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Chapter 1151 - Reincarnation

“I am experiencing a life after death, reincarnation?” Shi Hao was stupefied. Why was this woman speaking like this? Was this true?

Soon after, he recalled that he previously turned into specks of light, arriving by the rivershore of time. He saw the great river devoured by darkness, cages appearing one after another. In the end, he was sucked in by a whirlpool above the waters. Could it be that entering that place meant stepping into reincarnation?

In that instant, Shi Hao thought of many things. He wasn’t in his original time, so in other words, did he wither way?

Shi Hao silently examined his body. He shook his head, refusing to believe this. He was still himself, not changed at all.

The woman was quite quiet, as if she saw through what he was thinking. “You are already no longer in the human world.”

Shi Hao frowned. This saying might be correct. He did leave, turning into particles, entering the whirlpool in the long history of time.

If there was rebirth after death, then this could be counted as a form of it, right?

“The so-called reincarnation is merely a short experience, not necessarily a full life and death reincarnation, opening a second world.” The woman’s beautiful hair fell down her shoulders, the expression in her eyes calm.

“Is that so? The reincarnation I am experiencing isn’t a transmigration, but instead a short journey. This can also be considered reincarnation?” Shi Hao said.

“Reincarnation does not take account of time. There are reincarnations of thousands of eras, but there is also an instantaneous rebirth.” The woman said.

“I must ask for further guidance!” Shi Hao spoke seriously.

“A flash of realization, this can also be considered a reincarnation.” The woman spoke quietly, everything spoken in an extremely calm manner.

According to what she said, the so-called reincarnation was just an experience. By going off the original life course and setting off on a different path, this would be a reincarnation.

Following a flash of realization, one’s life would suddenly change its course, as if it experienced a type of reincarnation. The supreme nirvana that was experienced was precisely like this.

“There are others that have gone missing, entering ancient realms, experiencing all types of strange things before returning to their original world. What they experience during that period, for them, will be an instance of reincarnation.”

Now, Shi Hao left his original world, arriving here, this could also be considered an instance of reincarnation.

“Even if you got lost, losing some time, it is still an instance of reincarnation.” The woman continued.

Seven days in isolation, equivalent to a thousand years in the real world, this was also a type of reincarnation.

Shi Hao was stunned. The face of the woman before him was like jade, eyes intelligent, bearing graceful and aloof as she slowly spoke these things, making him continuously think different things, not say anything for a long time.

“There are some people whose primordial spirits left their flesh, not returning for a long time, imprisoned in the black cages. So based on what you are saying, this is also an instance of reincarnation, right?” Shi Hao said.

“It is!” The woman nodded.

“So this also counts.” Shi Hao sat on the praying mat, lowering his head to look at the stone table.

If one sat here, letting their mind wander, seated for a hundred years without moving, entrusting their thoughts to the great dao, this was also reincarnation?

When comprehending the dao, one could picture the corrosion of fiends, the destruction of great worlds, the fate of mankind. One could experience the seven emotional states, the six desires, all types of life, every manifestation of nature in this world, the allure of immortal dao; were these merely the wishes of the heart, or did the soul leave the body, undergoing reincarnation?

In that instant, Shi Hao became stunned, as if he was petrified.

If it was just the thoughts of an ordinary person, they would naturally treat it as nothing more than their imagination. However, when cultivators comprehended the dao, there were hundred year seclusions at every turn, their spirits wandering heaven and earth, so what they saw might not necessarily be fake.

Was this reincarnation?

“Is there life and death reincarnation in this world?” Shi Hao asked, and then he added, “You should understand that what I am talking about is not instantaneous enlightenment, nor is it a return to life after death after being lost for a period of time, but rather the so-called previous life reincarnation.”

“Stubborn! There are few absolute things in this world, all relative.” The woman gave this type of assessment, not giving him a definite answer.

However, Shi Hao still obtained great returns, obtaining many bits of insight from their conversation just now.

“This is the reincarnation that you acknowledge?” Shi Hao asked.

The one before him might be a true immortal, every word and action she spoke or made carrying profound meaning, heaven and earth’s intrinsic order and reason. If he could obtain some guidance, his path would become wider and more brilliant.

“I am already no longer an immortal, merely a ruined imprint.” The woman released a light sight, telling Shi Hao that her understanding could be considered damaged.

“Please!” The woman hinted for Shi Hao to raise his cup once again.

On the stone table, the jade cup’s shape was simple and plain, made from a piece of raw stone. A small pit was made inside, natural and ancient.

The fragrance of the liquid inside the cup was intoxicating. It was sparkling and translucent, releasing wisps of immortal energy, and even more so covered by a layer of chaotic mist, divine and unordinary.

This type of wine, forget about drinking, just looking at it made one feel drunk. One could vaguely sense a great dao aura that was going to enter his body.

“This wine is unordinary. Being able to enjoy a cup, this truly is an immortal opportunity, many thanks!” Shi Hao said, and then raised the cup.

“Naturally not ordinary, in the past, it was just this jar alone that was brewed. The reason why I was able to wait here for those of later generations to appear, is also completely because of it.” The woman said frankly.

“Ah?” Shi Hao released a cry of alarm.

