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Chapter 1127 - Heaven and Earth Pouch

The wind released murmuring sounds, as if gods and ghosts were crying.

Wang Xi tightened her clothes around her body, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

The war chariot was in tatters, as if it had been smashed into by a meteorite, a large part caved in. There were many parts covered in cracks as well.

Shi Hao supported Wang Xi, bringing her into the carriage.

“What kind of haters are doing this kind of thing, throwing rotten eggs, not even sparing a fairy like you.” Shi Hao teased.

Wang Xi glared at him. This fella really didn’t know how to sympathize with others, even daring to make fun of her right now. Like there was any chance rotten eggs could smash the chariot to this kind of state!

Just how hard did the rotten eggs have to be to smash the chariot to this state?


A metal sound rang through the air. Wang Xi’s movements were swift, using three strands of immortal energy to activate the diamond band, reattaching it to Shi Hao’s head. The radiance shone brilliantly.

“As a person, one should be more sincere and honest!” Shi Hao held her arm, staring at her beautiful eyes.

Wang Xi didn’t say anything, eyes intelligent, multicolored light swirling within them. Because she was seriously injured, she didn’t feel too at ease, thus applying the diamond band again.

In reality, just now, Shi Hao could have moved out of the way. Even if the other party cultivated three strands of immortal energy, right now her injuries were too serious, so there was no way she could move faster than him. He just chose not to move out of the way.

It was because this diamond band didn’t pose much threat to him. Now that he wore it on his head again, if people began to investigate who it was that killed Feng Xingtian, it was a good type of cover.

“Did you see who it was that killed Feng Xingtian?” Wang Xi asked. This matter was extremely important, after all, that was a great genius, rarely seen since ancient times.

As long as one cultivated three strands of immortal energy, that person would definitely be like a Kun Peng among men, definitely rising up in the future, breaking through the nine heavens and overlooking the world.

This type of person was extremely difficult to kill. Even if he ended up encountering other supreme beings, if he wasn’t a match, he could still run and preserve his life.

However, it was precisely this type of person who died, so how could Wang Xi not be shocked? She was also a supreme being with three strands of immortal energy. If she encountered that mysterious person, would she be even be able to stop him?

“Wu, of course I did. Didn’t I already tell you before? If it wasn’t for me being a step too late, I would have definitely killed Feng Xingtian before that fella.” Shi Hao nodded to himself.

Wang Xi shot him a look, truly feeling helpless against this fella. He really did love bragging and praising himself. If he really did encounter someone with three strands of immortal energy, she was pretty sure he would just run.

“What does he look like? What kind of characteristics?” Wang Xi asked, wishing to prepare ahead of time as to avoid not knowing who he was when they encountered each other.

“I really can’t help but admit this, but that person really is handsome, far surpassing Lu Tuo and Feng Xingtian, impressive appearance, good looks exceptional!” Shi Hao praised with a sigh.

Wang Xi’s expression was strange, could it be that this person’s sexual orientation was changing? He was always so narcissistic, yet now, he praised this person so greatly. Did this mean that the other person really was extraordinary, appearance unmatched?

“From your praise, it seems like not only his cultivation, but even his appearance is far greater than yours.” Wang Xi revealed a rare smile.

“No, about the same as me. If we have to compare, it really is hard to say whose is better!” Shi Hao had a proud look on his face.

Wang Xi’s eyes were extremely large, intelligent and pretty. She looked at him, saying, “I never noticed this before, but why is your skin so thick?”

“Then look a bit more carefully this time.” Shi Hao walked up, not being reserved at all. “Clearly glowing with health and vigor, svelte and confident, okay?”

Wang Xi was so irritated she began to laugh. She shook her head, not saying anything else to him.

“Really, look carefully. Can’t you tell that I’m a young supreme being? Killing Feng Xingtian isn’t even an issue. It’s just that I was taken advantage of, missing the best opportunity.” Shi Hao said.

“I don’t wish to talk to you anymore.” Wang Xi said. She came from a long life family, having an extraordinary style and temperament. Even when she was discontent, she still spoke gently.

“We are dao friends. Now that we have been through life and death, traveling together, how could there be nothing to talk about?” Shi Hao said.

“Please stop being so corny!” Wang Xi lightly berated.

Shi Hao laughed. He had just experienced a great battle, personally killed Feng Xingtian, finally expelling a bit of resentment, which was why he currently felt so carefree.

Wind Clan tried to suppress him for ten years, but in the end, Shi Hao broke free, not dying in Origin Ancient Mine, even killing their clan’s genius.

Murmuring noises continuously sounded above the earth. The winds grew stronger and stronger, and eventually, it was as if the world’s color itself became different, turning a terrifying yellow.

Then, even the skies turned into a blood color. From time to time, there were streaks of black lightning that flew past. It was incredibly frightening.


