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Chapter 1175 - Ancient Pill

This dragon eye fruit sized pill medicine was dark golden in color, carrying a metallic tactile feel, but there was still a bit of a light fragrance. This was rather difficult for one to understand, even after endless time had passed, the pill medicines buried under the ashes still carried a type of spirituality, truly astonishing.

Even though a large amount of the medicinal characteristics couldn’t help but be lost, the fact that they could still retain these characteristics spoke about how unordinary they were.

“Could it really be a Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill?” Shi Hao held it in his palm, looking at the patterns on it, the star shaped marks and indistinct divine birds and vicious beasts’ figures.

Was this even a pill medicine? These designs weren’t carved on by someone right? The great dao traces are just too distinct, fully displaying all things between heaven and earth.

“This isn’t a Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill, but its effects wouldn’t be too inferior!” Mo Dao spoke, his eyes becoming bright like two divine flames.

“You recognize it?” Shi Hao turned around.

“I’ve previously seen records of it in bone books. When unmatched immortal pills are refined, these types of pills would often be produced along with them. Even though they can’t compare to true immortal pills, they are still extremely precious for cultivators, able to help one cast off their old self and undergo a complete change.

Shi Hao nodded when he heard this. If the mysterious immortal pill was destroyed in the refinement process, then the pills that accompanied them wouldn’t be able to escape this result either.

He put it away, carefully storing it in a jade bottle.

During this process, Mo Dao also had some gains, using a white jade container to collect some liquid, the fragrance wafting through the air.

They didn’t dare waste time. Even though the stone furnace was large, there were too many powerful individuals here. No matter how many good things there were, it still wasn’t enough to divide among them all.

Fortunately, there was immortal energy pervading through this place, with special natural laws suppressing them. Many divine abilities couldn’t be used, and even the Heavenly Eyes lost effectiveness.

It was because this was a precious furnace, its owner considering too many things when refining medicine back then, not allowing others to pry into his methods, establishing inextinguishable restrictions.

This was precisely the reason why the pill medicines under the ashes weren’t immediately swept clean by this group of people.

“This stone pill furnace looks like a mountain outside, but when we are inside, it looks even larger than what we have imagined, the perimeter eight hundred li at least, simply inconceivable!”

Just what kind of person was the one concocting pills, needing such a large amount of space?

A great explosion had happened before in the pill furnace, many things that had spirituality left behind them, all of them various types of accompanying pills!

“Really wonder what type of great medicine that person back then was trying to refine, leaving behind so much ashes. It doesn’t seem like he was refining a pill medicine, but rather the essence of a small world.” Someone said with a sigh.

Those who entered all had some type of gains, revealing looks of surprise.

In a certain area, light rushed into the heavens, brightly colored mists dense. That was the place where medicinal nature gathered, containing strong fragrance. Ten pieces of pill medicine fragments were discovered there, all of them snow-white like jade.

At first glance, they looked like fine resin, their surface not having any patterns, but one could still vaguely hear the scripture sounds released from within them.

“Good stuff! This might be fragments of the main medicine after the refinement failed!” Mo Dao said with shock.

There was naturally an intense battle that happened here, the young supreme beings who had three strands of immortal energy duking it out here, strong winds stirring, precious technique clashing. Even Wang Xi used her Chaos Calming Art.

Shi Hao and Mo Dao joined in, fighting over them.

“What a pity, too much time had passed, the loss of medicinal characteristics too serious. Otherwise, these pill medicine fragments are enough to help one undergo rebirth, continuously shed their body and exchange their bones. These are but pills refined by an immortal!” Someone said with an exclaim of admiration.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. Not much could resist the corrosion of time.

However, they all knew that despite this being the case, these snow-white pill fragments were still priceless, able to substantially improve one’s body. It was because there were pill medicine masters here who immediately examined their medicinal characteristics.

It was to the extent where it wasn’t a major issue for one to undergo a full rebirth.

However, such precious pill medicine, after exploding in the past, was completely given up on by the furnace’s master, not collected.

Everyone had reason to believe that the reason why the pill furnace had so many cracks, long half destroyed, might be related to the final pill refinement. After the defeat, not only were the pills defeated, even the furnace itself cracked.

“Out of the way!”

Lu Tuo shouted, clashing again with Mo Dao. Light erupted into the skies between the two, the radiance about to submerge the entire furnace.

“The one who should leave is you!” Shi Hao shouted, joining their battle. He had nothing to hide now, immediately forming a Kun Peng Fist when he raised his hand, releasing a strong attack right from the get go.


The Kun Peng could devour heaven and earth, endlessly vast.

When Shi Hao’s body unfolded, an indistinct world appeared behind him. An enormous creature appeared, changing from a fish to a bird, swimming through the stellar seas of the cosmos, tearing through endless stellar rivers and shattering millions and millions of stars.

That type of aura was too terrifying, those present were even more so shocked!

This was the Kun Peng, with a spread of its wings, forget about great seas, not even the cosmos sea could contain it, able to destroy all those in its path!


Between Shi Hao and Lu Tuo, thousands of streaks of divine light erupted, tearing apart the void. The sound was deafening, the divine force waves sending many experts flying.

However, they didn’t fight to the death, not wishing to waste time. It was because they were fighting over these snow-white pill medicine pieces.


Shi Hao immediately seized a piece with a raise of his hand. 

At this moment, five-colored light radiated, chaotic energy surging. Ten Crown King took action, the small tree in his hands sweeping over. He shouted, “Seal the Universe!”

Chaotic light flashed. Shi Hao’s hand and that pill medicine seemed to be restricted, the World Tree’s reputation not in vain!


