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Chapter 1137 - Death Caused by Own Stupidity

When his words sounded, this battlefield immediately became a bit quiet.

Who was this person, chopped up the Void Beast? This left others a bit stupefied, the news just too astonishing.

The Void Beast was definitely a top level existence, one who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, rarely encountering enemies. Taking a step back, even if it was not a match for someone, it could still run, because their greatest ability was merging into the nothingness.

Normally speaking, it was extremely difficult to kill a Void Beast!

When others heard these sudden words, they were all stunned. Many cultivators from heavenly deity institution looked over, including Lu Tuo, Princess Yao Yue and others.

A chi sounded. Someone laughed.

That moment of peace was quickly shattered.

Everyone’s eyes flickered with radiance. That was a creature from the other side, moreover an extraordinary individual even Xuan Kun would find a hard time dealing with.

“Even someone like you fantasizes about killing the Void Beast? Haha!”

Then, the people on the other side also laughed, carrying amused and mocking expressions, even more so a type of disdain after seeing through a lie.

“Do you know how extraordinary the Void King Clan is? Just now, it was carrying out a rebirth, now already merging with the void, defensive strength the most powerful, impossible for normal people to penetrate unless they are a great cultivation realm or two higher.”

“You are nothing more than a Holy Sacrifice Realm cultivator, yet you dare boast shamelessly? Oh, you seemed to have cultivated immortal energy, but this is far from enough. Truly a joke!”

The people on the other side ridiculed, all of them laughing, not believing his words at all.

It was because in their world’s records, the Void Beasts’ defensive strength at their greatest was rebirth, merging with heaven and earth, becoming indistinguishable, impossible to overcome.

That was why no one believed that Shi Hao killed the Void Beast, merely treating it like a joke.

“Wu, void great one definitely concealed itself in the void, needing to rest during rebirth. When it comes out soon afterwards, it’ll become even stronger.”

“Should it come out again, it definitely wouldn’t be a heavenly deity, but rather entering an even higher great cultivation realm, able to overlook the world under heaven!”

When the people on this side from heavenly deity institution heard this, they were all stunned. After the Void Beast underwent rebirth, its defensive power would be this astonishing?

Didn’t  this mean that it was currently laying low, becoming even stronger when it appeared again? Everyone’s minds sank.

“Wu, the Void King Race’s greatest opportunity is the rebirth that follows enlightenment, something they are always hoping for. Great one unexpectedly gained enlightenment here.”

The creatures on the other side all laughed oppressively. When they looked at Shi Hao, they felt like he went too far with his lies, now losing all face, so all of them revealed expressions of ridicule.

Shi Hao was inwardly shocked as well. Was the Void Beast really that difficult to kill during its rebirth? However, he felt like it was quite easy, and he didn’t suffer any backslash from the void secret force.

Soon after, he thought of that little figure seated in the great dao flower. Was this related to it?

Shi Hao thought to himself, having many questions inside. That little figure didn’t seem to belong to this world, as if it lived in the past. Did it truly possess such great power?

“Wu, now that your bullshit is exposed, I reckon you’re completely stupefied now!” The creatures on the other side directly said.

Shi Hao gave them a look and then said, “I already said that the Void Beast was chopped up by me. If you don’t believe me, you all can try to call out to it and have it come out to fight.”

One of them said with disdain, “Everyone knows that once great one enters rebirth, he will definitely lay dormant for a period of time to concentrate on evolving. How could it come out now?”

Shi Hao really was a bit dumbstruck. He killed a Void Beast, yet no one believed him. However, this was fine as well, he didn’t plan to really show off to begin with, just casually mentioning it. It was up to them if they wanted to believe it.

However, there was one thing that was sure. They didn’t believe him now, but soon after, when the Void Beast fully disappeared, not appearing again, everyone would know whether he was speaking the truth or not.

At that time, there would naturally be a great disturbance raised!

“You really are quite interesting, making jokes even now.” Princess Yao Yue spoke, the corners of her mouth revealing a hint of mockery.

Many people from heavenly deity institution were looking at Shi Hao, some of them speaking with lowered voices, some making fun of him, others angry. Most of them were fighting against the enemy, feeling quite discontent towards this matter.

Wang Xi’s face was slightly red, feeling like the fella beside her was too unreasonable, even daring to lie about this type of thing, treating it like a contribution, really leaving her ashamed.

“Can you just… understand your place a bit, talk a bit less?” She said to Shi Hao.

“What do you mean speak a bit less? You all don’t understand. Isn’t it just a Void Beast? You all treat it like treasure, but for me, it’s just a dog. If I want to eat it, I can cut off a chunk or two. When we go back, I’ll invite you all to eat Void Beast meat!” Shi Hao said carelessly. As for whether it was true or false, he’ll let the others decide for themselves, it didn’t make a difference for him either way.

If heavenly deity institution’s people ignored him, then that was fine, it was perfect for avoiding Wind Clan’s attention. If they really knew, then they would definitely trace things back to the source, involving Feng Xingtian’s matters, seeking him out to settle accounts.

Wang Xi’s opponent was a white-robed youth. Right now, he released a sneer, feeling this person was quite amusing. He actually dared to speak such nonsense in broad daylight.

“Brat, it seems like you have quite the mental issues going on in your mind. What are you laughing at by yourself?” Shi Hao glared at him.

When the white clad youth heard this, his expression immediately became sluggish. What kind of tone was this, actually calling him a… brat? What kind of nonsense was this, actually daring to look down on him like this.

