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Chapter 1141 - If You Agree to Bet, You Must Pay Up

He was captured!

The white-robed youth Mo Dao was stupefied, locked down, unable to budge an inch, his entire body frozen like a sculpture.

Who was he? He was the young supreme being of a generation, unmatched in his region, previously ascended Undying Mountain, truly entering that strange ancient realm, seeing undying beings.

He was defeated just like that, captured!

How could he be willing? How could he surrender? He had been unstoppable for more than twenty years! Aside from that extraordinary older sister, when had he ever suffered this type of defeat? It was difficult to accept.

Mo Dao roared towards the sky, wishing to struggle free, but his opponent's methods were extremely strange, he actually couldn't break through this seal, unable to move.

This type of bitterness made him shake his head, great waves stirring within him.

Mo Dao had exceptional natural talents, yet he was defeated so thoroughly, even he himself finding this type of result difficult to bear, let alone the others.

“I am unconvinced!” Mo Dao shouted.

At this time, heavenly deity institution’s people were stunned. That fella really won against Mo Dao?

The foreign creatures were in complete disbelief. The glorious Mo Dao, the hero of a generation who had overlooked the ancient world behind the Desolate Border was captured just like that? It truly was like something out of a fantasy.

If it was an older generation individual who took action, that was one thing, but that youth was clearly even more delicate and tender than Mo Dao, a bit younger!

The result was this type of defeat, leaving everyone in complete disbelief.

“Senior Brother Mo!” A few people cried out loudly.

“There’s no way Senior Brother Mo will be defeated, definitely that fella cheating, using some type of demonic artifact. Everyone, hurry and save Senior Brother Mo!” A few young ladies were unwilling to accept this, shouting out loudly.

With a huala sound, this place became chaotic, the two people at the center of the battlefield surrounded.

“Don’t know how to lose?” Wang Xi said.

At the same time, some people from heavenly deity institution snapped back to reality, rushing forward together. Even though there were some people who previously carried hostility towards Shi Hao, there were many who didn’t have any grudges with him, right now taking the bigger picture into consideration, willing to take action.

Killing intent immediately surged, divine force surging. This place became chaotic, a terrifying chaotic battle about to erupt at any time.

Both sides were enemies, so now that this type of thing happened, it naturally blew up like a fuse, a heaven-shocking intense battle about to erupt.

“Release Senior Brother Mo!” A group of people cried out, but they didn’t dare immediately rush over, fearing that Shi Hao would kill them.

“If you really are a hero, then fight fairly, don’t use some underhanded tricks. Just now, what secret treasure did you use to attack Senior Brother Mo?” A few young ladies cried.

Shi Hao laughed loudly, not replying. His hand was placed on Mo Dao’s shoulder; as long as he exerted a bit of force, it would surged with powerful divine abilities, blast the other party apart.

The foreign experts were a bit nervous. If this person acted viciously, then it would be too late. Most of them definitely didn’t dare act recklessly.

“Don’t act recklessly!” Many people urged, revealing looks of worry, even more so a type of anger.

“If you dare act randomly, we will immediately kill you!”

“Take action then. Do you really think the heroes of my world fear death? If you dare take action, I will immediately take your life too!”

There were people who threatened, but they immediately drew angry looks from their own side.

“What are you trying to say? Are you trying to incite disharmony? Trying to provoke the people of this world in killing my clan’s exceptional genius Mo Dao?”

It was clear that the foreign creatures weren’t all of unanimous opinions either, some people having different intentions, scheming and inciting disharmony.

“Dao brother, please release Mo Dao. We can properly discuss things!” An older creature said.

“Exactly, if you can win without tricks against Senior Brother Mo, then even if you let him go, you wouldn’t have to worry about him running!” Someone spurred on.

Shi Hao laughed coldly, not paying them any attention.

Right now, quite a few people were carefully approaching, looking for an opportunity.

“You all better not act recklessly, or else don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Heavenly deity institution’s people also pressed forward, many of them activating precious artifacts and other things, guarding this side, confronting them.

“What plotting against, just now, you all saw for yourself that it was the cultivator of your world who was unmatched, yet you are still speaking like you all are the victims in broad daylight, don’t you feel ashamed?” Someone mocked those young ladies.

Right now, Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun and the others arrived. Regardless of whether they favored or hated Shi Hao, it was now the time to stand out. 

After all, this was a great victory. Capturing an extremely powerful young supreme being of the enemy was an unimaginably glorious battle accomplishment.

It was because he cultivated three strands of immortal energy. If it was a normal intense battle, it was simply impossible to match, difficult to capture!

This type of person, once he grew up, he would definitely be one of the most powerful rulers of the world, few people able to match him, becoming a true undying existence!

However, he restricted himself, insisting on fighting against another at the same level of strength, in the end spinning a cocoon around himself, causing this type of conclusion.

