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Chapter 1143 - Three-Headed King

Shi Hao’s expression couldn’t help but become serious, his fighting spirit rising. He couldn’t hold back his strength anymore, because this creature was extremely frightening. Three thick strands of immortal energy swirled around the body, forming dao flowers. 

“Wu, I like bugs with powerful flesh, better texture when I’m chewing.” The sound carried a metallic buzzing sound, the vibrating noise making others’ ears hurt.

This was a great spider several dozen zhang in length, its enormous body mottled with different colors. The patterns were mysterious, colors extremely bright, as if a rainbow was flickering about here.

“This bug wants to eat me?” Shi Hao looked at it. In his eyes, this was a bug.

“Just a bit small though, not enough meat to satisfy me.” This large spider said.

It had three heads, the one in the middle a golden spider head, the one on the left a black lion head, to the right a normal human head. It looked extremely strange.

Above these three heads were respectively three great dao flowers!

This made Shi Hao’s expression become serious, having a feeling that this creature was extremely unordinary. One head for each flower, this seemed to be foretelling something, extremely terrifying and difficult to deal with.

“Three-Headed King!” Someone cried out in alarm.

“Heavens! This type of legendary creature appeared again, and even cultivated three strands of immortal energy! It is known for its unmatched reputation!”

The expressions of many people from heavenly deity institution changed, especially those disciples who came from ancient families, because they understood comparatively more, the faces of every single one of them falling.

Wang Xi and Yao Yue’s expressions were rather unpleasant. They both came from long life families, possessing ancient texts from before the last great era was wiped out, within them recorded many frightening legends, thus understanding more.

This type of creature was definitely ‘nightmarish’, terrifying, frightening, tyrannical, cruel, these were all words that could be used to describe the Three-Headed King. Once they appeared, there would inevitably be a rain of blood and foul winds.

“Luckily, it hasn’t reached sect master level yet, we still have a chance at winning. Otherwise, this will be an absolute disaster!” Wang Xi said with a soft sigh.

This type of creature, regardless of whether it cultivated immortal energy or not, would always display a fish to dragon transformation after the Heavenly Deity Realm. At that time, they would be terrifying to the extreme.

If one already had three strands of immortal energy, and then carried out this type of transformation again, who would be scared?

If it reached sect master level with this type of aptitudes, it really would be like heaven reaching earth moving might!

Shi Hao was sure that it wasn’t a creature from the ancient region behind the Desolate Border, but like the Void Beast, coming from that mysterious ancient realm, a true enemy.

That was why he wanted to unleash a slaughter, kill this spider!

“Wu, you still want to kill me? Really overestimating your own abilities, even someone with two strands of immortal energy not understanding the gravity of the situation, laughable!” The Three-Headed King said with contempt.

Lu Tuo, Yao Yue and the others’ expressions were grave. This spider was extremely difficult to deal with. At the same time, cultivators with statuses like them all knew well that the Three-Headed King before them was one of the true terrifying creatures recorded in Immortal Ancient Great Era, coming from a different source than them.

“You are an eight-legged monster, a spider yourself, yet you dare call others bugs, do you have no sense of shame?!” Shi Hao said coldly.

The Three-Headed King opened its mouth, saying, “Fool, we are the greatest race who look down on you all. Creatures like you with filthy blood flowing through your veins have laid prostrate, worshipping us for who knew how many years already. In our ancestors’ eyes, you all are merely insignificant bugs.”

It was several zhang in height, brightly colored, its mottled body like the most terrifying demonic patterns. Its three heads were high up above, looking down on everyone with contempt, even more a type overwhelming self-confidence.

“Less nonsense, just hand over your life!” Shi Hao shouted.


As soon as he spoke, the void before him was blasted open. A thick spider leg pierced over like the most terrifying war spear, terrifying beyond belief as it rushed over murderously.


Shi Hao’s mind became cold. While quickly shifting to the side, he brandished his fist, making contact with its enormous spider leg. Ear-splitting metal sounds rang out.

One could see just how frightening this spider leg was, even more formidable than heavenly deity magical artifacts. It was incredibly tough, layers of divine light rippling out from it.

“A bit interesting.” The Three-Headed King said softly, expression indifferent, but carrying a type of arrogance, as if he looked down on all life. “What a pity, still a bit lacking. If you had three strands of immortal energy, then you would have been more delicious to eat.”

These words left one aggravated, feeling anger inside.

However, Shi Hao's mind jumped. This Three-Headed King was so arrogant, believing that he only had two strands of immortal energy, showing disdain to the world, as if it was the sole sovereign, perhaps he could exploit this.

