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Chapter 1136 - Chopped Up

There wasn’t anything unexpected that happened this time. Half of the Void Beast’s body was even trampled to tatters, so it naturally lost most of its powerful fighting strength.

Moreover, at this time, the deteriorated state of its body still hadn’t recovered, still incredibly weak, dropping to its declining years. The scales were loose, the horns dull and without light.

At this time, forget about Shi Hao, even if it was someone with only one strand of immortal energy, it would be enough to end its life.

However, the Void Beast wasn’t an ordinary creature. Even though it already fell to this type of state, it still retaliated, feeling unsatisfied. It was precisely because normally, it was high and above other creatures, so it didn’t want to lose now, not wishing to die.

“Oh, who was the one that said this? Our blood is filthy, your blood is noble and high above, so why are you being trampled under my foot?” Shi Hao mocked.

“You lowly bug, what does a momentary victory represent? When my world’s army truly comes, not even ten thousand of you would be enough to kill, all dirty soil!”

Even though the Void Beast was being trampled under someone’s feet, it was still arrogant and unyielding, still feeling like it was innately superior, having trouble accepting that the people of this realm could injure him.


Towards this Void Beast who was still acting so arrogant even while being suppressed, Shi Hao only sent his foot stamping down, crushing its mouth. Blood immediately splashed outwards.

It splashed in all directions, teeth flying out. That area was turned into a bloody mush.

This scene was as bit pitiful. When had the Void Beast ever been wronged like this? Being trampled on and beaten, half its body even blasted rotten.

Its eyes released a vicious light. It had a feeling that it likely wouldn’t be able to escape this, and as such, it stared at Shi Hao with hatred. At the same time, there was a type of fear, his mind feeling some contradiction.

“Just speak, tell me what’s going on with your world, tell me everything you know, and then I’ll leave you with your life and use you as my mount.” Shi Hao said.

He really wanted to know what kind of ancient world it was on the other side, what kind of creatures there were exactly, why they were so powerful, crushing this realm until they couldn’t even breathe.

He wanted to know if the cultivation system on the other side was similar to this side’s, just how great it was.

“You can forget about obtaining anything from me. Even someone like you wants to take me as a mount? Keep dreaming!” The Void Beast said. 

Shi Hao didn’t say another word, raising his leg again, stamping down. A large half of that tattered mouth directly vanished. It could now only transmit sound through its divine will.

Then, Shi Hao cut open its forehead with a single slash, delivering life and death danger to its primordial spirit, saying, “Taking you as a mount wouldn’t leave me at ease either. I believe that there are still other Void Beasts in that world of yourse, so it’s not a big deal even if I catch one later on. Right now, if you want to live, then start explaining.”

The Void Beast was furious, and at the same time, it felt even more fear, not knowing what to do.

At this time, the power of time disappeared, so its body was already gradually recovering from its aged state. However, how could this Void Beast who had already lost half its body resist?

“I won’t tell you…” It encouraged itself, wishing to make its own will even more resolute.


Right at this time, Shi Hao suddenly took action. A sword hacked into its primordial spirit, preventing it from recovering to its peak from its withered state, injuring its primordial spirit.

Moreover, Shi Hao released a vicious attack, quickly taking action, locking down its divine consciousness. He wanted to forcefully observe the primordial spirit and explore everything.

“You… wouldn’t get your way!” The Void Beast roared. It became anxious and angry. One’s primordial spirit imprint was their fundamental being, if it was inspected by another, it would mean that there would no longer be any secrets to speak of.

Its primordial spirit began to burn, about to explode.

Shi Hao laughed coldly, forcefully suppressing him, preventing it from detonating itself.

However, right at this moment, his body went ice-cold, feeling a wave of chilliness. A sword brandished out, removing its head, and then he quickly withdrew. 

It was because inside the primordial spirit was a wave of destructive power. There were mysterious symbols that lit up, about to make it collapse.

The Void Beast cried out, “No!”

This was the clan’s restrictions to prevent their race’s most powerful precious technique from leaking out. There were symbols applied to all of their important disciples, so once one explored their primordial spirit, they would explode.

The Void Beast was unwilling to accept this. It cried out crazily, igniting its blood essence to stop this. At this moment, it was truly incomparably frightened.

In the end, that symbol actually died out, not truly exploding.

“Wu, your life really is quite persistent. Feel like talking now? Tell me the things I want to know.” Shi Hao said. Since it was terrified, it meant that it feared death, so perhaps he might be able to obtain some secrets.

“Forget it!”

The Void Beast was unexpectedly still extremely decisive, refusing once again.

“Then there’s nothing left to say. I’ll chop you up bit by bit and eat you!” Shi Hao said. He produced a huge cauldron, poured divine springwater inside, preparing to cook it.

