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Chapter 1147 - Intimidation

Shi Hao’s fist method was matchless. He killed Three-Headed King, rushing right past, a rain of blood splashing everywhere. A several dozen zhang tall giant vicious creature fell just like that.

It was extremely unwilling, only a leftover will continuously ringing through this place, cursing Shi Hao. It refused to believe that it ended up dying here, continuously crying out again and again.

This scene would forever be engraved in Mo Dao’s mind. That youth’s unmatched figure left him completely shocked!

A youth who was even younger than himself erupted with endless divine light, the radiance blazing around him as he sent a fist smashing out, blasting apart Three-Headed King. As he stood on the bloody corpse, he was like a reincarnated demon lord!

The entire mountain region was flattened, no longer existing.

The boundless mountain range was completely bare, not a single blade of grass growing nearby. A demonic god-like youth stood there, his figure absolutely intimidating.

“Ah…” The young supreme being who was fighting against Mo Dao released a loud cry, turning around to leave without a moment of hesitation.

When Shi Hao killed Three-Headed King just now, the blood that splashed out splattered on Mo Dao and his body. This close contact made his confidence waver.

Wasn’t this the dilapidated ancient realm that those undying beings trampled beneath their feet?

Didn’t they say that the creatures here were lower races, lacking true experts?

However, everything that happened made it tremble inwardly, face become extremely pale. He had to run, otherwise, if this demon lord-like youth and Mo Dao cut off his path, he would undoubtedly die.

“Where are you going?!” Shi Hao pursued him. Mo Dao was shocked, also following, the two of them rushing murderously together towards that foreign cultivator, their speeds fast to the extreme.

Shi Hao in particular, now that he wasn’t hiding anything, a pair of Kun Peng wings appeared on his back, yin and yang energies swirled, supporting his body as he penetrated the void, breaking through the limit, pursuing and attacking that individual.

The distance was clearly getting shorter and shorter, almost about to be caught up.

It was because few people could compare to Shi Hao in speed!

Only, at this time, that person suddenly erupted with purple flames, using his own Great Violet Method to ignite his vitality. His flesh was also converted into spiritual essence, and then he activated an ancient symbol, thus leaving with extreme speed.

Shi Hao was stupefied. This person's speed was just too fast! He was going to injure his own vitality if he had to to increase his speed and run.


At this moment, the void even distorted, time fragments vaguely visible, brilliant and exceptional, the changes that appeared when speed reached a certain extreme.

Soon after, the distance was pulled open again. However, Shi Hao wasn’t willing to harm his own vitality, not giving up everything to give chase.

An ancient formation platform appeared up ahead. That person directly got onto it, and then all types of symbols flickered. With a weng sound, he disappeared from the altar.

This person left the battlefield, brought away by the Heaven and Earth Pouch.

He was the first person to leave the battlefield, giving up himself. Even if others knew, they wouldn’t mock him, because in this type of situation, how could he withstand the pursuit of two great experts?

This was especially the case when one of them could actually kill the Three-Headed King. Moreover, through this scene, he had reason to believe that the Void Beast might also have been killed by him. That youth was likely not lying.

“This is simply a demonic sovereign! Just how old is he, yet already has generation suppressing cultivation? This youth cannot be allowed to live, I have to contact the Emperor Clans’ members!” The creature who escaped vowed.

“Truly regretful.” Shi Hao shook his head, not able to immediately kill this opponent.

There was quite a bit of blood on Mo Dao’s body, blood that came from the Three-Headed King when Shi Hao killed it. That creature was several dozen zhang tall, so when its blood splashed out, it shot everywhere.

On the contrary, Shi Hao had comparatively less blood on him. It was because the single heavenly passage protected him closely, preventing all methods from approaching.


Right at this time, the single heavenly passage split apart, all types of symbols scattering. Shi Hao staggered, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips.

“Still lacking a bit!” Shi Hao said to himself. He engraved all types of symbols on the single heavenly passage, developing and upgrading it, but this still wasn’t complete.

When he returned to that mountain range to clean up the battlefield, Shi Hao frowned. There wasn’t really anything valuable left behind, the Three-Headed King completely blasted apart.

“I’ll just bring this spider leg I guess!” Shi Hao said. Right now, only an enormous spider leg remained, everything else turning into mincemeat.

Right now, the battlefield of that mountain range had reached its climax, incredibly intense. Experts from all different places were fighting until the world was shaking, gods and ghosts howling.

