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Chapter 1135 - Master of Time

Sitting on a Void Beast, striking down viciously, how many people since the ancient times could do this?

To be more precise, this was a Void King Beast, one of the most powerful creatures. When it grew up, it might be able to become an immortal!

Even this type of vicious beast was being pressed down by Shi Hao, his fists were surging with the radiance of precious techniques and terrifying divine force as they brandished about, continuously smashing down on it. It was struck until it coughed out large amounts of blood, ears and nose all fracturing, entire body scarlet-red.

The Void Beast roared, full of anger, even more so a type of humiliation and unwillingness. It had never encountered this type of sinister creature from its birth until now.

“Insignificant bug, get away from me!”

It roared, frantically twisting its body about, trying to display precious techniques. However, right now, everything failed, unable to transfer divine force or display divine abilities.

Magical immunity!

This youngster was incredibly mysterious, actually accomplishing this type of feat, making its void secret force completely ineffective, precious techniques unable to form and appear.


The Void Beast roared out, wishing to free itself from Shi Hao. It was being ridden on, bombarded with attacks, the intense pain making everything before its eyes darken. The sounds of bones fracturing was hard for it to endure; this was a type of humiliation.

“Even someone like you can sit on my body? Get off me!”

This vicious beast was going crazy, its entire body rolling about, using secret methods, trying to display divine abilities. However, this only provoked even more terrifying strikes.

“A brute like you, even if you wanted to be my mount, I would pass! I must kill you today! Forget about riding on your body, I have to step on your head too!”

Shi Hao berated. He was truly angry as well, feeling this rage since the start of the battle. His body was flowing with blood, something that rarely happened after his cultivation exceeded his peers.

His left hand pressed down on its head, right hand smashing down, almost snapping its neck. Then, another fist followed, arm cocked back, drawing out an arc, smashing towards its face.

The Void Beast was horrified, frantically moving its head to evade.

However, this fist still landed. Only, it struck down on its eye socket. The bones there immediately ruptured, the corners of its eyes breaking, blood flowing out.

It was extremely miserable. At the very least, the Void Beast had never suffered this type of disaster before. It was simply about to go mad, actually being abused by someone like this.


The next fist smashed down on its chin. In that instant, the Void Beast cried out, mouth full of bloody suds, teeth all broken. Blood flowed out, sharp teeth falling out.

Right now, its mouth was blasted apart, the scene extremely miserable.

It was because not only did Shi Hao use flesh power, he also displayed precious techniques, now using the Kun Peng method. Endless golden light surged, bringing a hundred and eight thousand swords into the skies, these swords releasing metallic sounds.

Its mouth suffered seriously, cut apart. There were even more so some golden divine swords that stabbed into its mouth and body.

Shi Hao was delivering the fatal blow, wishing to fully kill it, not giving it another opportunity.

The Void Beast cried out miserably. These injuries were too serious, the pain difficult to endure


It smashed towards the great earth. In addition, it aimed its back towards the ground, wishing to fall on his back, smash Shi Hao into the earth in that matter and free itself.

It was because it truly couldn’t take it anymore. This person was sitting on its body, tormenting and humiliating it, smashing down endlessly. It was going to reach a critical state soon.

If it was an ordinary person, under the Kun Peng Technique’s bombardment, they would have directly had their body and soul wiped out.

However, the Void Beast really was strong, flesh incomparable. Even though it couldn’t use precious techniques, it could still draw secret force from the void to recover its body.


It smashed into the earth, causing the great earth to crack apart. The great cracks extended for who knew how many li.

However, how could Shi Hao be smashed into the ground? He long jumped out, quickly flipping over, crushing down on its body, pinning it down there.

This time, the Kun Peng Precious Technique was like an exploding golden sun as it struck down on the space between its brows!


That was the sound of the forehead bone fracturing. Its flesh was extremely strong, actually stopping it, not being blasted through. It was just the space between the brows that suffered a bit of damage.


The Void Beast released a great roar, eyes widening. It moved its massive head, frantically resisting.


This was an extremely loud sound. This time, when Shi Hao smashed outwards, he used the greatest power. The eighteen horns collided with the precious techniques and fist radiance. In that instant, a few horns snapped, falling off of its body.

These were serious injuries!

One had to bear in mind that these horns were the source of its power. Normally, how could they be injured? There was void secret force supporting them, making them incredibly sturdy.

However, now, someone broke them. This was like the heavens collapsing and earth caving in, the first time the Void Beast felt such horror.

“My precious techniques lost efficacy, how could you have this type of ability, like a certain Emperor Clan from our world?” The Void Beast was stupefied, muttering out of panic.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was immediately shocked.

“Right, in your world, there were also clans that had similar abilities, but they should have all disappeared from existence, the descendants that remained should all be negligible!” The Void Beast roared, struggling intensely.

Shi Hao was alarmed. He knew that this world had several races that had that type of ability, but he never expected them to only be descendants, let along that there was a race on the other side of the world that possessed this ability, able to become a great Emperor Clan.

“I cannot die! How can I be killed by a trifling race with filthy blood? I am going to live!” The Void Beast was going mad.

After its head suffered a blow, its mental state became a bit flustered as well. At this moment, its will to survive surged, making it go even more mad.

It struggled intensely. Shi Hao suppressed it with all his strength, using the most powerful secret methods to kill it.


