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Chapter 1182 - Showing Off In Front of a Real Expert

“Who do you think you are, saying you want to settle accounts with me?” The silver-robed woman’s tone was almost flat, still extremely cold.

“Hand over the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow.” Shi Hao walked towards that arrogant woman, not feeling the slightest bit of good intentions inside, preparing to capture her.

“What a joke. She is inferior to another, if you are willing to gamble, then you have to know how to lose. The Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow is naturally mine.” Jin Yi sneered, her expression rather cold.

“You are despicable, clearly promising to fight with present world methods, not something that I proposed, but rather a restriction you placed yourself, so how could you suddenly use immortal energy to backstab me?” Feng Wu was indignant.

“What a joke. Did I say such a thing? You are just unwilling to acknowledge defeat right? Also, do you think my present world cultivation method is inferior to yours? How stupid, nothing more than a wild girl from the lower realms, what qualification do you have for me to argue with you? Even if you try again, you will still lose!” Jin Yi’s words were like thorns, her words extremely harsh.

“Good, good, good, since you are talking like this, I hope you don’t come begging for forgiveness in a bit.” When Feng Wu saw how shameless she was, she didn’t want to say anything anymore, handing everything over to Shi Hao, have him take action.

“Do you think you are that special? Facing Feng Wu with this type of arrogant attitude, not obeying the rules and launching a sneak attack is one thing, why is there a need to still act like the result was only natural?” Shi Hao asked with a cold voice.

“Do I need the pity of the weak? This is Heavenly Deity Institution, not the declining Three Thousand Dao Province, not her lower realm, but rather survival of the fittest. She isn’t enough herself, so can you blame me? After losing, she had to hand over the immortal gold arrow, is this not something that is only natural? Really can’t understand you all!” Jin Yi said.

Her figure was slim and elegant, graceful as she moved. In front of everyone’s faces, even though she knew Shi Hao was a formidable opponent, she still didn’t want to look weak.

She secretly made preparations, wishing to release the most powerful attack!


Streak after streak of light erupted around Shi Hao’s surroundings, as if there were enormous pillars that supported the heavens towering above, the radiance dazzling.

This was astral energy, the reflection of an eruption of the imperceptible spiritual essence within one’s body. It wasn’t intentionally produced, but rather naturally displayed.

Everyone gasped, all of them backing up. It was clear that this person’s flesh was exceptionally powerful. Everyone who was walking the path of the present world methods knew that this would only appear when one’s flesh reached a certain level of power.


Right at this time, the space between Jin Yi’s brows shone, a small imprint rushing out, spinning and rotating about, rushing towards Shi Hao’s direction. It was extremely difficult for one to evade this under such distance.

However, Shi Hao had no intention of evading.

This imprint was emerald green like it was carved from jade, on it all types of symbol seals, the fresh and clean appearance carrying a bit of ancient feeling, actually crushing the void.

The surrounding people all shivered inwardly. This small imprint was nothing more than a square inch in size, so how could it be this heavy, the power just too terrifying!

Wherever it passed, the space around it would all distort, caving in, the divine might unimaginable.


An enormous sound rang out, as if two metal plates were vibrating. That youth unexpectedly used his fists to smash apart the precious imprint in the void, symbols shining brilliantly between the two.

That youth’s fists were comparable to secret treasures?!

Another strike was released, the fist shining, becoming as dazzling as a small sun. it struck down on the small imprint, extremely dazzling. A dang sound blasted it out of the way.

Shi Hao was shocked, it was actually not shattered.

Meanwhile, Jin Yi was even more astonished. Who was this youth? He was just too strong! This secret treasure was definitely not common, not an ordinary object, yet he could stop it!

Jin Yi released a light shout, activating the secret treasure.

That precious imprint shone, emerald green and replete glistening. It quickly enlarged, immediately covering the sky and earth, turning into a great mountain, crushing down on this world.

“Heaven Covering Imprint!”

Someone cried out in alarm, recognizing what it was.

“To be more precise, it should be an imitation of the Heaven Covering Imprint. If the true supreme treasure came out, who could stop it?” A few people commented quietly, their eyes brilliant.

Even though it was an imitation, it was still astonishing. All supreme treasures were difficult to imitate, because there was first a material issue, if the material wasn’t top quality, then it definitely couldn’t be used, second that countless complex and profound symbols had to be engraved, so how could normal people understand how to do these things? It was difficult even for some ancient families.

Imitations were normally things that were passed down through glorious and celebrated long life families, only they had the qualifications to have access to these legendary unmatched supreme treasures!

The Heaven Covering Imprint had long been enlarged to the size of an enormous desolate mountain, releasing a hazy and indistinct green radiance. A savage aura poured out from its surface, as if they were in the great wilderness.


The great imprint smashed down. Shi Hao released a great roar, facing it, activating endless lightning. Electricity erupted everywhere, blasting towards the Heaven Covering Imprint.

Under the intense collision, dazzling and resplendent light shone, this place becoming chaotic, a few mountain peaks collapsing under the Heaven Covering Imprint’s descent, this result completely produced by a wave of divine force fluctuations.

Even though this Heaven Covering Imprint was an imitation, its power was definitely astonishingly great.

In the end, when the light receded, Shi Hao was crushed under the imprint, as if he was a demonic god who carried an archaic great peak on his back!

“Suppressed!” Someone cheered happily.

“Older sis Jin Yi really is formidable, this type of method something no one can overcome!”

The silver-robed woman breathed heavily. Activating the great imprint in reality consumed quite a bit of divine force, her complexion turning slightly pale. If not for her sensing that Shi Hao was exceptionally frightening, she definitely wouldn’t use this secret treasure rashly in front of another.