When watching from the distance, one could see brilliant colors flow about. Precious techniques rushed into the heavens, all types of magical artifacts even more so clashing intensely, shattering from time to time. There was blood splashing out, corpses laying on the ground.

Many people fought until their eyes turned red, all of them fighting with no thought of personal safety.

Right at this time, at the limits of the horizon, in that mountain range, a figure walked out. He carried an enormous spider leg that was twenty or thirty zhang long, dragging it on the ground.

His body was covered in bits of blood. He walked over step by step, making the ground here tremble slightly.

Right now, many people saw this scene, immediately becoming stupefied.

“That is… the Three-Headed King’s leg?” Someone said with a trembling voice as he stared at that figure in the horizon who was dragging a blood-soaked spider leg over.

Soon after, the nearby area became quiet. This atmosphere even more so transmitted even further into the distance.

Many people were stupefied, looking at that figure with shock, truly stunned. Then, they felt as if their heads were pounding, finding this hard to believe.

Time seemed to have come to a standstill, everyone completely stupefied, still like wooden sculptures, not daring to believe everything they were seeing.

Three-Headed King, an incomparably terrifying race, someone who was a nightmare level creature even in the last great era, this type of frightening and unstoppable creature actually suffered a crushing defeat.

“It is but a Three-Headed King who cultivated three strands of immortal energy who challenged the extremes, someone others of its generation respected, how could it have died?”

“Who exactly is this youth? Is he really just a body cultivator? He actually killed Three-Headed King, too frightening!”

This somewhat handsome, somewhat delicate youth got closer. When he arrived in front of the battlefield, even though he was calm, he gave off a type of unique style.

Suddenly, there were people who felt that even though he looked harmless, there was still a type of domineeringness.

“It’s not fake, it really is one of the Three-Headed King’s legs! How can it be like this? He killed a king!” Someone swallowed with difficulty, feeling like his mouth was dry. Just how stunning of a battle achievement was this?

Everyone’s eyes were opened wide. Regardless of whether it was heavenly deity institution’s students or the foreign enemies, they all stared at him. Shi Hao immediately became the focal point of all of their attention.

Wang Xi’s small mouth formed an ‘o’ shape, her beautiful eyes blinking, looking at this dao friend of hers with shock. Was all of this done by him? It was a bit too inconceivable.

She found it really hard to associate a youth who could kill the Three-Headed King with the ‘dao friend’ who wore the diamond band, feeling like this was just a bit too crazy.

Lu Tuo’s eyes were like lightning as he stared at Shi Hao. He found the situation he saw before him a bit hard to believe. This youth’s battle accomplishments were just too glorious!

Yao Yue’s red lips opened slightly, wishing to say something, but right now, she didn’t know what to say. Her pure white jade-like face was full of shock. This was the youth that she had been teasing, Wang Xi’s follower?

Everyone from heavenly deity institution were stupefied, finding this a bit too hard to believe.

As for the foreign creatures, they were all utterly stupefied, completely stunned. That was the Three-Headed King! Yet he was killed just like that, a part of it dragged to this battlefield, was he trying to show off his strength?!

“Impossible, definitely not someone he could kill! No matter how strong a body cultivator is, he still only cultivated two strands of immortal energy! How can he kill the Three-Headed King?” Someone cried out.

The foreign cultivators found this result hard to accept, starting to clamor with noise.

“Kill him, get revenge for Three-Headed King!” There were more people who shouted out.

However, not many people dared take action. This youth even killed an expert who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, so just how powerful was this youth? It was simply unimaginable!

In their eyes, this was an absolute freak, comparable to one of the exceptional Emperor Clan members recorded in ancient texts, reaching a truly unmatched level.

Only this type of person was a peerless expert, able to be called a supreme being!

At the same time, many people recalled a serious problem. This youth had previously said that he killed the Void Beast, but at that time, no one believed him.

When they compared the two, quite a few broke out into a cold shiver, realizing that they might have made a mistake.

If their current suspicions were correct, and the Void Beast was also killed by him, then that would be truly world-shocking. Everyone immediately felt hot blood surging.

What kind of youth was this? His fighting strength was just too frightening!

If their suspicions were true, then he killed two young supreme beings in one day, dealing a heavy blow to their side of individuals who cultivated three strands of immortal energy. This was too shocking!

Many people were stunned. They might have very likely overlooked this youth! Among those of the same level, this was a formidable matchless individual!

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