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Chapter 1176 - Rising to Heavenly Deity

Fourth Elder’s explanation helped Shi Hao understand a lot more, feeling as if he was relieved from a burden. Meanwhile, he still had two more immortal pill fragments in hand, so he naturally couldn’t waste them.

Right now, everyone was in seclusion just like him, even the foreign guest Mo Dao, using the pill medicine he obtained to cleanse his body.

After releasing a sigh, Shi Hao began to cultivate calmly, having his body and mind become clear. Then, he prepared a bone cauldron and divine spring again, dissolving the second piece of snow-white pill medicine fragment.

Faint spiritual energy rose, sweet fragrance wafting out, making one want to take a few sips.

Shi Hao undressed, and then entered this large cauldron again to refine his body and soul, temper his flesh and bones, allow his body to undergo further mysterious transformations.

After hearing Fourth Elder and the others’ advice, he didn’t directly eat the pill medicine, because endless time had passed after all, so if there were some toxic effects, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with them.

He directly soaked in the medicinal liquid, the immortal dao matter that could be used acquired through mysterious arts, not needing to worry about any toxins entering his body.

The medicinal liquid in the cauldron boiled. Shi Hao’s skin began to shine, the injuries he had before starting to close, long recovered from. His flesh became more and more brilliant under the medicinal nature’s effects.

When one looked from not far away, his body looked like it was carved from platinum, possessing a type of brilliant splendor, containing explosive power.

Shi Hao closed his eyes, breathing deeply. Medicinal fragrance wafted out, rising up from the watery mist, but it didn’t spread into the distance. In the end, all of the spiritual essence entered his body.

Moreover, wisps of ash-white mists surged in his body, exchanging with the essence of the medicinal liquid.

“It truly is strange. I cultivated the present world methods, flesh already becoming near perfect, not having any filthiness left, so how can it be that as soon as I came into contact with Immortal Ancient’s millions of symbols, there were some impurities released?”

Shi Hao was confused. Could it be that Immortal Ancient methods far surpassed present world methods?

He shook his head, this shouldn’t be the case. Previously, Fourth Elder already explained it quite clearly. It should just be the effects of the ancient pill together with the Immortal Ancient method that led to such miraculous results.

He thought silently to himself, carefully analyzing what was happening. Even though Shi Hao didn’t truly cultivate Immortal Ancient methods, only achieving initial success from the profound meanings contained within the characters, he still already understood that the cultivation systems were different, the methods in which they opened up one’s inner treasury different, so the areas where the emphasis was placed on were naturally different as well.

That was why even though the present world method looked like it was cultivated to the limit, the body seemingly perfect, in the eyes of Immortal Ancient, there were still many areas of his body’s potential that weren’t fully unlocked.

Meanwhile, this reasoning was similarly applicable to the Immortal Ancient method. Even if one cultivated the mysterious techniques from the last great era to their peak, seemingly perfect, if one examined them from the perspectives of the current world, their bodies’ potential might not necessarily be fully released.

Precisely because of this, when the cultivation method was changed, only then would there be a bit of impurity eliminated. It was because for this type of method, there was still room for improvement.

When the second snow-white immortal pill was mostly absorbed, Shi Hao’s body once again felt more flexible, and his spiritual senses became sharper as well. This was a type of clear evolution.

However, there were no improvements to his divine force, merely his body becoming more and more nimble, giving him a feeling of great aloofness, as if he was an immortal that was exiled into the human world.

Soon afterwards, the second immortal pill fragment’s medicinal effects were completely absorbed.

Shi Hao didn’t stop. He inserted the final snow-white immortal pill fragment into the cauldron, starting to refine his body again.

His body was still changing, but it wasn’t as obvious, only slight transformations. After he absorbed most of the medicinal characteristics, the changes completely stopped, as if they lost effects.

“This type of medicine isn’t too useful for me anymore. Its use for me in this realm has already reached its limit.” Shi Hao came to this conclusion.

It was quite regretful. This immortal pill fragment had been buried in ashes for too long, the medicinal characteristics’ essence loss severe. Otherwise, the medicinal strength would be many times greater than it was right now.

Shi Hao shook his head. That was an unmatched great medicine refined by immortal dao experts, so if it wasn’t damaged, he wouldn’t be able to use it at all, because the medicinal effects would likely make him explode on the spot. After all, he was still only in the Holy Sacrifice Realm.

Shi Hao didn’t waste any time, circulating the Immortal Ancient characters’ dao principles, absorbing and cultivating, taking in the last of the medicinal strength.

“Yi?!” He was shocked. His body and divine senses sensed a clear change, and the three strands of immortal energy were nourished, one strand even seeming like it was going to form a flower.

One had to bear in mind that Shi Hao already had two great dao flowers, still missing one.

“Continue the seclusion!” Shi Hao said firmly.

It was because he still had some medicines on him, for example, the pill that was produced along with the immortal pills. It was dark golden in color, on its surface stellar patterns and other things, likely not much inferior to the snow-white pill medicine fragments.