A powerful gale swept about. In front of Shi Hao’s hand, an entirely dark green enormous willow tree that ultimately flickered with bits of golden radiance appeared.

He formed a magical imprint, displaying Willow Deity’s method, displaying its terrifying profound mysteries. Endless wisps were released from a single fist, the willow tree turning into endless divine chains of order, binding towards that World Tree sapling.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao brought away that snow-white piece of pill medicine.

At the same time, he sent a fist smashing at Ten Crown King. It was as if stars collided between the two of them. The radiance was blinding, and then immediately afterwards, it was as if heaven and earth were being destroyed, continuously growing dim.

A great chaotic battle erupted. The cultivators who cultivated three strands of immortal energy competed against each other, fighting over those snow-white medicine pieces.


Xuan Kun coughed out blood, injured in this battle.

In reality, after fighting to this extent, these young supreme beings were all bleeding. The chaotic battle was too fierce, fighting whoever they saw, no one backing off.

It was to the extent where there was even a cultivator with two strands of immortal energy who wanted to try his luck, but was beaten up in the end, a large amount of bloody mist erupting from his entire body.

If not for Fourth Elder promptly taking action to protect his primordial spirit, his body and mind would have been destroyed on the spot.

With things like this, there were no other cultivators who dared approach half a step. This place became a battlefield only young supreme beings could fight in, becoming a restricted area.

Fighting this intense battle left even Shi Hao in a sorry state, blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, the clothes covering his body in tatters, extremely miserable.

Of course, his opponents weren’t all that better off, every one of them carrying injuries that weren’t light.

For example, with a chi la sound, Shi Hao directly tore off a large piece of Princess Yao Yue’s silk battle clothes when they were fighting over a snow-white pill medicine fragment.

“Shi Hao, you scoundrel!” Princess Yao Yue cried out in alarm.

It was because her jade arm was now completely exposed, and because the piece of cloth that was torn off was a bit large, even some of her snow-white shoulder and back was revealed.

One had to bear in mind that this divine silk was incredibly tough, sturdier than many divine gold battle armors, but under the Kun Peng Claw, it was still destroyed. If not for its protection, Shi Hao would have likely injured her body.


Shi Hao suffered an attack from the back. This was a golden imprint, firmly striking him on the back, a type of secret treasure Wang Xi activated.


Shi Hao coughed out blood. Even though it didn’t injure his muscles and bones, his blood and qi were stirred, still receiving a set amount of damage.

“Did I not deal with you properly enough just now?!” Shi Hao roared angrily at Wang Xi, actually being injured from a hidden attack.


Meanwhile, Lu Tuo took action again, producing a hundred and eight large hand imprints, sending them smashing towards Shi Hao. There were millstone-sized large palms everywhere.


Several hundred golden willow branches surged, rushing towards Lu Tuo. Then, Shi Hao even more so rushed into the air, sending his foot straight at Lu Tuo’s chest.


However, while in the intense confrontation, his body suddenly changed directions, instantly disappearing from his original location, attacking towards Wang Xi who attacked with her precious artifact again.

Human figures flew about, young supreme experts fighting for supremacy!


Eventually, Shi Hao’s palm smashed into Wang Xi’s chest, shattering the divine gold armor there, the heart protecting precious mirror even more so directly exploding. Wang Xi coughed out large amounts of blood, flying outwards.

She was humiliated and furious. A palm imprint appeared on her body, the imprint too clear.

“Lu Tuo, hand over your life!” Shi Hao roared angrily, rushing into the sky again. Lightning surged around his entire body, hands forming imprints, as if he was stirring the sun, moon, and stars as he moved. There was electricity all around him, forming a seal of cosmos, constructing the heavenly stars. Stellar rivers emerged one after another, all of them shining resplendently.


Heavenly thunder crashed down, stars formed from lightning exploding one after another, drowning out the area Lu Tuo was at. Shi Hao took action again, fighting an intense battle against him.

“Also, you, Ten Crown King, do you really think the Dragon Fist is unmatched?!”

Shi Hao slaughtered his way to the east, and then fought to the west, continuously exchanging attacks, his black hair flying about chaotically, eyes releasing lightning-like radiance; he was like an unmatched war god.

In the end, this battle finally concluded. The young supreme beings were all injured, blood dyeing their battle clothes.

Shi Hao obtained three pieces of snow-white pill medicine fragments. This could be considered a rewarding journey, his benefits tremendous!

When they returned, everyone immediately went into isolation, using the pill medicines they obtained to treat their injuries.

When a piece of snow-white pill medicine was dissolved in a cauldron with a fragrant divine spring, Shi Hao entered inside to refine his body.

The effects were astonishing. The immortal dao aura was absorbed, the divine essence entering his body. Then, a bit of black-colored impurity was expelled from his body’s pores.

At this moment, Shi Hao felt like his body was light and his body strong, his body becoming quite a bit more agile, as if he now really did have this immortal dao aura.

“This is just too crazy!”

He couldn’t help but sigh, because there was a layer of black matter that was removed from his body. Just how filthy was his body for this type of thing to happen?

“There is no need to think too much, it is because this is the first time you have tried to operate the white jade mountain’s characters and dao methods, and then used the corresponding immortal ancient pill medicine, which is why the effects were extremely great, having this unordinary transformation. From a certain perspective, this is the first time you cultivated and used an Immortal Ancient method, which resulted in this first transformation, the effects of it naturally extraordinary!”

Shi Hao still had two pieces of snow-white pill medicine fragments in his hand. He lowered his head, not knowing what other types of changes they could bring.

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