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Chapter 1133 - Six Dao Versus Nine Revolutions

Hou… The void beast’s enormous black body was heavy like a mountain. It raised its head, releasing a great roar. A large amount of light blades shout out from its mouth, these all spatial blades that hacked apart heaven and earth.

Moreover this power was ever-present, everywhere, surrounding Shi Hao.


The only thing Shi Hao could do was open his single heavenly passage, form an absolute domain to stop these spatial laws. In addition, his entire body turned into a comet-like streak of light, smashing forward.

An enormous collision sounded. He slaughtered his way over from high up in the sky, his fist smashing towards the Void Beast’s skull. As a result, the fist collided with the horn, feeling as if he was striking steel. The noise resounded through the mountain range.

The two great experts’ intense battle reached its climax. Heavenly winds swept about, lightning flashing and thunder rumbling. All types of divine abilities could be seen, making this mountain range shake continuously.

Shi Hao’s fists formed imprints, displaying the Lightning Emperor’s technique, making lightning hack down viciously from the nine heavens above.

This was definitely a wonderful technique for dealing with spatial divine laws. The lightning was ever present, moreover incredibly berserk, the destructive power astonishing.

The Void Beast roared, eyes becoming cold. Right now, all eighteen horns on its head began to shine, connecting heaven and earth, as if it could accomplish anything!


The void exploded, the energy storm turning into ocean waves, moving against the gravity upwards to face the endless lightning.

When the two clashed, it was as if great stars exploded one after another. The scenes in the heavens above were astonishing, colors brilliant. Deafening thunder rumbled.

This type of power was too great, leaving everyone in complete shock.

Even Shi Hao was dumbstruck. This void beast was too strong! It was facing him head-on, not retreating, using the void sea to face his lightning sea!


The heavens exploded, and then the man and beast separated. They staggered about, Shi Hao’s hair completely disheveled.

They separated, and then faced each other from the distance. They both felt a bit shocked at the other party’s strength. 

This place immediately became quiet. Just now, the series of exchanges just now looked astonishing, the intense battle unceasing, but in reality, it all happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint. Time seemed to have stopped.

Everyone nearby was stupefied. This was too shocking!

A young supreme being with three strands of immortal energy fighting against a legendary Void King Beast, this was definitely a world-shaking battle. They were all stirred up, wishing to tell the others.

“A group of trash, irritating!” The Void Beast suddenly spoke, and then disappeared from its original location.


On a distant mountain peak, a youngster cried out miserably. His neck was hacked open by a sharp claw, a string of blood rushing high into the air.

His heroic spirit was imposing, strength exceptional, but at this moment, his head fell off, face carrying despair and unwillingness. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to continue living.

As expected, the space between his brows was cut open by a blade of light, primordial spirit scattering, thus ending his life. 

This was definitely a genius. He cultivated a strand of immortal energy, able to dominate a region, yet now, he could only die in vain, unable to retaliate in the slightest.

The main reason was because the Void King Beast was too strong. He controlled space, ever-present, a bit difficult to deal with even for Shi Hao, let alone him.

“Bastard, you’re courting death!”

Shi Hao berated. He already rushed over, but was still a step too late, only able to watch as that talented youngster fell, unable to save him.

“These creatures with inferior bloodlines don’t have the qualifications to see me take action.” The Void King Beast said coldly.

In the distance, even the cultivators who came from the other side felt their scalps go numb. This ‘great figure’ really had terrifying cultivation.

Most of them believed that this great figure was most likely doing this to anger that opponent it was facing, doing this on purpose.

There were also some who had a feeling that this great figure might have done this because it wasn’t able to immediately suppress its opponent, and didn’t want others to see this, and that was why it unleashed a great massacre.


The Void Beast disappeared. Not far out, a youth began to split apart from the space between his brows, the crack extended down to his legs, and then this entire person split in half, even the primordial spirit like this.

He was directly cleaved in half by a great void crack, dying a violent death!

Shi Hao’s eyes stared furiously, flames burning within them. This vicious beast was actually this ruthless, unleashing a slaughter in front of him.


He also moved, rushing towards those from his own side, wishing to bring them away to prevent them from suffering harm.

Those people were running themselves as well, rushing out from the mountain range.

However, this heaven and earth immediately became different, actually being locked down, the space controlled. Those people couldn’t move, some still mid-flight, yet frozen just like that.


Bloody light flickered about one after another. The Void Beast killed four more people!

Even Shi Hao’s figure was restricted. He tried to forcefully break free through magical force, support this space and slaughter his way out.

“All trash as expected, six of them killed, yet half of them didn’t even cultivate immortal energy, even people like these are worthy of entering the battlefield? Truly is getting worse with every generation. This decrepit world of yours is becoming more and more disappointing, completely declining.” The Void Beast shook its head.

Blood dripped out from its large claws, bright red and alarming. It was extremely calm as it spoke these words, not attaching any importance to those who died.

“Void King Beast!”

In the heavens, the last person roared out like this, carrying unwillingness. Then, his body broke apart, turning into a rain of blood.

It was because just now, there were many spatial blades that hacked down on him.

“What?!” In the distant battlefield, everyone heard his roaring voice, seeing him turn into a rain of blood high up in the skies, all of them shaken up.

At this moment, everyone finally knew what kind of expert had arrived. The people by the mountain range were definitely completely wiped out. Who could stop a Void Beast King?

It was because the young supreme beings on this side were all facing enemies, unable to go over and provide assistance.

“Great one really is powerful!” The creatures of the other side cried out cheers of praise for this Void King Beast in that mountain range.

