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Chapter 1181 - Dao Injuries

The woman produced a 大 shaped hole, smashing into the stone wall, the rocks in her surroundings cracking, extending outwards like centipedes one after another in all directions.


In addition, at the final moment, the woman’s body shook, releasing a strange wave of power, as if she suffered a second round of attacks. Her body smashed into the stone walls, embedded inside.

A human shaped depression was smashed open in the entire stone wall, looking strange and shocking. Blood flowed out from her mouth, trickling out from her nose as well. She was in a sorry state, her clothes in tatters.

“Ah…” She cried out in alarm, struggling out. When she landed on the ground, she staggered about, as if she was drunk. Her face was completely red, her eyes also becoming red.

“You dare treat me like this? Older sis Jin Yi, hurry and take action, beat him to death for me!” She screamed, her hair disheveled, looking like a vixen.

It was clear that she was used to bossing people around. Now that she suffered so greatly, she naturally couldn’t endure it, wishing to immediately kill Shi Hao.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, finding it a bit hard to calm down. That youth’s move just now was definitely not simple. It was just a sound wave, yet it blasted that woman who wasn’t weak away, truly extraordinary.

“You really don’t know the difference between life and death?!” Shi Hao released a short shout, his voice rumbling outwards, all of it concentrated in a single direction, this time even more bizarre.

It was because the sound wave turned into tangible matter, a silver-colored ripple moving outwards, condensing together like waves as they battered that woman’s body.

“Break!” The woman screamed, her hands forming a moon, displaying a secret method. A silver moon appeared, blocking in front of her.

However, it was already too late. The sound waves surged like silver ripples. Even though they looked gentle, they could shake mountain peaks, all of them smashing into her body.

This time, not only was there a tremendous peng noise, sounding as if a barbaric ox smashed heavily into a mountain, there was also kacha sounds, the noises of bones fracturing.

It really was as if this woman was struck head on by an Archaic Barbaric Ox, her body smashing into a shorter stone mountain, this time even more miserable.


A part of the short mountain was broken off. As the mountain broke apart, that woman flew out together with the rubble, her body a bit distorted. It was clear that there was more than one area where the bones in her body were broken.

When she landed on the ground with a plop sound, she was like a dead fish, not moving at all, her eyes rolled back. She wanted to faint, yet couldn’t, only able to endure the intense pain as she stared at Shi Hao, eyes full of resentment, yet they also carried fear.

This was something she had never experienced before. That youth looked at her with contempt, as if he had never attached any importance to her, his eyes full of disdain.

“Archaic Barbaric Ox Roar!” In the distance, an indifferent and calm voice sounded. It was precisely Jin Yi. She didn’t show any emotional fluctuations, as if she couldn’t care less if that woman lived or died.

She was dressed in silver robes. Even though it wasn’t a long dress, it was bound at the waist, skintight, showing off her curves. Her appearance was extremely fine, possessing unordinary good looks.

Her chin was a bit sharp, currently slightly raised, looking extremely self-confident, at the same time a bit arrogant. This was a woman who carried quite the ‘only me’ mentality.

“Jin Yi!” Feng Wu clenched her teeth. She was originally a cheerful and optimistic young lady, beautiful and moving, but now, her breathing was rushed, finding it hard to calm down.

Last time, her injuries were truly serious. If it was a normal defeat, then it wouldn’t be such a great deal. After she obtained the present world method written guidance, she received great natural luck, and together with her astonishing talent, she made great progress. This was precisely the reason why she drew Jin Yi’s attention, wishing to exchange pointers with her. However, at the crucial moment, Jin Yi went against her previous agreement, directly using two strands of immortal energy and not the present world methods to attack her, catching her off guard and leaving her seriously injured. Moreover, after seeing that she was seriously injured and on the ground, Jin Yi even more so walked up, stepping down on her chest to humiliate her further, almost making her body break apart. She found the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow, and then after she seized it, she continued to mock and ridicule her, saying how she wasn’t worthy of possessing this item.

That time, Feng Wu didn’t use the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow, so the other party clearly came for this arrow, for the sake of seizing this important treasure, she went against the agreement, suddenly launching a hidden attack, displaying vicious methods.

“Just a defeat of my subordinate, it’s beneath me to pay you any attention.” At this time, Jin Yi said indifferently.

“You have no sense of shame! When you challenged me, you promised not to use immortal energy, only exchanging pointers with the present world methods, clearly about to lose, yet suddenly decided to go against what you promised!” Feng Wu clenched her teeth. This was what she felt the most resentment over, making her feel rage within. She had her Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow seized, leaving her feeling extremely dejected.

“You aren’t good enough. A defeat is a defeat, what reasoning is there behind it?” Jin Yi had her chin raised, putting on a profound and arrogant look.

“You are truly despicable!” Qing Yi berated.

Feng Wu’s chest rose and fell. The reason why her face was waxen in color, in such terrible condition was because of that battle. She almost died, her vitality greatly injured.

Shi Hao stopped the two of them, saying, “There is no need to get angry at this type of person. In a bit, when their human brains are beaten into dog brain paste, we’ll see if she is convinced then.”

He brought that drop of phoenix blood to Feng Wu’s mouth, and then circulated it to her back, continuously using his finger to press against her body, helping her activate her blood energy, assisting with her recovery.

“You seem to have some methods, able to cultivate the Archaic Barbaric Ox’s sound method to this state can be considered rarely seen. However, if you want to use force, it isn’t a wise choice.” The silver-robed woman Jin Yi said.

