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Chapter 1174 - Meeting As True Self

A cry of alarm sounded. That sword core was stopped, the small black sword the female infant carried growing dim, leaving her shocked.

The primordial spirit sword was unstoppable, so how could it be damaged? Wang Xi was confused, starting to panic a bit.

Shi Hao was even more shocked. If it was an ordinary person, they would have long begun to age, how could they resist the power of reincarnation? This was especially the case after the third type of precious technique was added, the power flourishing even greater, profound meaning becoming more complex.

However, Wang Xi’s primordial spirit didn’t age, only the small black sword becoming damaged.

Wang Xi didn’t dare face this attack, quickly flying back to her physical body, not willing to take risks. It was because her primordial spirit hadn’t fully merged with the sword core, not achieving the state of all methods immunity, sturdy and unbreaking degree. If she delayed any longer, she might suffer a disaster.

Only after it underwent a great change, the female infant changing, her primordial spirit fully becoming a sword core would she have reached an unmatched state. When that time came, she couldn’t care less what type of method the other party used, she would just directly cut them down!


A rain of light danced about, sweeping through this place. Heaven’s light, Reincarnation, and the third technique activated together, the energy devouring mountains and rivers, slaughtering their way over to Wang Xi, sweeping through her primordial spirit, making it dim quite a bit.


The female infant brandished the sword. The small black sword immediately cracked, and then began to break down under Shi Hao’s three types of symbols, a piece breaking off.

Her primordial spirit suffered damage, but it was because of this that she was able to struggle free, rushing towards her physical body.

Just now, if not for being attacked by the sword core, Shi Hao would have tried to deal with the physical body a long time ago. Right now, he naturally didn’t let it go.


In the end, it was still Wang Xi’s primordial spirit that was a step faster, returning to her body.

“Still lacking a bit of maturity, if the primordial spirit had completely turned into a sword core, that is the true unmatched state. At that time, it would be the opponent that would be running for their lives!” Many people sighed.

Wang Xi was in a difficult situation, making quite a few people feel regret.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Hao arrived, grabbing Wang Xi’s physical body.


An expanse of sword light flew over. Wang Xi’s physical body grew dim, blood spilling out from the corners of her lips, but in the end, she was still powerless to reverse the situation, captured by Shi Hao.

On her body, the golden willow branches shone, sparkling and brilliant, locking her body down tightly. Even her dress was tightly pressed against her body, fully displaying her wonderful curves.

Blood flowed out from the corners of Wang Xi’s lips. When she activated the primordial spirit sword core to clash with Shi Hao’s precious techniques, the injuries she received weren’t light.

“Dao friend, you lost.” Shi Hao lifted Wang Xi up. Right now, she was she was wrapped up by the golden willow branches like a zongzi.

Wang Xi was both humiliated and angry. Her current appearance was extremely indecent. Being carried in someone’s hands like this, what kind of status did she have? She was a girl blessed by the heavens, Wang Family’s most brilliant pearl, yet right now, she was in such a sullen state.

Calling her dao friend was even more so a type of mockery. In the past, she invited Shi Hao into Heavenly Deity Institution as a dao friend, having him follow at her side.

However, later on, a series of events happened, causing Shi Hao and the Wang Family to have a falling out. She wanted to size up just how strong this dao friend of hers was, the result was that she was captured instead.

“Wang Xi was captured!”

“Heavens! The most perfect fairy in my heart fell in that fella’s hands!”

“That is but a long life family’s daughter! Her status is extremely high, worthy of respect, yet she has been defeated here!”

This place became noisy, everyone on the stone furnace looking forward.

For Wang Xi, this felt like the heavens collapsing. There were gratitudes and grudges to begin with, and then scandalous rumors, now she ended up in his hands, the results were just too horrible to imagine.

Even if he let her go, when this event travelled out, it would also produce a huge controversy!

She cultivated a primordial sword core, originally believing that she could defeat all enemies, never expecting that she would still suffer such a great defeat, leaving her incredibly shocked.

After a short period of clamoring, everyone began to feel shock over Shi Hao’s true identity!

It was to the extent where Shi Hao’s reveal was comparable to Wang Xi being captured, making the commotion even greater!

“This is precisely Huang! Truly too young, only around twenty years old, yet already possesses such world-shaking skills, cultivating three strands of immortal energy!”

“Even after someone asked Yuan Qing to take action, it still couldn't stop his footsteps. He still arrived in Heavenly Deity Institution. This youth is simply a heaven warping immortal talent!”

Shi Hao stood on the stone furnace, the bones in his body releasing pi pa sounds like beans being stir-fried. At the same time, his body became even taller, his appearance also changing, revealing his delicate and handsome face.

This was the first time he revealed his true appearance in Heavenly Deity Institution!

In that instant, many cries of alarm sounded.

Qing Yi’s clothes moved about, waving towards him.

Yue Chan’s expression was complex, her face immediately changing, saying to herself, “It is him after all!”

