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Chapter 1131 - Chaotic Warfare

“Haha…” Laughter sounded in an unbridled and brash manner, carrying disdain, as well as a type of ridicule and coldness. “Always been defeated, never won before, an inferior race from a defeated ancient land, is there still any point in showing off any arrogance or confidence?”

This was already no longer a type of taunting, but undisguised humiliation, moreover directed at all of the creatures in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, rubbing the defeat and humiliation further in.

Forget about Shi Hao, even when those like Xuan Kun, Wang Xi, and Yao Yue from undying families felt anger. A wave of resentment hidden within them was surging.

This was just too humiliating. After endless time had passed, their past defeat was still the Nine Heavens Ten Earths eternal suffering. After being buried for an entire great era, the creatures were pretty much completely wiped out, only long life families and a few others escaped, able to survive.

Whenever they recalled this, it would always be like a type of torment, a feeling of humiliation engraved within them.

Now, old events were being raised again. When the opposing creatures’ descendents brought it up with this type of tone, it was hacking apart old scars.

“What, was any of what I said wrong? Why are none of you all saying anything?” That creature spoke up again, still remaining in the dark, not revealing its true self.

When one cultivated to a certain degree, it would be extremely difficult for others to discover them, because they were too strong. He wasn’t an ordinary cultivator.

“If you have the guts, than stand out here! I will fight a great battle of three hundred exchanges and then kill you!” A disciple from heavenly deity institution shouted, unable to tolerate this type of humiliation.

“Little cultivator who cultivated a single strand of immortal energy, even someone like you is worth bothering with? The difference between us is too great, unworthy!” That person said coldly.

“Come out! We’ll see what happens from the results.” That disciple from heavenly deity institution shouted. He was extremely unconvinced. Even though he knew that he was likely not a match, he still didn’t want to lower his head.

“If you wish to die, how can that not be easily done? I’ll help you with accomplishing your goal.” When this sentence sounded, everyone’s expressions changed. It was because a formless sword energy shot out, piercing through that person’s body.

It was too fast, no one able to react in time. Moreover, this was sword energy released from the void, not from the creatures on the other side, meaning that the enemy was right before them this entire time, just that no one noticed.

This made many people break out into cold shivers, feeling a wave of chilliness.

A string of blood splashed out. That disciple from the academy collapsed, body practically cleaved in half.

The only fortunate thing was that he didn’t die, surviving. It was Ten Crown King who took action, blocking a portion of the sword energy, because that person wasn’t too far from him.

“Fool, this is the result of challenging me.” That voice sounded in a cold and deep manner.

What was there left to say? This person was extremely dangerous and too powerful, possessing a type of body concealing secret method, extremely difficult to detect, attacking without leaving a trace.

Shi Hao frowned. This type of method was similar to the Three Thousand Provinces’ Heavenly Country assassin organization, only, it was more terrifying and superior.

Heavenly deity institution’s people were naturally discontent. Even though they were a bit terrified, many of them held weapons in their hands, loudly shouting out.

“Who are you? Come out and fight?!”

“Damn thing we can’t even see, if you have the guts, come out and fight!”

It could be said that this drew the anger of this entire crowd.

However, the experts who cultivated three strands of immortal energy all frowned, feeling like they encountered a formidable opponent. It was because they couldn’t find that individual’s traces even after opening their Heavenly Eyes.

“Wu, this dilapidated earth has declined further and further as expected, so weak…” That person in the dark seemed to be shaking his head.

Shi Hao also spoke secretly, “Always speaking of your predecessor’s accomplishments, like that means anything. Could it be that you are using your dead ancestors’ deeds to bolster your bravery so that we don’t look down on you?”

“Haha…” That person laughed, extremely calm, and also extremely arrogant. “That ancestor of mine, is still alive!”

When this sentence was spoken, forget about Shi Hao, even Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and Ten Crown King were all shocked as well. Just how ancient of an existence was this?

They obviously knew that the ancestor he was talking about had participated in Immortal Ancient Great Era’s battle!

This type of ancient being could basically be called a living fossil, still existing even now, just how powerful and frightening was he then? Just the thought alone made everyone feel despair!

“I know you should be that bug, I will catch you in a bit and make you my servant.” The one speaking in the dark was calm and indifferent, as if he was speaking about something that was inevitable.

“When the slaughtering starts, we’ll see then who captures and kills who!” Shi Hao said.

No one knew who was speaking from the two sides. They were all looking about, but they couldn’t distinguish who it was.

Right now, the atmosphere was extremely tense. This spacious and empty zone was perfectly suited as a battlefield. A great battle could erupt at any time.

“What are we still waiting for? Just charge forward like our ancestors did in the past, completely wipe them out!” A brown-haired woman from the other side said, her figure slender and full of power.

“There is no point in speaking any further! Just wipe them all out!” Beside her, a gray-haired male spoke, carrying a smile. He held a magical staff in hand, pressing forward step by step.

“Wu, everyone, it is time to take action. The moment to put our skills to the test has arrived. I believe it won’t take too long at all to deal with them, or else it will be a type of humiliation.” Another white-robed youth said, eyes profound and unfathomable.

It could be said that these people felt a sense of superiority that originated from their bones, looking at the people on the other side of them with a type of contempt.

