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Chapter 1157 - Robbing Interaction

When Mo Dao heard this, he was a bit stunned. This fella really was treating him like some hired thug, ordering him around for everything!

Only, he was in no position to argue back. Right now, Shi Hao and him were grasshoppers on the same thread.

When those people saw Mo Dao turn around and walk towards them, there was immediately a disturbance. This was a young supreme being with three strands of immortal energy, normally, who dared provoke someone like this?

Mo Dao walked forward, but his expression was complicated, feeling extremely uneasy inside, to the extent where he could be considered to be experiencing a storm of emotions.

It was because he had also ascended that altar, experiencing a miraculous journey! 

Even now, he hadn’t calmed down, what he had experienced delivering him too great of a mental shock, practically toppling everything he knew!

The reason Shi Hao forcefully took him as a servant wasn’t purely because Mo Dao was powerful, but because Shi Hao also had more far-reaching considerations, this reason the most important one.

That was, he was going to start everything through Mo Dao!

Mo Dao was a heaven warping genius, a well-known figure on the other side of the Desolate Border. If he obtained the so-called ‘truth’, and then went back, it would produce heaven reaching waves.

This was an important consideration Shi Hao made, hoping that the servant he accepted wouldn’t only serve as a great war general, but also a toppling element!

Meanwhile, this strange journey exceeded Shi Hao’s plans.

It was because what Mo Dao experienced this time was different. He saw the various engraving diagrams of past battles, these scenes carrying portions of the truth.

Those leftover engravings and spiritual imprints were originally left for the heroes of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, allowing them to witness and experience the intense bloody battles of those ancient races, to help raise battle spirit in protecting their territory. 

There was shouting and clamoring within them, as well as a few things lost in history.

Of course, Mo Dao didn’t completely believe everything either. He was struggling greatly internally, extremely conflicted. It was because he thought the words of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ ancient ancestors only told a one sided story, not necessary completely trustworthy.

“What’s up with you, looking so distracted?” Shi Hao was discontent, asking like this.

It was because he saw Mo Dao was in a complete daze, his expression complex, mind not really there, wandering about, unknown what he was thinking.

“I will interact with you all.” Mo Dao said.

The expressions of those people became ugly. Now that this type of person came, unless they asked Yao Yue or Lu Tuo to come out, no one was his opponent.

At the same time, a few of the aggressors looked towards Shi Hao. This was definitely done by him, every one of them starting to feel apprehension.

“Good, good! You all interact with each other!” The little rabbit giggled, jumping while hugging the Qilin youth, looking extremely happy.

“This…” Those people felt a headache. It was because Mo Dao was being quite forceful, about to take action.

“Get rid of the people on that side first.” Shi Hao transmitted sound, having Mo Dao help Cao Yusheng, because a few people began to surround him.

Mo Dao’s face remained expressionless. A glorious supreme being with three strands of immortal energy was being ordered around like this, really leaving him with quite the bad taste.


With a raise his hand, five-colored divine light flew out, immediately blasting a group of people away, none of them able to stand in his path.

In reality, the little fatty hadn’t even taken action yet, only intimidating the other party, using his flesh as a magical plate, engraving one of the three great innate killing formations, seizing heaven and earth natural luck.

As his cultivation improved, the formation became more and more clear, his strength becoming greater and greater!

Once the formation truly formed, his flesh would still be able to hold on. When that time came, even killing the most powerful individuals in this world wouldn’t be much of an issue.

His flesh shone, chaotic sword energy flying out streak after streak, winding about his body, appearing extremely terrifying. It was precisely because of this that the group of people surrounding him were intimidated.

Then, Mo Dao broke the equilibrium, directly getting involved.

“Hey, this is my prey okay? Didn’t even get to do anything yet!” Cao Yusheng cried out. He really was going to take action, properly interact with these people.

However, Mo Dao seized the initiative, releasing a domain, isolating both sides, targeting that group of people.

“What is your intention? Coming from the other side, your status right now unclear, are you going to take action against us?” Someone shouted.

They naturally didn’t want Mo Dao to join in. Once he began to exchange pointers, it really would be a one-sided slaughter. They could only use righteousness to stop him.

Of course, while speaking these words, these people were still feeling nervous, because strength was the best argument. When the difference was large enough, it wouldn’t matter no matter what they said.

Shi Hao stood in the distance, not expressing anything, just watching things play out.

“Still not backing off? This has nothing to do with you!” Another person shouted.

Mo Dao frowned. He gave them a look, and then looked at the relaxed Shi Hao in the distance. His lips were curved up slightly, truly not scared of things developing too greatly, directly taking action.

“Chi!” He raised his hand, pointing out. A streak of purple light flew out, scattering the body protecting bone texts of the one who spoke, immediately blasting him until he coughed out large amounts of blood and flew out.

Then, he raised his hand again. The other person was also like this, neither precious artifacts nor divine abilities enough to stop Mo Dao’s power.

