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Chapter 1142 - Chaotic Battle

The words ‘dragged down by a family to feed’ immediately made the expressions of the five that were rushing over unkind, especially the four young ladies who glared angrily, really wishing to fight a decisive battle against Shi Hao.

However, even Mo Dao was defeated, so how could they stand a chance.

“You all cannot go over!” The foreign creatures shouted. After one was defeated, how could they let the others go over as well, becoming captives as well? Those were all elites, all geniuses.

All those who could cross realms and come were heroes, the representatives of their world. An accident happening to any one of them would be a great loss.

At the same time, they didn’t allow Mo Dao to concede defeat either. This was their world’s genius, how could he become the servant of another?

Taking a step back, even if Mo Dao was killed, they could still accept that rather than having him follow another. Otherwise, they might be enemies in the future, so they had to cut the issue at its roots.

“You all, come over. Mo Dao, you are not allowed to become a servant either!” A woman who cultivated three strands of immortal energy said. She was like a leopard, her body slender and powerful with tanned skin. Even though she wasn’t all that lovely, she had an air of heroicness to her appearance.

“I lost, admit this result. However, you all do not need to accompany me in my misery. Hurry and go back.” This was the decision Mo Dao made, having those individuals return.

“Not, we won’t leave!” They cried out, especially those young ladies who were even more emotional, not willing to let go.

Shi Hao was speechless, his face full of envy, saying, “When can I have a group of people like this? The requirements aren’t high, just one or two strands of immortal energy is enough. Of course, if you have three strands, then you’re even more welcome to join me.”

Many people wanted to beat him up when they heard this, but when they thought about it, they didn’t dare take action. This fella’s fighting strength was extremely great, only a few individuals who cultivated three strands of immortal energy able to defeat him.

Shi Hao placed a hand on Mo Dao’s shoulder, and then calmly separated from everyone, returning to Wang Xi, Xuan Kun and the others’ side, bringing the captive over.

During this process, no one took action, because they knew that as long as they provoked Shi Hao, he would definitely immediately kill that sealed Mo Dao.

The four young ladies still followed over in the end, standing nearby, extremely unsatisfied.

“If you have the skill, do you dare fight another round against Senior Brother Mo?”

“Exactly! This time, just go all out, neither of you restraining yourself, who cares if you have three strands or two strands of immortal energy, just carry out a battle at your strongest! I guarantee that you’ll be beaten until you’re in a sorry state!”

When these words were spoken, the expressions on Shi Hao’s side became complicated.

The faces of the foreign creatures were a bit better. When they thought of how even though Shi Hao was a unique case, in the end, he only cultivated two strands of immortal energy, not a first class disaster.

They always believed that if Mo Dao didn’t restrict himself, this type of situation definitely wouldn’t have happened.

Only when they thought of this did everyone’s moods become quite a bit better. This wasn’t an exceptionally great enemy, but someone they could suppress!

Shi Hao spoke up, saying, “Wu, thanks for reminding me. With this type of powerful follower, I wouldn’t feel too at ease either… You cultivated three strands of immortal energy, while I only have two, if I keep you at my side, wouldn’t there be too many opportunities for you to kill me? Have to think of some way.”

Many people revealed strange looks. This fella really planned to take on this type of servant, not just doing this to first stabilize the situation?

In the distance, Cao Yusheng and the little rabbit began to develop suspicions, feeling like a few of his movements and way of talking were familiar. Even though his appearance changed, his way of doing things was a bit similar.

“Motherfucking… don’t tell me this fella really is him?” Cao Yusheng muttered.

“Wasn’t he thrown into Origin Ancient Mine, finished there? He can still come out alive?!” The little rabbit was a bit unsure.

They were too familiar with Shi Hao, which was why they began to suspect if this person was him. There were some clues in his speech and actions. 

“If it is him, he really knows how to pretend! He already cultivated three strands of immortal energy, as if he would be scared that the other party has one more?!”

The two of them silently cursed, feeling that if this person was Shi Hao, it really was too shameless, the best example of pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger.

“This person cannot be left behind, must be killed!” Lu Tuo was extremely decisive, speaking to Shi Hao.

The others revealed expressions of agreement. If they left him behind, it was just asking for trouble. Normally, who could subdue someone like him? Not even those who also had three strands of immortal energy could.

The four young ladies cried out, their faces turning pale.

“You all cannot hurt Senior Brother Mo, have to keep your word! He is so honorable, following over, how can you all kill without reason?!”

“Not allowed to take action!”

Shi Hao had confidence. He was also someone with three strands of immortal energy, so he naturally didn’t fear Mo Dao, which was why he didn’t wish to kill him like this.

“I still think it’s better if you just kill him!” Right at this time, even Princess Yao Yue spoke, coming to this type of decision. They definitely couldn’t leave behind this type of disaster.

