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Chapter 1140 - Captured

Shi Hao was like a meteor as he smashed over intensely. Immortal energy pervaded the air, holy light shining brilliantly. His hand formed magical imprints, blasting the white-robed youth Mo Dao.

His power right now had, without a doubt, reached an extreme. At the very least, it gave others the feeling of the peak of what two strands of immortal energy could display.

If was as if an ancient true immortal revived, resplendent divine light surging, terrifying fluctuations rippling and covering everything.

Shi Hao was too fast, arriving in the blink of an eye, his magical imprints smashing down!

Mo Dao’s expression became grave. When he raised his hand, nine imprints appeared, rumbling about as if there was heavenly thunder crashing down. His hands were moving too quickly.

He displayed an ancient method, producing nine magical imprints in an instant, merging together, power exceptional.

Nine types of divine abilities all appeared, merging together here and releasing blinding light as if heaven and earth were being opened, power incomparable!

Everyone cried out in alarm. This was an ancient heavenly art, a strange ancient method! It could support nine types of precious techniques, merge them into a single most powerful attack!


Terrifying energy erupted between the two, leaving everyone shocked.

In that instant, under this type of explosion, a strange trace of fluctuations flowed out. Then, the white-robed youth’s expression turned white, becoming exceptionally horrified, quickly backing up.

Shi Hao approached quickly, attacking at him.

Mo Dao felt some restraining fear towards body cultivators, so he always maintained a set distance between them. Otherwise, it would have been extremely dangerous just now.

It was because in that instant, he felt as if the precious techniques he displayed instantly weakened, almost about to lose their effects!

That was why he withdrew extremely decisively into the distance!

He had previously experienced this type of situation once before!

Mo Dao was a genius with heaven warping talent, having the fortune of ascending Undying Mountain and entering the true mysterious ancient realm, obtaining the guidance of unmatched figures.

He had encountered a member of an ancient emperor race before, discovering with shock that this clan possessed magical immunity!

At the time, the proud and arrogant Mo Dao suffered a huge loss from their very first exchange, almost being defeated in just a few moves.

Even though it was just an exchange of pointers, this had dealt him a tremendous mental blow!

That was why this event left him with an extremely deep impression, something he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life.

Later on, he thought bitterly for ways of dealing with this, deciding that he had to immediately pull open the distance between them as soon as possible, that he couldn’t be reckless at all. Otherwise, under the magical immunity’s effects, it would be the same as trapping himself.

Moreover, he had examined a few ancient texts, his gains from them tremendous!

He had previously researched, later on even more so challenged that emperor race member, understanding how to deal with him.

That was why as soon as Shi Hao began to display his ability, Mo Dao immediately sensed it, carrying confusion and shock as he quickly evaded outwards.

It was only because of this that he could avoid this disaster.

Mo Dao wasn’t sure, but a strange intuition was telling him that the other party was extremely dangerous, that he shouldn’t clash with him head on and to instead evade outwards.

As for whether this really was the best course of action, he couldn’t say for certain.

Shi Hao was quite shocked. He wanted to seize victory with a single strike, but never expected that the other party would be so vigilant, immediately evading out. If it was anyone else, they would have already been captured.

“Wu, why are you so cowardly, always running? Didn’t you say you were going to suppress me? Acting like this really isn’t good…” Shi Hao said.

The white-robed youth Mo Dao’s eyes were deep and cold as he stared at Shi Hao, wishing to see through him, understand what was going on. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t feel too at ease.

Shi Hao put away that ability. This ability has been growing with each passing day, increasing with his cultivation. Just now, it had just begun, yet the other party already ran, so he decided to directly end it.

If it was in the past, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this. Once this ability was displayed, it would continue until it lost effectiveness

“You aren’t a pure human, but a… descendant of an Emperor Clan?!” Mo Dao’s expression was serious, speculating here.

When these words sounded, everyone became shocked. What was he saying?