“Motherfucking…” The Void Beast was a bit flustered, continuously cursing. It had never met an enemy like this before.

It was a Void Beast, the highest level creature with a powerful bloodline. When had it ever fallen to becoming food? This was the first time something like this had happened since the world first formed!

It would rather immediately die and burn to ashes than be cooked by another now!

“You dare?!” It roared angrily.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Shi Hao was completely composed. He brandished the Everlasting Immortal Sword, and then with a pu sound, he removed a large chunk of flesh from its body that was over ten zhang tall.

When this piece of flesh was removed, it was washed, and then directly thrown into the cauldron.

Everything before the Void Beast’s eyes went dark, almost dying from anger right there and then. This was too humiliating! Not only was its body in tatters, its mind was in even greater intense pain. It had never suffered like this before.


The Void Beast couldn’t tolerate this. A special sphere of light rushed out from his head, entering its body.

Its head had already been cut off, losing connection with it sbody, but now, the bones in its limbs shone, and then they ignited, starting to burn.

This type of fluctuation was too terrifying. It tore through the heavens, making the void collapse!

It was because this was a Void Beast, so it was quite normal for this type of irregular scene to appear. Shi Hao didn’t think too much, believing that it was trying to self destruct, so he backed up.

However, as time went on, he felt that something wasn’t quite right.

That enormous body was burned to ashes, all of its vital energy going up in a blast of light, entering that head. Then, lightning tribulation crashed down, the void rumbling.


Shi Hao was extremely shocked. This vicious beast was too sinister. Things already developed to this level, don’t tell me it was still going to defy the heavens?

Its head obtained nourishment, absorbing the void secret force from all directions, wrapping itself within. A small Void Beast appeared in its skull, golden and brilliant, about to reappear.


Heaven and earth erupted, even more frightening void secret force moving about, powerful to an unimaginable level.

Even though there was quite some distance between them, the others also sensed it.

An enormous Void Beast projection appeared in the heavens, overlooking the great earth. This was a type of irregular phenomenon, the might incomparable.

“Heavens, that’s a Void King Beast! Is it undergoing rebirth?!”

In the distance, a cry of alarm sounded. The ones who cried out weren’t people from heavenly deity institution, but rather someone who came from the other side.

These people came from the other world, understanding more. They had previously heard that the Void Beast’s rebirth scene would display the ancient ancestor’s void projection to assist in the later generations’ condensation of void force.

Apart from this, there were all different types of irregular scenes.

Auspicious light was released in thousands of streaks, divine splendor tens of thousands. It really was a rebirth that was happening.

“Not good, once the Void Beast undergoes rebirth, it’ll become even stronger!” Heavenly deity institution’s people finally realized something, their expressions becoming grave.

At the limits of the mountain range, Shi Hao was also a bit surprised when he saw this scene. The ancient ancestor’s Void Beast figure was too massive. It was just a blurry figure, but it already made other feel as if they were suffocating.

“You really are getting carried away by your wishful thinking!” Shi Hao sneered. He no longer felt any misgivings, rushing over with extreme speed, the Everlasting Immortal Sword hacking down.

“En?” He was shocked. He was unexpectedly stopped by the void force.


Suddenly, in the great dao flower above his head, that indistinct figure opened its eyes, staring forward.

The Void Beast who was currently undergoing rebirth immediately trembled. Then, that place collapsed, the void secret force and ancient ancestor disappeared.

“This thing is…” It stared at the seated figure in Shi Hao’ great dao flower, revealing a look of alarm.

The rebirth failed!

The void around it collapsed. It was clear that it couldn’t continue living, starting to break apart.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was even more decisive, a sword hacking out to prevent it from self-destructing or anything unexpected from happening.


A sword pierced out. Its head and primordial spirit were cleaved in half, and then exploded, body and soul completely erased.

Shi Hao searched around this place, carefully putting the cauldron away. He felt extremely heartbroken, saying, “If I knew, I would have directly stored away the entire body.”

There was only a ten zhang sized piece of flesh in the cauldron, which wasn’t that small of an amount. However, compared to the entire Void Beast, it was still quite lacking.

“This is Void Beast divine meat, sigh! Better than nothing I guess, still have something to eat.” He didn’t cook it here, putting it all away, and then returned to that battlefield.

Right now, everyone was fighting, all of them tearing at each other. The ground was covered in blood, corpses laying everywhere, a huge battle being carried out.

“Where did you go? Did you see the Void Beast’s rebirth?” Wang Xi was currently facing an enemy, the two evenly matched. When she saw Shi Hao, she asked this.

“Saw it, but was chopped up by me.” Shi Hao replied in a manner that wasn’t too fast or slow, his figure rather strange and sinister looking as he stood in the battlefield.

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