, still having some connection.

He felt hesitation. Should he even enter these two academies?

He didn’t wish to be targeted by others for no reason. Even though there were exceptional experts, unimaginable old freaks, a place worth heading to, there were some people who were extremely dangerous for him to be around. If they wanted to harm him, it was easy for them to take action.

In fact, trouble arrived extremely quickly. After just a few days had passed, someone arrived in Heavenly Deity Institution, wishing to meet with Shi Hao.

During these past few days, Shi Hao was quite relaxed. After grasping the million symbols, he had spent this time consolidating his learning, preparing for the trip to ‘Realm Tomb’, wishing to obtain an immortal seed. When the time came, he could start studying the jade scripture he had on him.

However, this very day, someone came looking for him.

“Shi Hao, you should try to stay away. That is rumored to precisely be Yuan Qing’s heir, wishing to interrogate you.” Feng Wu said, her expression grave.

“This person is coming with bad intentions, you have to be careful!” Cao Yusheng also reminded.

During these past few days, Shi Hao had remained in this mountain range. Apart from consolidating his cultivation, they would get together to enjoy divine wine.

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered. He knew why the other party was here, it was definitely because Yuan Feng was killed, dying in Immortal Battlefield, making Yuan Feng furious.

“Why didn’t Yuan Qing personally come?” Shi Hao asked.

“He likely doesn’t dare go too far either. This is Heavenly Deity Institution after all. If he dares take action here, he will likely anger the great elder, and thus be forcefully suppressed!” Chang Gongyan said.

Shi Hao nodded. The great elder wasn’t a simple character, one of the few powerful beings in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Not even the old freaks in the two academies dared to lightly offend him.

“Where is Shi Hao? An important person from the Yuan Clan wishes for you to go to him.” At this time, someone came, his expression a bit strange.

Once news got out, a discussion broke out in this mountain region. Many people knew what was happening. Those who had previously suffered at Shi Hao’s hands took delight in his current predicament, waiting for a play to watch.

“Why do I have to meet him? Forget it!” Shi Hao clearly refused.

“You… but this is an emissary Yuan Qing Supreme Being sent over. You aren’t willing to meet him?” The messenger’s expression fell.

“What emissary? I couldn’t care less. I don’t feel like meeting anyone from the Yuan Family!” Shi Hao’s face became downcast. He added, “I recall, Yuan Qing is only a half supreme being, not breaking through yet. What are you calling him a supreme being for?”

This wasn’t as simple as a direct rejection, but also a type of direct and forceful attitude. He was opposing Yuan Qing, displaying great dissatisfaction.

In the surroundings, many cultivators followed the messenger here, wishing to see Shi Hao’s reaction. There were some people who wanted to watch the drama, but now, they were all shocked.

“Are there some people who are taking joy in this disaster, thinking Yuan Family’s people will deal with me?” Shi Hao looked around. Those people hurriedly lowered their heads, not daring to anger this monster.

“Brother Shi, it is Yuan Qing Supreme Being’s emissary that came after all, so you should just welcome and meet with him.” The messenger spoke up again.

“Welcome and meet? Get lost!” Shi Hao berated. He felt a wave of fury inside, truly angering others too far. Yuan Qing had previously dealt with him, wishing to suppress him for ten years, afterwards even taking vicious action, deporting him to Origin Ancient Mine, hoping for him to die there, yet he actually sent an emissary here with this type of high attitude.

“This.. is no good. A descendant of Yuan Qing Supreme Being died, rumored to have something to do with you. You aren’t going to explain yourself?” The messenger said.


Shi Hao’s foot directly kicked out, sending his body smashing heavily into a mountain.

“Yuan Qing was the first one who took action against me, wishing to cut short my dao path. Now, he even has the face to send someone to interrogate me?” Shi Hao said with a cold expression.

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