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Chapter 1146 - Understanding the Method

The fearless lion was killed, exploding into blood and flesh chunks following a loud noise, disappearing from this place.

At the same time, Shi Hao’s magical immunity ability reached its end, thus disappearing. He stood in air.


A frightening roar sounded. That enormous spider person stood up, several dozen zhang in height, the expression on his face sinister and fierce. It originally had three heads, but now, only two heads remained.

The left lion head now completely exploded, being blasted apart, only a headless neck remaining. That area was bloody, incredibly miserable, looking extremely terrifying and fierce.

It stared at that youth with hatred, never hating someone as much as it did now. Someone as powerful as itself, known as one of the most powerful races, actually suffered a loss here, almost being killed.

Just now, it almost died, losing one of its heads. Only a damaged body remained.

When one reached its cultivation realm, the flesh of other parts, like missing limbs could all be reconstructed, however, these three heads couldn’t, because they were closely tied to its life.

The Three-Headed King, as the name implied, had three heads, as well as three lives. It had two more lives than the other two, because a head could represent a life, dying in its place.

Just like how just now, under that terrifying attack, it should’ve died. However, right now, it was still alive, just losing its ‘lion life’.

Shi Hao was quite shocked, revealing a strange expression. When that lion threw itself over just now, why wasn’t its precious technique restricted, still able to be display its divine ability?

This was a bit similar to the fearless lion the ancient monk bloodline in the last great era subdued. Could it be that there really was a creature like this who could avoid the Magical Force Immunity ability?

Soon after, Shi Hao became a bit relieved again. He thought about how Mo Dao had previously displayed several damaged magical imprints, able to affect and disturb his ability, which meant that there were previously people who carefully researched this dao, obtaining tremendous results.

Could it be that it was those ancient monks who researched these types of things before? It still didn’t seem quite right.

“The so-called Fearless Lion Imprint might just be one of those magical imprints!” Shi Hao came to this conclusion.

At the same time, after thinking to himself, he felt that the fearless lion imprint alone could only interfere with his ability for an instant, unable to make his ability entirely ineffective, because just now, the fearless lion was still suppressed by him!

“You filthy bug, blaspheming the esteemed ancient blood kings, I won’t forgive you. Just go to hell!” The Three-Headed King shouted angrily.

At this moment, it frantically attack, as if it went completely berserk. Tens of thousands of spider hairs on its body stood on end, and then they separated from its body, covering heaven and earth as they left its body, shooting towards Shi Hao.


Shi Hao released a light shout. Around his body, a shining heavenly passage appeared. It was like a sun, but also like a divine disk as it surrounded Shi Hao, protecting him within.

All of the sharp spider hairs were blocked, unable to continue forward, blocked outside.


In the end, the single heavenly passage actually began to burn, releasing endless light, releasing powerful energy fluctuations, sending all of the spider hairs flying.

“What other methods do you have? Just use them all! The lion head has already been torn off, what a pity there is no dog head to replace it!” Shi Hao ridiculed.

“Lowly thing, just drop dead!” The Three-Headed King roared angrily. Its body was shining, blazing with light. Its eight spider legs brandished about, incredibly terrifying.

It was displaying precious techniques, activating an ancient heavenly art.

“Enough already, it’s not like I’ve never seen your precious techniques before, all obtained from our world. Can you use something new please?” Shi Hao said with disdain, trying to provoke it.

The Three-Headed King didn’t say anything, only its eyes remaining ice-cold. It released a low roar, three dao flowers on its head flying out, suppressing towards Shi Hao.

At the same time, it already moved itself, moreover incredibly fast, the powerful winds seemingly able to blow down the stars. Powerful energy fluctuations rippled outwards, terrifying beyond belief.


The most intense collision erupted. The two creatures carried out a flesh struggle, precious techniques clashing, a confrontation of heavenly arts.


The longer he fought, the more Shi Hao felt as if something wasn’t quite right. This fella’s divine force was increasing without end. Apart from the three great dao flowers, its physical body was also a problem.

How could it continuously absorb heaven and earth essence? He was a bit confused.

“Didn’t you wish to see my dao methods? Look all you want then!” The Three-Headed King shouted.

They were fighting a close range intense battle. The fact that the Three-Headed King dared to compete in physical strength against him alone was already a bit astonishing, and now, it even made this type of declaration. The situation was definitely a bit strange. 

Shi Hao was surprised. Soon afterwards, he felt as if his blood ran cold.

It was because an even more terrifying aura was spreading from the other party’s body, the divine force astonishing, as it continuously clashed against him physically. That spider’s body was incomparable.

“Break!” Shi Hao released a grunt, grabbing an enormous spider leg, wishing to tear it off like before.

However, something that made his fine hairs stand on end happened. This bright, five-colored, mottled great spider suddenly became colorless.

In that instant, five types of brilliance filled the void, covering Shi Hao like a curtain.

“Refine!” The Three-Headed King shouted.

This was the coloration of its body, the innate patterns of its body, mysterious and complex, yet right now, it separated, suppressing towards Shi Hao, trying to suppress and kill him!

Shi Hao’s body was in intense pain. This type of pattern was a carrier of great dao, a visible representation of order, the most powerful patterns of the heavens above, the Three-Headed King’s innate divine ability.

At this moment, its five-colored divine symbols appeared, surrounding Shi Hao, simply about to completely refine him. 

This type of power was too frightening, refining heaven and earth. The void collapsed, flesh starting to grow dim from the dao source. This was a complete destruction from the spirit to the flesh.

