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Chapter 1168 - Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy

Sacred Academy, Immortal Academy, these two weren’t too unfamiliar for Shi Hao, Qing Yi, and the rest.

It was because when three great supreme beings came to the three thousand provinces to choose people, they had previously mentioned that only the most powerful heroes could join Heavenly Deity Institution, Sacred Academy, or Immortal Academy.

Only, later on, only Heavenly Deity Institution was mentioned, the other two no longer brought up, and they all came to Heavenly Deity Institution as well.

 As for the people of the other lands, some weren’t aware of this at all, some had heard some rumors. Their reactions were all different.

“There are some among you who have heard about this before, knowing a bit?” Fourth Elder narrowed his eyes.

“Must ask elder to explain, our understandings towards the two academies are extremely limited.” One person replied.

“It seems like you all only know a bit. However, please speak about what you do know.” Fourth Elder said with a smile.

“I have previously heard that those two academies are a bit special, not any normal person able to enter. The disciple selection is extremely strict, and everything is done in almost complete secrecy.” Princess Yao Yue said.

“Worthy of being someone from a long life imperial court, understanding a bit more.” Fourth Elder nodded. Those two academies might be extremely unfamiliar for the others, but for the ancient families of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, it wasn’t all that much of a secret.

“The two academies are as old as the world, existing for an endless amount of time, only, they had always remained in a dormant state. Are the people inside finally going to come out into the world?” Princess Yao Yue added.

These words left everyone shocked, all of their imaginations starting to run wild. Those two academies’ backgrounds were actually this great?!

Even Shi Hao, Yue Chan, and the others who came from the three thousand provinces who had heard these two academies’ names felt greatly shocked. This was a bit different from what they previously knew.

They had previously thought that this was a newly established academy, never expecting the two academies to be so ancient, to exist for such a long time.

There were some who had similar thoughts, and some who couldn’t help but ask, “There are these types of hidden academies? Why haven’t they appeared after all this time?”

“The two academies can be said to be hidden in the world, but it wouldn’t be wrong to call them newly built either.” Fourth Elder said.

It was because if they called it hidden in the world, then that was correct, as it had existed since ancient times. However, for the outside world, few people knew about it, only after it opened up once more did some people hear about them, and when news of their existence was released, it was still merely news of them being established for the first time.

Everyone was shocked as the elder slowly explained.

The two academies normally didn’t accept outer world disciples, all of them the disciples of a few ancient monsters from the Nine Heavens Nine Earths, extremely exclusive, cut off from the rest of the world.

“The so-called old freaks refers to those like us who have remained in seclusion this entire time, some even our seniors.” Fourth Elder said.

“What?!” Everyone immediately became shocked, because this piece of information was just too shocking.

One had to understand that the elders of heavenly deity institution were all great figures who were withdrawn from the world, any one of them able to enjoy an extremely great status if they emerged from seclusion, making great powers feel restraining fear.

The two academies’ disciples were those types of older generation’s successors, these news were just too shocking.

“Immortal Academy is the most ancient, rumored to have some old freaks who are known to be the same age as this great era, terrifyingly great, backgrounds ridiculously high. We have only heard about them, never met them before.” Fourth Elder said with a sigh.

Immortal Academy, as the name implied, was related to immortals. They gathered quite a few methods from the last great era, teaching disciples the immortal path.

Only, as for whether or not someone reached the end of this path, reaching the greatest peak, no one was sure. After all, times had changed, this heaven and earth no longer suitable for becoming an immortal.

Sacred Academy was established a bit later, but it was still incomparably glorious!

Based on Fourth Elder’s words, it was a place of exceptional heroes, ordinary heroic talents didn’t have the qualifications to enter at all, or else it would be an embarrassment for that academy.

This made the people who heard this feel uncomfortable, after all, everyone here were geniuses, all outstanding talents from their respective regions.

“Do you all know where the present world methods’ holy land is?” Fourth Elder then mentioned present world methods, because not long ago, Heavenly Deity Institution had them make a choice. One group of people cultivated ancient methods, which was precisely this group, while the other went to cultivate present world methods.

Fourth Elder sighed and said, “To break past the barrier, take a step further in heavenly passage, formation arrangement, and other cultivation realms, to take a step past the highest level of enlightenment, truly transcend, this is the objective of Sacred Academy. The students there are all exceptional individuals, all of them walking the path of ultimate advancement, cultivating the present world methods!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. That place was not ordinary after all, the place where the extreme path was established, the place where those who had great achievements with present world methods gathered.

People like those had the qualifications to be arrogant, far exceeding ordinary people. For other talents to enter, it really might be a type of blasphemy to their reputation.

When Wang Xi heard this, her eyes released brilliance, unknown as to what she was thinking.

Princess Yao Yue was extremely sharp, seizing the flash of expression. With a smile, she said, “I heard that the one you have some connection with is precisely cultivating there, moreover his cultivation realm ridiculously high, known as an exceptional heavenly talent.”