Finally, a loud sound rang out. Its forehead bone was blasted through. Divine light surged, about to completely kill it.

However, right at this time, between its brows, there was an ancient dao symbol that shot out from its primordial spirit. It released resplendent light, sending Shi Hao flying.

Moreover, this dao symbol wrapped itself around the Void Beast, immediately moving sideways. Its flesh was quickly recovering.

This was without a doubt a divine symbol that could seize heaven and earth essence, unexpectedly able to reconstruct the flesh. The body was recreated, bringing a dying body back to life.

Shi Hao felt quite bitter. He was already about to kill this Void Beast, yet this fella was actually being saved.

It was clear that this was a dao symbol left behind in its body by a great figure to preserve its life, not hoping for it to die in this realm.

Shi Hao chased after it, not wishing to let it go.

However, this dao symbol was too fast, possessing void force as it moved between heaven and earth.

It if was a normal person, they would have long been thrown off. However, Shi Hao held the Everlasting Immortal Sword in hand, hacking open the void, crossing the void, pursuing it just like that.


A crisp sound rang through the air. The dao symbol shattered, thus turning into scattered ashes.

Meanwhile, at the same time, the Void Beast completely recovered, even the broken horns regenerated, recovering to its peak.

Shi Hao didn’t say a word, only pulling out a crystal with a drop of phoenix true blood sealed within, devouring the precious blood with a single gulp.

This was something he specially left behind, precisely for when he encountered a dangerous situation to help him recover his vitality.

Bloody mist lingered in the air, endless precious light surged; it was as if a phoenix underwent nirvana. Shi Hao’s spiritual essence surged, also recovering in that instant.

The Void Beast’s eyes were cold. It already recovered its calmness, becoming cold and indifferent again.

“A bug like you, making me go through that type of torment, today, I definitely won’t let you die easily!” The Void Beast spoke with an awe-inspiring voice.

“Already lost, yet still dare to boast?” Shi Hao mocked.

“Nothing more than a bit of carelessness, being caught by surprise. However, I know that the Magical Force Immunity cannot be continuously used. Now, you can’t display it anymore, and I am on guard. What else can you do against me?!” The Void Beast spoke in a cold and deep voice. It walked forward, killing energy overflowing into the heavens.

What followed was, without a doubt, another great decisive battle!

Six Dao Reincarnations and Nine Revolutions Heavenly Arts were displayed to their peak, fighting until the sun and moon seemed to dim, the sky losing color. Primal chaos surged.

Blood continuously scattered down. They were entirely scarlet-red, bodies in tatters, the battle between the two reaching a climax. Both of them suffered unimaginably serious injuries.

What followed, was another struggle.

The Void Beast roared, “Lower life forms like you with impure blood flowing through your body, your ancestors have already been defeated, let alone someone like you! Just accept death!”

It used the most powerful methods. Its divine ability appeared. Hualala sounds sounded between heaven and earth. In that instant, eight enormous chains appeared, charging at Shi Hao.

Even if he evaded, he still couldn’t struggle free. They still shot at him.


The eight enormous chains came from different directions, winding about like dragons and dripping with blood. They were incredibly sinister in appearance, in the end all locking down Shi Hao, imprisoning him in the void.

“Haha…” The Void Beast laughed loudly, incredibly fierce. It opened its bloody mouth and said, “Our clan grasps space, no one can break free from the shackles of the void! With eight shackles applied to your body, this is a restriction of heaven and earth to issue a judgment! How will you struggle free?!”


It didn’t waste any time. Out of fear that something unexpected would happen, it opened its mouth, releasing a spatial blade to kill Shi Hao.

“Evil creature, do you think you can kill me? It’ll be the Kun Peng’s Yin Yang Reversal that will kill you!” Shi Hao said, his body shining.

However, he frowned, quickly changing his mind and saying, “The Yin Yang Reversal still hasn’t reached its greatest potential. I’ll just use my own precious technique to kill you, also an innate divine ability. It will similarly suppress you, let you fully experience defeat!”

“Fool, you think there’s time for you to speak?” The Void Beast said coldly.

However, immediately afterwards, it was shocked, because the other party really did have time. Fragments of time flew about, the power of time moving about, everything immediately becoming different.

Shi Hao used the second method he obtained from a supreme being bone -- Reincarnation. Right now, he was using the power of time!

“Using the divine laws of time to break my laws of space?!” The Void Beast cried out, its eyes revealing panic.

The power their race feared the most was time, or else the spatial precious technique could be considered unmatched. However, whenever it suffered the corrosion of time, then there might be a great defeat.


The Void Beast shouted, feeling itself become older, its body’s blood essence drying up, becoming incredibly weak.

The power of time was without form. When it was used on its body, it immediately seemed to have aged ten thousand years. Its body jerked about, finding it difficult to stand.


The Void Beast collapsed, smashing into the great earth.


At the same time, Shi Hao broke the eight enormous chains, instantly struggling free. He turned into a golden war god, trampling down on the Void Beast.

“The life saving dao symbol has been used up, what else do you have left?!”


Shi Hao’s foot trampled down, bloody light splashing outwards.

The Void Beast who had time stripped away from it screamed miserably. Half its body was trampled into a bloody mess.

“Evil creature, hand over your life!”

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