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Chapter 1155 - Goodbye

The Immortal Gold armor exploded. What kind of power was this? Just how many people in this world could destroy immortal dao magical artifacts like this? However, this white-clothed woman did precisely this, her sacred and pure bearing not something that can be blasphemed.

In the brilliant rain of light, there were some Immortal Gold fragments that flew towards the metal construct ruins. The woman seated across from Shi Hao waved her sleeve, accepting the fragments, revealing a happy expression.

It was because these were the the ‘traces’ left behind by a confrontation between two extremely powerful individuals, recording their grand battle. They possessed tremendous value, and once researched thoroughly, can be used to comprehend the dao.

In the distance, the male released an angry roar, unwilling to accept this conclusion. While carrying heaven overflowing killing intent, he was smashed towards the source of the long river of history. His entire body broke apart into pieces, already blasted through.

“Stop!” The male roared. He operated great divine abilities, displaying immeasurable ancient heavenly arts, wishing to stop this momentum. He didn’t want to be eliminated by the other party like this, to be blasted back to the endless past.


In the lower reaches of the long river of time, that white-clothed woman held the precious pitcher in hand, on it carved exceptional beauties and flying immortals, carrying tears and endless light. At this moment, the force of immortal tribulation surged!

This type of immortal tribulation wasn’t the immortal force of normal meaning, but rather carried a type of strange profound mystery. In this world, once once brought about multicolored light, wishing to ascend to immortality, a bloody disaster would inevitably descend to interfere, an endless calamity descending.

This type of immortal tribulation, instead of calling it a type of natural law, it was better to call it a type of immortal eradicating calamity!

Following the great dao pitcher’s eruption, the light was endless, completely refining the blood essence that was sucked out from that male’s body, using it as a type of replenishment to release this attack.

This strike was incomparable. That monarch-like male had just gathered symbols, about to use heaven reaching power, but all of it was scattered.

“Ah…” He released a loud cry. This time, he really was blasted until he broke apart, his entire body crumbling into several pieces, flying towards the limits of the long history of time.

Blood scattered down. He no longer had any of the arrogance he had before, just letting the blood scatter down, not saying anything like the more divine blood he lost, the more miserable his opponent would be.

“He was defeated just like that?” Shi Hao found this a bit hard to believe.

One had to understand that this was an unmatched expert from the endless past. He went on a mental journey through the great emptiness, sensing him from the distant past to kill him.

How frightening was a person like this? It was simply incomparable, able to affect the future from the past, who could face someone like him?!

Yet now, he was beaten to such a sorry state, his current condition quite miserable, beaten until his flesh was splitting apart, a single mistake resulting in the death of body and spirit.

“He won’t die from this. After all, his body is in the endless past, what came over not his true body.” The woman on the other side of Shi Hao sighed.

“En?” Shi Hao was confused.

“A magical body that traveled through the long river of time, fighting while wearing a set of armor. His true body is still in the ancient past, not moving out. Otherwise, do you really think he would suffer this type of conclusion?” The woman said.

Based on what she said, no one dared to rashly move the true body, the karma too great. Despite this being the case, moving a magical body would still bring about a great disaster onto themselves, needing to pay a tremendous price, most likely dragging the main body down as well. 

This was especially the case now where the male was defeated, the situation for him even worse. His true body might have very well have died in the past.

When Shi Hao heard her explanation, he couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air. This was terrifying after all! If one wanted to affect the past or future, one had to use their own lives as the price.

“He made it sound easy, not being tainted by karma, showing disregard for the long history of time, heng! That’s simply impossible!” The woman on the other side of the stone table said.


Suddenly, under the precious pitcher’s bombardment, that male couldn’t condense and remain whole anymore, blasted to pieces. His body fell towards the limits of the long river of time.

Ocean sprays splashed out again and again. He fell into the water, unable to get up again, clearly eliminated.


From the distant past, a tremendous roar sounded, erupting loudly, shaking the heavens above and the earth below.

That roar was precisely Immortal Ancient Great Era’s last years, the end of the great battle, the dust already settled.

Regardless of whether it was the defeated or the victorious side, they were both extremely confused, not understanding why there was this type of muffled roar.

The figure that sat in an ancient palace was originally unmoving like a statue, but at this moment, the space between his brows ruptured, blood spilling out.

“Heavens, a great figure’s divine image is breaking apart, what is going on?” This was a cry of alarm that sounded from endless years ago, this event not recorded, not leaving behind anything.

In this era, there was even less of a chance of anyone knowing.

However, right now, Shi Hao was sitting in these ruins, stupefied as he thought about the scene that just happened. What exactly happened? Was that male killed just like this?

He looked towards the white clad beauty. This woman was too extraordinary, unimaginable, simply like the most stunning immortal queen as she stood in this world, impossible to match.

She was just this stunning, surpassing past and present!

A monarch from the past wished to kill someone in the present, yet in the end, this kind of woman appeared, cleanly and swiftly eliminating the other party!


Suddenly, a sound wave transmitted over from the limits of the long river of time, flooding over like a great sea, rumbling like landslides. It also resembled the downpour of an endless sea of stars.

This type of fluctuation was too frightening, making the long river of time surge, rage violently, simply unimaginable.

One could clearly see that at the upper reaches of the long river of time, an ancient temple appeared, sitting inside a single individual, precisely the male who was just defeated.

“His… true body is coming!” The woman sitting on the other side of the stone was shocked. The true body was appearing, didn’t that mean that he came with the resolution of dying in battle?

If his true body was tainted by karma, then he would definitely fall!