Sure enough, there was an astonishing refinement carried out. The dark golden liquid surged in the cauldron, submerging Shi Hao within.

Shi Hao’s third strand of immortal energy continuously condensed, at times turning into a dragon, other times into a divine bird. It appeared above his head, mysterious and unfathomable.

In the end, the immortal energy became thicker and stronger, forming a flower!

Sure enough, after obtaining Immortal Ancient Great Era’s precious medicine’s nourishment, and activating the profound mysteries stored in Immortal Ancient characters, the immortal energy he had underwent a transformation.

“If one wants to cultivate immortal energy, it really is Immortal Ancient method that is best, this way the most suitable!”

Shi Hao said with a sigh. He thought about the corresponding Immortal Ancient scriptures, his mind immediately burning with excitement. Only after being able to recognize and understand the million characters can he carry out further research and evolution.

In the end, Shi Hao used up all of the ancient pills he obtained. Dragon roars and phoenix cries sounded above his head, the scene astonishing.

“Whose area of seclusion is that, why is the disturbance so great?”

“Heavens, stellar streams are interweaving, submerging that area!”

In the distance, many people were alarmed, because the disturbance Shi Hao’s place of seclusion produced was too great, all types of irregular scenes appearing there.

It continuously changed, sometimes stellar streams would fill the skies, sometimes golden lotuses covered the earth, True Dragons soaring, phoenix birds spreading their wings.

Whenever an irregular phenomenon appeared, it would always signify that an exceptional expert was about to emerge, rising into the Heavenly Deity Realm, but there were immediately so many irregular scenes, leaving one’s eyes dazzled.

“There are too many irregular scenes, this person is just too powerful!”

“Who is he? How can he be this astonishing?!”

“Huang, that is his place of seclusion!”

Cries of alarm sounded one after another. After they realized who it was, their expressions all changed. This youth was clearly becoming more and more powerful.

Wang Xi came out from seclusion. Her beautiful hair fluttered about, a complicated expression appearing in her eyes. A small black sword appeared from her forehead, the unmatched sword core of the Chaos Calming Art!

She really wanted to take action, go out and fight, but in the end, she remained silent. She experienced her first defeat not long ago, something that was hard for her to free herself from. She knew that she couldn’t challenge the other person immediately, because it was too difficult for her to win. Only when her primordial spirit completely formed an unmatched sword core would she become unmatched. 

She had confidence that once the sword core was fully cultivated, it could kill all enemies, not even Huang able to withstand it. It was because this was one of the three most powerful sword arts.

This meant that once she achieved great success with Chaos Calming Art, one of the most powerful offensive precious techniques, the sword core would hack through everything, able to erase all enemies!

Lu Tuo also came out from seclusion, currently gazing into the distance, the light in his eyes fluctuating continuously. A layer of clear energy rose around his body, covering him, making him appear a bit indistinct.

Ten Crown King’s eyes contracted. He stood on a mountain peak, staring in that direction, nodding as he muttered to himself, acknowledging that this was a worthy opponent!

“This fella is becoming stronger and stronger, really a freak!” Princess Yao Yue said to herself. She was surrounded by a sphere of moonlight, clean and pure, teeth bright, lips bright red, currently thinking to herself if there was any good way of roping Huang into her family, having him become a powerful assistance for the imperial court.

Stellar rivers fell, True Dragons moved about, phoenix birds underwent rebirth… all of the irregular scenes disappeared!

Meanwhile, in that mountain region, primal chaos swirled about Shi Hao. There was an even more astonishing scene that took place above his head, the third strand of immortal energy condensing into a flower bud, blooming at this moment!

In that instant auspicious light flourished, immortal multicolored light overflowed, sweeping through the heavens above and earth below.

This flower bloomed, immediately brightening up the world.

After waiting for such a long time, he finally cultivated this result, Shi Hao’s third strand of immortal energy was taking form, producing a great dao flower, now fully blooming.


Shi Hao was surrounded within a milky-white bubble. It was extremely suddenly, covering him from head to toe, completely submerging him within. He then felt extremely light and carefree, as if he was going to sprout wings and ascend.

Success! Shi Hao formed three great dao flowers at this moment, already reaching a perfect level.

This was originally something that could only be completed while in the Heavenly Deity Realm, but he already accomplished it while in the Holy Sacrifice Realm.

He definitely couldn’t delay staying in Holy Sacrifice Realm any longer. At this moment, his body shone, every inch of his flesh surging with auspicious multicolored light, immediately advancing to Heavenly Deity Realm!

Shi Hao was now a true heavenly deity, able to look down on all of his peers.

It was because right now, he was only a bit over twenty, still extremely young!

“From his bone structures, he really is too young… able to reach the Heavenly Deity Realm at this age, calling it unprecedented might not be too far from the truth!”

“Has the youngest heavenly deity in history emerged?!”

“Huang is unordinary after all, becoming the youngest and most powerful heavenly deity!”

A few elders and competitors couldn’t help but sigh with astonishment in the academy.

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