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Chapter 1148 - Battle’s Conclusion

A youth stood on the horizon, dragging behind him the spider leg of the Three-Headed King, his figure shocking too many people.

It was as if a sun was setting in a true great world, his shadow dragged out far behind him, the edges as if gilded with gold. Divine brilliance shone from his body.

Regardless of whether they wanted to believe it or not, the Three-Headed King died in battle. Everyone knew that if it was alive, with its arrogant nature, it wouldn’t allow its broken leg to fall into the hands of another.

Only after a long time had passed did everyone snap back to reality, all of them breaking out into a cold shiver.

“Is an exceptional hero going to become well-known through this battle, thus rise up?!” Many people said with a sigh.

“No, we have to get rid of him. We cannot allow him to grow up, otherwise…” The foreign creatures were speaking softly. They believed that this was likely a heaven warping individual comparable to the members of Emperor Clans.

“I still find it rather hard to believe… was he really the one who killed it?” Many people were in doubt.

Right at this moment, another person walked over from the horizon, his white robes full of bloody traces, as if he was a war god who slaughtered his way out from hell, a heroic and reserved young hero!

“Mo Dao!”

Eyes contracted, the people here feeling a wave of shock, all of them feeling a bit of restraining fear towards this genius. Regardless of whether it was heavenly deity institution’s people or the foreign creatures, this was what they felt. It was because his current appearance was just too shocking.

“Yi, something’s not right, all of you, look, the blood on his body, that’s… the Three-Headed King’s!” Someone released a sharp cry, discovering this different scene.

“It really is the Three-Headed King’s blood! It is dyeing his entire body!” A few people’s eyes released a sinister radiance, and then they all sucked in cold breaths of air, as if they remembered something.

“Don’t tell me that it was… killed by him?” Someone said softly.

They were getting closer. Mo Dao arrived by Shi Hao’s side, heroic appearance intimidating, but was quite restrained. When his eyes opened and closed, there was a type of intimidating pressure.

When Shi Hao fought a bloody struggle against the Three-Headed King, he had the single heavenly passage around him, which was why there wasn’t that much blood that splashed on his body. On the contrary, Mo Dao and his opponent had blood raining down all over their bodies.

“Death god, heroic spirit too extraordinary! That youth with the powerful appearance is the true powerful individual who killed the Three-Headed King!” Someone came to this conclusion.

It was because as they got closer, the aura exuded from Mo Dao’s body was too distinct, white robes covered in blood, the Three-Headed King’s unique blood. It was just too eye-grabbing.

“Was it you who killed the Three-Headed King?” At this time, the foreign creatures began to clamor about, feeling incomparable hatred. They simply didn’t dare to believe it, finding this difficult to accept.

Many people were full of hostility, rage shooting into the heavens. This person actually killed a king race from their world, utterly disgraceful behavior, everything being completely flipped around.

Towards this, Mo Dao didn’t say a single word, his expression cold.

“What are you all shouting about? Of course it was me who killed it, so what? Am I heroic enough for all of you now?” Shi Hao said. He lifted the enormous spider leg in his hands, brandishing it a few times, smashing the great earth until it even split open.

Many people rolled their eyes. They originally still thought that it was done by him, but now that they heard these words, they instead didn’t believe him.

If he remained calm, indifferent, and displayed a type of heroic air, then that would be a different story, yet right now, he had a boastful look on his face, what exceptional hero was there to talk about?

On the contrary, Mo Dao who didn’t say anything, looking quite earnest, this matched the young overlord image in their minds. Moreover, the blood of the enemy was all over his body, further supporting this theory.

“What kind of looks are those? Really not knowing how to deduce the truth from what you see. When a true hero kills a Three-Headed King, it is as easy as killing a little chick. Here, you all can have this leg!” After speaking, Shi Hao flung that leg into the crowd.


This triggered a commotion. Many people moved to both sides, not daring to make contact with it out of fear of being contaminated.

“Stupid, this is material that can be used to refine rare great medicines! Together with some divine medicines, it can be refined into long life pills and other things.” Wang Xi transmitted sound.“What? This leg is that precious?!” Shi Hao was shocked, and then he ordered Mo Dao, saying, “Hurry and take action, steal it back!”

Mo Dao felt some hesitation, but he still walked over.

At this time, a few creatures also reacted, especially a few leading figures whose faces fell, some of them taking action. Even though the Three-Headed King had long died, they still had to bring back some parts of it, offer a type of explanation.


This was a great clash between creatures who cultivated three strands of immortal energy. Mo Dao fought a bloody battle against the others, at the same time throwing that leg back towards Shi Hao.

“Collect!” Shi Hao released a light shout, placing the spider leg into a pill furnace, no longer leaving it outside.


Earth and stone ruptured, the void bursting and splitting apart. Mo Dao and that person clashed for a bit, and then both sides withdrew, not fighting to the death.

The expression in everyone’s eyes was a bit strange, at times looking towards Shi Hao, and then back towards Mo Dao again. Just what was the true strength of the former like?

“This fella is too lucky, having a young supreme being with three strands of immortal energy as his servant, who can compare to this? Extravagant to a speechless degree!”

At this time, a few people felt like the one who killed the Three-Headed King was Shi Hao, but there were many who believed that it was definitely done by Mo Dao.

Of course, the ones who didn’t think it was Shi Hao who killed it made up the majority, roughly eighty to ninety percent of people like this, because it made more sense for the one soaked in king blood to be the perpetrator.

“Such glorious battle accomplishments, but you all actually don’t believe me, how can this be endured?” Shi Hao was discontent, shouting noisily there.

