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Chapter 1167 - Immortal Seed

The white jade mountain was located in the ruins, the white walls dazzling, sparkling and translucent. The millions of ancient characters flickered about like stars, sparkling with brilliance.

Shi Hao and the others had already gotten onto the mountain peak, because they all yearned for the hundred and eight ancient characters, understanding that they possessed supernatural and immeasurable power, all of them wishing to obtain them.

Unfortunately, it was just as Fourth Elder said. The mountaintop was missing a section, the cut extremely smooth, as if it was removed by someone with an exceptionally sharp weapon.

This was something that happened back in Immortal Ancient. There was no way they could trace it back upstream, too difficult to know what it was that was lost, making one wring their hands and sigh, feel great regret.

“You all don’t need to feel too regretful either. There are some immortal caves in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths that have not been opened up yet. Perhaps the day will come when you all are powerful enough. When you all cultivate even stronger immortal dao energy, you can explore them and find those ultimate immortal texts.” Fourth Elder said.

Everyone felt hope rise up within them. After all, they were just characters, so this jade mountain was definitely not the only place where they were recorded, should be other places.

There was no way they would look down on these characters. When cultivated to the extreme, any character became a weapon, all divine abilities, especially the final hundred and eight characters, all of them carrying the essence of Immortal Ancient, and even more so a type of accumulation of civilization and inheritances.

“Wu, alright, do not be overambitious, it is still best if you all start from the most basic characters. You all can start your study and comprehension with them, if you ever reach any point of confusion, come and ask me for guidance.” Fourth Elder said. 

At the same time, he also told others that this white jade mountain was refined by him and another elder, containing some of their spiritual imprints that could help trigger insights and assist in their comprehension.

Everyone became excited when they heard this, all of them nodding and starting to study them.

At first, they thought that it would be quite easy. After all, they all had strength at the heavenly deity level, so when their primordial spirits swept out, they pretty much remembered everything. However, as they comprehended the method, as time went on, they all began to frown. These were not only characters of a language, but even more so great dao fragments that contained true meaning.

What was the most complex thing in this world? It was naturally the ‘dao’ that was hardest to explain, most difficult to explain, shapeless and formless.

Meanwhile, these characters were a medium of the dao, a tangible path for the innate great dao, a type of comparatively more accurate representation.

Once one grasped these types of characters, one would naturally grasp much of the nature of this world, bringing tremendous benefits towards one’s cultivation.

“Good stuff! Have to grasp it!” Shi Hao said.

The great dao could be displayed through bone texts, and it could also be written using this type of characters. If the two were compared, the benefits would be tremendous.


While everyone was comprehending the method, a loud noise sounded. A young cultivator who cultivated immortal energy coughed out blood, his entire body flying out from the white jade mountain.

Everyone was shocked. While he was studying the ancient character, a monster flew out, treading on flames, its raised head roaring, horns splitting the heavens. That person was injured precisely because of this.

It was just some ancient character, yet when comprehending it, there was this type of result, truly shocking.

Of course, this was also the result of him not fully understanding it and then trying to access the spiritual imprints left behind by the elders. The characters immediately erupted with their greatest power, sending him flying.

Everyone was astonished. If a single character already possessed this type of power when used properly, what if millions of ancient characters were overlaid on top of each other and used then? Just how terrifying would that be?

At the same time, everyone realized that even though this white mountain was sealed by the elders’ spiritual imprint, assisting in their comprehension, it still carried dangers. They might have even been purposely left behind to serve as some type of trial.

Time passed. In a flash, several days passed, all of them receiving benefits.


That day, another tremendous noise sounded. In front of Lu Tuo, several thousand ancient characters spun about, shining as they surrounded him. Eventually, they turned into ten Heavenly Dragons that wound about him, about to tear him apart.

“Not simple, already understanding how to adaptively use them. However, he is still taking risks, placing himself in danger.” Fourth Elder said.

Lu Tuo already comprehended several thousand ancient characters. This really was a magnificent feat within such a short amount of time!

He carved the ancient characters and arranged them, at the same time triggered the imprints left behind by the elder, thus producing an irregular scene, summoning ten Heavenly Dragons formed from characters.


In the end, the ten Heavenly Dragons all split apart, torn apart by Lu Tuo’s body. Blood dyed the skies, but in the end, they turned into light, condensing into symbols.

Lu Tuo’s body staggered, face red, but he calmed down again soon afterwards.

Many people sighed. Supreme beings with three strands of immortal energy were formidable after all, difficult for others to compare to, ridiculously powerful.

“What does this count as? Nothing more than the most basic symbols. If I grasp millions of symbols, then at that time, after further derivation and arrangement of all types of dao laws, only then will the power be fully displayed.” Lu Tuo said softly.

Everyone was left speechless. Lu Tuo was merely at the Heavenly Deity Realm, yet already had this type of performance, this could be considered exceptional.


