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Chapter 1185 - Desire

Huang... he didn't die?!

This place erupted with noise, discussions everywhere. Shi Hao reappeared, leaving many people shocked.

Everyone stared at him, looking at the barrier of light around his body. That was the single heavenly passage, its appearance was like a divine disk, a bit taller than a person’s height, surrounding him within, impervious to all methods, innately invincible.

“He cultivated three strands of immortal energy, and is even at the forefront of the present world methods, unprecedented in the Heavenly Passage Realm, truly transcending above!”

There were many pairs of eyes that burned fiercely, their hearts feeling greatly stirred up. For them, this was someone who led the way, a pioneer of this path. The eyes of all those who wished to rise above through the Heavenly Passage Realm began to release green light, truly wishing to throw themselves over.

However, they didn’t dare out of fear of angering this youth. If they provoked him, then that really would be extreme joy into sorrow.

For most people, this was a living legend. If they could consult Shi Hao for advice, it was many times better than the personal letters of predecessors!

After all, Sacred Academy’s people, no matter how strong they were, they could only reach a similar level. If they could invite this person to personally speak about his experiences, then that really would be a rare opportunity.

At the very least, this person was unmatched in the Heavenly Passage Realm!

With things already like this, how could Yuan Teng continue the challenge? He felt great admiration, because the the further he went along this path, the more he felt how difficult it was to transcend above! This youth before him could do this, it really was too heaven defying, making one feel great respect.

“May I… follow you by your side?” Yuan Teng spoke, feeling a bit unnatural, greatly different from his normal temperament, a bit embarrassed.

“I think it’s still better if you don’t. You have your own path, Sacred Academy is the best choice for you!” Shi Hao said.

Yuan Teng felt dejected. He truly wished to ask for guidance, he wouldn’t mind even if he had to respect Shi Hao like a master.

“Of course, if you have any questions, we can discuss things together.” Shi Hao said with a smile.

Yuan Teng immediately became extremely happy. The other party called it mutual discussion, but he didn’t reach that height at all, giving him pointers sounded more right. He obviously understood the meaning of this, feeling grateful, hurriedly displaying an act of great courtesy.

At this time, peace was returned to this pine tree forest. Many people heard their discussion, quite a few people revealing hopeful looks, also wishing to consult Shi Hao for guidance.

“You should bring her away, I don’t want to see her again!” Shi Hao pointed at Jin Yi.

The mountain was completely collapsed, blood flowing out from the corners of Jin Yi’s lips, laying at the foot of the mountain, her silver robes in tatters, hair disheveled, in an extremely sorry state. This time, she was seriously injured. If she wanted to recover, who knew how great of a price she would have to pay, possibly even dying from these dao injuries.

Right now, her expression was incredibly complex. If she knew this was Huang, she definitely would have avoided him, not willing to fight against him no matter what.

Because this was definitely a great disaster. He cultivated three strands of immortal energy, so how could anyone contend against him? Apart from this, he even cultivated the single heavenly passage, truly a magnificent feat.

It could be said that regardless of whether it was the ancient methods of the present world methods, this person was at the pinnacle!

When Jin Yi thought about everything again, she felt her scalp turn a bit numb. She actually dared to challenge this person, taking action, it truly looked like she was a bit tired of living.

Right now, the others had similar thoughts, looking towards Jin Yi, immediately making her face completely red. Fighting against this youth really was an act of not wanting a long life.

Yuan Teng lifted Jin Yi, looked towards Shi Hao, about to say goodbye and then bring Jin Yi away first.

Right now, this place was extremely calm, many people’s eyes moving between Shi Hao and Jin Yi, no one saying anything. This made Jin Yi feel extremely embarrassed.

Suddenly, sounds of air being broken through sounded, stirring up great winds as it arrived. It was as if a blazing sun landed, and then there was a deep blue radiance that followed.

These were two human figures, both young men.

One of them had his upper body exposed, skin extremely bright as if cast from bronze, giving off a feeling of power. Thick long hair scattered down, his body exuding a great masculine feel.

“Wang Yang!” Someone cried out, not expecting that he would come out of seclusion at this time.

The other person wore blue clothes, refined and elegant, temperament extremely outstanding, carrying a type of unique divine dao feeling. There was a type of imposingness in his aloof appearance!

“Lan Meng!” Someone said quietly, feeling restraining fear, because this person was extremely frightening, his cultivation only above Wang Yang’s not below.

The two of them actually arrived together, both of them surging with life energy, as if they had just emerged from seclusion. They were bathed in a layer of divine splendor, making them look extraordinary. Everyone felt a wave of reverence towards them.

Wang Yang saw the Immortal Gold arrow with a single look, inserted into a giant rock not too far from Shi Hao. It flowed with seven-colored brilliance, carrying immortal mist, sacred and without flaws.

This type of valuable treasure, even if it was from far away, one would immediately know that it was exceptional. It erupted with seven-colored brilliance, flowing with a dreamy type of luster.

Regardless of whether it was the arrow or the shaft, they were both cast from Immortal Gold, beautiful to the extreme!

Lan Meng’s eyes similarly flickered with brilliance. When faced with this type of great treasure, there wasn’t anyone who wouldn’t be moved. However, they all hid it quite well.

The two of them quickly shifted their eyes from the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow, looking at the young man on the other side, and then at Jin Yi who needed a supporting hand, revealing a look of shock.

Even Jin Yi was defeated, this young man was not simple!

This place was extremely quiet, these two’s arrival in particular making the atmosphere a bit strange. This place sank into a momentary silence.

“You really have quite the skill, defeating even Jin Yi. Are you trying to seize the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow?” Lan Meng spoke.