“What are you even talking about? What Emperor Clan? I am the Emperor Clan myself, what descendant of emperor race, nonsense!” Shi Hao retorted.

Regardless of whether it was the heavenly deity institution’s people or the creatures of the other side, they were both quite shocked, expressing confusion. Why were Emperor Clans mentioned?


Shi Hao took action again, his body like a Flood Dragon, tearing apart the void, rushing murderously at the white-robed youth, using his most powerful physique to fight him head on.

Mo Dao evaded, continuously forming imprints. There was no way he was going to compete in physical strength against this person, only using the most powerful magical force to bombard him from the distance.

Great rumbling sounds rang through the air, powerful divine force rippled outwards, rising and falling here, grand and boundless, overflowing into the heavens like a great sea.

However, there was one thing that one was certain of, which was that regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or Mo Dao, they both complied with the agreement, not using their third strand of immortal energy, only having two strands of immortal energy around their bodies.

Mo Dao was proud, believing that he wouldn’t be defeated. Meanwhile, Shi Hao was confident, attacking powerfully, trying to assess the other party’s true power.

An intense battle was carried out!

The two fought, both of them using killing methods, wishing to defeat the other party.


Even though their bodies never made contact, the large hands and fists that were produced collided from time to time, these the derivations of precious techniques. It was as if true bodies collided.

In the blink of an eye, they exchanged over a hundred moves!

Everyone was shocked, not expecting these two to be evenly matched.

The foreign cultivators were all shocked. What kind of person was Mo Dao? He was known as the pride of heaven, exceptional in his area, yet now, he found this body cultivator difficult to deal with.

Not long ago, there were still a few young ladies crying out, believing that Mo Dao could finish Shi Hao in ten moves, but now, this battle still hadn’t been decided after a hundred moves, leaving them stunned, and then feeling worry!

Heavenly deity institution’s people were even more shocked. Wang Xi’s so-called dao friend was simply defying the heavens, actually able to fight on equal footing with this white-robed youth, truly leaving the crowd shocked.

Even though that white-robed youth was restricting himself, only using two strands of immortal energy, after all, he had unmatched aptitude, even more so an undefeated conviction, but this battle was evenly matched.

Everyone was speechless, watching the battle nervously.

“Not good!”

“You cannot approach him, that’s a body cultivator!”

A few foreign youngsters cried out in alarm, worrying for Mo Dao.

It was because when these two people approached, the distance wasn’t that far. This type of situation was extremely unfavorable for the white-robed youth.

However, the ones who cultivated three strands of immortal energy didn’t utter a word, the eyes of every one of them brilliant, becoming even more brilliant as they stared at the battlefield.


The two precious technique collided, their bodies clashing for the first time. The white-robed youth was unexpectedly not seriously injured.

“Heavens, a physical clash!”

“What is going on? Senior Brother Mo is taking risks, this is too dangerous!”

There were young ladies who cried out, faces turning pale.

“Stop shouting, those who cultivate three strands of immortal energy, even if they aren’t body cultivators, their bodies still won’t be that much inferior, similarly sturdy. There is no way the other party can rip it apart in a short amount of time.”

Someone said coldly, precisely a girl who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, her aura like that of a leopard. She had previously fought a great battle against Lu Tuo.

In reality, this really was the case. Shi Hao’s flesh was powerful, but there was no way he could immediately kill someone with three strands of immortal energy purely based on his physical power.

Back then, regardless of whether it was against Ning Chuan or the Void Beast, there were physical exchanges that happened. Even though his own physique was even stronger, he still couldn’t hope for this attack to deal the fatal blow.

“Yi, what kind of magical imprint is that?!” The crowd cried out in alarm.

Mo Dao’s movements were extremely strange, deriving a wave of mysterious dao aura. Several magical imprints merged together, the great power unexpectedly affecting the world itself.

In a daze, it was as if heaven and earth’s laws were disturbed!

