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Chapter 1184 - I am Huang

“Stop, I have something to say!” Jin Yi shouted. She was about to completely collapse. When had a heavenly talent like her ever been beaten like this before?

Now, a pair of delicate small feet were stepping down again and again on her body, simply turning her into a stone path. Right now, she was completely a punching bag.

Feng Wu and Shi Hao completely ignored her, continuing to trample down on this enemy, hopping and jumping, sweet smiles on their faces as they walked back and forth over her body.

Jin Yi felt extreme hatred, her face distorting. She felt like whenever they took a step, a bone would break in her body.

“What kind of look is that? Do you hate me that much?” Feng Wu lowered her head and asked.

She hated her to death! Jin Yi wanted to roar out, but she didn’t dare. She already became clear-headed, no longer opposing them to avoid more suffering.

“Feng Wu, there is no need to make that big of a deal over this. The two of us only had a bit of misunderstanding, let’s just leave it in the past. Hurry and get off me.” She tried her best to act friendly.

However, her voice was trembling. No matter who it was that was suffering this type of torment, they would all feel resentment. When one had to lower their voice before someone they hated bitterly, how could they truly accept it?

“Why do I feel like you are clenching your teeth? Don’t tell me you actually hate me to the point of wanting to eat my flesh and drink my blood? So frightening.” Feng Wu revealed a faint smile.

This time, she finally vented her resentment. During these past few days, she truly felt incredibly sullen. She was humiliated, and then her life was almost in danger, unable to retaliate, making her feel extremely bad.

Qing Yi stood on the side, a cold smile appearing on the corners of her lips. She understood Feng Wu well, normally she was lively and optimistic, also extremely kind. If she hadn’t been forced to this extent, she wouldn’t act like this.

Jin Yi wanted to stand up, doing her best to struggle free.

However, the power Shi Hao left in her body was extremely strange, impossible to dissolve. It continuously injured her body, also looking like it was going to corrode her foundation.

This immediately frightened her badly. If she received great dao injuries because of this, heaven knew just how great of a price she would have to pay to recover. She couldn’t help but shiver.

“No, I’ll bow down! I’m sorry, hurry and let me free!” Jin Yi screamed out. When realized how bad her body’s state was, she completely admitted defeat.


Feng Wu raised her leg, stepping down on that face that looked a bit sinister from being distorted, saying, “Like I’ll believe you. Let me vent out my anger first!”


In the distant mountain range, while surrounded by rocks, Wang Yang had his upper body exposed, his bronze skin shining, blood energy exuberant like a sea. As he breathed, all of the surrounding boulders floated up, and then melted into magma, dropping onto the ground.

This was the terrifying reflection of someone who walked down the extreme path of the flesh, reaching a certain stage.

On the side, a blue clothed male in blue clothes said with a sigh, “Brother Wang Yang already became a pure body cultivator, even more so reaching the peak of this path’s present world methods, about to undergo a transformation, transcend above your peers. Even though I am jealous, I have to admit that you are the number one expert of my Heavenly Deity Institution on this path.”

“Haven’t transcended above yet, so who knows what will happen. “Don’t forget that there are two individuals from the lower realm who have already succeeded.”

“Cao Yusheng was lucky, obtaining heaven karma, so he’s not worth mentioning, brother Wang Yang will exceed him sooner or later. As for Huang, he’s nothing more than a dead person, so there’s no point in talking about him.” The blue clad male said.

“The dead is naturally not worth mentioning, but it is difficult to say how great Cao Yusheng’s accomplishments will reach in this life. Also, Brother Lan Meng, you might even be a bit more powerful than me. Nursing divine spirits in your heavenly passages, undergoing rebirth from a cocoon, mysterious to the point of leaving others in admiration.” Wang Yang said.

“Heh heh, brother Wang Yang jests. Let’s go, we should take a look as well. Just now, there was an arrow made of Seven-Colored Immortal Gold that flew into the sky, so something definitely happened over there.” Lan Meng said with a smile.