This battle result would trigger a huge commotion. To immediately eliminate a great enemy, regardless of whether it was done through means fair or not, heavenly deity institution wouldn’t allow this chance to go. They had to eliminate this captive.

Eliminating someone who was destined to become an undying existence, this was tremendous merit!

Moreover, just now, they saw clearly that there definitely wasn’t any scheming, indeed Mo Dao restricting himself and thus losing.

“How could Senior Brother Mo lose? Move out of the way!” On the other side, several young ladies cried out. They normally worshipped him, and now, they couldn’t accept this result.

Battle intent surged from both sides, ready to take action at any time, the atmosphere becoming more and more nervous.

“Truly laughable, if you lose, you lose. If I wasn’t a match, I would definitely admit it. You all can’t even accept the reality of defeat?” Shi Hao spoke.

This sentence along made a group of foreign cultivators angry, many of their eyes surging with vicious light.


Mo Dao suddenly shouted. His eyes grew dim, fists clenched tightly. He was full of anger, really wishing to retaliate, wanting to change this bitter result.

However, the reality was that he was captured, his great cultivation sealed. He could only release a sigh.

“I lost.”

These two words were extremely soft, but it immediately made this place become quiet.

“Wuwu…” Those young ladies began to cry, feeling extremely brokenhearted, tears continuously falling from their pure white cheeks, all of them in grief.

Even a few young men were silent, their expression unpleasant. Mo Dao was heroic and outstanding, talents exceptional, one of the greatest figures in their hearts.

In many of their opinions, in the future, he would definitely soar into the sky and overlook different worlds!

In recent years, Mo Dao became the pride of many people, the true hero in quite a few young men and women’s hearts, a future overlord, someone many people revered.

This kind of hero personally admitted that he was inferior to another, this was the collapse of an imperishable masterpiece. This naturally left many people in despair, making them feel a deep sense of disappointment.

“Truly can’t accept this… How could Senior Brother Mo be defeated? How could that person win against Senior Brother Mo?!” Many people cried out, a few girls’ eyes carrying watery mist.

Mo Dao calmed down. Even though his eyes were dim, he had already put away his anger. He was reflecting, thinking to himself. Even though he was unwilling inside, he had to admit that if they were to clash again, if it was still only two strands of immortal energy, it would likely still be the same conclusion.

If he used three strands of immortal energy, he wouldn’t fear anyone, daring to fight the Void Beast, daring to challenge the most powerful member of the Emperor Clan, daring to challenging the descendents of undying beings.

But here, he could only sigh.

Many people from heavenly deity institution’s side cheered, all of them revealing excited appearances. Their opinions of Shi Hao immediately became different.

This fella had basically made a great contribution. This was an unimaginable feat, getting rid of a future unmatched individual.

What a pity he only cultivated two strands of immortal energy. If he had three, not even Lu Tuo would dare face him head on. This person was too extraordinary.

“You going to uphold your end of the bet?” Shi Hao asked.

When this question sounded, this place became quiet. Everyone looked at those two, because the conditions were too harsh!

He was going to become a little boy servant, become a servant?

For an exceptional hero who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, how could they accept this?

“As a person, one should be honest!” Shi Hao said.

Right now, many foreign creatures had their teeth clenched, truly wishing they could immediately slaughter their way over. Were they really going to clash like this, kill Mo Dao?

Mo Dao’s face went rigid, feeling incomparably bitter and conflicted. Was he really going to end his own future like this here?

He was the young supreme being of a generation, how could he be willing to become another’s servant?

“I’ll give you a chance. I’ll let you challenge me in the future, and if you win, you can have your freedom. If you still lose, then I’m sorry, you should just obediently follow me.” Shi Hao said, giving him a bit of hope.

“Senior Brother Mo, hurry and agree, don’t be foolish!” Someone cried out, complexion pale. It was because they were worried that he would immediately take his life here.

Mo Dao’s expression was pale, expression complex, changing continuously.

“I have never broken a promise, not even to those I hate the most. Even if you are my enemy, this time, I was defeated. If you are willing to bet, you have to know how to accept a loss!” He spoke these words with difficulty.

Shi Hao smiled. He looked towards Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, and the others, and then at those foreign creatures. He then said to Mo Dao, “Wu, if there is anyone in the future with three strands of immortal energy who challenges me, then you’ll help me take care of them.”

“Senior Brother Mo Dao, we will accompany you in your suffering!”

There were several creatures among the foreign experts who rushed over, including men and women, but of course, there were more females.

Everyone was stunned.

Shi Hao was also stupefied, and then he was overjoyed, saying, “Dragged down by having a family to feed? You’re all welcome to come!”

On the other side, many foreign experts were furious, their faces sunken like water, killing intent overflowing into the heavens!

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