He wasn’t in a rush to erupt with strength. His eyes were ice-cold, carrying provocation as he looked at this large spider. He was preparing to release a thunderous strike at the crucial moment, let it understand that it wasn’t the only one who could cultivate three strands of immortal energy.

The main reason why the Three-Headed King didn’t immediately release a killing blow was because it was monitoring the entire battlefield, ready to provide aid at any time.

It discovered that the other enemies who had three strands of immortal energy were secretly targeting him, ready to release a sudden strike at any time at it.

That was why it was still on guard, also releasing pressure, making heavenly deity institution’s Wang Xi, Xuan Kun, and the others think twice about acting recklessly. 

“Haha… with this one here, you all can fight at ease and kill as you wish. I will take care of you all.” The Three-Headed King spoke to the creatures on its side, extremely arrogant, as if everything was within his grasp.

This was its main objected as well. It definitely couldn’t allow someone to defect to the other side.

The main reason it attacked Shi Hao was also because of Mo Dao. He couldn’t allow this person to be used by the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. That was why even though he was speaking to Shi Hao, he was actually adding pressure to Mo Dao, having him reconsider.


A streak of spider web shot out, wrapping towards Shi Hao.

Shi Hao shifted sideways, dodging out. With a raise of his hand, brilliant lightning shot out, turning into flame-like radiance, burning up the spider silk.


The spider web was like a rainbow, immediately changing directions, shooting towards Mo Dao. The Three-Headed King took action, personally throwing itself at Mo Dao. This was his true objective, someone worth it fully taking action for.

Shi Hao couldn’t hold it in anymore, wishing to deliver the Three-Headed King a strike.

Mo Dao was already fighting against a young supreme being. Now that he was attacked by thr Three-Headed King, the situation immediately became dire.

“You brat, don’t disturb the adults. Obediently drag yourself back here!”

Several black-clothed individuals appeared in Shi Hao’s surroundings, all of them extremely strong, moreover carrying waves of black deathly underworld energy. They suddenly appeared, attacking Shi Hao.


Shi Hao’s fist shot out. It looked rather calm, without sky reaching divine flames, but it was his full strength strike, spiritual essence and magical force restrained in that fist.


A miserable scream shouted, leaving the other creatures shocked. The speed of death was just too fast!

It was because when Shi Hao’s punch smashed out, it was like a heavenly blade, passing through this person’s body, carrying large amounts of bloody mist and shattered bones as he rushed past.


Shi Hao released a loud shout, blasting towards the Three-Headed King’s back, preparing to kill it.

A large web silently appeared, densely woven, covering the skies and protecting the Three-Headed King.

This creature was rather cautious. Even though it didn’t think a cultivator with only two strands of immortal energy could kill it, it still didn’t face him head on, instead using a spiderweb to neutralize the other party’s attack.

Qiang qiang qiang!

At the same time, streak after streak of light flew out from the Three-Headed King’s body, all of them hacking towards Mo Dao. They were like unmatched heavenly swords, world-shocking.

Two creatures with three strands of immortal energy were attacking Mo Dao together, this scene extremely frightening.


A great dao flower flew over, smashing towards the Three-Headed King. The flower petal was sparkling, ten thousand wisps falling from it, incomparably divine. Great dao sounds rang out in a deafening manner.

Wang Xi took action to offer assistance, not wishing for Mo Dao to be killed. It was because in her opinion, this was Shi Hao’s servant, already belonging to their side.

Xuan Kun felt some hesitation, but he still took action, activating an astonishing beam of light, firing it at the Three-Headed King’s heads.

The most intense great chaotic battle erupted, the entire battlefield thrown into disorder!

It was because the peak figures all took action, attacking each other, no longer fighting one on one.

“Three-headed spider, hand over your life!” Shi Hao avoided that web, because he possessed extreme speed. He shifted to the area behind the Three-Headed King’s head, raising his hand and smashing down.

No one dared to call it three-headed spider, normally always calling it the Three-Headed King. This name made its eyes extremely cold.

The instant it turned around, it released a short shout.

“Time Alteration!”

“Yi, time power?” Shi Hao was shocked.

This spider actually had this type of talent, grasping time. If this was the case, then it really was the most frightening unmatched supreme being!

Time fragments danced about like a rain of flowers, pervading the void, sparkling and brilliant.

“This is one of the unrivaled precious techniques obtained from your realm. It is already enough to deal with petty and low bugs like you all.” The Three-Headed King said.

“Just die!” Shi Hao shouted, chilling killing intent covering heaven and earth, all of it focused on the Three-Headed King.

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