The Three-Headed King was known as a nightmare level existence in the last great era. This race had extremely few numbers, but once one did appear, they would definitely become an exceptional expert, all of this not without reason.

During this confrontation, Shi Hao was almost refined, his body injured.

“You sinners with filthy blood flowing your bodies, lowly bugs used to prostrate yourself in worship to us divine lords who have innate divine patterns. Now, you actually don’t treat us with reverence, accept your punishment!” The Three-Headed King said coldly.

While Shi Hao was feeling great anger inside, there was also a sensation of shock. Could it be that the creatures who survived after Immortal Ancient Great Era’s defeat had previously bowed down to them? This really was a type of humiliation, or was it to say, there were some other hidden secrets?

Shi Hao’s body was in intense pain, his dao bones releasing kengqiang sounds.

If it was anyone else, their body and spirit would have long been wiped out, how would they even be able to resist? Only a body cultivator could endure it, using the body to forcibly stop the unmatched divine patterns.

At the same time, Shi Hao activated his single heavenly passage, forming a resplendent screen of light, stopping the five-colored patterns.


The Three-Headed King’s mind shook. Not long ago, Shi Hao had already used his single heavenly passage, but it didn’t attach too much importance to it. Now, it finally discovered some clues.

Then, the closer it examined, the more shocked it felt, understanding what it was!

“The result of merging heavenly passages?!” Its mind was greatly shaken, its voice falling, carrying uneasiness as it said, “This type of derivation, you actually succeeded?”

In the last great era, there was someone who had tried to further derive the heavenly passage, but at that time, the cultivation system wasn’t like it was now, just treating this like a type of unmatched divine ability.

Unfortunately, during those last days, no one cultivated the ten heavenly passages to one profound mystery, only managing to feel out a theoretical path.

The Three-Headed King Family had previously obtained this type of path, how to proceed in this ancient method, but no one succeeded, believing that it was incorrect, impossible to merge them all into a single heavenly passage.

Soon afterwards, they immediately shelved this type of divine ability, thus lost within a pile of other old books.

Now that it saw Shi Hao display this type of divine ability, how could it not be shocked? It was rumored that once this ancient technique was cultivated, and then raised to its highest level, it would prevent all methods from approaching, all things nefarious forced out, nothing able to harm the body.

Someone had previously looked into this, previously saying that if a body cultivator obtained it, merging it with the body, then it would become an unmatched and incomparable method!

The Three-Headed King’s mind trembled. Even though the youth in front of him didn’t have the style a body cultivator ought to have, his flesh had indeed reached the most powerful state. Now that this type of heavenly passage was also displayed… this really was frightening to think about!


At this moment, five-colored divine patterns crushed down, the single heavenly passage starting to rumble. The intense pain Shi Hao was feeling weakened, and he gradually calmed down.

Moreover, at this moment, he actually felt a type of dao comprehension feeling. His mind became peaceful, his appearance becoming solemn.

“En? Don’t tell me he really is going to take that path?” The Three-Headed King was shocked, feeling a wave of fear.

If this youth improved and derived this divine ability further, obtaining a method that was most suitable to himself, then it would be incomparably terrifying, no one at the same level able to keep him in check!

“Ten Thousand Spider Demonic Art!” It shouted, activating an ancient heavenly art. All types of precious techniques were merged together, all of them frantically attacking Shi Hao.

Moreover, the five-colored mottled colors became more and more mysterious, surrounding the void, attacking the single heavenly passage, wishing to suppress and kill Shi Hao.

Shi Hao used magical imprints to defend himself while drawing in his single heavenly passage, doing his best to wrap it around his body, not letting it expand as it wished around him.

It became like a moon disk as it surrounded him.

Shi Hao was displaying precious techniques, activating the bone texts of the True Primordial Record, as well as releasing all different types of methods, engraving them on the heavenly passage itself.

This was quite strange. The symbols recorded in the True Primordial Record were engraved by him onto the single heavenly passage. Kun Peng Technique, Lightning Emperor Technique, and others all appeared, carved out, converted into symbols as they appeared on the single heavenly passage’s light surface.

At this moment, this single heavenly passage began to flicker with light, symbols covering its surface densely, as if it was the most complex ancient heavenly book.

“If this isn’t the ultimate step for sublimation recorded in the ancient text, then what else can it be?” The Three-Headed King was horrified, but at the same time felt some suspicions. The other party’s aura was becoming stronger, but it wasn’t through the ancient divine ability method their clan recorded, but a different path.

However, the power was still frightening. Shi Hao’s aura underwent an abrupt change. He blasted away the five-colored divine light, rushing towards the Three-Headed King to carry out a slaughter.

He was deducing and also testing things out, completely treating this large spider as a practice dummy!


This was just the beginning, yet Shi Hao already scattered the other party’s divine abilities, moreover blasting through its body protection symbols. He was incomparably bold and powerful.

He supported his heavenly passage, not only for defensive purposes, but now also carrying endless offensive power. The symbols on the heavenly passage’s walls shone brilliantly, winding around his arm as he smashed it towards the Three-Headed King.

Dozens of strikes, then over a hundred strikes were exchanged. With a pu sound, the Three-Headed King couldn’t endure it any longer, beaten up here, bloody mist splashing outwards!

However, a head quickly appeared, trying to act as a life, wishing to revive and escape.


Shi Hao rushed forward, his speed as fast as lightning. His fist smashed out murderously again, blasting it apart.

Specks of bloody light shone, flesh and blood splashing everywhere. The Three-Headed King was killed, unable to revive anymore. Only a resentful will sounded.

“You… how were you able to do it?!”

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