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Chapter 1134 - Bloody Struggle

Six Dao Reincarnations, this ancient heavenly art reappeared!

“Die!” Shi Hao roared. His head of black hair flew about as if they reached three thousand zhang in length. Powerful winds stirred about as he erupted with fury. His hands formed imprints, and then it was as if six great magical figures appeared, blasting at the Void Beast.

This attack landed on the Void Beast’s head. The results were naturally terrifying behind end, this place completely erupting!

If not for the Void Beast controlling heaven and earth, it would have undoubtedly died. The eighteen horns on its head displayed great power, refining the void, evolving the heaven and earth, refining everything into nothingness.

This was its body’s innate divine ability, body and void merging together to avoid death. However, despite this being the case, it was still shaken up until blood flowed out from the corners of its mouth.

This really was a world shocking strike, a the very least, few people in this generation could release this type of killing method. The current Shi Hao gave off a feeling of domination and power!

Even though the Void Beast was powerful, it still suffered when there was only this amount of distance between the two. Its entire body swayed back and forth, falling out from the void.

“Soul Smashing Void!”

“Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art!”

It shouted. Even though it suffered greatly, almost dying, entire head covered in cracks, it still didn’t stop it from launching a vicious counterattack, continuously firing two great methods.

A great void crack hacked down first, cutting apart the skies, forcibly tearing Shi Hao apart. This was an unmatched method that used the void’s secret force, its innate divine ability.

Then, the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art made heaven and earth undergo nine revolutions, erasing all, wiping out all living things. This was a type of fatal blow!

Shi Hao naturally suffered from the attacks, his entire body greatly shaken. Even though his defensive power was astonishing, also using the single heavenly passage, the dictator within this domain, he still suffered serious injuries! At the same time, he was also using other methods to coordinate with the Six Dao Reincarnations. Six black holes devoured all, wrapping around heaven and earth, absorbing and sending out the void secret force.

After this great collision, both the man and beast coughed out blood, both of them suffering serious damage.

It had to be said that the Void Beast’s skin was rough, flesh thick, defensive power astonishing. Otherwise, how could it compare to Shi Hao’s physical body? It definitely wouldn’t be able to endure the force.

This type of ancient beast was born in the void, a creation of the void secret force. That was why it had all types of mystical abilities, attacking it felt as if you were striking nothing.

Even if it was truly struck, it was difficult to damage its powerful body’s source.

Apart from Shi Hao and a few others, there weren’t really many young experts in this world who could break through these defenses. This beast was exceptionally frightening.

The moment they separated, Shi Hao forcefully gathered magical force, his feet stamping down, wishing to trample that massive head apart, the killing blow.

However, for the Void Beast, this situation wasn’t irreversible. In that instant, the flesh turned into nothingness, becoming froth and shadows. It managed to evade this attack.

This was a type of humiliation for the Void Beast, because it was running away. Even though it was only temporarily avoiding this strike, it still left it unsatisfied.

It had previously said that it was going to kill this little bug, grasp the secrets on his body, yet was injured by this little bug.

It could feel like there were eighteen cracks on its skull, blood flowing out from them, almost injuring its primordial spirit.

This was still the result after it used the void secret force to avoid this attack!

At the same time, it was also the result of its eighteen horns taking the damage in its place. Otherwise, the damage would be even greater.

“Six Dao Reincarnations!” As soon as they separated, Shi Hao already displayed this type of ancient heavenly art again,because its power was exceptional, truly quite useful, able to quickly suppress opponents.

The Void Beast was left without a choice, also displaying the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art.

Right at this moment, both of them erupted, their bodies igniting with raging flames, as if they were going to burn down the nine great heavens!

This area was turned into a place of disaster!

Fortunately, there was no one else here, or else they would all be burned into dust. The great peaks of this mountain range completely vanished, magma surging out from the earth.

Meanwhile, the nearby great rivers even more so turned into a streak of white mist, directly moving towards the source, and then completely evaporating!

There were some great lakes, each larger than the last, yet all of them turned into mists, immediately evaporating, leaving behind vast depressions in the earth.

This was a great, world-shaking battle. Everything at the ends of the mountain range no longer existed, completely flattened. They were all crushed, turning into smoke and dust.

The man and beast fought until they went berserk. One had black hair flying everywhere, body covered in blood, the other with scales fallen off, the horns on its head all cracking.

They shouted loudly, roaring, bodies tangling together. Ancient heavenly arts were displayed one after another, destroying heaven and earth.

The two creatures fought until they went crazy, eyes completely bloodshot, minds going mad.

This was a battle of life and death. No one was willing to stop, nor could they stop.

This was an unimaginably great decisive battle!

“Great dao flower, if I cultivated a third one, then it would have been great!” At this moment, Shi Hao finally understood the significance of the great dao flower formed from immortal energy.

It was pointless to say anything now. Fortunately, he wasn’t an ordinary person, his build extremely strong, recovery power astonishing, harmonizing with heaven and earth, currently taking in spiritual essence.

At the same time, on the first great dao flower he cultivated, the indistinct little figure seemed to have finally displayed a bit of use, frightening the Void Beast a bit.

This made the heavenly deity level Void King Beast feel great apprehension, thus a bit uncomfortable when fighting.

It was a bit frustrated, but also felt some fear, frowning as if it recalled some legend, yet couldn’t really pinpoint what exactly it was.

