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Chapter 1154 - Cannot Be Blasphemed


The male roared, his palm like a great mountain, incredibly large as it slapped down from above, facing the bronze mask that was as large as the heavens.

Right now, he slightly displayed a bit of his ‘true form’, his figure grand and heroic as he towered between heaven and earth, entire body covered in armor, even his head like this. A sharp streak of sword-like light flew out from his green eyes!

Apart from this, behind him was a long tail, also covered in scales that flickered with ice-cold metallic luster. This was an extremely terrifying creature.

He blasted apart the heavens with a single palm. The great stars exploded one after another, turning into the most beautiful and terrifying radiance.


A tremendous noise sounded. The bronze mask covered the heavenly dome, colliding together with that palm, the noise terrifying one down to their soul.

That monarch-like male towered between heaven and earth, who knew how many tens of thousands of zhang in height, standing tall in outer space. The sun, moon, and stars moved about around him, but right now, his arm was moving slightly. That palm didn’t break the mask, but rather suffered a lashback that made the gap between his thumb and index finger split apart, bright red blood appearing.

“Break again!”

This was precisely the reason why that male’s palm shone, producing world ending radiance. It was boundless, great dao natural laws appearing streak after streak, everything rushing into the skies.

The power this male erupted with was, without a doubt, extremely terrifying and incomparable, simply able to instantly destroy all enemies in this world!

When they saw this scene, Shi Hao and the woman on the other side of the stone table both felt nervous, feeling extremely worried. Streak after streak of divine chains of order rushed into the sky, turning into divine rainbows, striking down on that mask, making it shake and release loud noises.

It looked like it was going to be smashed apart, truly making them feel tense.

The bronze mask shook, but didn’t break apart in the end. Moreover, that face mask was still so clear and lifelike, carrying tears within the smile, overlooking that male just like that.


The monarch-like male displayed unmatched fist methods. Within the rumbling sounds, he used who knew how many types of divine abilities, all of these attacks gathering together to bombard the skies.

A light noise could be heard. The bronze mask seemed to have revived, releasing immortal light. Moreover, a teardrop slid onto the ground, and then quickly enlarged. When it landed, it had already turned into an ocean.

A single teardrop turned into an ocean, this sea dark blue and clear like diamond. Only, it was just too large, sweeping through the heavens, drowning out the stars, boundless without limit.

The male standing beneath was directly swallowed up by the sea, completely covered.

His entire body shone, forming magical imprints, erupting with endless divine force to break free, moreover releasing the most vicious attacks.

Strand after strand of chaotic energy surged, the divine chains of order dense like a spider web as they interweaved in the air. They were everywhere.

In the end, black holes arranged themselves, continuously opening up. This place was completely ruined.

Primal chaos surged, drowning out this place.

Shi Hao was stupefied, his heart violently jumping.

On the other side of him, the woman who was seated across from him was also stupefied. This battle completely exceeded her imagination! The teardrop on that mask possessed such divine might, wrapping around that male, it was just too shocking!


A roar that shook the heavens and moved the earth tore through the sky, like the angry roar of the most terrifying beast. He struggled free, blasting apart a few stars, making even the heavenly dome dim, about to sever the long river of history.

That male stood above the river of time, body shaking violently, mouth roaring continuously. With a great explosive sound, his body seemed to have been ignited, making all of the waters evaporate, turning into white mist.

Then, his tail shot into the heavens like a war spear, piercing towards that bronze mask.

Severing the starry river, piercing through the starry sky!

This tail quickly enlarged, simply unstoppable. Strong immortal energy spread from it, frightening to the limit. Moreover, it was covered in armor that was ice-cold and frightening.


The face mask moved, collecting away all of the rising mists, gathering another teardrop, at the same time colliding with that tail again.

The noise was astonishing. The bronze face mask moved along the long river of history, flying towards the white clad woman. As it swayed about, brilliant radiance shone, making many stars along the historical path lose radiance.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” The male was incredibly powerful, like an imperial monarch as he moved. He descended along the long river of time, stepping on stars, making them explode one after another, the scene truly terrifying.

The white clad woman stood in the lower reaches, her feet never moving this entire time. This time, her right arm instead already raised, reaching forward in a perfectly straight manner, her snow-white and sparkling palm slowly pushing forward.


A loud and clear sound rang out. The bronze face mask stopped, no longer flying out. Moreover at this instant, it released sharp immortal light, becoming blurry, undergoing change.


Exceptional sword energy rushed into the heavens. It turned into an immortal sword, simple and unadorned in appearance at first, but as that slender hand pushed forward, it erupted with sky piercing light.

The matchless immortal sword released blinding divine radiance, hacking forwards.

Strand after strand of cold light shot out. Those were divine order, natural laws, great dao!

As for the light released by the sword tip, it exceeded everything, tearing apart dao laws, hacking apart primal chaos, slicing through everything, resplendent to the limit.

In the upper reaches of the long river of history, the expression of the male who was rushing over changed. The bronze face mask released shocking radiance, making his tail become momentarily sluggish.

It was precisely during this moment of hesitation that the immortal sword reached him!