“Hasn’t truly arrived yet!” Shi Hao said. That ancient temple merely took form there. A male sat in the ancient past, ice-cold eyes opening, the green radiance sharp and terrifying.

“Want another go? I’ll help you pass on.” The white-clothed woman only spoke this line.

In the ancient temple, that male shone. Sutras were chanted from his mouth, shaking up the endless river of time. Great stars flickered about one after another, revolving around him.

He seemed to have become the center of the universe, an endless river of stars appearing, circling about him, making him look dignified and holy, as if his will couldn’t be defied.

At the lower reaches of the long river, that white-clothed woman formed magical imprints, activating the precious pitcher in her hands, about to attack again. However, her body suddenly trembled.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao also sensed something, starting to shiver in fear. He felt as if his soul was going to fade away, unable to move a single step. The woman on the other side of him was also incomparably horrified.

At the upper reaches of the long river of time, as that monarch-like male in the ancient temple chanted sutras, black haze appeared bit by bit, surging over from the endless heavens.

In that instant, his surroundings became pitch black, almost nothing visible.

Right at this moment, an enormous shadow appeared behind him, able to support heaven and earth, towering in this world, about to blast this heavenly dome apart!

He was just too large, difficult to see the end.

The stellar river, compared to him, was just like a fine hair. He towered there just like that, unmoving, his figure blurry and hard to make out. It was as if matchless devil whose might oppressed the past, present, and future descended into this world.

Comparatively, the male seated in the ancient temple really was too small.

Previously, he also towered in the heavenly dome, incredibly tall and large, but compared to this shadow, he was just too small.

At this moment, even the white-clothed woman in the lower reaches couldn’t maintain her previous calmness. Her eyes erupted with divine radiance, becoming like an empress who ruled and overlooked the world beneath the sky. The most divine and imposing aura was released from her figure.

Her expression was serious as she stared forward, saying, “I’ve witnessed another facet. No wonder the future was so difficult, so bitter, full of blood and flames.”

Even she spoke like this, so one could imagine just how difficult it was in the future. She managed to see something from the black mist.

Immediately afterwards, the white-clothed woman’s expression changed, because that place was becoming more and more dark, the black haze that descended from the heavens even more concentrated, about to form a second black figure, vague and indistinct, similarly vast.

Moreover, the first shadow began to move, about to slaughter its way over.

That type of aura, that type of pressure, it was simply unimaginable, about to destroy everything, making the white-clothed woman in the lower reaches incredibly serious, as if she was facing a great enemy.

She released a light scoff, and then operated an extremely terrifying heavenly art. Her entire body shone, another self unexpectedly rushing out from her flesh, floating above her, continuously forming imprints.

That was like a rebirth, recreating the true self, a self that transcended the self, matchless and unrivaled.


She displayed the most powerful strike forward.

The heavens collapsed, earth ruptured, long river of time starting to break apart. The stars of history fell one after another. She took action with full strength, continuously forming imprints to attack.


Eventually, the long river of history seemed to have gone out of control, surging viciously, in absolute chaos, immediately thrown into disorder.

This meant that everything was now becoming chaotic.

When things calmed down again, in the upper reaches of the long river, the ancient temple disappeared, the shadows no longer visible, peace returning to that place.

In the lower reaches, blood flowed out from the corners of the white-clothed woman’s mouth, the bit of bright red an alarming sight. Blood dyed her clothes red, looking quite bleak; she was injured.

“What happened?” Shi Hao asked. Just now, he couldn’t see through the truth at all, not understanding what the current situation was like.

On the other side of the stone table, that woman thought to herself, and then frowned, saying, “She severed the long river, disturbing the past, stopping the darkness from arriving.”

This was already enough to speak about the severity of the issue. The white-clothed woman didn’t allow the shadows to truly appear, not fighting a decisive battle against them.

“No one can easily step on the long river of time, some things can be done once, twice, but not a third time. Now that she took action like this, interfering with the past, those people cannot take action again.” The woman on the other side of the stone table explained, at the same time trying to figure things out, because these were all her speculations.

“The white-clothed woman will have to pay a tremendous price for this.” She then added.

Then, she frowned again, as if there was something she just couldn’t understand. “But it still doesn’t really seem right.”

Specks of light scattered over, wrapping around Shi Hao, as if separating him from the long river, not allowing him to be tainted by karma.

Then, the rain of light disappeared.

“I understand, she has taken action to free you, not involving you in the complications!” The woman beside the stone table said while looking at Shi Hao, now understanding.

Shi Hao was stunned. He looked at that white-clothed woman, and then at the limits of the long river’s upper reaches.

“I’ve finally seen for myself. Born in this world, your journey is more difficult than any other, more bitter than all, needing to face the endless years alone…” The white-clothed woman spoke, looking towards Shi Hao.

Her white clothes fluttered about, stained by a bit of blood, looking a bit sad, but also extremely otherworldly. Beautiful hair scattered down her shoulders, incredibly moving and beautiful.

Right now, she was calm, restoring her aloof and pure aura. The true self that was created returned to the body, immortal light restrained. Her gaze was calm, no longer domineering and penetrating like before.

The woman’s voice was gentle, becoming completely different from when she was fighting. When she spoke to Shi Hao, there was clearly a special type of emotion.

Shi Hao wanted to see her clearly, remember her, but it was too blurry, too hazy. Even without the face mask, he still couldn’t see everything clearly.

“Goodbye… goodbye…” The white-clothed woman said softly, her body gradually growing dim, turning into a rain of light, thus disappearing from this place.

1. The chinese characters here can also be read as ‘meet again’

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