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Chapter 1149 - Final Destination

The snow-white skeleton immediately became anxious. Its status was unordinary, but it was still far from that of a long life being. These youth were under his care, yet in the end, two creatures with extraordinary backgrounds went missing, how could he not be worried?

It was to the extent where he felt a powerful sense of fear!

Void Beast, Three-Headed King, both of these were terrifying families that could stir up endless winds and clouds. If those two creatures died, it would trigger great anger.

“What exactly happened?” It shouted nervously, hurriedly asking those at its side.

“The Three-Headed King was killed, Void Beast… went missing, likely also killed in battle.” Someone replied quietly.

“Who was it that did this?!” The snow-white skeleton roared, the soul light in its skull jumping, its entire being’s aura world shocking. It really was about to go crazy.

Many people from the foreign creatures’ side looked over. At this moment, they didn’t know whether to look at Shi Hao or Mo Dao.

“Why did Mo Dao go to that side too?” The snow-white skeleton asked.

“He defected!” Someone replied through gritted teeth.

“He… is stunning, name well known under the sky, treated with importance by the ancient realm behind Undying Mountain, this person defected? Did he go mad?!” The snow-white skeleton didn’t know if Mo Dao went crazy, but it definitely was.

At the same time, it thought of Mo Dao’s older sister. That woman was treated with great importance by Emperor Clan members, an exceptional genius they were willing to take in.

Mo Dao would defect even with this type of background? It couldn’t understand at all.

“This is too much! Those who do wrongs must be punished!” The skeleton roared, the soul flame in its skull jumping about, struggling, trying to display a secret method.

However, heaven and earth rumbled, divine thunder roared. Terrifying natural laws descended, pressuring this place.

At the same time, the Heaven and Earth Pouch released great waves, stopping the heavens, resisting the natural laws and order, not letting judgment rain down on this place.


On the other side, the Ten Realms Diagram shone, unfolding. It was as if a massive world was appearing here, protecting heavenly deity institution’s students, at the same time pressuring the people of the other world.


Suddenly, the Ten Realms Diagram released several dozen streaks of brilliance, becoming extremely dazzling. It rushed towards the Heaven and Earth Pouch.

At this moment, everyone’s expression became pale. Regardless of whether it was that skeleton or the heavenly deity institution elders standing in the distance, all of their expressions went rigid.

It was because they knew clearly that when this level of supreme treasures clashed, the great world might be blasted through at any time, triggering the most terrifying result.

In the past, the world was originally incredibly vast, a single body, but it was precisely because of immortal king level figures fighting to the death that it was fractured, turning into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Now that this type of supreme treasure appeared, once they clashed, it would be simply unimaginable!


Heaven and earth trembled, everyone’s hearts pounding as well.


The most terrifying demonic sound erupted, silent drum beats sounded. Those were the sounds of the Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch striking against each other. The most magnificent brilliance erupted between the two.

Many people couldn’t open their eyes, unable to see anything. Even the snow-white skeleton was a bit fearful, not daring to show off right now.

Only when everything had already calmed did everyone discover that the two didn’t fight to the end, only testing each other a bit. However, just this alone was enough to make one shiver with fear.

“My weapon was smashed apart!”

“My body protecting precious artifact! It had five elements divine material added to it, but it was all broken apart!”

On the foreign creatures’ side, many of them cried out in alarm, feeling incredible grief. Their weapons and other things were destroyed.

At the same time, on heavenly deity institution’s side, there were people whose expressions turned white. Some of their magical artifacts turned into powder in that radiance, blasted to pieces.

They knew that this was definitely because of the light produced by the Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch, some of the fluctuations that traveled over triggering this result.

Fortunately, no one was injured, leaving them extremely shocked. They all began to speculate that the two supreme treasures didn’t wish to fight to the end.

“Yi, the blood of the Three-Headed King I brought back disappeared, turned to dust along with the magical artifact!” Someone cried out in alarm. They were originally going to bring it back for the supreme beings to see who exactly killed it, what kind of precious techniques it died under.

“It doesn’t matter, the Heaven and Earth Pouch can replay the scenes within.” The snow-white skeleton said. However, immediately afterwards, its soul trembled, becoming a bit doubtful. It raised its head towards the Heaven and Earth Pouch.

However, soon after, it shook its head, no longer thinking anything more.

They definitely couldn’t fight a great battle anymore, because the two supreme treasures were confronting each other. If they really did fight, then the results would be unimaginable.

The most important thing was that the foreign creatures couldn’t truly cross realms, unable to come over, still needing more time. They had been trying to overcome various obstacles this entire time, wishing to find a way.

“Go!” The snow-white skeleton was rather decisive, knowing that there was no way anything meaningful could be done here. It brought its people back.

