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Chapter 1132 - Void King Beast

When this palm was released, the void was like colored glass, shattering with a pa sound. Dark cracks extended in all directions, surging with endless killing energy, moreover revealing a creature’s true body.

Shi Hao took action again. Beams of light rushed out from his fingers, making this place collapse!

This was also precisely the reason why nothing could hide anymore. Only, he never expected the creature he forced out to be this giant and sinister.

This was a vicious beast with a rhinoceros body, vicious beast head, eighteen horns resting on his head, vicious and powerful. It was several hundred zhang tall, like a small mountain, exceptionally bold and powerful.

It had six legs, each of them thick like a giant pillar. Its legs were covered in Qilin scales, different from the thick skin of a rhinoceros. There was a crocodile tail behind it as well, bright red and shining.

At the same time, Shi Hao discovered with shock that he was already no longer in that battlefield. With that fist he released, he followed that strange beast into a lush and primitive mountain forest.

“Void Beast!”

Shi Hao was shocked. This was a Void Beast, extremely similar to the one recorded in ancient texts.

A living Void Beast!

This was a creature recorded in ancient texts, pretty much impossible to find in reality. He didn’t expect to see a true Void Beast here today!

When Shi Hao was in the eight regions, he had previously seen a damaged void beast skin, and then when he came to the three thousand provinces, he didn’t see any living creatures, only rare bone weapons.

It was rumored that this type of creature had pretty much all became extinct, extremely rare even back in the ancient times, numbers few.

In the nearby mountain forest, there were a few figures fighting intensely as well, not that many. They also saw this scene, revealing a look of shock.

Even the cultivators on the other side felt shocked when they saw this type of strange beast on their own side, never expecting that this was the creature that was concealing itself.

“So it turned out to be like this, I was wondering why this type of creature was so rare and precious, turns out it’s a species from the other side!” Shi Hao suddenly realized.

“Fool, those Void Beasts that fell in this dilapidated ancient realm can only be considered beasts, long becoming inferior after their bloodlines became combined with your realm’s lowly bloodlines. How can it compare to my king bloodline?” This creature said coldly, incredibly arrogant, feeling a type of humiliation towards the creatures of this realm, displaying undisguised contempt.

These words left heavenly deity institution’s students furious. He was looking down on them too much. Did they really believe they were the only one high up above?

However, this was indeed shocking. The Void Beast was one of the rarest divine beasts, controlling space. The precious technique they grasped was known to potentially reach immortal dao.

This type of irregular beast in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were actually impure ‘descendents’ from its bloodline, not part of the true Void King Race. This really was a bit shocking!

Needless to say, this true Void King was a malevolent vicious beast from the other side, definitely incomparably powerful.

Towards its sarcastic comments, Shi Hao only had a single response, and that was -- to kill it!

It was pointless to say anything else right now. He might as well just defeat it, trample on it beneath his feet. This was more powerful than any words!

When his fingers moved together, the surrounding void distorted. His fingers were spotlessly white like jade. He fiercely brandished his arm, striking forward.


The power of this fist was world shocking, few people able to resist it. It collapsed the heavens and shattered the earth!

A honglong sounded, all sides trembling.

However, this was as far as it went. Even though Shi Hao’s fist was incomparably vicious, blasting through this place, he only struck empty air!

The vicious beast vanished from its original location, completely silent like a shadow, vanishing in an instant.

It was extremely massive, several hundred zhang tall like a mountain. However, its movements were just too nimble. Its figure disappeared with a flash.

Divine light surged around Shi Hao’s fist like a raging flame, rising upwards. Enormous divine force waves even more so surged behind him, rushing into the clouds.

The power of his fist was undoubtedly astonishing, its might able to suppress a region, yet he couldn’t hit his opponent, not displaying any results.

“Our bloodline are the kings of all things, transcending above, grasping heaven and earth, even the heavens unable to disgrace us. Even with you inferior bloodline, you dare try to injure me, let alone kill me?”

The void beast spoke, voice indifferent, carrying a type of contempt attitude, as if didn’t treat anything in this world with significance.

“King my ass, things like you are best suited as mounts!” Shi Hao said.

He took action again. Divine feathers appeared one after another at his sides, every one of them golden, a total of a hundred and eight thousand of them. They burned there, releasing resplendent golden light.

In the distance, in that barren battlefield, everyone became shocked. They saw the blazing golden light in the mountain range, as if an undying immortal furnace had appeared; it was just too dazzling.

“Who is that?”

“What powerful fluctuations, truly frightening!”

Everyone was moved. This was definitely an extremely powerful expert, strong to a ridiculous degree. Everyone became stunned.