“It was fermented by an individual you cannot even fathom.” The woman said, and then she revealed a perplexed expression, becoming slightly distracted. “Why did I say this? Right, I am merely a damaged imprint, already forgotten too much. Who exactly was that person?”

“By drinking it, will I obtain great power, advance by leaps and bounds?” Shi Hao asked, his expression complex.

“You are thinking too much. Spoiling things through excessive enthusiasm will bring harm onto yourself. However, from a certain true meaning, the day will come when you will discover that there are far more benefits than you imagined.” The woman said.

“Is that so? Many thanks, cheers!” Shi Hao raised the cup, and then with a ding sound, touched cups with the one in her hand. A clear sound that was extremely beautiful could be heard.

Right at this moment, Shi Hao was stunned. After the cups touched, little figures jumped out from the cups one after another, weapons appearing one after another, displaying large amounts of symbols.

What was this? They were all formed by the alcohol!

The alcohol seemed to have developed life, reviving here, turning into blades, light sword shadows, transforming into pagodas, bells, furnaces, and other weapons. Then, all types of creatures even began to fight intensely.

This was clearly wine liquid, yet it formed so many things, all of them so lifelike, as if it was a miniature world.

“Do you now see how precious it is?” The woman smiled.

Shi Hao revealed a look of doubt. He looked at this cup of wine, and then looked at her.

“You’ll understand after having a taste.” The woman said.

Shi Hao nodded. He took a sip, and then in that instant, a black spear rushed up, flying into his mouth while carrying bloody radiance. In a daze, he heard three thousand chaotic gods and devils roar, scriptures being chanted.

He was shocked, because when he listened carefully, he discovered that it really was scripture sounds, and the more of the wine he had, the clearer it was in his ears. He immediately became stunned.

After who knew how much time had passed, only then did he stop. The bit of wine had already been swallowed, the taste becoming faint, eventually disappearing.

Shi Hao’s eyes lit up, becoming full of expectation. He sipped a bit more, and then a bell flew up, carrying chaotic energy, accompanied by time fragments, entering his mouth.

Immediately afterwards, scripture sounds rang out again, continuous and drawn-out, so loud even the deaf could hear them. Shi Hao was stupefied, looking completely dumbstruck. He didn’t move, continuously tasting it.

Another period of time passed. The wine flavor became faint, and only then did Shi Hao awaken.

The third time he took a sip, it was a golden seed that seized the natural luck of heaven and earth. It was wrapped within immortal energy, surrounded by the stars of the heavens as it entered Shi Hao’s mouth.

This time, a new scripture sounded!

Only after a long time had passed did Shi Hao open his eyes again. “Is this an immortal seed? Are these all the methods and paths of Immortal Ancient Great Era?!”

He was full of shock. Just how heaven-defying of methods were these?!”

This cup of wine contained too much, did it include the natural laws and great dao of the last great era? All of it was condensed in a cup of wine liquid, it was just too horrifying!

Not much of the wine liquid was used up, comparatively speaking still rather full. Just how many inheritances did this cup of immortal wine carry?

“If you drink all of it, in the end, it will just be imitating Immortal Ancient methods, still meaningless. It is because it has already been proven that we all failed.” The woman said calmly.

She carried a bit of sorrow, the ‘we’ she was talking about naturally referred to the most powerful group of unmatched experts of the past, now all buried in Immortal Ancient Great Era.

“Recreating ‘us’ is meaningless. If there is a day when you all can forge different paths, only then would this cup of alcohol have any meaning, only then will you be able to peer into the imprints of both sides. Otherwise, searching ahead of time would only limit your thinking, restrict your true potential.” The woman released a long and drawn-out sigh.

When Shi Hao heard this, he didn’t bother with thinking about all that. He immediately downed the cup, savoring the taste.

In the end, every so often, this place would surge with light, weapons rushing up. There would be creatures appearing, roaring and carrying out a great battle. Of course, all of these things entered Shi Hao’s mouth.

This was a special cup of alcohol, too many things contained within it, its significance too great!

It was unknown just how many days Shi Hao spent drinking this cup of wine, eventually truly finishing it.

“Not bad, you drank it all. If it was an ordinary person, their bodies might have exploded after drinking just a bit. You’re quite excellent.” The woman was quite generous with her praise.

When Shi Hao heard this, his expression immediately changed.

He knew that this woman’s origins were tremendous, being praised by her was definitely not something common. Based on normal reasoning, even an extremely rare genius would explode after drinking a bit of the wine.

It could be said that just now, what he experienced was a nine deaths one life trial.

“By drinking this cup of wine, it is the same as drinking Immortal Ancient Great Era, experiencing many instances of reincarnation. Those methods, those weapons, those creatures, everything has been witnessed by you.” The woman said with a sigh.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, instead looking at the wine altar on the stone table.

The woman nodded, saying, “You are quite exceptional! You can try to see if you can move this jar of alcohol.”

“What will happen if I can move it?” Shi Hao asked.

“If you can grasp this jar, there will be a tremendous event that will happen, the effects incomparably deep and profound!” The woman spoke seriously again, her style immediately changing, becoming incredibly serious.

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