Shi Hao didn’t pay her any attention, focusing on treating Feng Wu’s injuries. With a slap from his palm and fingers, streaks of purple ripples appeared, entering Feng Wu’s body.

He used the Lightning Emperor’s method, using the utmost yang methods to activate the blood, letting the drop of phoenix blood disperse and then boil, helping Feng Wu recover from the various injuries in her body.


It was as if a flame was ignited in Feng Wu’s body, seeping out from her body, wrapping around her. She really became like a phoenix reborn through flames.

This was the effects of the phoenix blood, this type of divine bird’s miraculous effects rested precisely in rebirth, being reborn from death!

There was even a faint yet clear phoenix cry that could be heard. A blurry void figure merged with Feng Wu, helping her treat her injuries, the waxen color on her face immediately receding.

Soon afterwards, brilliance was returned to her skin, a rosiness returning to the white color, becoming like before, delicate and beautiful.

Shi Hao frowned, continuously sending out palms, not relaxing, because Feng Wu’s most serious issues weren’t these hidden injuries, but a true ‘dao injury’. That silver-robed woman was extremely vicious, using severe methods, injuring Feng Wu’s core, wishing to destroy her foundation.

This time, the silver-robed woman’s expression changed, no longer able to remain calm. This youth was actually this formidable, helping someone recover from their dao injuries, the methods extremely shocking.

“Qi Hong, you are from the Blue Lion Race, you can size him up, see whether the Barbaric Ox Roar or your Lion Roar is stronger.” The silver-robed woman Jin Yi transmitted sound.

At her side, there was a lion-faced male, tall and robust, his mane blue, looking rather bold and powerful. His lion head was intimidating, his large copper eyes making one tremble inwardly.

Qi Hong didn’t hesitate, walking forward, directly releasing a Lion Roar, the sound shockingly great. Heaven and earth began to rumble, while Feng Wu’s thatched cottage was blasted, exploding on the spot.

There were quite a few people nearby, and all of them were shocked.

There were some who, even though they feared the silver-robed woman, they still couldn’t keep watching. This was extremely excessive. That youth was currently helping Feng Wu treat her injuries, yet she had someone interfere and attack them.

A barrier of light surged in Shi Hao’s surroundings, blocking the Lion’s Roar sound waves, protecting the three of them. It was precisely because of this that he wasn’t affected, only the thatched cottage being destroyed.

“Do you want to die?” Shi Hao only had these words. When speaking, his palms continued to strike out, helping Feng Wu with her dao injuries.

“Roar!” The Blue Lion roared out again, this time revealing its original body, turning into a small mountain sized blue-colored lion, fierce and sinister. Its mouth was wide and teeth sharp, fur blue colored, every strand shining, the hair on its temples even more so standing on end, appearing quite terrifying.

The Lion Roar was released, blue ripples rushing out like ocean waves, crashing over again and again, clearly visible.

“Kill!” Shi Hao released a short shout. The sound waves he released were not any barbaric ox voice, but just an imitation, just pure great dao sound. When one reached a certain cultivation realm, one could comprehend things through analogy.

He was proficient in several of the most frightening precious techniques, and he also grasped an ancient heavenly art. Comprehending one type would allow him to reap the benefits for the rest of his life, so he could naturally derive and evolve them into a few different methods.

This type of great dao divine voice carried bits of the Lightning Emperor Divine Ability, for example, when heavenly thunder rumbled, immediately scattering the blue ripples, moreover releasing a wave of great power by the Blue Lion’s ears.


Its body staggered, all of the lion fur on its body standing up straight, blood spilling out from its mouth and nose.


The Lion Roar sounded again, and this time, it threw itself over. It shook its body fiercely, all of the blue fur on its body standing on end. Then, thousands upon thousands of blue fur turned into iron needles, flying over.

Lion Fur Needle!

Many people’s expressions changed. Lion Fur Needle was an extremely well-known precious technique. It separated from the lion’s body, covering the sky as they shot out. This was the full powered retaliation released after being pressured to a certain extent.


In Shi Hao’s surroundings, an expanse of resplendent light surged, stopping the lion fur needles. All of the lion fur was completely burned away.

This was still lightning, electrical radiance flourishing like flames, scorching the divine needles until they were charred black. They began to break apart, and then were burned into ashes.


At the same time, Shi Hao reached out a hand, a long blade that was as bright as snow appeared from his palm. Formed from lightning, it quickly increased in size, immediately extending out a hundred zhang, quickly brandishing about.


Blood splashed out, and a world-shaking miserable cry sounded. Half of the Blue Lion’s body was removed, hacked apart at the waist!

It roared, splitting the skies with its voice. It flew outwards, massive body crushing many small mountains.

“Your vitality is now greatly injured, just need great mending food like lion meat to nourish you.” Shi Hao said.

This was like the voice of a devil by everyone’s ears. A powerful lion king was cut in half at the waist just like that, actually used as nourishing food for Feng Wu.

At the same time, Shi Hao loosened his palm. Feng Wu completely recovered, her dao injuries now better, leaving the silver-robed woman Jin Yi incredibly shocked.

“Fortunately not some serious dao injuries, or else I wouldn’t have any methods either. You should be back to normal after a few days of rest.” Shi Hao said to Feng Wu.

Then, he turned around, a cold smile on his face as he looked towards Jin Yi. “You, come over to settle things!”

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