This time, ninety percent of the people here felt like it wasn’t done by him. This really lacked the manner of an expert. He was actually fighting for merit, just too lacking in heroicness.


There were some who moved, collecting a bit of the blood that came off the spider leg, their movements extremely fast.

“Bring it back, prepare for the senior supreme beings to display a secret method, see exactly how it died, who was it that killed it.” A foreign creature said.

When some people from heavenly deity institution’s side heard this, they also rushed over, similarly collecting some blood, preparing to hand it over to the academy’s great elders to examine. When one’s strength reached a certain level, they could deduced too many things from a drop of blood or a piece of bone, to the extent where they could even deduce many secrets from ancient times.

It was rumored that the blood of undying beings could even produce events of the past through great methods, able to recreate the events of the last great era.

When he heard them speak like this, Shi Hao gave up, not saying anything else. He really didn’t feel like exposing himself early, because in these times where judgment day was creeping closer, the nail that stuck out really will be hammered down.

However, it seemed like the truth would come to light eventually. Once they went back and a few senior supreme being level figures took action, a brief investigation would prove that it was killed by him.

It was to the extent where even his appearance would be revealed, those people able to see everything clearly.

Shi Hao felt a headache. When he was killing the Three-Headed King and Void Beast, he was full of hot blood, but when he thought of the karma that this would bring in the future, it truly was troublesome.


At this moment, a battle erupted again, because someone tried to launch a hidden attack during this peace, thus making the enmity between both sides even greater. The great battle was intense.


Shouts of war shook the skies. This place became chaotic again.

When Shi Hao thought of what was waiting for him in the future, he got upset. He rushed towards the foreign creatures, shouting, “Do you all want to die?!”

“Too arrogant!” One of them replied.

“Mo Dao, go and capture the ones who spoke!” Shi Hao shouted.

Mo Dao felt some hesitation, but he still moved, rushing over, attacking a young supreme being. At this moment, he was currently fighting a great battle against Xuan Kun. When someone as powerful as Mo Dao rushed over, the battle situation immediately changed greatly.

The one who was being attacked by both Mo Dao and Xuan Kun immediately turned around to leave, unable to stop both of them.

Xuan Kun chased after that person, wanting to kill him.

“Mo Dao, go over there and settle the troubles!” Shi Hao called out again, ordering Mo Dao to go help Wang Xi in killing a young supreme being.

The battle was extremely chaotic. When another individual with three strands of immortal energy joined, who would be able to stop him?

The foreign creatures all shivered inwardly, all of them having a bad feeling.

There were some creatures from the other side who harbored even more hatred, wishing to kill Shi Hao, but they didn’t dare act recklessly, because they weren’t sure if it was him who killed the Three-Headed King.

If it was him, then whoever went up against him would be seeking their own death!

In that instant, Shi Hao’s area was quite calm, no one going up to challenge him.

It was because people with only two strands of immortal energy weren’t his match, while those with three strands already had people to deal with, unable to break free.

“Mo Dao, over there!” Shi Hao ordered again.

As a result, it triggered great disorder. This individual with three strands of immortal energy was like a tiger among sheep, pushing them all back.

However, Mo Dao didn’t unleash a massacre, not taking any lives, only moving them aside.

“Take my attack!”

Someone shouted. A foreign leading figure who cultivated three strands of immortal energy abandoned his opponent, attacking towards Shi Hao, unleashing a powerful attack, raising his fists to smash outwards.

“So-called body cultivator, come!” This person roared.

“En? Half body cultivator?” Someone spoke with shock. This person had talent on the body refinement path. Even though he walked the cultivation path, his physique was still astonishingly powerful.


Shi Hao stood there without moving. He brandished his fists, clashing against him head-on.


This place immediately erupted with chaos. Divine force surged, the noises here like thunder, but also like war drums. The great earth ruptured, the void blasted apart.

After successive collisions, everyone was shaken up.

The destructive force the two individuals’ fists created was unimaginable.

“We’re leaving!” This leading figure shouted, suddenly leading everyone to leave.

Heavenly deity institution’s people were stupefied. What kind of situation was this? After that person traded blows with Shi Hao, he suddenly came to this decision.

“What are you all staring blankly for, hurry and chase after them!” There was blood trickling out from the corners of his lips, muttering, “Hurry, his arm is crippled, trying to compare in physical strength against a body cultivator, utterly stupid!”

After a brief moment of quietness, this place erupted with noise.


Right at this time, heaven and earth split apart, dividing into two. It gave many people the feeling that time and space seemed to be breaking apart, history collapsing type of feeling.

The Heaven and Earth Pouch shone, appearing and surrounding those foreign guests.

At the same time, the ancient scroll unfolded, within it a great realm of mountains and rivers. It also surrounded heavenly deity institution’s students, protecting them.

It was clear that the world created by the two supreme treasures was breaking about, everyone returning to the real world.

“How are the results?” Below the Heaven and Earth Pouch, on that black mountain, a snow-white skeleton appeared, walking out from that passage again, asking the disciples on its side.

“The Three-Headed King was killed!” Someone reported.

“What? Who was it that did this? Who can kill it?” The spiritual light within that snow-white skeleton’s skull burned fiercely. It was extremely shocked, loudly asking like this.

At the same time, it searched within the crowd, moreover carefully looking over this area, discovering that the Void Beast didn’t return. His expression immediately changed.

“Where is the Void Beast?!” He shouted.

“Ah, the Void Beast really didn’t return alive?” The expressions of the crowd immediately changed. The Void Beast really was killed? Wasn’t it undergoing rebirth?!

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