Shi Hao was seething in anger. This was the first time someone dared to kill so unbridledly in front of him. He rushed forward, changing his target.


With just the first strike, a willow branch shot out, piercing someone between the brows, body fished into the air, and then directly exploding.

“If you want to copy me, it’s not that easy.”

The Void Beast sneered. It wanted to stop, lock down the void and stop Shi Hao.

However, Shi Hao surged with killing intent. At this moment three strands of immortal energy surged. In addition, he put on the Lightning Emperor Battle Armor, Everlasting Immortal Sword in hand; this meant that he was truly angry.


When the sword core appeared in his hands, a hundred and eight thousand golden divine feathers appeared again, shooting in all directions. Even if the Void Beast grasped divine spatial laws, there was no way it could completely stop everything.

Meanwhile, this was a strike from a young supreme being who cultivated great dao flowers, its greatness unstoppable.


The Void Beast shouted loudly, taking action with full force.

However, the golden feathers didn’t completely break, continuing to shoot at enemies in all directions!

The creatures who came from the other side of the world all cried out miserably, eyes widened as they collapsed into pools of blood.

“You dare kill my servants?!” The Void Beast released a low roar. There were some among those who fell who served directly under it as servants.

“Is that so? Then I’ll be able to rest a bit easier now.” Shi Hao said. He didn’t want to unleash slaughter like this, because he just felt like these creatures were of the same source as those from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. However, just now, he was just too angry, truly unable to hold himself back.

“Those insects with filthy blood flowing through them are all eliminated, no more unsightly things now, so I can properly deal with you.” The Void Beast licked his lips, eyes deep and profound as he walked forward.

Rumbling sounds ran out all around them. Collapsed peaks were restored, mountain ranges restored. It was because this was a small world created from both the Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch. 

“To prevent more insects from interfering, we’ll fight in a different place.”

The Void Beast King spoke, and then its entire body erupted with radiance, surrounding this heaven and earth, bringing Shi Hao with it away from this place, arriving at the limits of the mountain range.

Shi Hao’s face was sunken. He didn’t resist, following it here. A great wave of killing intent surged within him.

“Wu, you’ve actually visited our world before, definitely have some secrets on you. Now that we are far from the battlefield, all of the opportunities and secrets you carry on you belong to me.”

The Void Beast said to itself, extremely confident. Its eyes burned with radiance as he stared at Shi Hao.

This was the reason why it seeked out Shi Hao, wishing to obtain his secrets for itself.

Shi Hao naturally knew that the border of the world it spoke of was definitely the black Undying Mountain. His eyes were cold as he said, “You seem to be quite confident. Do you really think you can capture me? There has never been anyone in my generation who has dared look down on me!”

After saying this, Shi Hao’s voice became rough, anger fully consuming him. He had to get revenge for those who died, eliminate this vicious creature.

“Six… Dao… Reincarnations!”

Shi Hao shouted, pausing between each word. His body’s vital energy surged rapidly. Even though he was only a person’s height, much shorter than the mountainous Void King Beast, that type of imposingness was still too high to reach.

Right now, his divine force surged, raising his dao skills to the extreme, releasing an extreme attack!

Six Dao Reincarnations, six types of magical imprints were completed at this moment, merging together. With a hong sound, a heaven shocking strike erupted!

“Actually this type of ancient heavenly art!”

The Void Beast was shocked. It released a roar, and then the void skin on its body shone, the eighteen horns on its head even more so shaking, erupting with endless divine radiance.

“Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art!” It shouted.


Immediately afterwards, incomparable divine force fluctuations rippled outwards from the two, engulfing this entire mountain region. The waves tore through everything they passed through, all things breaking.

The Void Beast truly never expected Shi Hao to grasp a matchless heavenly art like Six Dao Reincarnations. In the last great era, this heavenly art had inflicted quite the damage on people of its side, many powerful beings dying from this method.

Now, this ancient heavenly art appeared again, making its expression turn grave, not daring to show the slightest bit of carelessness.

As a result, it began to attack with everything it had, releasing its full power, using an ancient method to stop the Six Dao Reincarnations, clashing against Shi Hao at full force!

In the following great collisions, six black holes appeared, devouring the void, suppressing its divine abilities, refining all. Six dao operated, nothing it couldn’t break through!

However, when the Six Revolutions Heavenly Art appeared, it still managed to free itself from the dangerous situation. This was also an ancient method that had previously shocked an entire great era, its divine might unrivaled.

It was as if a great annihilation happened here, chaotic mist surging.


After this final strike, the two individuals’ bodies finally appeared again, blood flowing from the corners of both their mouths, bodies staggering about.

However, Shi Hao’s eyes shone. He was still moving, moreover extremely quickly, immediately pressing forward.


This fist directly smashed down on the Void Beast’s skull, incomparably vicious.


The Void Beast roared, entire body shining. However, there was still a muffled sound that rang out between the two. The fist containing Shi Hao’s ultimate power was too vicious. With the distance between the two so close, the scales on its head were shattered, blood flowing in a long stream.

Of course, void blades also hacked down on Shi Hao’s body at the same time, leaving bloody wounds on his body. Blood flowed out from the areas of the Lightning Emperor Battle Armor that were already damaged.


Shi Hao’s legs stamped down on that massive head, his feet seemed to carry endless strength, about to trample it to death.


The Void Beast King roared. The eighteen horns on its head shone, turning into eighteen streaks of light, trapping Shi Hao within, wishing to refine him with void power.

“Evil creature, accept death!” Shi Hao roared. His hands formed an imprint, activating his ancient heavenly art again.

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