Those individuals entered that indistinct passage. They gave this side one last cold look, all of them full of killing intent and chilliness, extremely terrifying.

“When we truly arrive, this entire world will be overturned!” A cold voice rang through this place, making the hearts of heavenly deity institution’s people tremble slightly, feeling a wave of chilliness.

Right now, the two worlds weren’t really connected, the more powerful the individual, the harder it is to cross realms. One could imagine just how terrifying the creatures on that side who could only transmit sound, unable to cross over were!

“Alright, they left.” An elder from heavenly deity institution said.

Moreover, on a distant mountain peak, a figure that was incredibly aged appeared. With a raise of his hand, the Ten Realms Diagram entered his hands.

Everyone was shocked, knowing that this was one of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ most powerful creatures.

“Wu, you all don’t need to think too much, don’t randomly speak about what you heard or saw. We’ll discuss everything after returning to heavenly deity institution.” An elder reminded.

Then, a great figure displayed a great method here, activating precious techniques, linking up the void. A golden path that stretched for who knew how many tens of thousands of li was directly formed.


On the distant mountain peak, the Ten Realms Diagram in that indistinct figure’s hands shone, supporting the great golden passage.


At this moment, heaven and earth collapsed, the aura of history being destroyed flooded over, leaving all of them terrified.

That great golden path extended out limitlessly, leading straight into the innermost depths of this continent. 

One had to bear in mind that this continent was floating in the cosmos. From the distance, it was like looking at an island, but the stars in the sky were revolving around it. It was incredibly large, comparable to a sea of stars.

Now, a golden path linked up such a great distance. There were people displaying methods, enough to link up one side of the starry sky to the other shore, simply world shocking.

“Just go, there were some changes, so hurry and find your natural luck.” Heavenly deity institution’s elder said.

Originally, this was a type of refinement, and even more so a dangerous trial. They didn’t fear people dying, it was enough as long as the most powerful few remained.

This was like an ‘insect raising goblet’. They would have to take this path sooner or later, only needing a ‘variable’, crucial figures who could change the battlefield situation.

It was because they deeply understood how terrifying the creatures on the other side of the world were. They were already greatly defeated in the last great era, so if they continued at the same pace, it would be absolutely meaningless.

In their eyes, even if this great era reached its most glorious times, it would be nothing more than treading an old path.

However now, where was the new path? They were still walking some old paths. Right now, they could only send these youngsters out to gain insights, obtain some opportunities that might have remained.

All of them got on the great golden path. They felt time fly past, the years altering, as if they experienced ten thousand years of time.

Only when a tremendous shaking sounded did they stop, falling off the great golden path, landing on a vast expanse of ruins.

Right now, they already entered the very depths of this continent, sent here by the great golden path. Otherwise, they wouldn’t arrive even after flying for several lifetimes.

These ruins were bleak and ancient.

Enormous building remains, dilapidated ancient walls, all of the past glory wept within the debris.

Ruined walls stretched out as far as the eye could see.

There was previously a flourishing scene here, extremely vibrant, as if it was a piece of heaven. However, it was taken over by others, becoming ruins.

Despite this being the case, there were still some large rocks with symbols and other things engraved on them that were still releasing strange fluctuations to this day. One could imagine just how terrifying and exceptional these things were when they were complete.

“Immortal Battlefield’s final destination!” Someone cried out in alarm.

Only a few people knew about the details of this place.

“There are opportunities here, and there is also an abyss of death. Whether or not you all wish to explore this place is up to you.” An elder followed along.

Now that they already got this far, how many people would shrink back?

None of them were ordinary people, the geniuses with the greatest talent in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. They had already experienced a lot of things, all of them understanding well that every gain came at a price.

Almost everyone chose to continue. After learning about some of the circumstances from the elders, they all scattered, ultimately ascending an ancient heavenly platform!

This was a damaged platform that had existed since the distant past. One could become an immortal by ascending this platform!

Unfortunately, it had already been destroyed, only half of it left now. It was like a broken mountain, dark and black, looking incredibly stifling.


Figures disappeared from its surface one after another, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

Shi Hao was shocked. He didn’t know what the so-called opportunities were, nor did he know where those people were going.

It was because not even the heavenly deity institution’s elders knew where these people were going.

From what he saw, everyone’s experiences were different, the places they went to also different.

Everything was full of unknowns!

There were people who had previously entered True Dragon nests, undergoing rebirth together with a dragon, there were others who were reborn within a phoenix egg, gaining new life while bathing in flames.

It was always different. There were some who were lost in the long river of time, forever disappearing.

Shi Hao thought for a bit, and then clenched his teeth, also ascending this platform. Then, his body became indistinct, immediately disappearing!

1. Store all the insects in a container, and then the one that comes out alive in the end is the strongest and worth keeping

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