“This is Huang? Turns out to be like this, so delicate and handsome, I thought he was some mighty and domineering buff guy!”

“Is this not mighty enough? Do you no see him carrying Fairy Wang Xi in his hands?” Someone said quietly.

When Wang Xi heard this, she immediately felt a wave of resentment. She was a young supreme being, yet she was captured by another. How could this be endured?

At this time, Lu Tuo and Mo Dao already stopped fighting.

“Is there anyone else who wants to come and fight?” Shi Hao said, looking at Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, Ten Crown King, and others.

“What is the point in fighting anymore? Huang, I am seriously inviting you to come to my family as a guest. We won’t bother with expensive gifts, just give you this Wang Family girl.” Princess Yao Yue giggled.

Everyone became speechless.

Wang Xi became angry. Even though her movements were restricted, unable to struggle free from Shi Hao’s grasp, she still couldn’t hold herself back from scowling.

At the same time, she felt humiliated. There was nothing worse than being put in this type of state in front of her adversary. The two had always been competing, and now, she was being carried by a male like this.

“Are there any benefits?” Shi Hao asked, his expression completely serious.

“What do you want?” Princess Yao Yue said with a smile, putting out quite the happy appearance. The suffering of her adversary made her feel great joy, the most joyous event.

“What can you give me? Ancient heavenly method, Vicious Ten precious technique, or get the Wang Family’s Chaos Calming Art? If you can, then I’ll immediately give her to you.” Shi Hao said.

“So generous? Let me think a bit, see if there is a way to get the Chaos Calming Art out of her. I am quite interested in this method known as one of the three great sword arts since ancient times as well.” Princess Yao Yue said.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Were these two going to become human traffickers, discussing Wang Xi’s value? It was a bit too much.

Sure enough, this was the first time Wang Xi felt this angry. Her body trembled slightly, almost fainting on the spot.

After the great battle, the atmosphere was originally extremely tense and serious, yet these two were now discussing how she was going to be sold, making others not know whether to laugh or cry.


At this time, an elder’s cough sounded. Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fourth Elder came, moreover saying, “All of you are academy students, so please do not go past exchanging pointers. You all must not humiliate each other.”

He then looked at Shi Hao and said, “Little friend, I have to ask you to please let go.”

Shi Hao felt helpless, long knowing that he couldn’t kill anyone in Heavenly Deity Institution, nor could he truly bring away a captive, so he could only let go, giving Wang Xi back her freedom.

“Alright, you’ve all fought long enough, please lower your respective disputes, return peace to this place. You all may search for precious pills on your own.” Fourth Elder said.

Shi Hao was quite decisive, placing Wang Xi on the ground. The golden willow branches around her immediately disappeared. Her freedom was returned, so she immediately leapt out, pulling open a set distance from Shi Hao.

“Let’s go!” Shi Hao brought Mo Dao with him into the stone furnace.

Then, Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and the others didn’t dare fall behind, all of them moving out as well.

As for the others, when they saw that the young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy had all gone inside, only then did they dare rush in. Otherwise, they were scared that they might be stopped by others.

The stone furnace was extremely large. When one went inside, it was as if they entered the belly of an archaic great peak. It was extremely spacious, the floor covered in layers of ashes. Immortal energy swirled upwards, rising up into the sky.

Shi Hao and the other sighed in admiration. So many years had already passed, yet the medicinal characteristics were still there, releasing immortal dao energy. Meanwhile, there were some places that still surged with auspicious light.

“This is something the academy’s elders purposely left behind.” They sighed inwardly, clearly a natural luck that was gifted to them.

“A pool of divine liquid!” Shi Hao was shocked. He found an area where divine light surged. After digging through the ashes, what was revealed was actually bits of divine liquid that hadn’t dried up to this day.

A sweet fragrance wafted outwards. There’s wasn’t much liquid in the pool, but it was still extraordinary.

“Collect!” Shi Hao said. He produced a three inch sized small jade container, collecting all of the liquid.

“Divine pill!” Someone cried out from the distance, feeling extremely shocked. There was someone who discovered a golden divine pill from the ashes, this pill definitely extraordinary.

“Everyone, give it your all. No one knows just how many divine medicines had been refined in this stone furnace in the ancient past, those ruins perhaps the only place it had stopped over for a long time.”


Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, focusing on the most the most bizarre areas. He saw a place where immortal energy was rising from, and then began to dig at the thick ashes again.

“What pill’s fragments are these from?” Shi Hao had a vague feeling that something was off.

He found a pill medicine fragment the size of a dragon fang, on it all types of patterns, truly mysterious-looking.

Shi Hao held it in his hands, his mind pounding greatly. Could this be a fragment of a Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill? He had long heard that just a single mishap when refining this type of immortal pill would result in everything exploding, only leaving behind pill medicine fragments.

1. Sweet rice and fillings wrapped in leaves and boiled

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