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Chapter 1180 - Searching for Old Friends

The forest was deep and secluded, mountain peaks rising and falling, cobblestone alleys winding about through the lush bamboo forests. The natural sounds of rivers moving through mountains had a unique type of peaceful feeling.

Shi Hao and Qing Yi walked on the path. After emerging from seclusion, they directly headed to this place, wishing to meet some old friends.

It was because most of the people who came from the three thousand provinces chose present world methods, concentrated here.

“Your heavenly passages are already perfect, unprecedented, could be already said to be blessed by heavens in the present world methods. Do you not plan on continuing down this path?” Qing Yi asked, her pure and beautiful face extremely gentle and calm, giving one a peaceful feeling.

“Naturally will keep going, just want to spend some time on fully researching the ancient method. Only by comparing both will I be able to find what I am looking for, obtain the greatest chance.” Shi Hao said.

He cultivated three strands of immortal energy, this was something that wasn’t easy at all, almost paying his life as the price for obtaining them, so he naturally couldn’t just give up on them. Similarly, he was born in this world, so how could he abandon the present world methods?

It was to the extent where he had the great ambition, a type of wild hope to create a brand new method, a type of method that belonged only to him!

That was his path, one that was different from the rest, one that would truly allow him to transcend above.

Shi Hao began to think to himself, wondering how he was going to continue. How was he going to forge his own unique path?

“What’s wrong?” Qing Yi asked.

“It’s nothing. I’m going to reunite with some old friends, so I’m naturally quite happy. They are definitely going to be quite surprised right, be pleasantly surprised.” Shi Hao said with a laugh, snapping out of his daze.

After not meeting for a long time, some of them likely thought that he had died. After such a long time of not seeing him, they didn’t see him die or see his corpse. Many rumors were being spread around, all of them saying that Yuan Qing banished him, sending him to his death.

Right now, it was still only those who cultivated the ancient methods who knew that he came back alive.

“They will definitely be shocked, but there are some who definitely guessed that you are still alive, having confidence in you.” Qing Yi laughed, and then said, “Haven’t seen the Lunar Jade Rabbit and Feng Wu in a while, do miss them a bit.”

Shi Hao was astonishing. Regardless of whether it was Yue Chan or Qing Yi, both of them were intelligent and aloof, normally lacking this type of young lady style, usually pure and composed.

“Back then, in Fire Province border’s Goddess Academy, it was all thanks to Feng Wu’s care that I was able to calmly remain there.” Qing Yi sighed. That was a period of her life that she wouldn’t forget.

When Shi Hao heard this, he also thought of many things, feeling like it really was quite amusing. He was supposed to join Goddess Academy, yet in the end was brought away by Qi Daolin, becoming Supreme Being Dao Rite’s disciple.

“Since we are on this topic, me and Feng Wu have quite the unusual relationship too.” Shi Hao nodded and said with a smile.

In the past, before he arrived in the Three Thousand Provinces, his primordial spirit had already visited Copper Sparrow Altar along the Void God Realm to fight Feng Wu, seizing victory over her at the time.

Back then, Feng Wu wore yellow clothes, beautiful and free from vulgarity, even asking him if he was a monster. Even though the two fought, there was no malice between them, instead developing some admiration for each other.

“Let’s go, we are already almost there.” Shi Hao said with a smile.

“Who? Stop right there!” in the mountain, an elder spoke, guarding the mountain gate.

During the past few days, they did not allow just anyone to enter, sealing down the mountain the entire time. The disciples inside were all undergoing the strictest cultivation, this place belonging to the geniuses who were focused on cultivating the present world methods.

“We have seen senior previously!” The two were rather polite, not daring to act rashly. It was because this was an elder, a true senior expert who was guarding this place.

Shi Hao and Qing Yi declared their purpose for coming here.

“You all cultivate the immortal method, so you two temporarily cannot enter.” The elder frowned.

“I am also studying the present world method, reaching the peak of the Heavenly Passage Realm. Today, I have also come with the desire of exchanging some pointers.” Shi Hao said. He displayed his single heavenly passage, light surrounding him, making him look like a war immortal!

“It’s actually you!” It was clear that even though this elder had never met him before, he had heard of him. After all, no one could match him in the Heavenly Passage Realm.

The two of them entered smoothly, no longer obstructed, because the elder here wished for a youth who had truly transcended above in the heavenly passage domain to be able to bring some form of enlightenment and opportunities for the disciples here.

“Elder, is it possible to share some of the predecessor’s written experiences, secret methods, and other things with me?” Shi Hao walked out a set distance, and then suddenly turned around, asking like this.

“There are only a few damaged methods, the true unmatched profound mysteries are in Sacred Academy. After all, that is the place where the ones with great accomplishments on this path are gathered. The top individuals here are destined to head for Sacred Academy to pursue their studies.” The elder said.

Shi Hao nodded, not staying here any longer, walking into the depths of the mountain region with Qing Yi.

There was a swamp here, toxic gas heavy, deathly energy devastating. However, there was someone cultivating here, refining their body. There was also a peach blossom forest here, formations rotating about, formation patterns overflowing, archaic demonic cliffs that towered into the clouds, silver waterfalls falling from high above.

“The witch, Chang Gongyan, little rabbit, Cao Yusheng, Qin Hao, and the others are all inside. Do we need to look for them all separately?”

Generally speaking, the group of people from the lower realm were all here, but they should have dispersed.

“If you and the witch meet, are you two going to fight it out again?” Shi Hao revealed a smile that was also not a smile, looking at Qing Yi.

“What do you think?” Qing Yi refused to respond directly to this question.

“I feel like the two of you can become good sisters, and then ensnare Yue Chan together.” Shi Hao laughed.

Qing Yi was speechless.