As a result, its attacks weren’t as thorough, not able to decide the situation, carrying some hesitation. This caused it to suffer quite a few trades.

“Kill!” Shi Hao shouted loudly.

He attacked the Void Beast relentlessly. Regardless of whether it was the Six Dao Reincarnations or the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art, they both clashed several times, colliding together. This was the most terrifying confrontation.

However, this was also a decisive battle that exhausted the greatest amount of divine force. As a result, they were both on the verge of being completely exhausted!

Six Dao Reincarnations’ power was exceptional, indeed terrifying, but the consumption was astonishing as well. Shi Hao could display it once, twice, three times without any issues, but from the fourth and fifth time onwards, he would feel fatigued. If he continued to use it afterwards, then that would start to take a toll on him.

By now, the number of times he displayed it already exceeded nine. This number already represented a certain limit in this world.

That was why even if he wasn’t facing a strong enemy, he would still be close to falling apart himself. 

The Void Beast was facing a similar problem. It breathed in and out, blood flowing out from its mouth and nose. The bones in its body released gezhi gezhi sounds, as if it might break apart at any time.

Shi Hao forcefully endured it, because he often broke through his limit. Nine wasn’t his absolute limit, he was going for ten, just like after he made ten heavenly passages, he went a step further and merged them back to one.

Meanwhile, the Void Beast was using its own Heavenly Deity Realm cultivation to face Shi Hao!


Finally, after another clash, both parties were left in dejected states, unable to display Six Dao Reincarnations or Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art any further.

“So you can’t display that ancient heavenly art anymore huh.” The Void Beast breathed in and out heavily, sweat and blood covering it, its body couldn’t help but spasm about.

It really was too exhausted, too weary, a bit unable to continue. Its eyes carried cold radiance, saying, “Ever heard of one speck becoming a continent, a stalk of grass hacking down the sun, moon, and stars? Any precious technique, when cultivated to its peak, can transcend the world, all unmatched methods, not weaker than heavenly arts. Now that you can’t display the ancient heavenly art, it’s my turn to take action, let you bear witness to methods that destroy all techniques!”

The Void Beast roared. It was truly angered badly. The injuries it suffered this time were too great, the bones in its body broken.

Its eyes carried a vicious look as it began to display might, no longer using heavenly arts, attacking Shi Hao only with precious techniques.


When it opened its mouth, endless sword energy swept out, as if a volcano erupted, incredibly massive. They bombarded Shi Hao, the sword energy all formed from void secret force.

“What you said is correct. Ever since I obtained the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, I’ve lost my way. However, I still haven’t forgotten the precious techniques I am proficient in, each cultivated to their extreme, all lacking the final step!” Shi Hao shouted.

He moved about, body fast to the extreme. A pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind him, brandishing powerful winds, a terrifying aura pervading the air.

He used the pair of Kun Peng wings, sending out Yin Yang force, refining the divine swords in the void, shattering all of the terrifying beams of light.

At the same time, he dove down, using the ultimate Kun Peng method to attack the Void Beast.

“World Furnace -- seal the body!”

The Void Beast roared. It immediately locked down the void to imprison Shi Hao.

One could see a massive furnace appear, formed from the void secret force, sealing and imprisoning Shi Hao within.

“World Furnace -- refine!”

Then, it released another great shout. That furnace shone, using the void secret force as flames to burn Shi Hao, wishing to burn him to ashes.

It had to be said that the Void Beast’s methods were heaven-reaching. This type of secret technique was not something ordinary people could resist at all.

One had to bear in mind that the furnace was formed after acquiring heaven and earth essence, able to refine all things. The entire void was its furnace body, so who could avoid it?

Only Shi Hao, someone who previously used the void as a furnace, using all dao as flames to forge himself and cultivate immortal energy experienced a similar type of torment.

Back then, it was nine deaths one life, almost being extinguished, body and soul erased. However, he made it through in the end.

That was why he now had a powerful resistance against this. After being sealed up within, he recalled his experiences in the past. He released a roar, three strands of immortal energy tangling together to form a great dao flower.


His entire being ignited, just like when he broke through the limit in the past and cultivated immortal energy, destroying the void furnace. His entire body released endless light, rushing out.

The Void Beast was stunned. Just how heaven-defying of an existence was this? He was just a youth, yet he broke through its great divine ability in such a straightforward and domineering way!

The heaven and earth furnace directly exploded. The void secret force ravaged about, engulfing heaven and earth, simply unimaginable!


Shi Hao released a great roar. Even though his entire body was covered in blood, there was still a type of fragrance. In his surroundings, golden lotuses bloomed. The method he displayed harmonized with heaven and earth, his entire being surging.

He became as tall as a mountain, the same size as that Void Beast, and then rushed over, mouth shouting, “Destroy all methods!”

He had previously devoured the Golden Bodhi Fruit, and later on, he cultivated bitterly to grasp a type of special ability, the Magical Force Immunity, able to temporarily make precious techniques lose their effects.


The Void Beast’s skull surged with blood. The secret methods it displayed became useless.

Then, it felt a type of pain. That massive fist smashed over like a small mountain, striking down on its skull.


Its scales fell off, blood flowing in long streams.

“Evil creature, accept death!”

Shi Hao roared, rising on its body. A hand grabbed a horn on its head, forcibly pressing down. His other hand shone, fiercely striking outwards!

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