Shi Hao was shocked. What kind of ancient method was this?

He wanted to use the ability within him, using magical immunity to kill the enemy!

However, right now, this secret power of his flesh was stirring a bit restlessly, uneasy under the opponent’s hand imprint, as if a hibernating True Dragon was going to rise up into the sky, but also as if it was going to run.

This was something that had never happened before!

Right now, Mo Dao was shocked. He was sure that the other party was the same as that ancient Emperor Clan from the world behind Undying Mountain, grasping that type of terrifying ability.

What Shi Hao was currently experiencing came from some damaged methods in ancient immortal dao records that could suppress the magical immunity ability.

For the sake of obtaining this type of ancient method, Mo Dao had previously studied many ancient texts, and he had also earnestly asked for guidance, and only then did he obtain these ancient inheritances from a well-known figure from another Emperor Clan.

Only, when dealing with this type of ability, there were no magical imprints that could completely neutralize it. This could only be considered a type of disturbance, a type of weakening method.

It was rumored that in Immortal Ancient Great Era, there was someone who created an undamaged magical imprint that could suppress this dao, but it had long been lost!

At the same time, there was another method to neutralize it, which was to walk the path of body cultivation, to not use precious technique, directly fighting with the flesh. Those types of people were extremely terrifying!

Right now, the heavens split and earth cracked, ghosts weeped and gods howled.

After Mo Dao used several damaged magical imprints together, this place became hazy, seemingly disturbing the balance of heaven and earth. It stopped its normal operation, all types of irregular scenes appearing.

Meanwhile, this was the case for Shi Hao’s body as well, in chaos. That type of ability couldn’t be effectively displayed.

Mo Dao used this chance to frantically attack, using his greatest power to display an ancient heavenly art, merging nine great precious techniques to defeat Shi Hao.

“This still isn’t enough!” Shi Hao shouted.

Even though that type of ability was slightly obstructed, interfered with, his divine ability was still there, his body still unmatched, able to endure it. Moreover, he released the most powerful counterattack.

Shi Hao wanted to use the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, but in the end, he still endured it, not activating it in front of everyone.

It was because after persisting for a short period of time, he scattered the interference, that type of ability appearing again!


The scene completely exploded. Shi Hao’s magical immunity activated, charging forward fearlessly to attack his opponent.

Mo Dao’s expression changed, releasing a sigh. Things were likely going to be troublesome now!

His magical techniques lost effectiveness, so how could he fight against Shi Hao under such close distance? A flesh struggle was unavoidable. There was nothing worse than this.

The other party was a body refinement cultivator, while he wasn’t!


The two’s palms and fingers collided as fists, as if steel struck against each other, sparks flying in all directions, divine force surging.

Many people were shocked. Mo Dao was this powerful, his flesh comparable to a body cultivator?

“How can someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy be like everyone else? Even if he didn’t cultivate body techniques, his body is still rarely seen in this world!” Someone said. 

However, this type of balance couldn’t be maintained for a long time. A while later, the space between Mo Dao’s thumb and forefinger split, both of his hands bloody, his arms starting to shake as well.

He was in great danger!

Apart from using his physical strength to suppress the other party, he also used the most powerful precious technique, the battle situation immediately turning in his favor!


Mo Dao coughed out a large mouthful of blood, being sent flying.


Shi Hao continuously formed imprints, his body like a dragon, tangling about Mo Dao, continuously taking action, leaving him seriously injured.

Then, with a peng sound, Shi Hao locked down the other party. Under the magical immunity situation, he made breakthrough progress, capturing this person.

“My servant, do you admit defeat or not?!” He asked with a smile.

Everyone became stunned. Mo Dao was captured, now a prisoner. Could it be that he really had to admit his losses, willingly become that youngster’s little boy servant?!

Those young ladies simply felt like crying. Normally, they felt great adoration towards Mo Dao, but now that he was captured, they were all stupefied, feeling worry for him, tears about to fall.

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