In the forest, raging flames surged around Shi Hao, divine light surrounding him as he stood there, wrapped within endless golden light. He was like a war god bathed in flames!

“A bit interesting, having some ability. If you aren’t convinced, then feel free to give it your all.” The Void Beast said.


Immediately afterwards, the golden feathers floating in the void shook one after another, as if metal was striking against each other, turning into a true exceptional heavenly sword.

These were Peng feathers, a derivation of the Kun Peng technique. Right now, they were displayed to their peak, penetrating the void!

Shi Hao knew that it grasped the void great method, able to come and go in the void. That was why he released an area of effect attack, immediately attacking all directions indiscriminately.

Thus, hundred and eight thousand feathers shattered the void!

This strike was too powerful, terrifying to the extreme. The fluctuations made the hearts if everyone in the distance shake, feeling waves of alarm.


The hundred and eight thousand divine swords shot through the void, sword energy interweaving, unable to stop anything. It was incomparably powerful, mountains rupturing, rivers drying out.

One could see large parts of the mountain range collapsing, turning into stone particles, giant lakes disappearing, turning into water vapors. The void was even more so covered in cracks.

Meanwhile, this was just the beginning.

In that instant, a hazy mist appeared, primal chaos removed. This place was smashed apart, everything no longer visible.

It was because the hundred and eight thousand swords shattered, returning peace to this place. Everyone was shocked.

This was the ultimate attack Shi Hao displayed with three strands of immortal energy, able to cut down gods and devils, power shocking all those in this generation. This was a killing method that could overlook an entire generation.

The cultivators in the distance couldn’t see too clearly, but the people nearby were all stupefied. Who was this person? Remaining silent in heavenly deity institution, actually possessing this type of magical force. 

They were shocked. This person was definitely not weaker than the academy’s outstanding talents, a young supreme being who cultivated three strands of immortal energy!


In the mists, within the primal chaos mists, an incredibly dull and gloomy sound rang out. Most of Shi Hao’s hundred and eight thousand golden feathers struck empty air, but there were still some that gathered together, hitting something.

The Void Beast’s eyes were cold. There were eighteen horns on its heads, some black, some scarlet like blood, some spotlessly white like jade. At this moment, they shone, supporting a barrier of light to stop the golden feathers.

“Kun Peng’s inheritor? I loathe this bloodline!” It spoke in a deep and cold manner.

Everyone in the mountain region became shocked. Not even this type of powerful attack could injure it! This existence was too frightening. By grasping the void, it was the same as being innately undefeated.

Everyone withdrew a set distance, still feeling some lingering fears.

It was clear that Shi Hao’s strike was exceptionally terrifying, but couldn’t be gathered together to attack the Void Beast. Only some of the golden feather swords landed on its horns.

This was the same as weakening most of an attack’s power!

The Void King Beast’s eyes were ruthless as it stood there. Its enormous body even more so gave off an oppressive feeling. This time, he took the initiative to attack, walking forward, saying, “Kun Peng’s inheritor, I am going to kill you!” 

The surrounding people’s minds jumped. This person grasped the Kun Peng’s inheritance. Was he the descendant of the Kun Peng?

These news were definitely shocking, and if it leaked out, it would definitely shock others. However, this person actually kept a low profile in the academy, leaving them stunned.

“I recognize him, he’s Wang Xi’s follower!”

“Ah, the one that stirred up quite a bit of chaos?”

Heavenly deity institution was extremely large, not all of them meeting Shi Hao before. Only those who participated in the challenges knew him. At this moment, everyone in the mountain region revealed looks of surprise.

“Soul Smashing Void!”

Right at this time, the Void Beast took action. It raised its large claw and slashed out, astonishing killing energy flooding outwards!

A streak of dazzling radiance shot out like undying light. It cut up the heaven and earth, severing the heavenly dome, the scenes making one’s soul tremble in response.


This was clearly a cutting of the void, stretching out for who knew just how many li!

Using the void as a blade, hacking apart all that stood in the way, involving the spirit and even karma, slicing apart the yin and yang, destroying time!


Shi Hao moved through the air, golden feathers rushing into the heavens all around him, wings striking the skies. Not only was he dealing with this attack, he was also rushing at the Void Beast.

Snow-white radiance illuminated heaven and earth. The great void gash became even more terrifying.

Shi Hao rushed forward, jumping past the great crack to fight a great decisive battle against the Void Beast.

This place became chaotic. Two figures, one large, one small, moved as fast as lightning, continuously fading in and out of existence, sometimes vanishing, sometimes solidifying, as if true immortals were fighting an intense battle!

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