He really was tempted, truly wishing to obtain this arrow. This was especially the case right now when he saw that it was inserted into a giant rock, looking like an ownerless object, the perfect reason for him to intervene.

In the surroundings, many people revealed strange looks. Was Lan Meng going to try to seize this immortal arrow?

“Don’t try anything, it isn’t yours.” Shi Hao calmly said. 

“It doesn’t belong to me, so could it be yours? I recall that is Jin Yi’s weapon. Even though she is defeated right now, that doesn’t mean that you can have it!” Lan Meng said.

“This isn’t mine, it is Feng Wu’s. It is going to be returned to its rightful owner.” Shi Hao gave him a look, coldly speaking.

“Feng Wu, that lower realm woman?” Lan Meng revealed a look of surprise, not seeming to mind it that much. He looked at Shi Hao, sized him up, and then said, “Could it be that you also came from the lower realm, coming to get revenge for her?”

At the same time, he began to think to himself. There was no such person among the experts he knew about. Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal actually didn’t belong to the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, and Ning Chuan didn’t look like this.

After recalling the most powerful individuals, he didn’t believe there was anyone else who could stop him. Even if this person was stronger than Jin Yi, he still wouldn’t be his opponent. There were no individuals from the lower realms that were that ‘outstanding’!

“Correct, I came from a lower realm, precisely here to demand an explanation for Feng Wu, and that was why there was a battle just now. Do you have any complaints?” Shi Hao calmly asked.

He already saw greed flicker past this person’s eyes, desiring this great treasure. He definitely didn’t have any good intentions.

“Came from a lower realm?” Lan Meng raised his head, carrying an aloof feel. He then looked at the other party, saying, “It isn’t easy for those of the lower realms to come up, you really should cherish yourselves. How can you come here and make enemies like this?”

Shi Hao was a bit stunned. Did he need this person to lecture him? This was clearly some type of display of superiority!

He really wanted to laugh coldly. This person didn’t understand the situation at all, who did he think he was? If he knew he was Huang, understanding his identity, he definitely wouldn’t do this.

Lan Meng looked towards Jin Yi, and then said, “Miss Jin Yi, did you suffer under his hands? We are both people from the Nine Heavens, so I can’t just stand on the side and watch, going to demand an explanation for you. This immortal dao weapon cannot fall into his hands!”

It was clear that he was only taking action for the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow.

Everyone revealed strange expressions. What was Lan Meng trying to do, seize the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow from Huang’s hands? Was he tired of living?!

Everyone knew that he was strong, but this was relative, he definitely wasn’t Huang’s opponent! Regardless of whether it was the present world methods or the ancient methods, that youth was an exceptional disciple in Heavenly Deity Institution, someone who couldn’t be won over!

When Jin Yi heard this, she remained expressionless, saying, “You can do what you want. If you can defeat him, then the arrow is yours, I don’t want it!”

Many people became stunned. Jin Yi really was quite vicious, this was simply trapping Lan Meng! Even though she didn’t ask him to take action, wasn’t this also a type of inciting and encouragement?

There were some who originally wanted to open their mouths, warn Lan Meng, but when they saw Jin Yi like this, all of them tactfully closed their mouths.

It was to the extent where some became excited, looking forward to seeing Huang beat up Lan Meng, wishing to watch a good play!

It was because they also chose the present world methods, all rivals, needing to compete against each other when the time came, only the most outstanding individuals able to enter Sacred Academy. If Lan Meng was seriously injured here, then that would leave them with a great chance.

“Heh heh…” Lan Meng laughed, nodding and saying, “Since we are both from the Nine Heavens, we naturally need to help each other out. Don’t worry, I will take action, not allow this secret treasure to be brought away by someone of the lower realm!”

When they heard these words, everyone’s expressions changing greatly, all of them worried for him. However, no one warned him!

Jin Yi put on a fake smile, nodding, but did feel a bit of a guilty conscience in the end. She secretly gave Shi Hao a glance, discovering that he just happened to look over as well, immediately making her break out into a cold shiver.

“Yuan Teng, it isn’t that I’m criticizing you, but when your dao friends from the Nine Heavens above are humiliated, how can you not take action? You should have stepped forward bravely and stood up for her!” Lan Meng looked towards Yuan Teng and said.

Yuan Teng’s face was expressionless, he really didn’t want to say much. Whether Lan Meng lived or died had nothing to do with him, he didn’t want to get involved.

“You seem to think you can defeat me, feeling like the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow is something that you deserve?” Shi Hao spoke.

“Heh heh, in the Nine Heavens above, not just anyone can behave atrociously like you. You might be able to win against one or two experts, but there are many ancient families. These are not places where you can do what you please without any restraint!” Lan Meng said with an indifferent voice.

“For example? Are you going to subdue me?” Shi Hao asked.

“Correct!” Lan Meng nodded, and then he turned around, looking towards Wang Yang and saying, “Dao brother, help me suppress him.”

Wang Yang nodded, saying, “The Immortal Gold arrow naturally cannot be brought away by him. You should just take action, I will watch over this place. If he wants to run, I will take action.”

“You have your upper body exposed, looking like you are quite powerful and vigorous, originally thought that you were an honest individual, never expecting you to show this type of greed, really can’t judge someone by their appearance, really nothing more than this. The two of you can take action together, if either one can even injure me in the slightest, then this Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow is yours!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“I am going to properly deal with you!” Lan Meng attacked, instantly arriving, taking action first.

Wang Yang also released powerful blood energy, ready to attack at any time.

Everyone became speechless, really not having anything to say. Of course, they were quite excited inside, wishing to see the following scene!

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