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Chapter 1129 - First Whisper of Darkness

Ten zhang room, empty flesh shells, primordial spirit scattered away. Shi Hao had witnessed these scenes before!

As a result, when the snow-white skeleton said this, he immediately understood, feeling extremely shocked. He recalled his previous experiences.

What kind of place was that? Dark, cold, banished for eternity, primordial spirit sealed in a cage.

There was only a primordial spirit there, no flesh. A surging river of time could be seen, black prisons all around it.

It was to the extent where Shi Hao saw a few particularly bright lights in those cages that illuminated the river of time, proving just how extraordinary they were.

Since the ancient times, there was always a portion of geniuses who cultivated immortal energy that died mysteriously. Their primordial spirit vanished, while their flesh was perfectly preserved.

“What are you saying? How much do you know about the land of darkness?” An elder from heavenly deity institution asked.

Others might not know, but he understood some things. It was because not only was he powerful enough himself, he also came from a long life family. There were many secrets recorded in the clan.

That skeleton spoke, not in a rushed or slow manner, rather calmly, saying, “The same as you all, don’t know too much about the domain of darkness, quite difficult to explore.”

It was hoping that the creatures who entered the black prisons could return alive, and then speak about their experiences.

“We have a few skeleton remains, corpses, and other things. If those people return alive, you all can give them back their bodies.” The snow-white skeleton added.

It was because it had previously heard that there were some who came back alive, that there might be some secret methods stored on this side of the world able to call those individuals back.

The elders from heavenly deity institution frowned. They had heard a few rumors, but they were still rumors in the end. They didn’t see it for themselves.

Shi Hao was moved. Don’t tell me those rumors were true?

After entering Immortal Ancient Remains and cultivating immortal energy, he had experienced too many things. He had previously saw ‘Guidance Palace”, and even saw a primordial spirit rush in for some reason.

“That place definitely holds some great secret!”

Shi Hao thought to himself, his brows tightly locking together.

These separate events were scattered about, but if one thought about them deeply, they could all be strung up together.

Shi Hao never expected the creatures from a different world to mention this type of matter after crossing realms, leaving him a bit confused. Could it be that something especially important happened?

“Don’t you all like fighting? Why not just fight your way into the land of darkness.” An elder from heavenly deity institution said emotionlessly.

The other world left them in despair. Even though they knew the predestined trajectory was unavoidable, they still felt unwilling, a dark cloud constantly weighing down on their minds.

Shi Hao thought to himself. Could it be that the reason why the creatures from the other side ultimately withdrew was because of that land of darkness? However, that didn’t seem too likely, he couldn’t really understand. Since the other party mentioned it, then there was definitely a good reason for doing so.

When these words sounded, many people were shaken. Just what kind of people were those from the other side? Don’t tell me those figures don’t understand themselves?

Everyone was a bit stupefied!

“Just something a great figure was interested in, that’s all. Don’t think too much about it.” The snow-white skeleton said.

How could they not think too much about it? He already said so much! He was asking around for one of the so-called great figures right?

“Wu, since I came here, you all should know what this signifies.” When he spoke like this, the atmosphere immediately became tense to the extreme.

In reality, many people’s minds already went cold when the passage appeared just now and this skeleton appeared. They already felt like the world was going to become chaotic.

Only, when he brought up the land of darkness, everyone’s attention was shifted, reducing some of the fear, not feeling the severity and urgency of this matter.

Now that it mentioned the matters of crossing realms, everyone immediately became vigilant. Was the great disaster finally going to start?

“What a pity… It’s still not time, I still can’t cross over.” That snow-white skeleton shook his head.

When everyone heard this, many of them released a sigh. However, at the same time, they felt a type of humiliation. They actually felt so relieved when they heard that the other side wouldn’t come yet, there really was a lack of fighting spirit.

“You all even have the Heaven and Earth Pouch, using it to forcefully open up a path, so why can’t you cross over?” An elder from heavenly deity institution asked, face sunken.

“Even though a path has been opened, it is restricted by the will of heaven and earth here. If not for the Heaven and Earth Pouch resisting this will, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you all.”

He admitted quite candidly that its true body couldn’t cross over, only able to walk out of the passage through this skeleton.

“The more powerful the individual, the more difficult it is for them to cross realms. Unless the day comes when the realm walls are destroyed, allowing them to fully invade, it is too difficult for them to cross over!” An elder from heavenly deity institution said softly.

Everyone became horrified. One had to understand that the snow-white skeleton was an existence that surpassed sect master level, yet it was still weak in that creature’s eyes!

“Give you all a chance, see just how far you all can go in the future.” That snow-white skeleton spoke.

“What do you mean?” Someone asked.

“We cannot cross over, but some of our younger generation can. They will come over to exchange pointers with those on your side. Of course, you all can see it as a life and death struggle if you so choose to.” The snow-white skeleton said.

“You!” Heavenly deity institution’s elder replied angrily. He didn’t mind having all of their younger generation experts come. When the time comes, for the sake of peace in this realm, he was willing to act beneath his status and kill all those creatures.