Wang Yang nodded, saying, “I also heard that Jin Yi seized a lower realm woman’s Immortal Gold arrow. Now, it was actually released like this, there seems to be something going on.”

“Wu, not long ago, I was saying to dao brother how there are some ancient realms’ people who are stirring up quite the disorder. We should take a look, see if it is the lower realms’ people who are starting this commotion.” Lan Meng said.

The two of them moved together, hurrying towards the site of action.

Right now, Feng Wu had finished venting, already trampling on Jin Yi to her fill. Jin Yi’s eyes were rolled back, clearly unable to take much more.

It was easy to see that Jin Yi suffered severe injuries, almost dying, suffering great dao injuries. Without paying a tremendous price, she could forget about recovering. It was even possible that she might die.

The flesh injuries were delivered by Feng Wu, while the dao injuries were from Shi Hao.

“You two…” The silver robe on Jin Yi’s body had long been torn apart. She opened her mouth with great difficulty, wishing to say vicious words, but didn’t dare, so only these two words came out.

At this moment, Shi Hao already turned around, looking towards the young man not too far away.

This was a silver-robed male, his temperament unordinary. He stood there quietly, in his hands an arrow. It was precisely the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow that was released earlier. Right now, it was in his hands.

The others also looked forward. They all knew that this was an extremely frightening individual, his name Yuan Teng. Normally, he cultivated underneath a great waterfall, rarely coming out.

There were rumors that he cultivated two strands of immortal energy, but for the sake of reaching the peak of the present world methods, he deliberately scattered the two strands of immortal energy, using them to nurture his primordial spirit, not leaving himself any road out, advancing boldly ahead.

Shi Hao didn’t recognize him, but he saw him arrive together with Jin Yi.

“Hand over the Immortal Gold arrow.” Shi Hao reached out his hand.

“That is fine. Please let Jin Yi go as well. Even though she was wrong, she has already received punishment, so let it end here.” Yuan Teng said.

“This is my own matter. Hand over the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow!” Shi Hao spoke domineeringly. Regardless, this was Feng Wu’s weapon, so he couldn’t allow others to use it as a condition.

In reality, he actually didn’t have much to fear here. He could sweep through all of the opponents here, not needing to discuss any conditions with anyone.

“Dao brother, will you let Jin Yi go or not?” Yuan Teng asked again.

“Are you trying to negotiate with me? I am not going to think too much about other things, that Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow was Feng Wu’s to begin with. If you aren’t willing to return it, then you can come over and fight me!”

“I have always been opposed to Jin Yi oppressing the weak as the strong, and I’ve warned her as well. There are many extraordinary talents in the world, so there will be some formidable individuals who can suppress her.” Yuan Teng said. Then, with a chi sound, the Immortal Gold arrow was released, inserted into a large boulder. It was quite close to Shi Hao, could be considered returning.

Then, he added, “I am not trying to threaten you with the Immortal Gold arrow, but truly wish to request earnestly for dao brother to let Jin Yi go.

When Shi Hao heard this, he gave the other party a look. When he saw how serious the other party was, not the slightest bit artificial, he nodded.


Shi Hao kicked Jin Yi flying, her body smashing into a distant stone mountain, and only then did he leave her alone. If it wasn’t for Heavenly Deity Institution not allowing killing right now, he would have long gotten rid of Jin Yi.

If he continued to torment her, Jin Yi would undoubtedly die, and the elders of the academy would be involved.

“Aside from this, I wish to consult dao brother, an exchange of pointers in the true meaning, without the slightest bit of personal emotions involved.” Yuan Teng said.

“That’s fine!” Shi Hao only had these words.

“First, I wish to fight with immortal energy, because this will be the last time I will use immortal energy. Soon afterwards, I will dissolve the two strands of immortal energy and wholeheartedly cultivate the present world methods. As for dao brother, you can act as you please, there is no need to place any restrictions on yourself.” Yuan Teng said.

When these words sounded, everyone erupted with commotion. This fella really was a martial idiot, even doing this type of thing, going to get rid of the two strands of immortal energy that he cultivated so bitterly?

