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Chapter 1166 - Immortal Ancient Technique

“There is no reason to give up halfway. I cultivated immortal energy, so I have to at least view the scene from the very top.” Shi Hao replied.

Shi Hao had astonishing achievements on this path, ten heavenly passages merging to one, a pioneer of this method!

If he continued, he might be able to surpass the other cultivation realms as well, which was why the two elders were shocked at his decision, wishing for him to cultivate the current world methods.

The people in the surroundings revealed shocked expressions. This fella really was daring after all, knowing clearly that the path was rugged, full of untold dangers and hardships, yet still wanted to give it a try.

“You should know that even though there are similarities between the ancient methods and the present world inheritances, there are even more areas where they are different. This is especially the case when everything has to return to the beginning, not like the present world method where you’ve already cultivated up until now, long engraved into your bones.”

The Second Elder’s words weren’t without reason, because if one wished to learn immortal ancient method, then they would have to completely start over from the beginning, all of the past glory and accomplishments would have to be cast aside.

Even if one cultivated the present world great methods to a level surpassing all those before them, it would still be completely useless for Immortal Ancient methods. It was because they were different systems, different paths!

How could Shi Hao not know about this? He was doing this precisely to compare the two!

Now that this chance was before him, even if he had to start over from the beginning, he could still quickly rise up, not necessarily needing to cultivate bitterly for decades or centuries.

His attitude was clear, his will resolute; he was going to walk the ancient path first, and then cultivate the present methods, only then could he have the ‘good foundation’, using this to hopefully rise up one day!

As for the others, there were some who chose the present world method without any hesitation, because the way those experts described it earlier made it extremely enticing, worth betting on.

There were others who were quite conflicted, finding it hard to calm down, unable to immediately decide the path they wanted to take.

This was something that would affect their entire lives, so they definitely couldn’t afford to make a mistake right now!

Shi Hao walked forward decisively towards one side. Those were all individuals who were determined to learn Immortal Ancient methods, most of them new faces, but there were some who he recognized as well.

When he came, there were some who couldn’t help but move out of the way, feeling quite a bit of respect for him. This fella dared to even oppose the Wang Family, suspected to have killed Three-Headed King, so how could they not feel any fear?

In the end, many people released a sigh. No matter how nervous, how conflicted they felt, they still had to make a decision in the end.

Everyone was shocked. Even though there weren’t as many people who wished to learn Immortal Ancient methods as those on the other side, they were all experts, not a single one of them ordinary, for example, Princess Yao Yue, Lu Tuo, and even Wang Xi came. The others who chose Immortal Ancient methods were mostly individuals who cultivated two strands of immortal energy, all of them well-known figures among heroes.

Everyone was relieved, because they understood their intentions. After cultivating so much immortal energy, how could they be willing to just give up like this? They naturally wanted to take a look at Immortal Ancient’s great methods.

This was especially the case for those with three strands of immortal energy. If they didn’t cultivate them to perfection, then that really would be something to feel regret over.

Only, it was unknown if the individuals with three strands of immortal energy really did cultivate them themselves, or if they relied on their families.

However, since they had three strands of immortal energy, regardless of what methods they used, the immortal energy was still there. The strength they possessed was real, able to display its effects on them.

Every single person who stood here were proud and arrogant! Only, when Shi Hao walked forward, many people shivered inwardly, not daring to behave ostentatiously.

Shi Hao looked into the distance, his brows couldn’t help but furrow. He saw Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal, these were both individuals who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, currently also standing on their side.

Many people were looking over, quite a few of them secretly sizing up Shi Hao and Wang Xi. It was because they had a ‘falling out’, quite a bit of gossip flying around about them.

Then, Shi Hao saw Qing Yi walk over, also wishing to study Immortal Ancient methods.

“She really should be studying this type of ancient method!” Shi Hao said to himself. He felt quite strongly about this, because Qing Yi had the Green Lunar Flame that didn’t leave her even now, still illuminating her primordial spirit, giving off a bit of a previous incarnation in this life type of feeling.

Then, he saw Yue Chan, her figure tall and slender, skin extremely exquisite, pitch-black beautiful hair scattering down. Her large eyes were full of life, similarly white clothes purer than snow, style unmatched.

She entered heavenly deity institution together with Qing Yi, arriving here from the three thousand provinces, not settling things this entire time. Now, their choices were also the same.

“Don’t stop me, I am also going!” In the distance, Cao Yusheng screamed. This fatty argued noisily again and again that he had to come over and study Immortal Ancient’s unmatched methods and become unmatched under the heavens.

In the end, the elder in golden daoist robes gave him a kick on the bottom, forcefully sending him back, clearly warning him not to waste his talent, that he ought to learn the present world’s transcending methods.

“Alright, since the decisions have already been made, those who are studying Immortal Ancient methods, come this way.” An elder walked up, guiding Shi Hao and the others towards the depths of the academy.

