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Chapter 1150 - After Death

His body seemed to be disintegrating, turning into flakes one by one. It was as if leaves were falling, but also as if a rain of light was scattering about. This was the type of feeling Shi Hao was currently experiencing.

He was quite distracted, his soul fluttering about, breaking apart as well. He felt as if he turned into particles, every single speck shining, and then he left his original world. He was carrying out a reincarnation, a life and death cycle.

In a daze, he saw the river of time, the years overflowing, the radiance of time surging. Was that time? Once it went, it no longer returned!

Shi Hao was inwardly shaken, waking up from his vacantness, feeling a strange state. His body turned into specks, every one of them sparkling and translucent, floating in the nothingness of eternal silence.

That river of time was roaring, rushing over from the distance, the waves beating the skies!

Upon closer inspection, above every single ocean spray was a matchless hero with an imposing appearance, extraordinarily heroic.

Each spray was a generation, while heroic figures were the best representations of an era. They stood on top of the ocean spray, flickering with magnificent radiance that illuminated all of eternity.

Shi Hao was shocked. What was he looking at?

These were the vicissitudes of eras, the alterations over the years, even more so the ups and downs of the world, a long river of history!

In a daze, he saw scenes of history one after another, the changes that took place as the years went past. There was even more of the world rising and falling; this was a long river of history!

He was a bit stupefied. Just what kind of place did he end up in? How did he end up seeing these things?

In a daze, he saw historical scenes change one after another. There were exceptional heroes that rushed into the heavens, fairies bathed in blood. The common people were at a loss, crying out…

Some of these scenes were clear, others blurry. Shi Hao examined them closely, discovering that some of these were precisely things recorded in ancient texts, some he didn’t know about, too ancient, forgotten by this world.

Shi Hao wished to understand the truth, but when he closely examined everything, he instead discovered that he couldn’t see those scenes clearly, everything becoming blurry, moreover gradually disappearing.

Then, he felt even more horrified, breaking out into a cold shiver. It was because he saw endless darkness descend, corroding that river of time!

Endless mist appeared, turning into a roiling black tide, drowning out everything.

Then, he saw cages appear one after another, rising and falling along the river of time.

“En?!” Shi Hao was shocked.

Back then, when he cultivated immortal energy, his primordial spirit had previously left him, entering the eternal darkness, locked within a cage. It was precisely this type of dark cell.

This time, he could clearly see prisons arrive from the innermost depths of the darkness. They landed in the long river of time, rising and falling with the great waves.

Shi Hao felt a cold chill run down his back. What was this foretelling?

This really was hard to understand. What exactly was there at the limits of the boundless darkness for cages to appear one after another, falling into this great river.

Above the great river surrounded by darkness, a whirlpool suddenly appeared. Light shone brilliantly, its pureness and holiness expelling all of the black haze.

This was extremely shocking. A vortex mysteriously appeared, affecting everything, interfering with the torrential river. A bright lamp was added to this darkness, this light source incredibly eye-grabbing.

The vortex wasn’t great, but it was incomparably astonishing. In the end, there was even more so a chaotic mist that appeared, formed from light and primal chaos, taking root in that long river of time!

“What is this?” Shi Hao felt incredibly strange. He didn’t know what the others were experiencing, but the things he was seeing right now were truly quite unique.

Perhaps the things that other cultivators saw were even more astonishing. Maybe they were some who saw a True Dragon, or the transformation of a phoenix through rebirth.


Great winds roared, fragments of time dancing about. The specks of light Shi Hao turned into were swept out, and then they were absorbed by that vortex, thus disappearing from this place.

He released a loud cry, struggling and resisting, but all of this didn’t achieve anything. He directly entered the very depths of this whirlpool.

He had a feeling that everything he saw just now touched upon too many important things!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t see through those scenes, unable to comprehend them!

At this moment, he felt as if he was experiencing an eternity. He was trapped within endless time. In the end, everything before his eyes became dark, his consciousness thus fading.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Shi Hao woke up, discovering that he was no longer made of shining particles. His body had reappeared, only, all of his clothes were burned to ashes, his body completely exposed.

Even though he was delicate and pretty, looking rather pure, his body was slender and strong. When he unfolded his arms, he didn’t feel anything strange. He produced a set of battle clothes from a spatial magical artifact within him and covered himself again.

What kind of place was this? It was completely silent, quite spacious and empty.

Shi Hao felt as if he arrived at the end of the world, because there was chaotic mists not far out that curled about. He couldn’t see through the scenes around him, everything extremely hazy.

He walked forward. This place was extremely quiet, without a bit of sound, spacious and empty to the point of making one feel suffocated.

Shi Hao carefully sized up the surroundings, carefully examining this place.

This was an ancient earth, the rock surface long ruined. Abandoned palaces appeared one after another, some of them collapsed, some still tenaciously standing tall.