Even Shi Hao was moved. Just how great did one’s determination and decisiveness have to be? Normally, no one would act so recklessly.

He couldn’t help but give this person a few more looks, discovering that his flesh and bones were exceptional, perhaps really able to obtain great accomplishments in the future. Cutting one’s means of retreat like this needed a type of tremendous bravery!

“Make your move!” Shi Hao’s expression was calm. When faced with this type of person who was completely dedicated to cultivation, not hesitating to cut off his own path of retreat for the sake of rising greater, he still felt a bit of admiration.

That was why he didn’t hold himself back either. At this moment, he activated three strands of immortal energy, the strands circulating at his side. If he didn’t display his full strength, it would be a type of humiliation for this warrior.

“What?!” Everyone cried out in alarm, looking like they were seeing a living ghost. This was just too inconceivable, actually a young supreme being who cultivated three strands of immortal energy! Why did they never see him before?

Who was he?

In that instant, everyone became a bit stupefied, even Yuan Teng no exception, immediately becoming stunned.

How was he still supposed to fight? There was no need to continue, because there was simply no way of winning.

Only Jin Yi’s expression was complex, because she had already noticed this a while ago, moreover personally experiencing it. Right now, she felt an urge to shout to everyone: Do you all see why I lost? It’s not that my strength was weak, but rather that he is too much of a monster, a young supreme being!

Of course, she didn’t scream out, feeling like that was too shameful. She was already given a beating, so if she drew everyone’s attention again, it really would be purposely looking for unhappiness.

“You… who are you?” Nearby, there were some who really wanted to know who exactly this person was.

There were a few great experts in the academy, and they had seen all of them. There was no one like this at all! This was a supreme individual who came out of thin air, leaving all of them shocked.

One had to bear in mind that this was one of the most stunning individuals, yet he kept a low profile this entire time. It was a bit absurd!

This place became noisy, everyone finding it difficult to calm down.

Yuan Teng released a sigh. He decisively withdrew the immortal energy into his body, and then with a fierce tremble, they were scattered, diffusing into his flesh and white bones. From this day forth, they were completely dissolved!

Everyone was shocked, not expecting him to be this straightforward! He kept his words, actually really making his choice!

“I wish to use present world methods to exchange pointers.” Yuna Teng said. He was quite focused on this path, truly wishing to test out his own body’s dao results.

When Shi Hao heard this, he nodded, similarly respecting this display, revealing his most powerful state.


In that instant, brilliant multicolored light surged around his body, forming a great golden sun, bright and dazzling. He stood in the center, looking like an unmatched war god!

That was a sphere of light, surrounding him within, preventing all methods from approaching him, aloof and transcending worldliness.

“What… is that?” Everyone was shocked, feeling greatly alarmed. When they looked at that individual in the sphere of light, their breathing even became difficult, feeling great fear, wishing to bow down to him.

“Single heavenly passage, this is… the unmatched dao fruit of the ten heavenly passages merged to one?!” In that instant, Yuan Teng was stirred up, even his voice trembling.

His eyes were burning with passion as he stared at that figure in the heavenly passage, as if he was looking at a god, trembling as he walked forward, wishing to personally touch it, almost about to kneel down.

“Correct!” Shi Hao replied.

“Single heavenly passage, cultivating the present world method to the peak, the dao fruit after truly transcending above?”

“Heavens, who exactly is he? How could he have reached this step? Wasn’t that person the only one who succeeded?

There were immediately many people who cried out. As for Jin Yi, her expression changed even more, looking like she was staring at a living ghost.

“May I ask… who dao brother is?” Yuan Teng’s eyes burned fiercely, truly like he was looking at an idol. He was a bit hopeful, longing for the truth, his voice trembling as he asked.

“I am Huang!” Shi Hao replied.

“What, he is Huang… the one who stepped on the unmatched path, merging ten heavenly passages!”

“Heavens, didn’t he die? He was actually still alive!”

“This person cultivated three strands of immortal energy, and also evolved the single heavenly passage, I am actually… seeing it with my own eyes!”

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