Shi Hao didn’t agree, saying, “This is but someone with three strands of immortal energy who is becoming my follower. If he is killed like this, who is going to accompany me? Wouldn’t it be too much of a pity?!”

Those individuals were all a bit speechless. You are just a cultivator with two strands of immortal energy, even though you are a body cultivator, aren’t you overestimating yourself, thinking that you can control this type of young supreme being?

In their eyes, the reason why Mo Dao was defeated was because he was too noble, not using his third strand of immortal energy. Otherwise, who would be able to compete against him? He definitely wouldn’t be captured.

“You still should just kill him!” Yao Yue said.

“Killing is fine, but you have to compensate me a young expert with three strands of immortal energy!” Shi Hao sized her up and down, examining her carefully, as if he was picking vegetables at the market. 

Yao Yue frowned. This fellas was too unbridled, actually looking at her like this. “You… just wait until he stabs you in the back then!”

“To be safe, you should just kill him!” Xuan Kun agreed.

“If I use him, wouldn’t it be even better than killing?” Shi Hao still rejected them firmly, and then he revealed a strange expression, looking towards Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, and the others, earnestly asking for guidance, “I previously heard that the long life families has a few methods, for example, blood curses, dao vows and others, able to bind one as a servant to make sure they don’t rebel. Do you all have any?”

“This…” Those people all shook their heads. Those methods were extremely tricky and sinister, none of them grasping it. Moreover, even if there was blood curses and other things in place, there was still no guarantee.

“There is no need for such trouble, I am a man of my word. I have a Soul Storing Pagoda, you can hold onto it!” Mo Dao said directly.

Blood trickled out from between his brows, a crack splitting out. A white jade little pagoda flew out, landing in Shi Hao’s hands.

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. The restricted Mo Dao could actually use magical artifacts?

“I don’t have any fighting strength right now. This pagoda is a bit special, which is why it can emerge through my primordial spirit imprint.” Mo Dao explained, his expression stupefied.

On the side, those four young ladies cried out, all of them shouting for him to stop.

Meanwhile, on the other side, those foreign creatures were all shocked, opening their mouths wide, revealing strange expressions. There were even some that roared out.

“You can’t! How can you just hand over a portion of your own primordial spirit imprint to him? Don’t tell me you really are going to become his servant?!”

As a result, heavenly deity institution’s students also understood, knowing what this was.

Soul Storing Pagoda, this could nurture the soul and strengthen the primordial spirit, even more so able to store part of one’s primordial spirit imprint to control that person.

This was a demonic artifact left over from Immortal Ancient Great Era, extremely sinister, rarely seen in this world.

Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, and the others all heard about this type of secret treasure before. At this moment, they were all moved. When they looked towards Mo Dao and Shi Hao, they all revealed strange expressions. 

This type of powerful hero was subdued, about to belong to a cultivator with two strands of immortal energy?

“Take action!”

In the distance, the foreign creatures all threw themselves over, taking action together. They definitely couldn’t allow this stunning genius to become the enemy’s servant. If he ended up turning against them, then that would be extremely frightening.

Shi Hao had Wang Xi help him examine the Soul Storing Pagoda, and after making sure that there were no issues, he completely relaxed.

He undid Mo Dao’s restrictions, saying, “Help me kill the enemies!”

When they heard these words, those on the other side felt sluggish. However, under some shouts and roars, they still slaughtered their way over.

A terrifying great chaotic battle erupted!

The creatures of the two words were fighting a decisive battle to begin with, a muddled battle, but now, it was even more intense. Mo Dao was captured; this was undoubtedly explosive news.

“Take action, kill them!” Lu Tuo shouted.

A terrifying great battle unfolded, soldier against soldier, general against general, those with three strands of immortal energy rushed over, clashing intensely.

Mo Dao’s departure from their side clearly weakened their side greatly.

Apart from this, there were individuals who had three strands of immortal energy that rushed at Shi Hao, wishing to eliminate him, making it easier for Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, and the others.

“Mo Dao, stop them!” Shi Hao ordered.

Precious techniques clashed, magical artifacts dancing about. This place was incredibly dazzling, the great earth blasted until it caved in, earth and stone scorched black, the mountain ranges in the distance all blasted into ashes.

This was an incomparable great battle, one that people wouldn’t forget even after many years, forever remembering it.

“Hand over your life!” There were people who charged murderously at Shi Hao, all of them wishing to land a fatal blow on him.

This was especially the case when one expert with three strands of immortal energy descended, incomparably terrifying, stopped by Mo Dao, fighting intensely.


The void caved in. A strange creature descended, powe fluctuations rippling out like waves, extremely great.

Sigh! Shi Hao released a sigh, and then said, “Seems like I have to stake it all, can’t help but display the ultimate strength. Time to kill a supreme being creature with three strands of immortal energy!”

He decided that he was going to unleash a great massacre here.

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