Sparks flew in all directions. The sword and the armor-covered tail collided, flowing light filling the heavens, tearing through the night sky. Resplendent stellar streams were hacked down, exploding here, thus going dim!

Then, in the duskiness, sword light erupted, hacking forward, fast to the extreme. The world was under such pressure that even great dao was releasing mournful noises.

Meanwhile, that male was also roaring. He brandished his two palms and swung his tail, clashing with that sword.

Blood trickled down. Even though its tail was covered in armor, comparable to immortal spears, there was still a slit opened, almost being cut off.

As for his two hands, there was even more bright red blood that fell.

“You think my blood can be shed without reason?” That male didn’t get angry, only carrying a type of profoundness. His voice wasn’t extremely low, but instead like thunder, carrying a rumbling noise.

The blood that scattered down had unwittingly when flowed down along the river of time, turning into resplendent symbols. They appeared in the white-clothed woman’s surroundings, forming a world shocking killing formation.


At this moment, the male’s temperament changed, becoming many times more berserk than just now, his aura also becoming much stronger!

“Regardless of where you are, take my branding first, and then it’ll be easy to track you down in the future!” The male spoke. He had previously said that he was going to keep this white-clothed woman at his side, and now, he was making preparations to do so.

It was because he knew that even if he could win here, he couldn’t make this woman stay behind. He had to wait for another time.

“You thought too much.” The woman finally spoke, extremely calm like an otherworldly and pure fairy.

Only, beneath this type of calmness was a tremendous awe that couldn’t be tainted, couldn’t be blasphemed. The moment her words sounded, the immortal sword moved, cutting the void!


This sword light scattered, turning into hundreds to thousands of streaks, all of them landing on that male’s body.

In that instant, the male’s body shook intensely, his entire body shone. All types of secret methods were displayed at the same time to resist the sword radiance. However, he still couldn't protect his entire body.

Trembling zheng zheng sounds rang out, keng qiang sounds ringing out continuously. The Immortal Gold armor on his body continuously broke, piece after piece coming off. Blood gushed out from his body again and again.

This was a set of rare immortal battle clothes, yet now, it was hacked apart. There were several hundred cracks, all of them shooting out blood.

“How powerful! There is this type of person in the future?!” The woman across from Shi Hao was shocked. She couldn’t help but released a light cry. What kind of person was she? Yet right now, she still felt like the white clad woman was truly stunning.

When the sword descended, that monarch-like male was hacked into such a sorry state, his body covered in sword marks, continuously taking steps backwards.

“The more blood that flows from me, the more miserable it will be for my enemies.” The male said. He didn’t feel a sense of defeat, instead becoming colder and colder. The blood mixed with the long river of time, moving down, more and more released in this manner. It all gathered in the white-clothed woman’s surroundings, turning into the most complex patterns, constructing a heaven shocking killing formation.

The white clad woman raised her hand, making a brushing moment, scattering some of the blood. However, this didn’t get rid of all of it, the blood gathering again after being scattered.

“I am inextinguishable, my blood is also inextinguishable. I will confine and restrict you in this life!” These cold words resounded above the river. 

The white-clothed woman was still completely indifferent. However, this time, she had divine and dignified movements. Her hands formed imprints, light beams condensing into a pitcher.


The mouth of the pitcher shone, releasing endless brilliance, all of it blasting towards the blood, making it evaporate, burning it up!

“En?!” The male was shocked. His body shook intensely. He displayed the most powerful forbidden secret methods, starting to attack. His entire body rushed over.

At the same time, the white-clothed woman summoned back the immortal sword. The sword radiance restrained itself, immortal sword taking form, becoming a precious pitcher, becoming one with the pitcher made of light produced from the woman’s imprints.

It was called a pitcher, but it was also like a jar. Beautiful symbols covered its surface, undying aura spreading from it. Chaotic mist and immortal light continuously flowed out from the pitcher’s opening.

This time, the precious pitcher no longer released divine force, but rather began to devour and suck in. The blood radiance that filled the skies, as well as the other party’s divine abilities and secret techniques were all collected inside.

It seemed like it was going to devour the skies, able to hold and refine anything!

That male’s expression changed, his body shaking greatly. It was because he discovered with shock that his body’s injuries all began to open up, blood rushing out like a waterfall towards that precious pitcher.

He knew that this woman was using actions to reply to his words. He had said that the more blood that flowed, the worse it would be for his enemies, but now, the white clad woman was going to collect all of his blood.

“Break for me!”

The male shouted. As soon as this voice fell, not only was the absorption force stopped, it would also sever karma, hack apart heaven and earth, temporarily cutting off the relationship between that woman and himself.

Otherwise, he really did fear that all of his blood would wither up, completely sucked dry.


A cold snort sounded. The white-clothed woman was exceptional, her awe not tolerating any blasphemy, with a move of her hands, the precious pitcher in her hands surged with endless brilliance, covering heaven and earth.


Immediately afterwards, the male was struck by the radiance, his entire body flying out. The armor covering his body completely ruptured, body splitting apart, smashing into the upper reaches and the source of the long river of history.

“You…” He roared furiously. How humiliating was this? He was actually blasted through by this woman!

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