“Our younger generation can only compete within a certain scope, cannot leave this black peak.” The snow-white skeleton pointed towards the sky. The Heaven and Earth Pouch was resisting this heaven and earth’s will, only the mountain surrounded by the multicolored light released from the finger could be considered safe.

The true experts couldn’t come, only the later generations able to enter the black peak. They were going to size up this world’s power!

This was the reason why they went to such great extent to cross over.

When they heard the circumstances, heavenly deity institution’s disciples immediately became stirred up, every one of them rolling up their sleeves, eager to fight.

The older generation might feel worried and dejected, but the younger generation wouldn’t. After hearing about how tragic Immortal Ancient Great Era’s destruction was, how great powerful clans withered away, now that they finally encountered creatures from the other side, they were itching to go up and fight.

It was because they felt anger inside, and they were all the most powerful experts from their own respective regions, so they were quite ambitious. It could be said to be a type of ‘newborn calves not fearing tigers’.

“Are you trying to mislead our realm’s geniuses to send themselves to their deaths?” An elder from heavenly deity institution said coldly.

“You can bring out your chaotic supreme treasures and give it a try to see if it is real or not.” The snow-white skeleton said.

Right at this moment, behind it, a great clamoring could be heard from that indistinct passage. Killing intent surged. A group of creatures rushed out, as if demon gods were descending.

On this side, everyone from heavenly deity institution watched carefully, wishing to see what the creatures from the other world were like.

Armors shone with cold radiance, weapons released brilliant light. There were some that sat on barbaric beasts, some that walked on foot. This was a group of extremely young powerful creatures!

Heavenly deity institution’s disciples were all shocked. Most of the creatures on the other side were human shaped, not all that much different from those of this world.

“They look about the same as us, so why must they attack us?” Someone raised this question.

“These are some of our young heroes, are you willing to compare?” The snow-white skeleton spoke.

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. He was the only one who knew that these were creatures from the place he previously visited, that they were the same species, not fiends like those from this side believed.

It was to the extent where he recognized some people from a hurried glance!

In the past, when he was in the world on the other side of the Desolate Border, he had ascended Undying Mountain and met some of their best geniuses. They eventually departed from the mountain peak to meet the undying beings.

It was unknown what those people experienced, but they always believed that the creatures on Shi Hao’s side were demons, that they were invaders. It really was shocking.

What else could Shi Hao say about this?

Right at this time, the leading figure this time from the heavenly deity institution, a black-robed elder, produced a scroll. He unfolded it, mouth muttering something.

“As expected, the Ten Realms Diagram is in your hands. Activate it and use it together with the Heaven and Earth Pouch. You all won’t have anything to worry about then.” The snow-white skeleton said.

Many people began to clamor with noise, all of them extremely shocked.

Wasn’t Immeasurable Heaven’s most powerful magical artifact the Nine Phoenix Furnace? Why was there now a Ten Realms Diagram?

“Ten Realms Diagram isn’t Immeasurable Heaven’s supreme treasure, it belongs to another ancient land from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.” Someone said.

Right at this time, heavenly deity institution’s elders talked things over among themselves. After an endless amount of time had passed, they wanted to see just how terrifying the creatures of the other side were now.

“Elders, just let us fight, we aren’t scared!” Someone spoke up, wishing to have a go at the creatures from the other side.

“Exactly! After all this time, this is the first time we clashed. How can we not have a bloody battle?!” A few people cried out noisily.

There was a moment of silence, and then this place erupted with activity.


Strong winds swept about. The Heaven and Earth Pouch moved. The Ten Realms Diagram flew into the sky, quickly moving about. It released large amount of radiance, making the great stars in the cosmos tremble in response. Then, it enlarged, the aura becoming even more terrifying.

In that instant, it surged with divine force, surging like ocean waves.

Ten Realms Diagram, it became more and more frightening. As it continuously enlarged, it devoured stars from the heavens, displaying all of the worlds stored within it.

The Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch haven’t truly collided yet, but it already became different.

“A battlefield has been created. Those who don’t fear death can enter to evaluate each other.” Someone said.


The Ten Realms Diagram unexpectedly merged with the Heaven and Earth Pouch, continuously changing, eventually forming a mysterious small world.

“Those who are not scared to fight, come!” On the other side, there were people who shouted, still looking down on heavenly deity institution’s disciples.

Kacha! The snow-white skeleton’s body displayed cracks. It couldn’t hold on anymore, because it was being rejected by this world. A powerful being like itself couldn’t remain here.

This was especially the case since the Ten Realms Diagram faced the Heaven and Earth Pouch. That small world was already opened, mountain forest lush, multicolored light shining, the scene extraordinary.

“Those who wish to go, do as you wish!” An elder from heavenly deity institution said.

With a hu la sound, there were several dozen disciples from the academy who moved, all of them wishing to fight.

“Go, we should also head over!” Wang Xi said to Shi Hao.

At this time, Lu Tuo, Yao Yue and the others moved as well, wishing to join the battle!

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