“Suppress me? You all overthought things.” Right at this moment, the male underneath the great imprint spoke, his gaze like lightning. He carried the Heaven Covering Imprint, gradually straightening his back!

Then, his body surged with brilliance, branches that were like those of a willow tree appeared one after another, turning into divine chains of order, binding around the Heaven Covering Imprint.


The great peak became smaller extremely quickly, in the end turning into an inch tall emerald green small imprint. He grabbed it with a single motion.

“This thing really is sturdy, quite unordinary, should be a rather convenient weapon, pretty good for smacking someone.” Shi Hao said. He activated bone texts, completely refining it, and then swallowed it with a single gulp.

“You… return my secret treasure!” Jin Yi was alarmed and furious.

“Using your words, it’s survival of the fittest. You are nothing more than a loser, so aren’t your things mine?” Shi Hao mocked.

The silver-robed woman’s face fell. She collected herself, feeling like there was a serious issue. This youth was too formidable, she couldn’t see through him at all, not easy to deal with.

“Friend, why is there a need to go so far? Is all of this worth it for a girl who came from a savage land?” The silver-robed woman Jin Yi said.

“Then what kind of place are savage lands?” Shi Hao asked.

“This wild girl came from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, compared to the Nine Heavens, that place is a destitute place. The two of us should become friends, there is no need to fight for her sake.” Jin Yi said.

“You are simply courting disaster!” Feng Wu laughed, not getting angry.

“Quite regretful, I am also from this savage land. We can’t be friends, but beating you into dog brains isn’t a problem!” Shi Hao said coldly.

At this moment, this place erupted into commotion, everyone becoming shocked. Who was this person? He also came from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces? Why did they never hear of him before?

“You also came from a savage land?!” Jin Yi’s eyes were deep and cold, continuously stepping backwards.

Shi Hao’s expression became more and more cold, staring straight at her.


Jin YI rushed to take action, a Taotie rushing out from her hands, wishing to seize the decisive opportunity, because she knew that there was no way the grudge between the two could be dissolved. There were some things that couldn’t be taken back after they were spoken.

Taotie, its aura devouring mountains and rivers, its enormous figure towering below the heavens, exceptionally frightening.

Only, she encountered Shi Hao, his body unmatched. He directly rushed over, with a honglong sound grabbing that Taotie and directly flipping it over, everything done completely through physical strength.

The group of people were all stunned, completely stupefied. Just how barbaric of a person was this? His strength was just too great!


Shi Hao brandished his fists, making the void resonate, smashing towards the Taotie.

This ancient beast was formed from symbols, but it wasn’t much different from the real thing. It opened its mouth, a bloody smell immediately spreading, able to devour the heavens and absorb the earth, even able to devour the void, making the surroundings immediately darken.

However, despite this being the case, it could still only suffer a great loss. The Taotie had its vertebra smashed apart by three fists from Shi Hao, coming crashing down as if golden mountains were shifted, jade pillars were collapsed, turning into symbol patterns once more.

At the same time, Shi Hao’s arms moved. Like a great Peng divine king, he immediately dove down, carrying large amounts of golden feather afterimages, screaming noises sounding as he dove murderously towards the silver-robed woman.


She displayed precious methods to resist, moreover shouting out, “I will fight a decisive battle against you with present world methods!”

Unfortunately, even though she was unordinary, her methods excellent, how could she compare to Shi Hao on this path? Even Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders had previously said that only him and Cao Yusheng truly succeeded, transcending above in a certain cultivation realm of the present world methods!


Shi Hao scattered her precious technique with a stamp of his feet, and then his right leg swept out, striking her until she coughed out blood.

Jin Yi activated secret treasures, many types of weapons rushing out. However, when Shi Hao threw himself forward, his hands continuously moved, completely crushing them under ka ka sounds.

The silver-robed woman shifted locations, not fighting against him head-on, wishing to face him with secret methods from the distance, using precious techniques to kill him.

Unfortunately, when she discovered that this individual’s flesh was matchless, his precious techniques also incomparable, she was completely frightened. It was because when some bone texts landed on the other party’s body, they didn’t produce any effects.


That youth’s right hand reached out like a dragon claw, tearing at the void, making Jin Yi’s expression change greatly, quickly evade. As a result, with a pu sound, the silver robe had a large piece torn off, turned into ashes in that hand.

One of her lotus root like arms was exposed. Even though her skin hadn’t been scratched, the strong winds alone made that place red like blood, about to rupture.


Jin Yi released a light shout. When Shi Hao approached, she silently activated two strands of immortal energy. They were like two exceptional immortal blades, quickly and ruthlessly hacking at his head.

“You will never know how frightening someone who cultivated two strands of immortal energy is!” Jin Yi said quietly, the expression in her eyes ruthless as she stared at Shi Hao, revealing a cold smile.

In the distance, everyone cried out in alarm.

Feng Wu even more so couldn’t help but curse out, saying, “Shameless, going back on your word, striking your own mouth!”

“You can go on your way!” Jin Yi said coldly.

However, after her voice sounded, it didn’t produce any effects. That person raised his right hand naturally, grabbing the two strands of immortal energy.


Jin Yi was shocked. She was inferior to this youth in present world methods, but even when she suddenly used two strands of immortal energy, she was still not a match. She discovered with horror that there were unexpectedly three strands of immortal energy that were faintly appearing in that youth’s palm!


Shi Hao grabbed her neck with a single motion, directly lifting her over.

“You only have this bit of skill, what is there to be so arrogant of?!” These cold words felt as if a whip lashed at her face, making her feel intense pain and humiliation.

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