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Chapter 1138 - Body Technique

On the battlefield, a group of people stared at him. This fella was a bit strange, could it be that he really was a super powerful expert?

However, these people didn’t want to believe that this person killed the Void Beast no matter what. This didn’t make sense, extremely unrealistic.

The Void Beast merged with heaven and earth, even if it was greatly defeated, it could still escape. It shouldn’t have been killed that easily.

“Body cultivation!” Right at that moment, someone spoke up, speaking of what Shi Hao relied on.

Everyone stared blankly, some opening their Heavenly Eyes to examine him, verifying that they only saw two strands of immortal energy, moreover discovering a hidden ‘third dao’.

At the same time, these people realized that there was a special glow to Shi Hao’s skin, the reflection of when one’s flesh reached its peak, entering an extraordinary level!

“The greatest body cultivation beneath the Heavenly Deity Realm!” Someone sucked in a cold breath of air, seeing his current state.

Shi Hao’s flesh and blood were sparkling like jade, without the slightest blemish. From a certain perspective, he was even more perfect than the most beautiful fairies here.

His flesh and blood had already reached the peak of this level, to the extent where it even surpassed the limit. The ancient monks’ so-called Vajra Unbreaking, Zhang Six Golden Body wouldn’t even be stronger than him.

This was the ancient method’s… body technique!

There were people who cultivated magical force, with those who refined the body, but the latter was much more difficult, difficult to reach the extreme, even more difficult to attain unmatched great dao accomplishments.

There were many types of precious techniques, all of them the embodiments of cultivating magical force, all of them glorious and flourishing. Since the ancient times, many great figures used this to succeed in the dao and reach the peak of their lives.

However, those with great success in body refinement were extremely rare. This path was full of frustrations, could be considered extremely narrow. How many people could reach its end?

Cultivating body techniques meant raising one’s flesh to its most powerful level, the hardships of this path were unimaginable, every step along this journey requiring all types of prices that had to be paid.

For example, using divine medicines to refine the muscles and bones, using long life medicines to refine the blood vessels, using undecaying true spirits’ blood to cleanse the marrow and wash the arteries and veins!

How could normal people do these things?

Just cultivating a body technique was already extremely difficult. Together with these things that were needed, this was practically an impossible path. 

Moreover, even if one barely managed to gather all of these things and even had exceptional aptitudes, failures far exceeded those who succeeded, ninety percent of geniuses ultimately giving up on this path.

That was why even though there were long life families who gathered the materials, few disciples would tread on this path.

“It really is body cultivation! He actually successfully cultivated it!” Someone said with a sigh.

Everyone stared at Shi Hao, continuously looking at him. Right now, when he readied his body, tightening his muscles, his flesh was powerful and stunning.

In his surroundings, heaven and earth spiritual essence surged on its own, nourishing his body. This was an absolute path of the flesh becoming immortal, heading towards the undying. Even now, there were already some traces of this shown.

Everyone could only sigh with praise. Once this body cultivation succeeded, it became ridiculously terrifying after all!

Princess Yao Yue’s eyes shone, her beautiful eyes flickering with radiance. She looked at Shi Hao again and again, sizing him up. In the end, she smiled in a charming manner, saying, “No wonder younger sis Wang Xi saw you as a great treasure, body cultivator hmm? A young lad who looks delicate, but is actually quite strong and sturdy, quite the excellent man.”

She was clearly teasing the others, purposely saying this to ridicule her competitor.

When Wang Xi heard this, she immediately shot her a look. “If you want this great treasure, then I’ll lend him to you.” When she spoke up to here, she felt like she made a mistake, her face becoming slightly red. “He’s yours, why would I want him?!”

“Hehe, so gentle and pretty, but has such a sturdy physique, it really is rarely seen you know? Are you sure you don’t want him?” Princess Yao Yue teased.

When everyone heard these two’s conversation, they were both speechless. These two fairies with competitive relationship could actually say these types of things.

“This person’s body technique has been refined to the extreme, no wonder he is so powerful. Just now, he used his own strong suit to bully his way over and kill the three-headed six-armed creature. Formidable!”

“You can’t let this type of person close the distance, or else your body will be torn apart in an instant!”

A few people discussed among themselves, all of them creatures from the other side.

Shi Hao opened his mouth slightly, wanting to say something, but then closed it again. They can interpret things however they wanted to.

How did he end up becoming a body cultivator?

However, if he thought about it carefully, this wasn’t entirely wrong, because his body really did match the characteristics of someone who cultivated the body to the extreme, exceeding the norm.

With his current physical achievements, he was precisely someone at the peak of this field, reaching the very forefront of the Heavenly Deity Realm.