A red whirlwind swept about. Sand and rock flew everywhere on the ground, the wind sounds becoming more and more frightening.

“Strange things are happening, there is definitely something ominous going on!” Many people became incredibly alarmed. However, in the end, they clenched their teeth, deciding to continue forward, wishing to see this to its end.

It was because they were heavenly deity institution’s official disciples, the most powerful group of geniuses from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, every one of them outstanding individuals. These people were all arrogant, wouldn’t easily become discouraged or give up.

“We’ll go take a look as well.” Wang Xi said. She took a golden divine pill. A rumbling sound could be heard within her, and then golden lotus flowers bloomed one after another in the void.

“Precious medicine made from divine medicine?” Shi Hao revealed a strange look.

Despite this being the case, Wang Xi’s great dao injuries still didn’t completely recover, just becoming much stronger than before.

There were people who set out from every direction, their target the same, the blood-colored whirlwind. They all closed in on that ancient land.

Several thousand li out, a great black mountain looked more and more eminent and unapproachable, roaring sounds sounding endlessly.

“What kind of historical remains are these? There is an altar on that mountain!” There were people who already arrived. When they saw this scene, they all revealed looks of shock.

This mountain was just too vast, even more spacious than several dozen mountain peaks added together. There was an ancient altar at the peak that operated on its own. Symbols surrounded that place, opening up an indistinct passage.

Shouts of war rushed into the heavens, passing through that passage!

Soon after, Princess Yao Yue, Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun, and the others all appeared. Apart from this, a few low-profile experts also arrived.

Those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy were pretty much all here!

When Shi Hao and Wang Xi arrived, there were already many people here. He saw Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King, as well as Yue Chan, Cao Yusheng, witch, Chang Gongyan, and some others.

However, he couldn’t give away his identity right now.

“What is going on?” Everyone became shocked. They looked in this direction, not understanding why this type of situation occurred.

“Did you all feel it? The aura the passage created by that altar is releasing is different from that of our world, carrying a type of domineeringness, as well as an indescribable type of feeling.”

“Correct, it is like a different type of heaven and earth natural law, one that triggers conflict and confrontation!”

Those with sharp divine senses all noticed this, starting to discuss these things here.

Not a single person who could stand here were ordinary, all the individuals with the greatest talent in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.


Suddenly, the wind became even greater, strong enough to blast heavenly deities apart.

This wind sound was accompanied by great dao rumbling sounds, deafening and ear-splitting.

Everyone became horrified!

The blurry passage was becoming more and more clear. A barrier of light surged from within, surrounding the mountain peak.

This left everyone feeling even more shocked. If there wasn’t this barrier of light blocking the great wind, many of them might have been blown to ashes. The people here were confident that this type of wind could wipe out heavenly deities and kill sect masters.

The barrier increased in size, and then a pouch rushed out from the passage. Chaotic energy was released, five-colored divine multicolored light flowing about!

Everyone became stupefied, because the strong wind was coming precisely from this pouch! This was a bit absurd, a bit hard to believe.

The most important thing was that the great dao rumbled in the sky, heaven and earth splitting apart, endless natural laws crushing down. Countless divine chains of order interweaved, suppressing that pouch.

“The world is… suppressing that pouch?!” 

What kind of precious artifact was this? It was just too astonishing, triggering great changes between heaven and earth!

Great dao rumbled, the sky splitting open and then closing again. Terrifying natural laws descended streak after streak, suppressing that pouch.

“Heaven and Earth Pouch!” At this moment, Wang Xi suddenly said softly.

Heaven and Earth Pouch? Many people were immediately stunned when they heard this. Some of them immediately understood, their faces turning pale.

“This isn’t a normal Heaven and Earth Pouch, but rather the most powerful unmatched supreme treasure!” Lu Tuo said.

At this moment, everyone understood. A commotion immediately erupted.

The most ancient Heaven and Earth Pouch was rumored to have been woven from over ten thousand pieces of divine beast skins, and then refined with primal chaos. It represented ten thousand spirits, indicating ten thousand dao!”

It could be said that this was an unmatched precious artifact, its power unimaginable!

When Shi Hao heard their discussions, his expression immediately changed. In the lower realm, he had previously heard that a Heavenly and earth pouch refined from several dozen pieces of divine beast skins was already a great ancient precious artifact.

Yet now, it was even more astonishing. The first Heaven and Earth Pouch actually needed the primordial divine skins of over ten thousand frightening creatures.

It was rumored that this might be a magical artifact refined by an immortal king, its power boundless.

“Wasn’t it said that this precious artifact landed on the other side of the Desolate Border, falling into our enemies’ hands?!” Someone said.

Immediately afterwards, everyone’s expressions changed. They knew what this signified!

Those from the other world were going to cross over. This world might end up in chaos!

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