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Chapter 1165 - Peak of Present World Methods

They actually reached the topic of ancient methods and present methods, needing to make a choice!

Not a single individual present was ordinary, all outstanding talents of a region, most of them the most powerful experts in their clans’ younger generation. How could they not be moved at this moment?

“Seniors, everything is still a bit vague, not thorough and detailed enough. How are we supposed to make this choice?” Eventually, a youth with bull horns on his heads asked.

This was what many people were feeling. Who dared make this kind of decision without understanding things completely? It was because this was going to affect their entire lives from here on out!

Someone added, asking, “The immortal energy we cultivated through untold hardships, can only be considered ancient methods, not the standard for evaluating present world methods?” 

The people here were all heavenly talents, individuals who had experienced many trials before entering heavenly academy. Most of them cultivated immortal energy, the foundation of their pride.

Since the ancient times, those who could reach this step were extremely few. They came from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, chosen after they rose up in the nineteen ancient worlds. Immortal energy was what they used to overlook their peers. Now that they heard that experts who cultivated immortal energy weren’t necessarily the most powerful in this world, they were naturally stunned, finding this hard to accept.

What they were so proud of, the source of their arrogance, how could it be evaluated like this?!

“Correct, the methods of the present world are not necessarily weaker than ancient methods, because there were those who took similar paths, walking at the very forefront of those paths, leaving all of us shocked.” An elder replied.

“Elder’s intention is that even if the people of the present world do not cultivate immortal energy, they can still match us?” A purple-clothed young lady asked.

“Are there people like these?” The others were doubtful, not quite convinced.

“There naturally are.” That elder nodded.

This immediately triggered an uproar. Even people who didn’t cultivate immortal energy could match them, just how astonishing was this, just too difficult to believe. It was extremely shocking.

“Elder, please elaborate further and give us an example.” That purple-clothed young lady said. Even though she spoke respectfully, she clearly found this hard to accept, in a bit of disbelief.

Even Shi Hao was shocked, really finding this a bit hard to believe. Even those who didn’t cultivate a single strand of immortal energy could match himself? It was because the difference in strength between them was too great!

“Fine, I will give you an example right here, let you all understand.” On the cliff, a golden-robed elder spoke, hair and beard white, but still had a youthful complexion, eyes like golden lamps.

When everyone heard this, they were all shocked. Giving an example on the spot, could it be that there really was someone like this here?

Sure enough, the elder on the cliff raised his hand, pointing into the crowd, immediately drawing everyone’s attention.

In the stone forest, a little fatty was shocked, mouth slightly opened, speechless.

It was because the one the old daoist priest on the cliff was pointing at was him, using him as an example.

Cao Yusheng toughened his scalp, saying, “Daoist priest, you pointed at the wrong person right? I already cultivated a strand of immortal energy.”

Even though his skin was thick, he didn’t dare admit that he was unrivalled under the heavens in present world techniques, never had he ever had these types of thoughts.

Qing Yi, the little rabbit, and Chang Gongyan all looked towards him, revealing strange expressions. Why did he end up being pointed out?

“There was no mistake, it is precisely you.” The old daoist priest smiled, the divine light in his golden pupils like lightning as it landed on his body.

“Am I really that strong?” Fatty Cao put on a bashful expression, immediately making some of the surrounding people curl their lips, because they all knew how two-faced and despicable he was.

The others looked towards the little fatty as well, becoming the focal point of everyone’s attention.

“There is no need to be so modest. Come forward.” The old daoist priest said, having him come up to a tall platform and face everyone.

“Elder, is he that special? How are the present world methods any different on him?” That purple-clothed young lady continued.

The elder in golden dao robes put away his smiling expression, now appearing dignified and solemn, extremely serious as he said, “This youth, even if he doesn’t use immortal energy, can still hold you all off. If you all don’t believe me, then feel free to give it a try.”

“Dont! Elder! I didn’t do anything wrong! Can you not make me into a public enemy?!” The little fatty Cao Yusheng cried out.

The others didn’t understand. This fatty only cultivated a strand of immortal energy, if he didn’t use the immortal energy, how could he fight against them?

“He really is quite good at hiding.” The old daoist priest said. He pointed at Cao Yusheng, telling him to use his full strength, fully display his flesh killing formations. Moreover, he warned that if he dared to hold back, he would cut him down on the spot.

Cao Yusheng grimaced, but immediately afterwards, bone texts appeared all over his body, every inch of his body surging with chaotic sword energy. Killing formations appeared on his flesh and blood one after another, leaving everyone shocked to the point of sucking in cold air.

“Do you all see? If this path is completed and walked to its limit, would it be weaker than those who cultivated immortal energy? How many of you dare fight against this head-on?” The old daoist priest said.

Everyone became speechless. Those with greater knowledge and experiences immediately recognized that this might be the legendary unmatched killing formation. Once this type of thing was activated, who dared to fight against it head-on?

However, there were others who were quite shocked. That was an unmatched killing formation, yet it was carved into this youngster’s flesh, too freakish.

“Senior’s meaning is that the present world method is to carve a killing formation into the body, this type of path?” Someone asked.

The old daoist priest sighed and said, “I was just giving an example. You all still haven’t understood the meaning behind what I am trying to say. The reason he is so powerful, is because in the Formation Arrangement Realm, he carved a killing formation in his body, exceeding the extreme, and then continuously perfected it, and only then did he obtain this type of result.”

When these words sounded, everyone was shocked, becoming silent, starting to think about his words.

“My meaning is, blood transformation, heavenly passage, engravement, formation arrangement… true self, holy sacrifice, all of these cultivation realms all have these types of opportunities.” The old daoist priest said.