When the others heard this, their expressions all became a bit strange.

It was because recently, they already learned that the Wang Family might become connected to another ancient family through marriage. Meanwhile, that family had an expert who was incredibly mysterious, his strength above the Nine Heavens, only that they had no idea where he was.

Now, it seemed like that person might very well be in Sacred Academy.

“Immortal Academy cultivates the ancient methods, while Sacred Academy the present, both sides’ background and history profound. Powerful experts will emerge in large numbers, the disciples of both unimaginable individuals!” Fourth Elder said seriously.

It was because the disciples there weren’t recruited from outside, but rather the exclusive disciples of old freaks, all of them heaven warping heroes hidden from the rest of the world.

When he spoke up to here, he looked at Exiled Immortal, just feeling like this youngster seemed to have obtained an old freak’s inheritance, related to an ancient existence.

“The two academies do not have many disciples, but every single one of them are heavenly talents. Soon, there might be an exchange carried out with my Heavenly Deity Institution. I hope you all do not disappoint us at that time.” Fourth Elder said with a sigh.

He didn’t feel much confidence. Even though they recruited a group of stunning individuals, those two academies were too mysterious, who knew what kind of monsters the disciples those old freaks found were like.

It was because those old freaks had always been carrying out all types of tests, some of them even searching for disciples in revived Immortal Ancient remains.

There were others who experimented with other things, for example, making disciples who had unmatched magical force explode while still alive, breaking all types of shackles, having them cultivate again from the beginning, all of this purely for the sake of transcending above.

These methods were all extremely extreme, just hearing about them made everyone shiver inwardly.

It was rumored that there really were successful examples!

“When we carry out the exchange in the near future, I hope you all can give it your all, to try your hardest!” Fourth Elder said. He was clearly somewhat conflicted, not wishing to be suppressed by both sides.

“Elder, do not worry. When the time comes, we will definitely be able to defeat the disciples from the two academies.” Someone said with great confidence.

When Fourth Elder heard this, his face immediately darkened, clearly not approving of this type of blind arrogance.

“Just strive your hardest!” He said.

Then, after thinking for a bit, he added, “If you all are stunning enough, those who cultivate the ancient methods might be brought away by Immortal Academy’s old freaks, those who cultivate the present world methods might be able to enter Sacred Academy.”

“En?” Everyone was stunned, and then a great commotion erupted.

Everyone now understood a bit. The two academies were coming here to choose the most elite disciples. No wonder Fourth Elder’s expression was a bit off, feeling a bit unwilling to accept this. Turns out this was what he had been preoccupied with.

Everyone immediately began to discuss among themselves, this place becoming a bit noisy.

It was clear that the two academies were extremely powerful, above Heavenly Deity Institution, actually directly choosing disciples like this.

Everyone sensed that these old freaks really were formidable, making even Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders feel restraining fear.

“Are the great seniors there extremely strong?” Lu Tuo asked.

“Is a great elder formidable or not? There are more than just one or two of these types of people there!” Fourth Elder said.

“How strong are their disciples?” This was the question that they cared about the most. None of them were willing to give in.

“As for how strong their current disciples are, I do not know. However, there might be one person you all are familiar with.” Fourth Elder said.

“Who?” They were shocked.

“Yuan Qing.” Fourth Elder said.

While the others were in shock, their expressions were still normal. Meanwhile, Shi Hao’s brows stood on end. He hated this person bitterly. When he arrived in Immeasurable Heaven, Yuan Qing had previously taken action to suppress him for ten years, in the end even practically killed him, banishing him to Origin Ancient Mine to cut short his cultivation journey.

Even though it was someone from the Wind Clan who had previously requested for him to do this, it was still hateful!

“Yuan Qing great one is naturally extremely powerful, rumored to already be a supreme being!”

“I heard that he is just a single step away from the supreme being domain, but despite this, he is still world shocking enough!” A few people commented.

“If I said that Yuan Qing is merely a disciple both academies abandoned, would you all believe this?” Fourth Elder released a deep sigh as he spoke.

“What? Yuan Qing great one couldn’t even meet the requirements to become one of their disciples?” Everyone was shocked.

“Correct. In the past, Yuan Qing couldn’t pass the academy’s assessment, and was thus kicked out.” Fourth Elder replied in a serious manner.


This place erupted with noise. Even someone as powerful as Yuan Qing was an abandoned disciple from the two academies, this was just too shocking.

“Of course, even though he was abandoned, the two academies weren’t too ruthless, still granting him many dao books, to the extent where when some of the old freaks left their seclusion, they would also give him some pointers, which is why he has his accomplishments today.”

When speaking these things, Fourth Elder looked towards Shi Hao, clearly reminding him that Yuan Qing wasn’t easy to provoke, that he still had some connection to the two academies even now, related to some old freaks!

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