“They started fighting, the foreign creature took action!”

A great commotion rose, drawing many people’s attention.

The group of aggressors were all complaining endlessly. This really was just too terrible. Trying to ‘interact’ with this type of person was purely suicide.

“The foreign creature is rebelling, everyone, take action together!” Someone shouted.

This was naturally someone who harbored ulterior motives, wishing to stir up everyone and get them all to deal with Mo Dao together, suppress him. It was because there was no way he could win by himself.

Mo Dao gave Shi Hao a look. When he didn’t see any reaction, he didn’t stop, immediately surging with killing intent, acting powerfully.


One of them was struck by a raise of his hand, almost blasted to pieces in the air, blood coughed violently from his mouth. 


Mo Dao raised his foot, his right leg lashing out like a whip, thrashing out horizontally, striking down on one of their bodies. The sound of bones cracking immediately sounded; that person’s body almost snapped in half.

Mo Dao displayed his power, looking like he was going to unleash a great killing disaster.

Even though he didn’t deal the killing blow, there were already many people injured, struck until they continuously coughed out blood. His targets were all the previous aggressors. 

Everyone realized that things were now extremely troublesome!

“You dare join, taking action like this?!” Of course, there were some who didn’t believe in the supernatural, feeling like they had enough backing, right now about to interfere.

“Good, I like your style! I finally don’t have to be the one taking action, really was hard work.” The little rabbit said, feeling extremely happy.

When the group of people heard this, they all cursed silently. What hard work? All you did was throw out the Qilin youth, using an immortal dao auspicious beast as the weapon! They had never met someone like this before!

If not for the misgivings they felt towards the elders, they would have seized that young beast a long time ago.

Soon afterwards, ghosts wept and deities howled. This group of aggressors were all defeated, not enough no matter how they tried to rope in the crowd. Even if it was a group of people working together, they were still far from enough to face Mo Dao.

Mo Dao didn’t deliver the killing blow, but he beat them until they didn’t dare raise their heads, some of them rolling on the ground.


Someone spoke, walking over towards Shi Hao, having him stop Mo Dao.

“Beat them up some more, make sure you don’t kill them!” Shi Hao transmitted sound to Mo Dao, because he was quite unsatisfied. These people took action against the little rabbit and Cao Yusheng, and even wanted to harass them, too hard for him to endure.

Pi li pa la!

The disturbance was becoming greater and greater, stirring up a huge commotion.

However, Mo Dao was just that powerful, beating them until they didn’t dare show any temper. This would continue to be the case unless someone like Lu Tuo or Yao Yue were invited over to take action and suppress Mo Dao.

“Alright, already interacted with you all enough. Why don’t I see you all take out items? Aren’t there divine abilities, magical artifacts and other things?” Shi Hao said.

Mo Dao took action, starting to search them.

Was he really going to rob them? These individuals became angry. Many of them had tremendous gains during their strange experiences, but who would be willing to hand them over?

An appropriate interaction and exchange was okay, but now they encountered such a frightening robber, they felt a bit anxious.

“You all better not cross the line!” One of them shouted.

There were a few others who arrived before Shi Hao, telling him to stop Mo Dao, because they all knew that he was his servant.

“Dao brother, it is still better if you have your servant stop. If this continues, it won’t be good for anyone.” Someone said.

“En, it’s fine, their interaction is about to end already.” Shi Hao replied nonchalantly, secretly urging Mo Dao to take action and complete the search.

Mo Dao really didn’t hesitate, forcing these people, seizing their natural luck, preparing to loot them clean.

“Dao friend, I must please ask you not to be like this. If you don’t stop, there will be misfortune.” Someone got impatient, saying this to Shi Hao, having him call Mo Dao back.

“Are you threatening me?” Shi Hao gave him a cold look.

In the distance, the little rabbit and Cao Yusheng were jeering rowdily, shouting that they were going to help, dragging Qing Yi and the others over, about to search them together with Mo Dao.

They didn’t take action, but the ones who came to mediate things became anxious. Right now, another person stood out, his face fallen as he looked at Shi Hao. “You have to know that you are only Wang Xi’s follower, also a servant. If you continue to stir up trouble like this, there won’t be any benefits for you!”


Shi Hao sent him flying with a single slap, smacking him in the face.

“Who even are you?” Only then did he ask.

“Someone who is on close terms with the Wang Family.” One person replied.

“Might very well be someone from the Wang Family!” Another added.

That person spat out a few teeth, and then said, “You dare take action against me? I don’t care how great your cultivation is, you are nothing more than a servant in the end. With the diamond band on your head, you cannot break free!”


Shi Hao stamped his foot, a divine rainbow flying outwards, blasting that person’s body into two parts, blood covering the ground, making that person’s expression turn white, almost dying from fear.

“Who are you speaking in the place of? Wang Family? If that really is the case, then maybe I should just capture Wang Xi!” Shi Hao said coldly.

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