“Yi, you are Fairy Qing Yi, didn’t you decide to cultivate the ancient method? Why did you end up here? Also, who is this one?” Someone appeared, recognizing Qing Yi, but not Shi Hao, because right now, his true body was displayed.

“We came to see some old friends. Dao brother, do you know where Feng Wu is?” Qing Yi asked.

That person’s expression changed slightly, saying quietly, “Her situation can’t be considered that good?”

“What happened?” Qing Yi asked.

“She was seriously injured by someone, having her Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow seized!” After speaking, that person hurriedly left, as if he didn’t want to get involved in any trouble.

“Where is Feng Wu?” Qing Yi’s brows jumped, continuing to ask.

That person didn’t say anything, pointed towards a direction, and then walked away abruptly.

Qing Yi’s quiet and content expression disappeared, finding it difficult to remain calm. Feng Wu treated her extremely well in Goddess Academy, her best friend. Right now, not only did she feel worry, she also looked towards Shi Hao.

“Go, let’s take a look, see who it is that dares to take action like this!” Shi Hao said calmly.

For some reason, when Qing Yi heard him speak, all of her fretfulness and uneasiness completely disappeared. It was because this youth just had that confidence, that type of boldness, able to defeat all opponents himself.

Soon afterwards, news traveled around that someone wanted to find Feng Wu. Quite a few people along the way were shocked, pointing out the way.

“Qing Yi returned, actually able to enter our present world method region! Is she going to take action for Feng Wu? I fear that she might suffer a setback!”

Along the way, many people were alarmed, people coming out of seclusion one after another.

There were more young men who carefully walked up, warning and telling Qing Yi out of good intentions that the enemy was extremely frightening, that she shouldn’t forcefully take action.

Qing Yi’s beauty could topple cities, quite popular in Heavenly Deity Institution. That was why quite a few people were willing to talk to her and advise against her actions.

News traveled out. Jin Yi and Yuan Teng by the waterfall in the distance were alarmed.

“Heh heh, that girl came. Is she going to take action for Feng Wu since they are both from the lower realm?” Jin Yi laughed coldly, and then said, “Go, we should emerge from seclusion. I want to see who dares step foot there!”

Along the way, there were people fighting intensely. One of them was beaten until he flew out, coughing out blood.

“So intense, there are people fighting even on the road.” Shi Hao was shocked.

“What is so special about this? It was even more intense before, battles continuing without end. Right, Qing Yi, quite a few of your people from the three thousand provinces are injured, so you should be careful.” There were more people along the way who reminded.

Soon after, Qing Yi and Shi Hao arrived at a level mountainous region.

Lush and green Pine Trees towered, clear springs murmuring, this place was extremely peaceful. A thatched cottage was situated in this pine forest.

“Who is it?” The thatched cottage door was pushed open. A woman walked out, her complexion a bit yellow, not good at all, her qi and blood a bit dried up and withered.

“Older sis Feng Wu!” Qing Yi cried out in alarm, carefully recognizing her. It was precisely her old friend, her vitality actually injured to this extent.

One had to bear in mind that Feng Wu was originally extremely beautiful, her skin white like ivory, yet now, she was in this kind of state.

Shi Hao also frowned. The enemy’s methods were a bit vicious. He could tell that Feng Wu had already rested for a period of time, yet she still ended up in this type of state, so one could imagine just how dangerous the confrontations of the past were, she almost lost her life.

“It’s you all!” Feng Wu was pleasantly surprised, not expecting these two to come, especially the case when she saw Shi Hao, her eyes even more so becoming brilliant, laughing and saying, “Monster, you are still alive!”

“Just look at what kind of shape you are in now, yet you are still in the mood to smile.” Shi Hao produced a drop of phoenix blood, Heavenly Deity Institution’s divine good. Back then, he had betted against others, winning quite a few drops, now still having some left.

“Sigh, even though I lost this time, I’m not willing to accept this, even more so furious!” The usually optimistic and cheerful Feng Wu showed a wave of anger, grinding her teeth and tightly clenching her fists.

“Older sis Feng Wu, who injured you to this state?” Qing Yi asked.

“A woman named Jin Yi. She said she was only going to exchange pointers through present world methods, yet in the end, she used her two strands of immortal energy to seriously injure me, seizing my Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow!” Feng Wu was furious.

One could tell that she received the baptism of the present world methods, indeed having great benefits. Otherwise, why would the other person have to use immortal energy to deal the fatal blow?

“It was actually like this!” Qing Yi was angry.

“I just want to see who it is that dares to visit Feng Wu. Does the one I defeated want help? Is there anyone who dares come out and take action?” An indifferent voice sounded.

A silver-robed woman walked over, stopping in the distance.

Yuan Teng stood at her side. There were also a few others, this group having both men and women.

“Jin Yi!” Feng Wu said through clenched teeth.

“I was wondering who it was, isn’t this Qing Yi?” Jin Yi was completely calm in this situation, smiling indifferently.

The woman at her side even more so swaggered over, walking in front of the thatched cottage, walking a few circles around Shi Hao, Qing Yi, and Feng Wu, saying with a smile, “Found two helpers, just you two, yet you want to get revenge?”

“Get lost from this place, we’ll settle things in a bit.” Shi Hao said coldly. He swept his eyes towards the silver-robed woman, not giving the woman in front of him even a glance. Then, he gave Feng Wu the phoenix blood, having her take it.

“Who are you? Who do you think you are, even daring to treat me with such disrespect!” The woman who walked up said coldly, incredibly arrogant.

“Get lost!” Shi Hao directly berated, making the void shake, as if a great violet-gold hammer smashed down, making this woman’s complexion pale, blood flow from the corners of her lips. Her entire body flew outwards, smashing into a stone cliff that wasn’t too far out.

Everyone in the surroundings was shocked.

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