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Chapter 1156 - Return

Shi Hao watched in disappointment and frustration as the long river of history roiled past, waves rushing past one after another. A few indistinct figures stood above every single splash, all of them representing the heavenly talents of a generation.

However, these people were all swept away, passing on.

Meanwhile, the peak confrontation was at an immortal level, transcending time-space, not fearing the rinsing of time. This was a true undying battle!

Even though the years went on, time changing everything, there were still some people who remained. The intense battle just now did not fear the corrosion of time.

Shi Hao knew that the white-clothed woman was still alive, existing in the future. Perhaps the day would come when they would meet again.

What kind of woman was this? She was truly stunning, never before had he met a woman who was this powerful, this exceptional and extraordinary, simply unprecedented!

He didn’t know if that monarch-like male was able to survive, because he had already paid a tremendous price in this battle. His true body even appeared in the end, so he might very well die in the endless past.

If he really did die, then that would truly stir up a huge commotion, and this would be an exceeding splendid battle result. That woman killed an unmatched great figure on the long river of time, truly astonishing methods and boldness.

The enemy was quite frightening. Even though that male died, it seemed like there were still even more powerful figures, the enormous shadows making even the white-clothed woman feel fear, choosing instead not to fight.

Even just thinking about it now made one feel a chill run through their minds. If they truly faced each other again in the future, how many people could fight against this?

Shi Hao thought about far too many things. The road ahead was too difficult, full of thistles and thorns. Meanwhile, what he saw was only a small corner. When he heard the words that white clad woman spoke, he felt disappointed, frustrated, grieved, truly not knowing what kind of astonishing changes would take place in the future.

He didn’t want to see a bitter future, and definitely didn’t wish to eventually feel despair. He wanted everyone at his side to live, and not for him to be accompanied by the divine dao alone, all by himself on the bleak and frigid peak.

“Nothing happened yet, everything can still be changed! There is still room to change what hasn’t happened, things can be turned around!”

Shi Hao said, as if he was trying to raise his own spirit. He steadied his conviction, his teeth clenched down, blood even coming out from his mouth. He didn’t want to accept this, feeling indecisiveness, feeling dejectedness.

In that instant, all types of emotions filled him, these emotions too difficult to control. 

“Goodbye…” Only this word remained of the white-clothed woman’s voice, echoing through this place, yet it only made him feel even more ill at ease.

This made him feel a slight chilliness. Will he have to say this to everyone he knew? Goodbye… it made even his heart tremble.

Everything became peaceful again. Shi Hao sat there without moving, distracted and in a daze.

“These pieces of Immortal Gold will be gifted to you.” On the other side, that woman spoke, the pieces of Immortal Gold she had restricted, the remains after that male’s battle clothes were shattered.

These items carried some traces of the two great experts’ decisive battle, carrying great dao patterns. If one was powerful enough, before the aura scattered away, there might be something that could be comprehended from them.

Shi Hao accepted them with a blank expression, not really displaying any emotions.

His other hand grabbed the wine jar, continuously pouring the wine down his throat. Divine light flickered about, all types of symbols jumping about. However, eventually, this alcohol gradually lost its taste.

The mouth of the altar was still pouring out alcohol, but eventually, there were no symbols anymore, nor did any scriptures sound.

“Alright, it is about time for you to leave. The jar of wine has consolidated the teachings of endless time, it is not something prepared solely for you. You’ve already drank enough.” The woman said.

While speaking, her body gradually became indistinct, turning into an expanse of symbols that engraved themselves to the stone table. Her true body disappeared.

A line of characters remained on the stone table, the rough meaning that it was left for those brought here by fate.

Meanwhile, this line of text were only spiritual imprints formed from that woman. She was merely a bit of leftover imprints, not a true immortal.

A flame silently appeared above Shi Hao’s head, the radiance burning the stone table, illuminating the long river of time. It even more so surrounded the pieces of Immortal Gold, raging violently.

Eventually, it silently disappeared again.


Shi Hao loosened his hand. Not only did the wine jar land on the stone table, the metal pieces all fell as well, releasing a sharp and clear sound.

“After an endless amount of time has passed, will I still exist? Will there be someone else who comes here, drinks this wine while looking at the river, discussing the past and future? Will they be able to see the metal fragments on the stone table?”

Shi Hao said quietly, and then he stood up.

Time was going to elapse when everything was said and done. He didn’t know what he was going to be like, what kind of conclusion there would be, or even if he would still be in this world.

Many things and events, in the end, will still change. Perhaps this was reincarnation.


Shi Hao released a roar. He activated the divine ability his supreme being bone produced. It wasn’t just reincarnation, there was a third divine ability that hadn’t fully formed yet.

They merged together, piercing the sky, affecting time, as if it could penetrate anything and change anything.

Light shone brilliantly, bone texts covering everything densely. This place couldn’t be looked at directly, surrounded by blazing light.

After a long time had passed, this place turned completely silent. Shi Hao walked slowly through the ruins alone, continuously walking, wishing to completely understand this place.


Finally, that long river changed. A heavy reaching water spray surged, forming a whirlpool, chaotic energy filling this place.

In a daze, Shi Hao discovered that he was now in this river, moreover at the very bottom.


