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Chapter 1139 - White Robe

Little boy servant? When the white-robed youth Mo Dao heard this, his nose almost went crooked from anger. This bastard really dared to say anything! Who was he? He was the most powerful of his generation in his region, yet now, he was being ridiculed by another like this.

One had to bear in mind that this youth looked even younger than himself, and only cultivated two strands of immortal energy. Even if he was a body cultivator, he was still far from being comparable.

Of course, Shi Hao also found him unsightly. The other party actually wanted to take him on as a follower, thus calling him a little boy servant.

At this time, many people on the battlefield heard this. There was blood everywhere on the ground, a few corpses, the scene extremely tragic.

However, because these two unique individuals were going to carry out a bet, about to carry out a special battle, they thus temporarily stopped.

“Say, little boy servant, right now, it’s just empty words. If I win, what if you fly into a fit of rage and don’t own up to the deal? Or what if you get too excited and directly get run over, dying on your own here, who am I going to have to look for to settle things? Wouldn’t all of my efforts have been for nothing?” Shi Hao dawdled about over there.

The white-robed youth Mo Dao’s eyes immediately became cold, truly angered badly. How could he endure this type of mockery?

“What are you randomly saying? How could Mo Dao possibly lose? He is one of the most powerful geniuses from our world, while you are nothing more than thick-skinned!” A little girl shouted angrily, glaring with her large eyes.

It was clear that Mo Dao was quite well-known, many cultivators respecting him, especially a few young female cultivators who had good impressions of him, not wishing to hear Shi Hao’s nonsense.

“Mo Dao, beat him up, try to finish him in ten moves. Don’t let him act so arrogant anymore!” Someone shouted.

These were all creatures from the other world, this was a rare time when all of them felt anger towards a common enemy.

Shi Hao looked at them. When he saw that these creatures were all of the same origin as those from this world, he could only shake his head, not feeling like retorting.

Mo Dao’s face fell. He looked at Shi Hao and said, “You don’t have to worry, I, Mo Dao, in the end, is someone whose reputation has moved a region, so even if you are shameless, I will still uphold my dignity. As long as I am defeated, I will definitely admit defeat.”

“Hey, little white, can you not shoot your mouth?” Shi Hao said.

Who is this little white?! Mo Dao glared out, killing intent surging.

“Soft skin tender flesh, wearing white clothes, if you aren’t trying to be a pretty playboy, then what else are you trying to accomplish?” Shi Hao said with a laugh.


Even though the white-robed youth was extremely handsome, right now, there was a type of domineeringness. He only spoke this single word, and then took action, his entire being fierce like a heavenly sword.

His sharp eyebrows shot up vertically, eyes deep, loftiness completely changing. It was as if a war god had revived, the energy released terrifying.

“Hey, don’t back out now, you can only use two strands of immortal energy!” Wang Xi reminded.

The white-robed youth’s face was gloomy. He had previously teased her when he first rushed at Wang Xi, precisely targeting her because of her status as an immortal descendant, to go against a long life family. However this situation now left him feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun, and the others were all paying close attention to him, wishing to see how those of the other world were different. Even though they all encountered opponents just now, the more they understood, the more advantageous it would be for them.

“Hehe, what a good friend, siding with him like this…” Yao Yue teased Wang Xi.

“Are you a student from my heavenly deity institution or not? Someone on our side acting like they aren’t?” Wang Xi retorted.

Princess Yao Yue was surprisingly stumped for words. She opened her mouth, but didn’t argue back.

At this time, black light surged. The white clad youth Mo Dao displayed astonishing might. Even though he only used two strands of immortal energy, that type of appearance was still quite intimidating.

He looked delicate and pretty, but once he displayed might, it was as if he merged with the spirit of a war god!


An expanse of flowing light shot out from his palms and fingers. Upon closer inspection, they were all Vermilion Birds, numbering in the hundreds and thousands, forming a fiery red expanse. It was as if raging flames were burning.

The ground immediately melted, even the void burned until it collapsed, the temperature just too great.

One had to bear in mind that this was the small world formed from both the Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch, the sturdiness far surpassing the outside world, yet it was still affected to this extent from this attack, so one could see just how powerful it was.

“One artifact to shatter all methods!”

Shi Hao’s appearance was imposing as he shouted.

They all thought he would produce some kind of weapon, but who would have thought that he was just randomly shouting, in the end still releasing a finger to fire streak after streak of light, blasting those Vermilion Birds.

“Where’s your weapon?!”

“What artifact shattering all methods, there’s no weapon at all!”

The foreign creatures roared out, all of them mocking him.