“So what if it’s body cultivation, are you all unconvinced? Feel free to come over, I’ll chop all of you up!” Shi Hao curled his lips. He finally spoke again, putting on an extremely cocky appearance.

Everyone looked at him, they just felt like something wasn’t quite right, that things didn’t match up.

“He’s definitely full of shit!”

There was someone who spoke in mockery, muttering like this.

Many people nodded when they heard this, deeply approving of this. This fella really was too naive, letting things get to his head, like a newborn calf not being scared of a tiger.

Who was he trying to challenge? The ones who came were all foreign cultivators, a group of powerful creatures, no lack of even valiant individuals who had three strands of immortal energy!

“Hey, white-robed kid, who are you glaring at? Come, I’m going to beat your ass!”

Shi Hao fired his mouth again, targeting the youngster who challenged Wang Xi again, because this all started their dispute.

The white-robed youth was an exceptional genius. Right now, he was in quite the bad mood. How did he end up being targeted by this fella? Didn’t he only speak a few words with disdain and mockery?

He felt like bickering with this type of person would lower his status, especially since the other party looked like a twenty-three year old youth. Could it be that the other party was pretending to be someone else?

“Damn kid, get your ass over here!” Shi Hao continued, pointing at him.

Even though the white-robed youth looked down on Shi Hao, always looking down on him, he could still hold it in before. However now, when he was pointed at like this, he finally couldn’t take it anymore.

“Good-for-nothing, I’ve wanted to kill you for quite some time now. If you are seeking death yourself, then not even the heavens can save you!” The white-robed youth said. He moved, separating from Wang Xi, breaking away from their battlefield and charged at Shi Hao.

“You really are going to come to get your ass beat? I’ll kill you with a single kick!” Shi Hao cried out viciously.

The group of people were stupefied. Was he really just that dumb, or was his strength extremely great?!

A few people frowned, inwardly assessing the strength of the strongest individual of body technique, coming to the conclusion that his strength might be extremely astonishing, but he shouldn’t be able to match someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy.

“I’m going to kill you!” The white-robed youth said coldly. After walking a certain amount of distance, he no longer moved any closer. He began to form imprints, preparing to take action.

“Are you scared? Using three strands of immortal energy to bully someone with two strands of immortal energy, what heroicness is there to speak of? Do you dare to be like him, only use two strands of immortal energy?” Wang Xi spoke.

She was against the white-robed youth, helping Shi Hao.

“Exactly, you foreign creatures all call yourself the most powerful right? Then let’s see just how strong you are under the same conditions.” Someone from heavenly deity institution spoke in agreement.

The people on the other side frowned, saying coldly, “Restraining yourself would be what is most unfair. Why should he only use two strands of immortal energy?”

The white-robed youth waved his hand, saying, “I’ll just use two strands of immortal energy to face him then, it’s similarly enough. The so-called body technique is nothing more than a cultivation method. How could it really make the cultivator himself superior?” 

He shook his head, saying coldly, “Today, I will use my supreme might to suppress the so-called body refinement cultivator, let you all witness our greatness.”

It was clear that this youth was a formidable individual, with a great background even on the other side. His age really wasn’t great, similar to Shi Hao, at most a few months older.

However, he already cultivated three strands of immortal energy, thus, he was extremely arrogant, looking down on everyone else. He now spoke like this, saying that he was going to use two strands of immortal energy to challenge the body cultivator.

“The Mo Family’s sister and brother pair are know to be peerless and unmatched, stunning and exceptional, unrivaled in their domain, known to be the ones with the greatest aptitudes since the beginning of history for good reason.”

There were foreigners who were discussing this, their opinions of this white-robed youth extremely great.

He was named Mo Dao, handsome like jade, his reputation extremely great in the world beyond the Desolate Border, even the creatures within the ancient realm linked up to Undying Mountain knowing about him.

Moreover, he had an older sister named Mo Xian who was similarly stunning, also cultivating three strands of immortal energy. Just how many people were there like this in that great earth? Yet his clan had two of them. Forget about the world behind the Desolate Border, this triggered a great commotion even in the ancient realm connected to Undying Mountain.

However, this time, his older sister didn’t come.

“Those who could reach this step since the ancient times are quite few, I don’t really want to kill you either. Leaving a thick-skinned fella like you by my side as a servant shouldn’t be too much of a disgrace towards my status.” The white-robed youth didn’t seem to treat this situation with that much seriousness. Two strands of immortal energy moved around him. He stood on a large rock, looking down at Shi Hao.

When Shi Hao heard this, he began to roar with laughter. “I feel like keeping a pretty little boy servant like you might bring me quite some face. After all, you did cultivate three strands of immortal energy! How about we make a bet, the loser has to willingly become the other’s servant.”

Everyone began to stare blankly when they heard this, not knowing what to say, these two completely different individuals were actually clashing like this!

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