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Chapter 1130 - Confront

Fire beacons were raised. A competition between heaven warping geniuses was about to begin!

These individuals were still young, full of vitality. They walked over with large steps, every one of them full of passion and ambition. Some of them had great pride in themselves, while others were taking action because they were unsatisfied, wishing to fight.

Of course, there were some voices of disagreement as well. Shi Hao moved next to Wang Xi, saying quietly, “With so many people heading over, there’ll be many casualties. We don’t need those with lower cultivations to go right?”

There were some on the side who became upset when they heard this. Was this fella getting stage fright?

By now, they were already approaching that great black peak, about to enter that screen of light. Once they entered, it would be a different world, hard to say whether they were going to come out dead or alive.

There were some who sneered, looking towards Shi Hao and saying, “You have it rough don’t you, staying at Wang Xi’s side, tsk tsk.” That person shook his head.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t feel offended, only giving out a kind reminder, saying, “Hot blood alone isn’t enough. Dying tragically after entering really isn’t worth it.”

“Could it be that you want to be a deserter?” There were some who stared at him with astonishment. They never met someone who was this direct, saying this type of thing in front of everyone.

“If there are sect master level experts inside, of course I’ll run, is there even a need to explain myself?” Shi Hao replied.

In these people’s opinion, under the current situation, it was more appropriate to have mentalities of fighting to the death. This person really lacked courage… even if one thought these types of things, it shouldn’t be spoken out.

Princess Yao Yue released a light laugh. She looked at Wang Xi and then said, “Younger sis, your dao friend really is cute, already wishing to run before the fight has even begun.”

Wang Xi felt helpless. Her beautiful eyes looked towards Shi Hao, gaze like blades, bright and penetrating.

The great black peak was massive. It was surrounded by a screen of light, everything ahead of that a different world.

In the skies, the Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch stood side by side, as if they became one, opening up this world. Chaotic energy spread through this place.

These people entered from the foot of the mountain without any hesitation, immediately entering that miraculous small world.

Of course, during this process, the Ten Realms Diagram flickered with divine radiance, releasing brilliant light. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to enter.

This wasn’t crossing realms, but it was close.

In an instant, flower fragrance wafted through the air, bird cries sounded. The grass and trees were fresh and green, purple mists rising from the cliffs. From time to time, the roars of auspicious beasts could be heard. Divine birds cried out gently, the scene extremely peaceful.

Everyone was shocked. This was completely different from the scene they saw outside, a vibrant world.

Those two supreme treasures were incredible after all!

After they merged together, they actually created this type of wondrous space, forming a world full of life.

The ancient trees were lush and flourishing with life, mountain range rising and falling, extremely magnificent. There were some areas that were covered with mist, some areas having silvery-white divine waterfalls crashing down. There were also areas where beast roars sounded continuously.

This was definitely not the great black peak they saw before. This was a brand new territory.

When they turned around, they already couldn’t see the people behind them, unable to see anything, only a primal chaos realm wall.

At the same time, those outside couldn’t see them either, only able to see a hazy expanse and rising immortal energy.

“Don’t tell me we are going to be trapped inside, unable to return, right?” Shi Hao frowned.

He tried things out. He struck the realm wall with his finger, but instead felt a great recoil force, causing chaotic light to splash out. That area was extremely sturdy, difficult to penetrate.

“You really did want to run?” The others mocked.

“It’s not good to be a deserter you know?” There were others that laughed with good intentions.

Wang Xi had an awkward expression on her face, feeling like this fella was too disappointing. Traveling with him really did make her lose face.

However, everyone did feel that it was strange. Their path of retreat was cut off, while the road ahead was unimaginably vast and grand, completely different from the outside world. What was going on?

“We might already be inside the Ten Realms Diagram, already people inside the painting!” Someone boldly came to this conclusion.

“To be more precise, we are in the space created by a primal chaos supreme treasure, one that might not be any smaller than one of the ancient lands!”

They began to discuss among themselves, roughly understanding the current circumstances.

“That’s not entirely correct, I had the fortune of seeing an imitation of the Ten Realms Diagram, an exceptional magical artifact. The world it opened is inconsistent with this one.” Xuan Kun said.

All supreme treasures had imitations, just like the Heaven and Earth Pouch. Shi Hao had seen quite a few of them while in the lower realm, several dozen pieces of divine beast skin enough to create an extraordinary magical artifact.