Up ahead, there were a few palaces that weren’t made of giant rocks, but rather divine gold. The auspicious light had long faded, the metal palace becoming simple and unadorned again. Even though it hadn’t fallen to ruin, it was still already badly damaged.

Some of those palaces had clear palm imprints, blade marks, arrow holes, and other things.

Shi Hao was greatly shaken up. He felt like those fist imprints, claw marks, and other things all carried endless wonders. These were left behind by unmatched figures.

There were only a few divine gold palaces left, but all of them had clearly been attacked by exceptionally powerful experts.

Shi Hao tried to get closer, wanting to use his hand to touch them, but he discovered that he actually couldn’t get closer, repelled by a powerful pressure. It was as if there was an undying being occupying this place.

In a daze, Shi Hao seeming to have heard world-shaking war cries. Countless figures could be seen. Great bells, precious cauldrons, dao pagodas and other things flew about, smashing in this direction.

He couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. Those types of weapons might not be inferior to the Heaven and Earth Pouch, not belonging to this world!

Shi Hao’s mind trembled. What kind of place was this? This abandoned ancient land where palaces towered actually suffered attacks from these types of weapons.

The damaged metal buildings were massive and tall, as if they were built by a giant. There was a type of tremendous pressure, dignified and divine.

Suddenly, a sphere of light appeared from Shi Hao’s body. Then, it separated from his body, moving about above him, turning into a mirror, illuminating those arrow holes and fist imprints, imitating the various great dao auras.

Shi Hao sensed something. It wasn’t like before when he didn’t realize anything. He raised his head and gave it a look, but didn’t say anything.

Only after a long time had passed, when this flame disappeared, did everything return to normal again.

“Where is this place? What kind of place did I come to?” Shi Hao said quietly. He really didn’t know.

He carefully observed his surroundings. Was this the imperial court of immortals, or was it the home of undying beings? Otherwise, how could there be these types of scenes?

“Sending me to this kind of place, what is the meaning behind this?” He couldn’t help but ask himself.

“To gift you an opportunity.” At this time, a voice sounded. It was just that abrupt, shattering the peacefulness.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This was just too sudden! He didn’t sense anyone approaching at all! His body shone, bone texts covering him, now completely on guard.

He was searching for the source of the voice, walking forward.

A metal palace that was extremely vast like a small mountain rested before him, but its peak had been removed, only the outer walls left. Metallic radiance flickered coldly about.

Shi Hao entered, and then he was immediately stunned.

This place was full of a fragrance of flowers, plants verdant and lush. It was no longer desolate and silent, bleak, but instead thriving with vitality.

Between the dilapidated ancient metal watchtowers, chinese wisteria winded about, the plants fresh and clean. There were stone tables, praying mats, and a moving woman.

“Please sit!” The woman spoke. She couldn’t be considered stunningly beautiful, but there was a type of intelligence to her. Her large eyes flickered with intelligent light, extremely unordinary, carrying a faintly discernible immortal dao aura.

“Who are you? Don’t tell me you are a true immortal?” For some reason, when Shi Hao arrived, he immediately blurted out whatever he was thinking, directly asking what he wanted to know.

The atmosphere here was extremely different, as if they were surrounded by the essence of the great dao. Even one’s thinking became simple, no longer being that complicated, becoming pure.

“In the past, perhaps I was, but perhaps I wasn’t. Now, there is only a damaged imprint left.” This woman replied, quiet and calm, not hiding anything.

Shi Hao was immediately stunned. A true immortal of a past generation, a true immortal family woman?! This was simply like something from a dream, he actually ended up meeting this kind of person.

This woman’s sleeves moved, and then four small appetizers appeared on the stone table. There was even a wine pot and two jade cups.

He couldn’t tell what kind of ingredients the appetizers were made of. The jade cups were also quite simple and unadorned. However, when she raised the wine jar, there was chaotic energy that spilled out from the jar’s opening.

The woman poured the alcohol, the liquid that poured out from the jar sparkling and translucent, unexpectedly releasing immortal energy. A strong fragrance wafted out, the smell alone about to make one drunk.

Shi Hao was shocked. Was this wine brewed by a true immortal? This type of thing, forget about him,  even the most powerful people of this world probably can’t drink it, right?

Forget about everything else, just the immortal energy that was everywhere proved that this was good stuff. If he really drank it, it was unknown what kind of transformation would happen, what kind of benefits there would be.

“Please!” The woman raised a jade cup, hinting for Shi Hao to use the other jade cup.

Shi Hao had many things he was confused about, so he didn’t immediately raise the cup, instead asking, “If I may ask, what am I currently experiencing?”

“Afterlife, reincarnation.” The woman calmly replied, extremely simple and natural, as if it was nothing more than an ordinary matter.

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