Perhaps it was because they had always won, greatly defeating the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, possessing a type of innate superiority, which was why they were all extremely confident.

“Kill!” The people on heavenly deity institution’s side naturally wouldn’t shrink back, every one of them charging forward.

On the other side there were many creatures, all of them powerful. They wore armors, held heavenly spears, war halberds and all different types of weapons. Cold light flickered about, killing intent thick and cold.

This was a group of extremely powerful cultivators. They rushed over just like that, the fluctuations they released rising and falling like ocean waves.

Within were humans, stone people, metal creatures, all of them currently in human form. Auspicious light overflowed, rushing into the heavens above.


The brown-haired woman’s figure was slender and fit, her skin a tanned color. She rushed at Lu Tuo like a leopard, selecting a powerful expert, because she also cultivated three strands of immortal energy.


Great anger surged between the two. Divine chains of order shot into the heavens, erupting like a sun.

This type of radiance was too brilliant, bringing pain to many people’s eyes, tears flowing out.

 This was just the first strike, yet it was already so frightening!

If not for the fact that this was a wondrous world formed from both the Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch, any other place would have ruptured and sunk.

“A bit interesting. There are some people from this ruined ancient realm who aren’t that bad.” That brown-haired woman spoke. The great battle became even more intense, this woman colliding intensely with Lu Tuo.

“This fairy truly is bright like a divine moon. Could we exchange some pointers?” An individual in pure gold armor spoke to Fairy Yao Yue.

Of course, even though he was extremely tall and handsome, he still came with ulterior motives. 

It was clear that Princess Yao Yue’s beauty drew the attention of the creatures from the other side, possessing quite the sex appeal. Many experts claimed they wanted to interact with her, but actually wanted to capture her.


Wind sounds whistled about. Princess Yao Yue formed a fist imprint, supporting a pure and holy moon. With power that swept out like ocean tides or astral winds, she attacked the golden-armored male.

“Kill!” The others also took action, clashing with each other, a great decisive battle. This place ended up in complete chaos!

This was truly a grand event. After endless years passed, the creatures of the two worlds finally had a chance to fight again. If news of this got out, it would definitely leave the hearts of many moved.

Shouts of war shook the heavens. Heavenly spears broke apart, copper cauldrons shattered, metal armors went up in flames…

The great battle was too miserable. They had only just began, yet blood could already be seen. Many people were seriously injured. This was a war fought with lives on the line.

Shi Hao was taking action, his palms and fingers rushing about in the wind. At the same time, he was observing the situation, searching for that hidden creature. Where exactly was he?

Right at this moment, a white-clothed youth walked over, looking towards Wang Xi and saying, “Truly appearance exceptional, an inheritor fostered by a long life family I presume? Only then would be able to have such a reserved style.”

He took action, attacking towards Wang Xi.

“Three strands of immortal energy!” Wang Xi was shocked, avoiding the radiance.

She was still wounded, her condition quite bad. Just now, even though she had taken action the entire time, she didn’t encounter anyone with three strands of immortal energy.

“Should we run?” Shi Hao asked her.

Wang Xi was truly irritated. This fella really lacked courage, actually advising her like this.

“Aren’t you seriously injured? How are you going to fight?” Shi Hao said.

Wang Xi sighed. Was this fella worrying for her sake? She shook her head and said, “I chose to enter precisely to fight and size up their strength.”

Shi Hao curled his lips. Already injured to this extent, so what boasting of merits was there left to speak of?

“There’s no need to worry. I have a type of heavenly art known as the Hundred Day Ten Phoenix Nirvana Art that can temporarily restore me to my peak!”

“Oh? The same suicidal Hundred Day Ten Phoenix Nirvana Art which, after using, not even an immortal king can save you?” That white-robed youth revealed a look of shock.

When Shi Hao heard this, he couldn’t help but feel shocked. Was it worth fighting with her life on the line?

“This method can allow for many rebirths within a hundred days, while I only need once.” Wang Xi said. With a honglong sound, her flesh surged with divine light, shining brilliantly.

Finally, she recovered to her peak state. Even though it would bring her great harm, needing to properly recover in the future, she couldn’t be bothered with so much right now. She longed for this type of battle, wishing to see how strong the creatures of the other world were.

“White-robed kid, you better know your place, or else I’m going to beat the shit out of you!” Shi Hao threatened.

The white-robed youth already took action, fighting intensely. However, when he heard this, he was a bit stupefied. There was actually someone who spoke to him like this.

“I should put in some work too, find that person and fight against him!” The others were all fighting with everything they had. How could Shi Hao remain indifferent with a powerful opponent before him?

That person was hidden well, not exposing himself. Could it be that this person wanted to kill him?

Shi Hao calmed himself down, clearing his mind, only then would his senses become sharper, and perhaps then, he will discover where that person was. He had to constantly be on guard.

If it had to be said who was the most carefree, right now, everyone would definitely look towards Shi Hao who was calmly walking along the battlefield, releasing a punch right, kick left, not fully committing to anything.

In reality, his mind was fully concentrated on finding that person.

“You are that bug, I finally found you! Do you want to die, or will you take me as your master?!” That hidden individual shouted, releasing this cold voice from the nothingness. There was a powerful arrogance as he looked at Shi Hao.

“Come, accept death!” Shi Hao shouted. He blasted through the void, sensing the other party’s aura.

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