There were quality goods among imitations, but there were only a few truly exceptional magical artifacts. No matter how powerful they were, they still couldn’t compare to the original object.

“Wu, not only is it a space created by the Ten Realms Diagram, there is also the world contained within the Heaven and Earth Pouch. The two combined together to form this world.”

A transport formation appeared in front of them. It was releasing wisps of purple mist, forming a mist-covered land.

“What do we have to do to meet them? How are we supposed to fight them? Is this transport formation part of the journey?”

They moved together. There were also others behind them that arrived in this area one after another. A few people speculated that this world was controlled simultaneously by both the Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch, representing a mix of both worlds. It could still be considered peaceful, not too great of a trap. The transport formation here might very well be what they had to use to meet those other creatures and fight against them.

The transport formation was activated. They immediately disappeared, and soon after, they arrived in a vast place. The red mountain rock in this place was extremely striking, the terrain rather open.

Desolate forests full of ancient trees could be seen all around them, only the region in the center similar to a desert without any grass, ideal for a battlefield. 

On the other side, a group of people walked out, every single one of their auras exceptional, gaze like lightning. They walked shoulder to shoulder, all of them quite terrifying. They all had immortal energy flowing from them.

None of these creatures were weak, all of them top level geniuses. In addition, it was just as that snow-white skeleton said, they were all young.

Sure enough, the people on the other side were extremely arrogant, their attitudes clear. They felt contempt towards the people on this side, possessing a type of innate mental superiority.

Perhaps it was because from past until now, they were always the victors.

Shi Hao carefully examined these individuals, a few of them especially astonishing. The blood essence in their bodies were restrained, but under his Heavenly Eyes, he felt as if he was looking at volcanoes that might erupt at anytime, these individuals incredibly terrifying.

“You all aren’t truly vicious creatures from the other side of the world, but rather of the same race as us. Why is there a need for such violence?” Shi Hao secretly transmitted, not wishing for the others to find out.

On the other side, there were some whose gaze were cold, others whose bodies burned brilliantly, releasing heaven overflowing radiance. A powerful aura pressed over.

“Even people like you think you are worthy of being regarded as the same race as us?!” Some of them immediately showed disdain, carrying cold intent, a type of loathing, and even more so a type of indifference.

Many people on Shi Hao’s side were stunned as well, not knowing who it was that was transmitting sound from their side. Why was there a need to do this? All it ended up doing was drawing contempt from the other side.

However, when they looked over one after another towards these creatures, they also began to question themselves. The two sides really should be from the same source, not being all that much different.

For example, there were some human race experts, but there were also creatures like the Pixiu, peacock, Chiwen, Qiongqi, and others, all creatures that existed in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

They were clearly the same race, so why was there a need to stand against each other? Could it be that this hostility was, in the end, just a massacre between the same races?

“We are all from the same roots, or else why do we look so similar? The strength of our bloodlines are even the same!” Shi Hao secretly shouted again.

He had previously visited the other side of the Desolate Border, knowing that a great ancient realm was about the same as the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, a place where experts stood in great numbers. However, it wasn’t a place where true enemies resided.

That ancient realm was presumably also detached from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths before, and as a result controlled by the creatures of the other side.

“You all are devils, long infected, forgotten who you really are. Should just accept judgment!” The creatures on the other side shouted.

When they heard this type of denouncing, regardless of whether it was the stunning Yao Yue or the powerful Lu Tuo, they all couldn’t help but be stunned. Why would these people speak with this type of attitude?

It was precisely at this moment that Shi Hao released a sigh. He didn’t want to admit it, nor did he want to accept it, so how could the one he was facing now acknowledge what he said?

It was because if what he said was true, then those people would immediately feel as if they fell eighteen floors into the netherworld, a complete toppling of everything they knew, shattering their beliefs. It would be too frightening.

“Haha…” A cold laughter sounded, even more so carrying a type of callousness. “Could it be that some of you came to our world? Wu, last time, an old ancestor sensed something, deducing that a small bug escaped. It seems like that bug is here.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he was immediately stunned.

“Perhaps you’ll understand what really happened if you fight against me!” That person spoke again, similarly speaking silently, not revealing his true self.

Shi Hao’s fine hairs stood on end, feeling that this person was extremely dangerous. At the same time, he had a feeling that this person might be someone who came from the world the true enemies resided in!

“I am going to capture you alive, and then cut you down!” Shi Hao transmitted. He wanted to get to the bottom of this.

1. One of the 9 sons of the dragon in Chinese mythology

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