At the same time, the remaining people were also brought away, about to continue down a path of extremes.


This was an ancient land with broken walls and ruins, ancient trees towering within these remains. There were thistles and thorns growing about, blooming with dazzling flowers that released a sweet fragrance.

There wasn’t all that much light that reached this place, a bit dim.

These were remains left behind from Immortal Ancient Great Era, a place many elders dug up from beneath the earth.

Fourth Elder came. He sat on a several dozen zhang tall enormous rock, about to preach the dao to them, help the students become proficient in Immortal Ancient methods.

“If one wishes to learn the ancient methods, then one must first understand the characters and language, only then can one display the incantation techniques, dao symbols and other things. This is a large and complex subject, so one needs to carefully study it.”

Everyone nodded when they heard this, expressing their acknowledgement. It was because this was essential; if one wished to learn Immortal Ancient methods, then they needed to understand modesty.

“We will start from the written language.” This elder’s expression was serious, extremely solemn. He began to draw in the void, and then strange symbols appeared one after the next.

These characters looked like they were forged from metal liquid, bright and sparkling, having a type of metallic feel as they floated in the void. They were numerous and close together, extremely mysterious and beautiful.

Soon after, everyone sensed that something wasn’t quite right. In just a short amount of time, this elder already engraved over ten thousand characters, sweat now trickling down from his temples, appearing quite strained.

“Elder, how can there be this many characters?” Someone asked with shock.

If it was just a simple language exchange, this should already be enough, no need for there to be more than ten thousand characters. Moreover, didn’t Fourth Elder look a bit strained?

“I did not cultivate immortal energy, writing these characters isn’t much easier for me than for you all. They need immortal dao energy, but fortunately, I comprehended the meaning of these characters.” The elder said.

Soon after, he added, saying, “Do you all feel like there are many characters?”

Don’t tell me this wasn’t that much? Everyone silently complained.

“The true Immortal Ancient characters number at least in the millions, as boundless as the stellar stream.” Fourth Elder said.

“What? That’s not realistic at all!” Everyone cried out in alarm.

“Immortal Ancient methods, all types of dao techniques, incantations, all need to be portrayed through the great dao language. That is why there are all types of unfamiliar and cryptic characters, these characters closest to the essence of the dao!” Fourth Elder said.

When everyone heard this, they all felt their minds tremble, at the same time becoming full of longing.

At the same time, there were some who already began to try and imitate the ancient characters in the void, wishing to comprehend them. As a result, they discovered that they really were getting close to the dao, feeling that they were more mysterious the more they examined them.

Some people frowned, actually able to figure out a few of the ancient characters’ meanings on their own.

However, even more characters left them at a loss, unable to understand them.

Hiss! Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. He comprehended a few, but he immediately felt a headache. Trying to remember these ancient characters was definitely not an easy task.

Every one of these characters contained a type of profound meaning, expounding on some natural laws and principles, all of it condensed into a single character.

“No wonder Immortal Ancient cared more about the greater power, cultivating ancient methods points directly at the source of the great dao. Just these characters alone are already enough to give one a headache.” Shi Hao looked forward. If the millions of characters were all like this, then it really would take quite the amount of time to grasp.

It was clear that Fourth Elder was trying to give them an initial scare, a faint smile hanging from the corners of his lips.

“So many characters… Immortal Ancient methods point back to the great dao source, but why is their language so complicated?” There were some who were doubtful.

“If your strength is powerful enough, the millions of incantations, millions of natural laws can all be turned into several thousand characters, even several hundred to explain the profound mysteries of the characters here.” Fourth Elder said.

Then, with a fling of his sleeves, strong winds swept about, primal chaos overflowing, this place immediately becoming dark.

A small white jade mountain flew out from his sleeves. It was only the size of a palm, extremely fine and exquisite.


The white jade little mountain enlarged, quickly growing in size, casting a large shadow on the earth. Then, it completely landed not far out, causing the great earth to rumble about.

This was a white jade mountain, over a millions symbols covering its surface. These ancient characters all emerged, shining brilliantly on the jade walls.

Those ancient characters were bright and dazzling, every one of them studied by the people here like treasure.

“Yi, the mountaintop was shaved off, could it be that there were characters there originally too?” A student said. The white jade mountain was extremely large, long becoming as lofty as a normal mountain peak.

“This is a jade mountain left behind from Immortal Ancient Great Era, its use merely to help one cultivate ancient characters!” Fourth Elder said. Then, he pointed at the very top, saying, “It is rumored that before the peak was removed, there were a hundred and eight ancient characters there.”

“What can a hundred and eight characters accomplish?”

“The hundred and eight characters are all the concentration of great dao true meanings. It is rumored that grasping a single one will result in endless benefits, only, they are now completely lost.” Fourth Elder said. Grasping a single ancient character already granted world-shaking power, this was just too shocking.

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