A black hole appeared, spiraling and sucking him inside. Was this the source of the whirlpool? He was sucked inside, and then eventually, he separated from the lake surface, flying out from the vortex.

He felt his body turn into a rain of light, turning into particles. This type of experience was extremely mysterious.

He couldn’t sense how much time had passed. Shi Hao was distracted, full of worries, but he was now finally on the path back. This was the journey he experienced this time.

There was no True Dragon, nor was there any phoenix egg rebirth, but it was still a journey full of legends and magnificence, as if he had just experienced a dream.

It was actually extremely real, yet he couldn’t really trace things back, not much proof left behind, making one feel as if it really did happen!

At the very least, the scriptures from the wine liquid he drank all disappeared, fading in his heart, disappearing, as if they had never appeared.

In the end, Shi Hao returned, his body appearing on the enormous altar, walking off.

“Yi, he came back!” In the distance, someone discussed quietly.

Many people returned, reappearing on the altar, returning before Shi Hao.

All those with strange experiences all had tremendous gains, quite a few of them feeling incredibly excited, discussing amongst themselves here.

Of course, there were some people who would never appear again, forever left behind in that strange journey, some dead, some lost.

Everyone’s experiences were different, all having their own unique experiences. 

Some of them obtained immortal texts, some obtaining pill recipes, some opening weapon arsenals, some extremely lucky, having their flesh reconstructed, some…

When Shi Hao walked out from the crowd, he discovered that there were quite a few people in dispute, fighting.

“Everyone, cease your excitement already. Go and exchange some pointers.” Someone called out, voice rather nonchalant.

The expression of those here changed. They actually already noticed the situation a while ago. There were aggressors at the heavenly deity level, currently stirring up conflict!

“What is going on?”

“Those people made everyone speak about their opportunities, claiming to exchange with each other and share natural luck.” Someone said quietly, feeling rather upset.

It was because there were people among those who had their flesh reforged, almost undergoing rebirth, not having much to exchange themselves, yet they wanted everyone to bring out the scriptures, divine abilities, and other things they obtained.

It was to the extent where someone even obtained an immortal pill fragment, yet it was forcefully seized!

“Isn’t this going too far? What right do you all have to do this?!” Someone shouted.

“This is what an elder encouraged!” An expert who cultivated two strands of immortal energy said.

When these words sounded, everyone became speechless, suppressing the rage they felt inside, gradually understanding what was going on.

These individuals all had some background, their origins unordinary. They had secret weapons, and there were some who were related to long life families, to the extent where they even had close relations with young supreme beings who had three strands of immortal energy.

That was why they lacked misgivings.

Of course, the most important thing was heavenly deity institution's attitude, encouraging ‘interaction’, allowing them to exchange pointers.

Using an elder’s words, suitable competition was like raising bugs in a jar, only by competing fiercely can an unmatched king be born.

“Lu Tuo swaggered out just like that, yet none of those bastards went to challenge him, instead taking the initiative to hand over some good stuff!”

There was a great disturbance up ahead, a battle breaking out.

“Yi, it’s that little girl again, she’s throwing the little Qilin out again!”

“Hello? That’s a Qilin!”


Shi Hao glanced over, immediately seeing the little rabbit. She carried a silver divine beast, furiously facing the group of aggressors. In the end, she directly threw the young beast out, smashing it fiercely at the crowd.

This naturally triggered an uproar, because she was throwing a real Qilin youth!

Forget about others, even the veins on the forehead of the elder paying close attention to the events here jumped, a bit dumbstruck. The ‘interaction’ was permitted by him.

However, something like throwing the Qilin was definitely not something he permitted.

This wasn’t the first time either. Whenever the little girl was unhappy, she would throw that white Qilin youth she carried, smashing it out like a brick.

They wanted to take that little Qilin away a long time ago.

However, that little white Qilin beast still only acknowledged that little girl, no one able to remove it from her. It only followed her.

That was why as long as the little girl was unhappy, whenever she felt wronged, it would always be the same thing. The Qilin would be thrown out like a brick!

The others really didn’t dare to act recklessly, none of them willing to injure the snow-white little Qilin. It was because the great elders had previously stated that anyone who dared harm it would be directly killed!

“Motherfucking… this tiger doesn’t display might, you think I’m some sick cat?! You still want the opportunity I obtained? Go die!” Cao Yusheng’s voice sounded.

Shi Hao’s expression wasn’t all that pleasant. His experience was quite different, seeing a corner of the future once again on the river of time. What he feared the most was losing his family and friends.

Now that he saw his old friends were being bullied and humiliated, his face immediately fell.

“What, harassing Qing Yi? Don’t you know she’s my sister-in-law? Aren’t you scared that Huang will appear and kill you all?” Cao Yusheng cried out strangely.

“What Huang, he died a long time ago. He’s nothing!” That person didn’t seem worried at all.

However, they felt quite fearful towards this damned fatty. This fella’s entire body surged with symbols, his flesh carrying a primal chaos sword formation, just too frightening.

Shi Hao couldn’t listen to this anymore. He looked at Mo Dao who wasn’t that far away, transmitting sound and saying, “Go and ‘interact’ with them, beat them all up!”

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