On the side, an elder added further, saying, “Breaking through the limit in every single cultivation realm, transcending the past, reaching great heights, taking a step beyond the highest level of achievement! That perhaps… might bring about a different situation.”

After remaining silent for a long time, someone said, “This is too difficult, are there any other examples?”

“Then I’ll give another example. Those who came from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces should know about this person.” The old daoist priest in golden daoist robes spoke.

“En?” This drew everyone’s attention.

“The one known as Huang, also called Shi Hao, I believe many of you have heard of this person.” He said.

Chang Gongyan, Dragon Girl, witch, how could these people not know about him? They were too familiar with this name. All those who came from the three thousand provinces were fully aware of his existence, because Huang could also be considered a well-known figure.

The old daoist explained, “Based on our understanding, he underwent a great breakthrough in the Heavenly Passage Realm, forcibly carving out a different path, transcending the past, shattering ten great heavenly passages, returning them to one, exceeding all of the ancient past. If he perfects it a step further, even if he doesn’t use immortal energy, just through this single heavenly passage, he can still suppress those who cultivate immortal energy.”

Everyone gasped. Shattered ten great heavenly passages, merging them to one, transcending the ancients, just how bold and powerful was this?

Even the expressions of people like Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, and Yao Yue changed, the brilliance in their eyes astonishing, their hearts trembling when they heard this!

There were some people in the three thousand provinces who had guessed at Shi Hao’s ten great heavenly passages to one secret, but now that they received verification from heavenly deity institution elder’s mouth, they were still quite shocked.

“Do you all understand now? If the present world methods are brought beyond their limit, they can similarly become incomparably terrifying. Regardless of whether it is that fatty in the Formation Arrangement Realm, or Huang’s Heavenly Passage Realm, they are all unmatched and supremely powerful!” An elder said.

Many people nodded silently after hearing this. This was too difficult, carving down the world’s third killing formation, the killing energy too terrifying, or before killing others, destroying and shattering one’s own ten great heavenly passages, just how cruel was this? Forget about merging them back into one, even if just a few were shattered, one might still immediately have their body and spirit destroyed.

“It is too difficult for there to be too many like this in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, just how many people can accomplish this?” There were people who expressed doubt, because this type of path was just too difficult and dangerous.

The old daoist priest in golden robes revealed a chilly look. “Difficult? What about compared to immortal energy? I don’t see much of a difference, both paths nine deaths one life. Of course, I almost forgot that most of you cultivated immortal energy purely because of shortcuts, not many of you truly defying the heavens and cultivating it yourselves.”

When these words sounded, many people lowered their heads.

Many of the heroes here understood the elder’s intentions. Most of the people here obtained the assistance of their families, to the extent where some directly exchanged their bodies with flesh shells sealed from Immortal Ancient that contained immortal energy.

“The environment really has changed, not that many people able to cultivate immortal energy purely by relying on themselves…” Another elder from heavenly deity institution said with a sigh.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was greatly shocked. He couldn’t help but look towards everyone.

“Not many of you cultivated it yourselves. However, do you all still remember what kind of places immortal energy can be cultivated in?” An elder looked towards everyone.

Everyone’s expressions immediately changed when they heard this!

“I believe all of you still remember that it is precisely in various Immortal Ancient remains where you all cultivated immortal energy, because it is only possible in those types of environments. Now, the environment has greatly changed. In the world where we reside, it is no longer suitable to cultivate immortal ancient methods, extremely difficult to break through.”

When these words sounded, it crashed down thunderously on everyone’s minds, all of them couldn’t help but remain silent, thinking to themselves.

Even Shi Hao maintained silence. His three strands of immortal energy were indeed cultivated in that ancient land.

“Do not worry, since you cultivated it, then it can be used even in the outside world, there is no need to worry about hidden dangers.” An elder said.

“Elder, your intention is to have all of us choose the present world method?”

“No, I am only telling you all that the methods of the present world aren’t any inferior to ancient methods.”

“Should you choose ancient methods, then we have scriptures from the last great era, and we can also bring you to those Immortal Ancient remains’ small worlds to cultivate.”

“One’s energy is limited, do not try to walk both paths. That is truly too difficult. As such, you all can make your decisions now.”

When things reached this stage, how can everyone not understand, not comprehend the elders’ meaning?

There were some who, after thinking things through, spoke up and asked, “There are unmatched dao books from Immortal Ancient, even immortal scriptures. If we cultivate it, we might not be able to reach its end. However, if we cultivate the present world methods, what kind of inheritances are there to even learn from?”

“I have previously said that there are those who are at the forefronts of these paths, their brilliance illuminating past and present, all exceptional figures. If you wish to transcend on the present world methods, then there are paths to pursue!” An elder from the academy said.

“Do not forget, Blood Transformation, Heavenly Passage, Engravement, Formation Arrangement… these cultivation realms, if every single one is taken beyond those of the past, truly transcending above, just how shocking is this? It might even match those with three strands of immortal energy! Of course, this is too difficult, unrealistic. All I wish to tell you all is that the path is extremely long. If there are some accomplishments, perhaps you might truly be able to face those on the other side!” The Second Elder said loudly.

This immediately made many people’s blood boil, immediately changing their opinions, wishing to walk this path.

“Elders, are there really people who can lead the way, methods to seek?”

“Correct, there are some who have already taken this quite far, leaving behind successful paths that can be imitated!” The Second Elder personally responded.

“Alright, you all can make your choice now.” An elder said.

This place immediately became noisy.

“I choose Immortal Ancient methods.” Shi Hao said. When it was his turn to make a choice, he clearly expressed his own desire.

“You… should have been destined to cultivate the methods of the present world!” The Second Elder responded, secretly saying, “Could it be that you wish to take both paths?”

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