“What do you all understand? The weapon isn’t in the hand, but the heart! My weapon has already been used, attacking the will, invisible, can’t you see that he’s frowning? It has already taken effect!” Shi Hao said cockily.

I actually ended up falling for something like this?! Mo Dao really wanted to shout out. He really was a bit bewildered, didn’t this fella walk the path of flesh to immortality? Why didn’t this really seem to be the case when he attacked?

Body cultivation usually had extremely short range yet powerful attacks, fast like lightning. Once they started fighting, they would shoot over like a streak of light, closing the distance and unleashing destructive blows.

However, this fella before him didn’t look like the conventional type at all, not like a true unmatched body cultivator.

However, this person really did cultivate his flesh to an extreme state, a genuine article, this was what Mo Dao thought.

Vermilion Birds filled the skies, but they were all shot through, destroyed by Shi Hao purely through divine force. Peace was restored to the skies.

Only, this was just the beginning. Li Flames overflowed. Mo Dao was surrounded by divine light, enveloped within natural laws like a true immortal, heroic and extraordinary. When he raised his hand, a streak of five-colored divine light descended.


With Li Flames as the source, and then the five elements divine force merging with it, the precious technique that was produced was exceptionally terrifying.

Everyone’s expressions changed. Even though he only used two strands of immortal energy, this type of power could definitely kill other cultivators with two strands of immortal energy.

This precious technique was exceptionally powerful, supported by the power of five elements, and it was cultivated to a perfected level.

When Shi Hao evaded, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, the secret force of these five elements swirled, changing in the void, continuously flickering about, actually opening up a small world, about to cover him within.


Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. What was a great divine ability? Only this type of highest level of enlightenment, a unique insight achieved through displaying a profound mystery to its peak was!

The five elements quickly arranged themselves. Mo Dao took action, producing a small world, forming a cage, wishing to seal Shi Hao inside and refine him on the spot.

“Good, I knew Senior Brother Mo Dao’s magical force was great, suppressing and capturing this hateful person in less than ten moves!” A young lady cried out happily.


Shi Hao’s hands formed imprints. This was a strange imprint that merged both the Kun Peng Technique and Lightning Emperor Method, a divine ability that strengthened his flesh, allowing him to immediately break through the five elements energy and make his way out.

What kind of strange magical imprint was this? Everyone frowned, actually unable to recognize it.

At the same time, Shi Hao moved through the air, rushing at Mo Dao, releasing the most powerful attack.

“World In Sleeve!” Mo Dao released shouted. His white sleeves moved, and then strong winds roared, the world experiencing great changes, about to suck Shi Hao into his great sleeve.

Shi Hao didn’t move out of the way, instead facing it head on, as if he was taking the initiative to fall into the trap.

“Careful, don’t let him approach! He is a body cultivator!” Someone cried out in alarm, loudly reminding.

Mo Dao naturally wouldn’t make this elementary mistake. Even though his large sleeves moved, trying to suck Shi Hao inside, that was just a space that was created, not really Mo Dao’s true body that approached.

Following a hu sound, Shi Hao entered, but immediately afterwards, that area became chaotic. With a loud noise, Mo Dao’s large sleeve exploded.

Shi Hao slaughtered his way over, immortal energy surrounding his body. His hand formed magical imprints, smashing forward.


Like a flash of light, Mo Dao evaded swiftly to the side, revealing a look of alarm.


Shi Hao released another strike, his movements great, smashing apart that area of the void.

Everyone’s expressions changed, all of them sucking in a breath of cold air. Was this body cultivation? To smash apart the void with every punch and kick, not even displaying any special precious techniques?

This type of person was too dangerous! If the distance was closed, or if they were caught, they would be directly torn apart!

“White-robed kid, you don’t seem to be all that? Are these the methods of your side? Not much different from the precious techniques on our side at all.” Shi Hao said.

When the cultivators on the other side heard this, they all revealed cold expression, as if he had touched their bottom line.

Mo Dao said coldly, “Naturally not the same. What I displayed so far are all dao methods stolen from your side of the world, previous spoils of war.”

This time, it was heavenly deity institution’s people whose expressions changed. This was a type of humiliation. Their predecessors were greatly defeated, many of their secret texts stolen, falling into the hands of the creatures on the other side.

“Are you prepared to serve your role as a little servant boy?” Shi Hao asked.

After hearing those words, he didn’t have any other thoughts, only wishing to end this battle as soon as possible and have someone to order around.

Regardless of whether it was the Void Beast battle or fighting against Mo Dao, Shi Hao’s actions in the beginning were all to scout out the other party, for the sake of learning about their world.

But now, he wasn’t in the mood anymore. He wanted to use the most powerful methods to decide the winner and loser.

1. When the words are literally translated, it means ‘little white face’

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