An expanse of plants appeared where Wang Xi was, every single stalk golden and brilliant as if cast from gold. They were rooted in the void, releasing ten thousand wisps of silk towards her, condensing into divine chains of order to trap and kill her.

It was clear that this was also formed from several thousand characters, producing this dangerous situation.

Wang Xi’s appearance was extremely beautiful. Right now, her beautiful hair reached her waist, delicate body swaying about. She was suffering great pressure. In the end, three strands of immortal energy rushed out from the crown of her head, igniting the golden ancient trees, thus returning peace to this place.

There were many people studying ancient characters here, all of them encountering different issues.

This was especially the case when stars directly appeared where Exiled Immortal was. Then, an expanse of ancient cosmos appeared, smashing downwards, covering him beneath.

That place was extremely mysterious, chaotic energy swirling about. The embryonic form of the cosmos was taking form, rising and falling.

“This youngster really is extremely formidable, could he be that senior’s disciple? Didn’t that person die several hundreds of thousands of years ago?” Light erupted in Fourth Elder’s eyes, feeling extremely shocked.

“Wu, is this the immortal seed produced by the suppression of several thousand ancient characters?” Fourth Elder said to himself.

The others were also surprised. Everything in that expanse of cosmos’ surroundings split apart.

The others looked in that direction, not snapping out of their daze for a long time.

Only when Ten Crown King held a small tree, releasing wisps of chaotic energy, tens of thousands of streaks of dao light crazily sweeping out, already comprehending who knew how many ancient characters did everyone wake up.

“World Tree Sapling!” Fourth Elder was greatly alarmed. Even though he had long been aware, right now, he was still moved.

Ten Crown King couldn’t hide it, because the elders already became aware of it when he entered the academy. The little tree, an unmatched immortal dao treasure, couldn’t be hidden even if he tried.

That was why when he was cultivating now, he didn’t hide it, his cultivation fast and method comprehension accurate.

Meanwhile, in another direction, a beautiful and moving white-clothed beauty who was like the lunar goddess was the most exceptional. As her comprehension silently progressed, a green moon appeared above her head.

Wherever the green moon went, all of the ancient characters shone, flying towards Qing Yi, entering her body, allowing her to comprehend them.

Everyone immediately became stupefied. What was going on? It was just too shocking.

No one expected Qing Yi to have comprehended the most ancient characters out of everyone here. Even Shi Hao, Mo Dao, and the others couldn’t compare to her. She comprehended over ten thousand ancient characters.

“What kind of background does that green moon have?” Everyone was astonished. It seemed to recognize all of the ancient characters. Wherever the moon went, the characters on the jade walls would be read.

“Flame seed left behind after a true immortal died, also the unique ancient flame in the eyes of those in the present world. Why has it remained by her side, not leaving this entire time?” Fourth Elder was even more shocked.

Then, he looked towards Ten Crown King’s little tree.

“Since it’s appeared, then I should speak a bit.” Fourth Elder sighed, his expression solemn and grave. He transmitted sound to everyone, saying, “The path you all have chosen, cultivating ancient methods, there are some basic things that must be explained.”

When everyone heard this, they all listened with rapt attention.

“Choosing to cultivate the ancient method has one condition, which is that you all must select an immortal seed to evolve with oneself. The more extraordinary the immortal seed, the greater one’s achievements would become!” Fourth Elder said.


Everyone turned around one after the other, looking towards Ten Crown King’s little tree that was wrapped in immortal energy. They were aware of the matter with immortal seeds, so they naturally heard about the hidden rumors of the World Tree Sapling.

That was definitely an exceptional immortal seed!

At the same time, they were all quite curious towards Qing Yi’s Green Lunar Flame as well. Could it be that the true immortal of the past might revive?

“The best immortal seeds, are naturally the World Tree, embryonic form of the cosmos, and others. However, these are things that can be stumbled upon but not sought after, not even long life beings necessarily able to obtain them for their descendents.” Fourth Elder said with a sigh.

In that instant, everyone felt great jealousy and envy towards Ten Crown King!

“In a bit, I will bring you all to look for your own immortal seeds.” Fourth Elder said.

“Are there World Trees, Cosmos Seeds?” Someone asked.

“There are countless wondrous things in this world, there will always be many things we do not know about. It isn’t impossible even for something comparable to the World Tree, initial cosmos.” Fourth Elder said, giving everyone hope.

“Where can we find them?” They didn’t believe him too much, but still carried hope.

“Realm Tomb!” Fourth Elder said.

Everyone became shocked. This name made their imaginations run wild.

“Have to increase your strength and overtake the others, cannot be overtaken by the other two academies.” Fourth Elder said.

“The other two academies?” Everyone was greatly alarmed.

“Correct, Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy.” Fourth Elder said.

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