“Do you want to die?!” The white clad youth abandoned Wang Xi, about to fight an intense battle against Shi Hao.

“If you aren’t convinced, then come. I’ll blast you to death with a single fist!” Shi Hao cocked his arm, provoking him.

The white clad youth’s expression was strange, feeling like there was something strange. Just what kind of background did this fella have? He was ridiculously confident, didn’t he fear being killed?

One had to bear in mind that he was evenly matched with a fairy who had three strands of immortal energy. How many people could reach this step?

The white clad youth had fought with Wang Xi until now, not able to decide victory or defeat all this time. Even a random youngster who showed up dared to boast so shamelessly.

“You are bringing about your own destruction!” The white clad youth said coldly. He saw the two strands of immortal energy Shi Hao was hiding. Just like Wang Xi, he couldn’t see that Shi Hao had three strands of immortal energy.

Shi Hao shot him a sidelong glance, the corners of his mouth carrying a sneer as he said, “You can’t even beat a girl, still acting so arrogant, just stop showing off in front of me already. Little Xixi, beat his ass, I better see him start crying soon!”

When everyone heard this, they were all stupefied.

Wang Xi had an embarrassed expression on her face, carrying a bit of anger. This fella really was unreasonable, daring to speak randomly even in this type of situation, really getting more and more out of hand.

Just how frivolous was he, speaking like this, humiliating that opponent?

The white clad youth's body flickered, now truly angry. He released powerful killing intent. This fella actually dared to look down on him like this, this was a type of humiliation. Daring to treat a young supreme being with three strands of immortal energy like this, was he tired of living?!

Many people from heavenly deity institution revealed looks of shock, unable to laugh even if they wanted to. Meanwhile, the creatures on the other side were furious. The white clad youth’s divine courage spoke for itself, yet this person dared to provoke him like this.

No one could see through Shi Hao’s hidden strength, all mistaking him for only having a strand or two of immortal energy, feeling both confusion and shock. Was he just looking to die?

“Death caused by own stupidity!” Someone sighed, shaking his heads as he looked at Shi Hao.

Even those on the heavenly deity institution’s side expressed acknowledgement when they heard this. This fella was too reckless! After shooting his mouth like this, he definitely had to pay the price.

“Are you the one acting stupid?” Shi Hao looked towards that person, also cocking his arm.

That person immediately erupted with anger, abandoning his opponent and rushing at him. This was someone who had two strands of immortal energy. He had three heads and six arms, a human body, and alligator tail.

Of the three heads, one was human, one a lion, and one a great Peng. It really was unusual, extremely powerful.

This was a powerful species on the other side, rumored to still have an ancient ancestor living, magical force reaching the heavens. It had an extremely great status on the other side of the world, all of his descendants king races.

“Idiot, come here and accept death!” This creature threw itself over.

It rose into the air, a leg sweeping out, wishing to kick Shi Hao to death with a single blow. At the same time, its six arms all formed imprints, symbols covering everything densely, brilliant like divine rainbows, about to kill Shi Hao.

However, Shi Hao was too fast. He left behind an afterimage in his original location, closing the distance in an instant. He appeared in midair, and then like a Void Beast, grasped heaven and earth, able to move anywhere.


Shi Hao reached out his right arm as fast as lightning, grabbing the ankle that was kicking over horizontally, gripping it rigidly in place like a steel clamp, making this creature feel a piercing pain.

If it was physical strength being compared, how many people were comparable to Shi Hao? The two of them were a whole level apart!

This creature’s six arms brandished about like a thousand hands ancient monk, quickly producing magical imprints to kill Shi Hao.

However, at this moment, Shi Hao’s power erupted, becoming incredibly violent, displaying astonishing power. His entire body surged with endless golden light, and while grabbing this creature’s ankles, he fiercely spun it about. It was as if he was swinging around a scarecrow, smashing it crazily against the floor.

At this moment, forget about this creature, even the surrounding individuals who were currently watching felt their bodies going numb. This kind of crazy thrashing was just too hard to endure. 

Shi Hao carried it, directly smashing it into the ice-cold floor. Smoke and dust immediately rushed into the sky, the ground rupturing, great earth shaking violently.

The reason he was able to do all of this was because of Shi Hao’s extraordinary speed and strength. The aesthetics of violence was displayed to its fullest, using his overwhelming speed to grab the other party, and then using his incomparable divine force, leading to this kind of result.

Meanwhile, during this process, he naturally used precious techniques as well, smashing apart the other party’s bones and other parts.

That was why the creature on the floor immediately became weak, the six hands still in the process of forming imprints when it was smashed into the ground, its faces even more so making intimate contact with the ground.

In that instant, his body deformed.


He couldn’t help but scream, because the pain was difficult to bear.

His situation was as miserable as miserable could get.

This was a small world produced through the cooperation of both the Ten Realms Diagram and the Heaven and Earth Pouch, so the ground was ridiculously tough. The scene was too horrible to endure, his entire body a bloody mess.


Shi Hao released a streak of sword energy, directly removing its head, his actions extremely decisive.

“Anyone else unconvinced? If you want to do something stupid, then come over so you can experience a death caused by your own stupidity.” He said absentmindedly.

He had just carried out such violent actions, yet afterwards, his words were so nonchalant, giving others an extremely strange feeling, momentarily distracted.

“Much more garbage than the Void Beast. Those who don’t listen have the same end, directly chopped up.” Shi Hao said. He looked at everyone and said, “Anyone else wanna be chopped up?”

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